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The Two-Bear Mambo

The Two Bear Mambo Florida Grange Leonard s drop dead gorgeous lawyer and Hap s former lover has vanished in Klan infested Grovetown while in pursuit of the real story behind the jailhouse death of a legendary bluesma

  • Title: The Two-Bear Mambo
  • Author: Joe R. Lansdale
  • ISBN: 9780575400375
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Paperback
  • Florida Grange, Leonard s drop dead gorgeous lawyer and Hap s former lover, has vanished in Klan infested Grovetown while in pursuit of the real story behind the jailhouse death of a legendary bluesman s blackguard son Fearing the worst, Hap and Leonard set out to do the kind of investigating the good ole boy cops can t or won t do In Grovetown they encounter a redneFlorida Grange, Leonard s drop dead gorgeous lawyer and Hap s former lover, has vanished in Klan infested Grovetown while in pursuit of the real story behind the jailhouse death of a legendary bluesman s blackguard son Fearing the worst, Hap and Leonard set out to do the kind of investigating the good ole boy cops can t or won t do In Grovetown they encounter a redneck police chief, a sadistic Christmas tree grower, and townsfolk itchin for a lynchin Add to this a dark night exhumation in a voodoo graveyard, a thunderstorm of Biblical proportions, and flat out sudden murder Hap and Leonard vow to face the hate and find Florida, even if Leonard has to put a hole in anyone who gets in the way Besides, they ve packed a lunch.

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    1. Hap's ex-girlfirend Florida disappears while investigating the murder of blues musician's son. Hap and Leonard, on behalf of Marvin Hanson, go Grovetown, a racist hive of scum and villainy, to investigate. Will they find Florida and bring her back?2016 Reread:My quest to reread all of the Hap and Leonard books before the TV series drops so I can lord it over everyone else continues. In this, the third Hap and Leonard book, the boys go looking for Florida, Hap's ex and the current girlfriend of M [...]

    2. Another great adventure with my buddies Hap Collins and Leonard Pine! Leonard has a new boyfriend but is still surly, having just burnt down the neighborhood crack house for the third Christmas Eve in a row. But to stay out of jail this time, Leonard and Hap agree to help their friend Marvin locate his girlfriend Florida Grange, who happens to be Leonard's old lawyer and Hap's former sweet thang. The stakes are pretty high though this go round because Florida, an attractive black woman, was last [...]

    3. When Hap goes to spend Christmas Eve with his friend Leonard, he finds that Leonard’s idea of a Yule log is burning down the neighborhood crack house. Since this is the third time Leonard has torched it, the cops are a little miffed even though he always pulls the drug dealers out of the fire. Police lieutenant Hanson offers to help get Leonard off the hook for his pyromania if the guys will look for his girlfriend, Florida, who has gone missing while poking around the story of the relative of [...]

    4. It's difficult not to be enamored with Joe R. Lansdale's prose. He has such a wonderfully engaging style.Hap and Leonard are two very different people, but who happen to be lifelong friends. When they are asked to go in search of a missing woman with whom they have history, they feel obliged to find her. But their travels lead them to the hate-fueled, Klansmen infested streets of Grovetown. On any given day, stopping off here would seem a really bad idea; Leonard is gay, he is black, and he has [...]

    5. “When I say act like a man," Leonard said, "I mean act honorably and with courage. Macho has been turned into a bad word by turds who act like beasts, not men.”Another step up in the quality of entertainment provided by Joe Lansdale's Hap & Leonard books as he juggles wisecracking, climbing up on his soapbox, brutality, psychological surveys and an interesting mystery with great dexterity. Collins & Pine are on fire throughout this one, hardly stopping to recover from threats and bea [...]

    6. Another sterling novel from Lansdale, opening with a burning crackhouse and closing with a flood of Biblical proportions. I have to say that there was a lot less light-hearted “fun” to be had in this one, due to the subject matter and the way things stand at the end of the book. There’s still plenty of funny banter and one-liners, but things are a lot darker and severe in this one. The story concerns Hap and Leonard traveling to the “town that time forgot” of Grovestown, a progressive [...]

    7. This is the third book in the Hap and Leonard series, and the strongest in both story and structure, so far. The characters really come into their own here, functioning like living entities that exist outside of the novel’s pages, instead of being merely plot-and-ideology-delivery machines (although what is a character besides that, really?) It’s a great, gory, occasionally funny, and often action-packed southern noir. I really enjoyed reading this. (Be forewarned: the n-word drops about a 1 [...]

    8. They just keep getting better! I finished this yesterday and was going to start 4 today but I had some trouble with audible and I can't actually read at work anymore so I guess I'm just taking a break and listening to some music.

    9. Hap & Leonard book 3, loved this. Lansdale to me is a master story teller. He sucked me right into this with an unlikely duo on an East Texas adventure into the vilest evil racist town to ever exist. If easily offended by bigotry or racism stay far away from this book. Hap & Leonard run into the true evils of human nature…. do they survive? Read and find out!

    10. Such a great book! The character development was simply outstanding, and so much about both Hap and Leonard are revealed. The story itself was outstanding, too, very exciting, and very surprising. On to the next one!

    11. This is how brilliant Joe Lansdale is. Twenty pages in this novel, I was super excited because it started at a point Hap & Leonard had never been before. A hundred pages in, I was about to give up because it shaped up to be a Hap & Leonard vs evil novel. Then it took another, darker turner and finally headed in a darker direction than I've ever seen in a Joe Lansdale novel before. In THE TWO-BEAR MAMBO, Hap & Leonard have to survive before even thinking about saving the day. These tw [...]

    12. I thought this one started perilously slow, with Lansdale on his soap-box a lot, and if I hadn't already grown attached to Hap and Leonard from the previous two books I might have been tempted to set this one aside, or at least skip ahead until something started happening. And then . . . holy crap, all the darkness in this world just gets shoveled onto these errant knights. Survival does not seem possible, yet they do. The aftermath, where Lansdale portrays the psychological damage - their grail [...]

    13. In this third Hap and Leonard book, Joe R Lansdale takes the gloves off. Harrowing. And real. And a reminder that the more things change, the more they stay the same. One of those books where even the funny parts hurt some.

    14. Wow. Starker Tobak. Schluss mit lustig. Na ja, nicht ganz, der typische Humor, rabenschwarz und staubtrocken, ist schon noch da, aber dieses Mal geht es an die Substanz. Und mir ziemlich unter die Haut. Starker Roman.

    15. The third Hap and Leonard book, and the strongest so far. At the request of their cop friend Hanson, the boys head off to Grovetown, Texas, in search of Hanson's girlfriend (and Hap's ex) Florida. What they find is a kind of throwback town, full of Jim Crow types. No sir, they don't like "coloreds" in Grovetown. Trying to get a bead on where Florida has vanished to, Hap and Leonard find themselves in pretty serious straits, asking questions that are making some of Grovetown's more illustrious ci [...]

    16. Per la serie Hap e Leonard, Lansdale presenta il solito dinamico duo che si ficca nei guai, prende botte da orbi, poi si rialza dalla merda in cui è finito, e, con l'aiuto di una serie considerevole di botte di culo, non immediatamente riconoscibili come tali, finisce col dipanare la matassa e uscire vincitore.Con una trama del genere è possibile scrivere qualsiasi genere di boiata, a meno di non essere Lansdale, e allora il libro diventa un capolavoro da divorare: cattivo, scorretto, umoristi [...]

    17. Probably closer to a 3.5 than a 4. Hap and Leonard find themselves in trouble again, this time as they try to solve the mystery of Florida's disappearance. As usual, there's a lot of vulgar humor coupled with dark themes and a undertone of doom and gloom. Darker than the first two books in the series, this one doesn't really come together until the last 1/3, when the various strands of the novel start to gel.Worthwhile, but not my favorite Lansdale.

    18. Joe Lansdale is definitely not for the easily offended. He manages to offend women, cops, gay men, bears, dogs and more all within the first few pages. If you can laugh with him you'll probably enjoy his colorful writing. If not, you probably won't want to read on.Hap (an everyman sort of guy) & Leonard (a big, tough gay man) are unlikely buds. After Hap sets aflame the neighboring crack house the duo land in the slammer but the Police Lt. agrees to forgive them if they'll find his missing g [...]

    19. The third installment of the Hap and Leonard series is a strong addition but is also the darkest and most disturbing. While Lansdale is never afraid to break boundaries, Two Bear Mambo mixes suspense, mystery ad action with a social realism that can be downright uncomfortable. The stark depiction of racism and violence tends to overshadow the sharp dialogue that has always graces this series. There are plenty of hilarious lines throughout and Leonard continues to be my favorite black gay Republi [...]

    20. RazzismoTerzo episodio per Hap e Leonard, coppia di amici per la pelle, che qui si avventurano in una paese imbevuto come una spugna di quel razzismo partorito dalla più profonda e sterile ignoranza.Noir a tinte forti, che pecca solo di un finale tirato un po' via.

    21. Joe R. Lansdale ist der Schriftsteller, von dem ich mit Abstand am meisten Bücher in meiner riesigen Bücherwand habe. Ich habe (fast) alle Werke die in den letzten Jahren auf Deutsch erschienen sind. Romane vom Golkonda Verlag, Tropen, Heyne Hardcore, Dumont oder sogar eine Ausgabe aus dem Shayol Verlag sind in meinem Besitz. Natürlich Allesamt als gedruckte Ausgaben und nicht als E-Book. Immer einen ungelesenen Lansdale zu Hause haben für schlechte Zeiten lautet meine Devise. ;-) Da im Golk [...]

    22. #3 in the Hap & Leonard series, mystery/thriller books about mismatched best friends (Hap is a white ex-hippie ladies man; Leonard a black gay conservative) in impoverished East Texas. In this book, they go in search of Florida Grange, Hap's ex, a lawyer and wannabe journalist. The last anyone heard of her, she was staying in nearby Grovetown to investigate the mysterious death of a black man in the county jail. Hap and Leonard head over to try and pick up her trail – was she murdered? is [...]

    23. [Viaggio in TEXAS]Ormai mi sembra inutile recensire un libro di Lansdale, tanto ogni volta torno a tesserne le lodi più o meno allo stesso modo, e mi sembra di essere grullo. I mitici Hap & Leonard li avevo già incontrati in Mucho Mojo, e già lì era scattato l'amore. Nel Mambo degli orsi, sì è invece consolidato, per non dire accresciuto.La storia è molto semplice: Hap, il bianco-etero-liberal, e Leonard, il nero-gay-repubblicano, devono andare alla ricerca di Florida, una donna che a [...]

    24. The thing about Hap and Leonard is they aren't detectives in any real sense, neither professionally or as amateurs. They're troublemakers and troubleshooters. They closest they come to investigating is to find some likely looking people and throw attitude at them until they crack and try to kill them. It has its drawbacks, of course, as you can never be sure the people trying to kill you are doing it because you've cracked the case or just because. Other things try to kill them, too, such as, in [...]

    25. Much of the action in this book takes place in a town with some of the most racist people we'd never meet. Practically the whole town is very racist to the point of beating and killing blacks without any hesitation. Add to this Leonard's outspoken provocations, and you have a sure recipe for disaster.The most amazing thing about this book is how much humor is mixed in with this serious subject. If not for the humor, though, I think it might have been too painful to read.Once again, a very well d [...]

    26. L’idillio fra il tenente Hanson e Florida, sbocciato sul finire di ‘Mucho mojo’, dà l’idea di essere già ai titoli di coda. La ragazza è partita per Grovetown con lo scopo di indagare sul misterioso suicidio di un nero in galera e il poliziotto chiede a Hap e Leonard di andare a dare un’occhiata perché non vuol apparire troppo invadente. La sua preoccupazione nasce dal fatto che la donna è diretta in un postaccio dove le leggi sui diritti civili non esistono e il Klan risolve spes [...]

    27. Southern Noir? Backwoods Goth? Big Thicket Mythology? Yes, yes and yes. Joe Lansdale's irascible partners Hap and Leonard dole out servings of poetic justice as only they can. This series - and this installment in particular - cannot be recommended highly enough. All hail Lansdale, pride of Nacogdoches, Prince of gritty violence, King of modern hard-boiled fiction.

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