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Bad Chili

Bad Chili Soyez blanc sympa h t ro sans vrai boulot ni caisse de retraite et vivez au Texas royaume du port d armes Hap Collins attire les ennuis Sa nonchalance agace peine remis d une aventure et le voil m

  • Title: Bad Chili
  • Author: Joe R. Lansdale Bernard Blanc
  • ISBN: 9782070498543
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback
  • Soyez blanc, sympa, h t ro, sans vrai boulot ni caisse de retraite et vivez au Texas, royaume du port d armes Hap Collins attire les ennuis Sa nonchalance agace peine remis d une aventure et le voil mordu en plein champ par un cureuil enrag Une mort ignoble le guette L h pital va le saigner blanc et, pour ne rien arranger, Leonard a disparu Impossible de resteSoyez blanc, sympa, h t ro, sans vrai boulot ni caisse de retraite et vivez au Texas, royaume du port d armes Hap Collins attire les ennuis Sa nonchalance agace peine remis d une aventure et le voil mordu en plein champ par un cureuil enrag Une mort ignoble le guette L h pital va le saigner blanc et, pour ne rien arranger, Leonard a disparu Impossible de rester sous perfusion avec son meilleur ami dans la mouise Homosexuel black cognant comme un b cheron, ce dernier est accus de meurtre La police adore Hap non Debout pour que justice se fasse, il ne se contentera pas de contourner la loi, il va la pi tiner

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      421 Joe R. Lansdale Bernard Blanc
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    1 thought on “Bad Chili

    1. A local biker is murdered and Leonard is the prime suspect. After being bit by a possibly rabid squirrel, Hap gets out of the hospital and starts investigating. Can Hap and Leonard escape a web of blackmail, murder, bikers, and less savory things?My reread of the Hap and Leonard books I haven't written reviews for continues. In this, the fourth volume, Lansdale introduces a couple new characters to the Hap and Leonard mythos that will be important for years to come: Hap's hot nurse girlfriend Br [...]

    2. Hap returns home from working a gig on an oil rig and is promptly attacked by a rabid squirrel. Thanks to crappy insurance and a grumpy doctor he has to stay in the hospital in order to get his rabies shots paid for. While Hap is left to the mercy of the American health care system his best friend Leonard has been having problems with his boyfriend, Raul. Raul has been two-timing him with a biker, and it’s made Leonard so angry that he’s doing crazy things like beating the biker with a broom [...]

    3. I started reading this series earlier this year, but Hap and Leonard already feel like a couple of old friends! In this wild installment, while Hap is stuck in the hospital awaiting rabies shots after a run-in with a crazed squirrel and shitty health insurance, he discovers that not only has Leonard gone missing, but Leonard is also the lead suspect in the murder of Horse Dick McNee, a biker that stole his boyfriend Raul. In his quest to clear Leonard of Horse Dick's murder, he will discover a p [...]

    4. Hap getting hospitalised by a squirrel and a dodgy combination of insurance companies might be one of the all time most original setups for a crime novel. At least that I've read. It sets the tone for both hilarity and violence and Lansdale follows it up with so many great moments like it in the first half that it pushes the weaker second half through its slow and repetitive patches before a shotgun death or two electroshocks it back in to top gear, proving once more that these two guys in the h [...]

    5. The 4th book in the Hap & Leonard series, and I’m thinking to myself, what makes these novels so readable? Sure, they’re heavy on the action and violence, and they dip their toes in humor quite a bit, but that can’t just be it, can it? Because, in contrast, there are plenty of quiet, calm, human moments too, conversations, slices of crusty, small-town East Texas so vividly painted, they’re basically real. Yes, these books are EVEN. That’s the word I’m looking for! The story unfol [...]

    6. This is another politically uncorrect wacky mystery featuring best friends Hap and Leonard. Hap is an everyman sort of slacker guy and Leonard is a big, tough black guy who happens to like men. Hap and Leonard love each other like brothers and are the unlikeliest of friends and their friendship has survived longer than any of their previous relationships. They are hilarious together, especially in this book which, thankfully, isn’t quite as dark as “Two Bear Mambo, though it has its dark mom [...]

    7. I am somewhat relieved that this fourth book of the Hap and Leonard series returns to the hilarious wit of the first two books. That isn't to say Lansdale lets go of the blood and grit that is liberally splattered through the other novels. And the author keeps his realistic if cynical outlook on life intact as relayed by the idealistic Hap and the pessimistic Leonard. But after all that, Bad Chili is mainly side-splitting funny. Just read the first 15 pages regarding a berserk squirrel and its a [...]

    8. If there were ever a modern day Samuel Clemens, it would be Joe Lansdale. Man Joe knows how to spin a story that combines adventure, comedy, mystery, horror, and just all-around interesting characters. I really should review more of his work, but I fear I wouldn't do it justice. This is the 4th in the Hap & Leonard series, and probably my favorite so far. Love these characters, it feels like you know them personally because of how well written the stories are. Word of advice, if you are part [...]

    9. Nothing here but more Hap & Leonard goodness. The opening has to be the funniest and most ridiculous beginnings to one of these books yet, and the plot was riveting. I fucked up and waited too long to review this one so I've already forgotten lots of details, but this was great.

    10. I have been looking for one of these books for two and a half years. Not politically correct, but it certainly grabs your attention. Brutal in spots, but strongly recommended.

    11. I started this smack in the middle of a series but I quickly gathered that Hap and Leonard are some good ole boys, best friends in East Texas who have a way of finding trouble. Hap, east Texas white boy, is off a job on an Oil Rig and comes back to find Leonard, who is black and gay, is upset that his on and off again boyfriend Raul has finally left him. All this catching up is then interrupted by one crazy squirrel. Things go further off the rails when a dead body turns up and fingers start poi [...]

    12. The appearance at the two-thirds mark of Jim Bob Luke from Cold in July rescued this novel for me as I was getting a bit bored with all the repetitive dialog. Jim Bob as a character is an equal to Hap and Leonard and he just sent the plot and the character interactions places they couldn't have gone otherwise. The mystery these good old boys be solving takes some teasing to get it out and in the meantime Lansdale delivers some brilliant scenes of violence and a lot of dialog, most of it funny, b [...]

    13. What to say about this book it's crass and coarse and full of dirty word's and dirtier people in short, it's bloody wonderful !! Hap Collin's is a great character flat broke & without a pot to piss in, hurtling toward's middle age with only the clothes on his back and even those have seen better day's . the scrap's Hap & Leonard get into are as brilliantly funny as they are violently bloody and the addition of foul-mouthed, husband burning, gun-toting Brett just add's to the brillianc [...]

    14. Hap gets bitten by a rabid squirrel. Leonard gets accused of murder. And they both get tied up in a mystery involving a gay biker, a chili king, and a violent ex-wrestler. What can I say? This series is steady: It's not terrible and it not great. I expect nearly every book in the series will get three stars. But three stars is good! This Bad Chili is comfort food.

    15. Another fun outing with Hap and Leonard. An occasionally brutal Texas crime caper with brilliant characters and some laugh out loud moments.

    16. Bad Chilli is the 4th in Joe R Lansdales 'Redneck Noir' series Hap and Leonard. These are just really, really excellent. As with the rest of the series I'd put the main selling point as the humour and particularly the laugh out loud dialogue, but that's wrapped up in a very decent thriller with a mystery thrown in.Hap and Leonard are best friends, one, Leonard is a gay republican black man, whilst the other, Hap is a washed out white hippy who did time for refusing to fight in Vietnam, with no p [...]

    17. another episode in the life of Hap and Leonard. Leonard's lover Rauel left with a biker, who was actually an undercover cop. The bikers are stealing cooking oil (?) and beating and assaulting gays in the park and selling the video's. Hap meets a nurse that has a very dubious past, her kids are a mess. Charlie's wife finally leaves with an insurance salesman.

    18. Every book in the series I hAve said "this is the best one yet" well, number 4 in the series is no exception. With two new characters that I love and hope to see continue Into the rest of the series I'm sure they will just continue to get better and better.

    19. I think I need to take a break from Hap & Leonard for awhile. It's not that the book isn't engaging and well-done, it's just that most of the jokes feel similar to the ones in the previous few books. It's well-written and well-done, but it just feels like more of the same.Honestly, that's probably more a result of me reading four of the series in a row than a lack of quality in the series.

    20. Like all the preceding Hap and Leonard novels, Bad Chili's best parts are the quick dialogue and honest affection between the two main characters. Add in a couple of new characters in the form of a good old boy private investigator and a nurse and new girlfriend for Hap and all the dialogue, both internal and external, gets that much better. Additionally, for readers of the series, there are enough small plot points among the recurring characters that rather than reading the novel feeling like s [...]

    21. I'm starting to think Lansdale's "Hap and Leonard" will attack (and prevail over) any subject matter. In "Bad Chili" there were times I wasn't even sure what the 'mystery' was~but I knew Hap & Leonard would make it worth the ride.There are enough reviews that give you a synopsis of the plot, and everyone tries their best to describe Hap and Leonard, so I'll spare you."Bad Chili" begins with a rabid squirrel attack and ends with a tornado, and --as always with these guys-- I find myself quest [...]

    22. A attack by a rabid squirrel sets the tone for this fourth escapade of Hap Collins and Leonard Pine in the humid, make that fetid, world of East Texas. You don't read these books for their tightly plotted mystery, although this one has a better mystery to be solved than the other two I have read. The attraction is just how outrageous Lansdale will make the action. This time out we have murder, torture, grease stealing (you'll have to read the book), rape videos, gay bikers, sadistic ex-wrestlers [...]

    23. Boy, did Hap and Leonard really get put through the ringer in this one! It was almost too much, at the end I was starting to feel like it was almost a Bugs Bunny cartoon with the last scene.I was glad to get back to reading the books in order it was pretty neat to see Brett first appear, though she's a little too perfect here (I like her better in the later books) it was fun too see the start of the relationship.

    24. Great dialogue, and that rarest of literary accomplishments, an entertaining internal monologue. Bizarre violence. Lots of ´tude.

    25. I love Hap & Leonard, and Bad Chili is as enjoyable as their previous adventures. Hap's new lady love, Brett, is a fun addition but sounds more like Hap & Leonard with boobs than a real woman. And I must admit to rolling my eyes a bit at times. Some people label these books politically incorrect, which is mystifying to me because the opposite is true. There's violence and sex and bad language, sure, but also endless conversations about everybody's liberal viewpoints on race, gender and s [...]

    26. Probably more like two stars -- I really just like listening to Hap and Leonard talk to each other that much. The even-numbered books in this series are continuing to be downswings for me, though: this mystery was pretty weak, and there wasn't even much in the way of atmospheric set pieces in this one. (I liked the rabid squirrel, but the (view spoiler)[tornado (hide spoiler)] was OTT for me.)Speaking of things that are semi-ridiculous: Hap and Leonard apparently go through lovers like Spinal Ta [...]

    27. I don't know about Joe R. Lansdale. This book is not one you could describe to anyone without sounding like it's just plain silly. It starts off with an attack by a rabid squirrel that was howlingly funny and moves into a very dark and nasty murder/gay bashing/cover up. But at the same time introduces a romantic interest for the main character. Throw in a very odd private detective who is actually a hog farmer and a tornado and well you see what I'm talking about. Somehow Lansdale makes it all w [...]

    28. Another amazing Hap and Leonard Novel. The opening scene alone was enough to make me laugh out loud non-stop. Great plot, a lot of action and best of all amazing characters. I had no idea and was so incredibly excited that Jim Bob Luke is a major character in the book. Cold In July is one of my favorites and Jim Bob is an amazing character as well. I just found out he also is in Captain Outrageous so I am really excited to read that one soon.Any Lansdale is mandatory reading and I can't believe [...]

    29. 1977 Dario Argento directed the now classic horror film SUSPIRIA, the trailer for the film bosted " The only thing scarier than the first three minutes of SUSPIRA are the last 90 " Which is a fairly accurate summation , the opening to that movie is amazing. The opening scene to BAD CHILI by Joe R Lansdale something happens to Hap so crazy , the only thing better then the first 10 pages are the last 296, and the ending is aciton packed and satisfying. before BAD CHILI , 2 BEAR MAMBO was my favori [...]

    30. Trailer trash crime masterpiece about a chili king's extortion by bikers for stealing grease from restaurants. Lansdale throws in a sado-masochistic has-been wrestler, another pair of Afro-black twins (see "Freezer Burn")and wraps it up with a Texas twister as the big finish just to raise the Warner Bros cartoon dementia."Bad Chili" should be read simply for the hilarious security job interview sequence alone. "Dancing Baptists". Lansdale does it again.

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