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Son of Interflux

Son of Interflux Simon s father is the head of Interflux the world s largest manufacturer of useless things When Interflux decides to build a factory on the grounds of Simon s high school Simon reinvests the Student

  • Title: Son of Interflux
  • Author: Gordon Korman
  • ISBN: 9780590411868
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • Simon s father is the head of Interflux, the world s largest manufacturer of useless things When Interflux decides to build a factory on the grounds of Simon s high school, Simon reinvests the Student Council s funds and decides to fight for his school.

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      489 Gordon Korman
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    1 thought on “Son of Interflux

    1. YA. I think -- I'm pretty sure -- that this is just as awesome as I remembered it. More, even, because this time through I could see a lot of parallels to Heller'sCatch-22, which made me love it even more. It's got Korman's trademark geeks (ambitious, lovable, misdirected) engaging in shenanigans (large-scale, ill-advised, can-only-end-badly) and coming out the better for it, winning their battles, even if they lose the war.Simon Irving (who accidentally gets into the system as Irving Simon) has [...]

    2. So very dated, but somehow still current. What do you do when your dad's multinational corporation goes against everything you believe in, and is actively trying to destroy the environment around your art school? Start up a counter-corporation to stop them, and get the whole student body involved.What I particularly liked about this was how Dad and Son have this huge issue between them--but they're still able to hang out as father and son. (This is partly because Mom banned all politics from the [...]

    3. Gordon Korman seems to be writing more thrillers and sports books nowadays, but when I was a kid in the 80s and early 90s he was a young Canadian humorist who write his first book at 12 years old (published when he was 14) and fell in love with NYC. No one else at school had ever heard of him, but he was even funnier than Daniel Pinkwater, who my friend liked. Sure, a couple of the Bruno and Boots books are slight, and apparently the primitive computer tech in The War With Mr. Wizzle throws off [...]

    4. Confession time: I wish I could write wacky middle grade and YA novels like Gordon Kormon! I absolutely love his sense of humor! Son of Interflux is probably my favorite story of his. I laughed from beginning to end. Check out this excerpt:"I can't stand the sight of Long Island!" Johnny announced with much emphasis as he and Simon gathered equipment for their first experiment. "What a hole!"Stunned that Johnny should feel moved to make such a statement, apropos of nothing, Simon could only mana [...]

    5. Another attempt to get Ben to like reading aloud together, this one about the son of the executive VP of a huge company who ends up clandestinely heading up an organization at his school to thwart the expansion of said company. Definitely replete with a memorable cast of quirky and loveable characters, even if they're a little one-sided at times. Ben actually said that he liked this book better than Losing Joe's Place; I prefer Losing Joe's Place, but that's just a matter of preference. I still [...]

    6. "Son of Interflux" by Gordon Korman is a great young adult novel. Simon's father, the head of the biggest company known for manufacturing useless items, is planning to build a factory in a park that is very important to the kids of Simon's school of the arts. It's a place they go to for inspiration, for peace and quiet, and to work. Simon and his school won't let this happen and will do everything they can to prevent it, so Simon and all of the students at his school start a rivaling group calle [...]

    7. This is a book about a boy who does not want to be a part of his family's company- his dad is the CEO. In order to not be a part of it, he decides that he wants to be an artist, and begins attending a special art school. Well, through unfortunate events, the school and his dad's company come to get mixed up together, and Felix must decide what is more important- his dad and a company that Felix does not like, or his friends and a future that he wants? This is a story about love and compromise. I [...]

    8. This is a favourite of mine specifically because I got my brother to read it and he loves it too. It's about the son of a president of a large corporation who has declared all out war against that corporation, Interflux. As a result, Simon joins an art college rather than attending business school as his father would prefer. I highly enjoy his eccentric (or insane) art teacher, Querada whose highest insults are taken as praise by his students since he is incapable of saying anything nice about t [...]

    9. Probably my favorite Gordon Korman book alongside "Beware the Fish," this book chronicles the misadventures of Simon Irving (a.k.a. Irving Simon) as he tries to make his way in an elite art school, all the while battling the expansion plans of a massive corporation (which happens to be run by his father.) A quirky cast of characters -- including a certifiably insane painting instructor, a friend who shows great potential for everything but never actually lives up to it, and another who can't sto [...]

    10. I have to admit, this was not one I was overly fond of at first. Dan and Amy are becoming more vicious and suspicious. Utterly hurt and confused by Nellie's seeming betrayal, Amy in particular is becoming more cutthroat. The clue hunt has taken the siblings to the Bahamas and in particular Jamaica. They're on the trail of Anne Bonny, Nanny, and just how Grace Cahill fits into the Madrigal picture. Fairly typical story for the series and overall a decent addition, but it was definitely not one of [...]

    11. It's a cute book that ends in the way you'd expect (the underdog wins a moral victory) but arrives at the ending in a surprisingly mature, diplomatic and clear thinking way. If all teenagers were so self aware and open to ideas other than their own the world would be a much simpler place. It would be true if adults behaved the same way - which makes this an endearing tale about a strange utopia where even when Goliath wins, David enjoys the victory because he accepted the inevitability before he [...]

    12. As a Gordon Korman book I knew I'd love it, even though it wasn't one of the books I've heard of like the MacDonald Hall series, it was still a great book. Simon is the son of interflux but that title's kept him down for so long that this time, he will face school without it. He fights back against his father for a righteous cause throughout his school year taking charge to stand up for what he believes in all the while putting up the Quereda and Sam and Phil.

    13. Rereading this to my son. Really enjoyed Querada's painting classes and the Antiflux/Interfluc plot. Lots of fun s tuff: the student who always paints a camel in his picture, the student who keeps being shuffled from art department to art department, Simon's inexplicable attractive to Wendy who hates him, the Omni movie, Montrose the Flake

    14. I discovered this book in middle school and I still go back and re-read it every couple of years. It's always laugh-out-loud hilarious! I love the zany characters, the ridiculous situations and brilliant conversations. I can't wait to introduce my almost-9 year old daughter to this story. Definitely one of my all time favorite books!

    15. I have read this book at least 5 times over the years. Korman has a unique way with words that can twist a smile out of almost any situation. Since I went digital in college (I love my Kindle!), most of my physical books have gone the way of the donation bin, but this is one that will always stay on my shelf. It is a much-beloved laugh-out-loud romp.

    16. I picked up this book when I was in middle school, and to this day it sits on my shelf as my go to read when I need a laugh or a pick me up. The characters are hilarious, the pacing perfect, and the plot dances with absurd while somehow staying believable. Gordon Korman is one of my favorite authors, and I think this book more than any other captures how fantastic his writing can be.

    17. This book makes me remember the sheer glee I felt as a young teen reading Gordon Korman's books. Not only did I live in a tiny Canadaian town, but I went to an authoritarian private school. The hijinx these students get up to, and the way they threw mud in the eye of the man, make this a book I still ocassionally read at 30 and I still laugh.

    18. If you've ever gone to art school, this is the book for you. If you enjoy absurd situations, this book is for you. If you've ever had an insane teacher, a disinterested parent or a best friend who continually amazed and stumped you with their antics and their heart, you will love this book.

    19. I couldn't tell you what number reread I'm on for this book, and how hilarious and well put together it still was. I know the term is inappropriate for this genre but the worldbuilding is so convincing and the story is so tight. Will revisit in a few years and enjoy it just as much.

    20. Loved it! But that's to be expected when Gordon Korman is the writer. But one thing that I would have loved to read about is the creative process, the description of making the art works, not with Phil (his was very, very descriptive), but with all the others, it was a little bit lacking.

    21. A bizarre scenario and some great high school aged characters getting up to Mad schemes classic Gordon Korman! Recently finished reading this to my ten I year old daughter via Open Library. Neither of us had read it before and we were both entertained.

    22. Such an intricate world, the characters are really developed and they all very distinct personalities that make this book funny in so many moments. I've reread it multiple times and there are just too many hilarious moments to count.

    23. This is my all time favorite Gordon Korman book. A must read for any fan. If you are looking for a good read, this would be a smart choice.

    24. This date is a lie. I read this book at Nico's prompting - while at his house - but had read it years ago as well. It's good times.

    25. Ridiculous fun. It focuses on the student rebellion against a company that doesn't make a single complete product.

    26. I first read Gordon Korman in the fourth grade. This book was in a box of teaching materials that I just unpacked. Always a fun read.

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