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Savage Season

Savage Season Here comes Trudy back into Hap s life thirty six but looking ten years younger with long blonde hair and legs that begin under her chin and the kind of walk that ll make a man run his car off the r

  • Title: Savage Season
  • Author: Joe R. Lansdale
  • ISBN: 9780753814383
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Paperback
  • Here comes Trudy back into Hap s life, thirty six but looking ten years younger, with long blonde hair and legs that begin under her chin, and the kind of walk that ll make a man run his car off the road Here comes trouble, says Leonard, and he s right She was always trouble, but she had this laugh when she was happy in bed that could win Hap over every time Trudy has aHere comes Trudy back into Hap s life, thirty six but looking ten years younger, with long blonde hair and legs that begin under her chin, and the kind of walk that ll make a man run his car off the road Here comes trouble, says Leonard, and he s right She was always trouble, but she had this laugh when she was happy in bed that could win Hap over every time Trudy has a proposition an easy two hundred thousand dollars, tax free It s just a simple matter of digging it up Hap Collins and Leonard Pine, white and black, straight and gay, are the unlikeliest duo in crime fiction Savage Season is their debut.

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    1. I finally got to meet the famous Hap and Leonard that I've heard so much about here on .Sorry, Terry Crews is in my head as Leonard Pike. Leonard and Hap are best buddies. Why? I have no clue. They really are not much alike. Leonard is a gay, Vietnam vet who seems pretty mellow at first. Just don't mess with his vanilla cookies.Hap is a guy with a prison record because he wanted to make a statement during the sixties about the war. Hap was kind of stupid then. Now Hap's ex-wife has returned to t [...]

    2. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/Joe Lansdale was barely a blip on my radar until a few months ago when it seemed errrrryone started reading his stuff. Since I am an idiot, I had no idea WTF Hap and Leonard even was or that it was a soon-to-be television program. I just knew that Real Dan and Kemper were reading the crap out of these stories and everybody else seemed to be reading Lansdale too. Then during one of our bitch sessions highly intellectual conversations, Shelby reminded me th [...]

    3. When laborer Hap Collins' ex-wife Trudy pops back into his life with a story about retrieving unrecovered money from a bank robbery, Hap's up for it. In tow is Hap's best friend, Leonard, a gay black man who happens to be the toughest son of a bitch on the planet. Will Hap and Leonard finally make the big score that saves them from a life of backbreaking labor or is Trudy leading them to their deaths?2014 reread: Since nothing on my unread pile looks appealing at the moment and a Hap and Leonard [...]

    4. Hap Collins and his friend Leonard Pine seem like pure east Texas rednecks in a lot of ways. They have crappy jobs working in rose fields, shoot clay pigeons with their shotguns, drive worn out piece-of-shit vehicles, raise hunting dogs and listen to country music. But Leonard is black and gay, and Hap is a former damn dirty hippie who got sent to prison for refusing his induction notice during Vietnam as a protest against the war. So they aren’t exactly the Dukes of Hazard.Years after his pri [...]

    5. First appearing in 1990, this is the book that introduced Joe R. Lansdale's most popular characters, Hap Collins and Leonard Pine. Brothers under the skin, Hap is a good-old-boy white guy from East Texas while Leonard is a black, gay Vietnam War vet. The two practice martial arts together and when we first meet them, they're living close to poverty and eking out a living working in a rose field.Still, life is fairly copacetic until, out of nowhere, Hap's very sexy ex-wife, Trudy, suddenly shows [...]

    6. A recipe for Delicious Fiction: Take a pair of VERY UNCONVENTIONAL good old buddies + one BITCHOSAURUS of an ex-wife.Add in half a million in lost, stolen money, a group of wannabe radicals and an awesomely PSYCHOlarious duo of drug dealers.Spice all the above with sharp writng, brilliantly witty dialogue, heaping helpings of southern humor and stir in several pounds of violence, bloodshed and betrayals and VOILA. Criminally YUMMY Buddy NOIR Cake.Definitely one I am going to recommend as this bo [...]

    7. 3.5 stars!For my Year of Lansdale project I had this audio book all lined up and then the TV show came out. I have to say that the show spoiled me as far as the voices go. The actors will forever be the voices of Hap and Leonard in my head. (If you haven't seen the show, I highly recommend it!)The drama mirrored this book pretty closely except for a few changes near to the end. The humor that I found so appealing in the other two Hap and Leonard's that I've read washere, but not as much, and I f [...]

    8. What have we here? The old and reliable 'heist' story. One would think it's been done enough times already to get a bit stale and predictable. Fear not! Joe Lansdale has some surprises in store for you. And even if sometimes you feel you've heard it all before, a good storyteller will still get you hooked with a couple a sympathetic scoundrels and their sharp, hilarious banter, he would still keep you intrigued about motives and possible outcomes and he would still knock you down flat with inten [...]

    9. I really loved The Thicket last year when I chose it to quench my thirst for a good Western read. I was impressed by how engaging the writing was. I decided this year to jump into more books by author Joe Lansdale, and I thought a good start would be his popular Texas crime series featuring his characters Hap Collins and Leonard Pine. This first novel in the series lived up to my lofty expectations!Hap & Leonard are best buddies, are minding their own business and shooting some skeet in Hap' [...]

    10. 3.5I've heard so much about this duo and finally started this series. Unlike so many other books, Savage Season has a perfect summary. The two main protagonists can't be any different even if they tried, but they work well together. Hap's ex-wife Trudy asks him for help to find some money that's been hidden for the last twenty years, he lets his best friend in on the scheme and that's the basic plot. The thing that makes Savage Season different and more interesting than other maybe similar books [...]

    11. Binge watched the first series of the TV adaptation of the Hap & Leonard books, loved it and so I had to read the source novels, since everyone at the AV Club comment pages said they were SO much better. Not sure I agree, then it's always like that when much loved books make the transfer to the screen- see Game of Thrones, LOTR, and many more ( hence my mixed feelings about the rumoured adaptation of Dorothy Dunnett' s Lymond series, my all-time favorites). Having seen the show I had the bac [...]

    12. This dude is such a good writer that I sat down immediately after finishing this book and began writing myself and my output was 25% better than it normally is. Lansdale is just one of those people who understand language, and harness it like a samurai sword. Savage Season, the first of many Hap and Leonard books, was a page-turning crime novel - at times funny, at times touching, at times violent - much like the best Coen Brothers movies are. You're doing yourself a disservice by not reading th [...]

    13. Hap a tough country boy with iron foundry muscles just spent eighteen months in prison, during this time his wife Trudi was filing for divorce.Leonard a Vietnam vet and a certified hardhead. His expertise is Martial arts, boxing, kenpo and hapkido.Trudi ruled men with brains, passion and her downy triangle.Hap a bird lover.Leonard a dog lover.An inseparable duo of characters. On his release from prison Trudi temps Hap into a money making deal or shall we say money finding.A bank job money stash [...]

    14. I've read five previous Hap and Leonard adventures, but somehow managed to miss this first outing. Once again, Hap lets "lil' Hap" get him into trouble, and drags mouthy Leonard into the fray. Count on everything to go wrong. And if you have a lick o' sense, better stay far away from Leonard's vanilla cookies.

    15. SAVAGE SEASON is a fast-paced, hard-boiled suspense novel about two hardworking friends, Hap and Leonard, who can't resist the opportunity to make a quick $200,000 a piece. All they have to do is find the money that is supposedly buried somewhere in an icy river where Hap grew up. But nothing comes easy for these two and it isn't long before they're not only dealing with vicious weather but also greedy and psychotic humans.This is a short little book that packs a punch. It is unflinchingly and s [...]

    16. Joe R. Lansdale's novels and short stories are very visceral reads. When Lansdale writes action, you can smell the sweat and taste the dirt. He knows how to keep the reader on the edge of their seats. Add onto that, a very sharp wit and you rarely come away from one of the author's stales disappointed.Savage Season is the first of a series of suspense novels featuring Happ Collins and Leonard Pine; the first one I have read, but I am eager to devour the rest of the series. Happ and Leonard seems [...]

    17. A pretty decent crime caper noir, my first Lansdale, feeling like a cross between the wise cracking Elmore Leonard and the more brutal Don Winslow with a pair of "heroes" in Hap and Leonard that are a joy to read.It was Hap and Leonard that saved this one for me, the two of them together are funny, conflicted and real, a great channel for Lansdale's obvious talent with dialogue; providing the kind of banter and realism that Leonard would be proud of.That aside, for a slim novel it felt like it w [...]

    18. Talk about instantly falling in love with a writer’s work the time the first exchange of genuinely funny and completely natural-feeling banter between Hap Collins and his good buddy Leonard Pine was over I knew I was into some really, really good shit. Lansdale manages to pack lethal doses of dark humor, brutal violence, social commentary, and the intoxicating East Texas setting into this relatively short book. The story itself kept me glued to the book long enough to finish it in a single sit [...]

    19. Hap Collins and Leonard Pine are two rural guys just scraping by, best friends who together make up a badass and hilarious odd couple. Hap is a white heterosexual former idealist who went to prison for making a point out of dodging the draft, and Leonard is a black gay Vietnam veteran. When Hap's ex-wife, Trudy, comes to them with a sketchy proposition for making a lot of money fast, Hap's desire for Trudy combines with his and Leonard's need for living expenses, making the opportunity too good [...]

    20. Fun with a capital F, now I'm a Fan with a capital F, both of Joe Lansdale, and the Hap and Leonard series, of which this is the first. I read "The Bottoms" last month, thought it was a well-written coming of age/mystery novel, so decided to give this one a quick read before watching the series just starting on the Sundance Channel.I'm giving it 5 stars for the pure enjoyment factor, and for not disappointing. Great characters, snappy dialogue, fast-paced action, and a great ending.

    21. OK, this was just plum fun. I'm not up to speed on my Lansdale so I'm just now venturing into Hap and Leonard. I, of course, have heard plenty about them and with the TV show coming up, I decided this might be a great diversion from the horrible reading slump I've been in.Sometimes I make excellent choices.

    22. Decent start for the series but suffers from the "first book" syndrome. The author tries to balance the introduction of the characters with the actual plot of the story and one or the other is compromised. In this case it's the plot of the story that is a familiar trope of crime fiction, let's go find the money that was hidden after a heist. Nothing new here. I do like the characters of Hap and Leonard. Their relationship seems deep and we have only scratched the surface so they will carry me on [...]

    23. This book i would not rate 4 stars for the actual story,plot.I rate it 4 stars because the characters was the rare kind of that take hold of you from page one. The back and forth quips between Hap and Leonard were great. Two guys i felt for from the first scene. Didn't have to imagine them at all. They feel so real.It doesnt hurt either that Lansdale is talented writer prose wise,language of the book,his country wit as the blurb say was great read. I chuckled many times reading some of the lines [...]

    24. I love Joe Landsdale's work. I haven't read him extensively, but every time I do I'm taken away by the story, swirled around in it, dumped out at the end like I've been rode hard and put away wet. Hap and Leonard are my favorite Landsdale characters yet.

    25. L'altra faccia del sogno americano Quella di Lansdale è l'America che ha fallito nell'emancipazione dal sistema; è l'America che si riscopre debole e abietta di fronte a rivoluzioni mancate e nei compromessi quotidiani cerca di vivere alla giornata.Il contesto delineato è testimone delle buone intenzioni di Lansdale, sincero nel mostrare l'altro volto del sogno americano che già altri autori (Steinbeck, Fitzgerald, Carver) hanno narrato tra lacrime e alcool; funziona meno il bilanciamento tr [...]

    26. It seems that the number-one cause of trouble in crime novels is the ex-wife, followed by the ex-lover and the flaky best friend. It helps if the ex is a sex bomb and Our Hero hasn't quite gotten over her. So it goes in Savage Season, the debut of East Texas good-ol'-boys Hap Collins and Leonard Pine.The troublesome ex in this story is Trudy, Hap's ex-flower-child ex-wife, who, despite having broken Hap's heart years ago, needs only to twitch her well-arranged rump to get him back into bed and w [...]

    27. First time with Hap and Leonard, and what a trip. Hap is coerced by his ex-wife into helping look for some lost money. Not very many smart people in this literary world, but if there were, it may not be as entertaining, kinda like real life.

    28. Loved the first third and the last half of this one but thought there was a stretch in between that only made sense, at least in the way it was paced and presented, if Lansdale knew - and also if the readers knew - there was a series coming (which there was, but the second book didn't come out until four years after the first, so . . . ). The section at the beginning where we first get to see Hap and Leonard together, see what their friendship is like, see them in Leonard's barn hitting the heav [...]

    29. Finalmente. Storia veloce, buoni e cattivi mischiati bene, dialoghi credibili, pistole, sangue e persino una bella ragazza che fa girare la testa più o meno a tutti, tranne che a Leonard, ovviamente. Scrittura che ricorda il miglior Bukowski, personaggi che sembrano venir fuori dalle pagine di Steinbeck e, non è un insulto, ambientazione degna di Chuck Norris nei panni di Walker (sarà il Texas?). Sullo sfondo, tutto il resto: l’America dei bianchi e dei neri; dei rivoluzionari da salotto e [...]

    30. In the debut novel featuring Hap Collins and Leonard Pine, both men are pulled into a simple big money score, but soon find themselves way over their heads. An ex of Hap's approaches him about helping her and a few friends recover lost money from a long-ago bank robbery, and Hap convinces his good buddy, and Vietnam vet, Leonard, to come on board, albeit, begrudgingly. And of course, things go south.Full of wry humor, sharp dialogue (with a dash or three of social commentary) and taut, gut-wrenc [...]

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