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Tony and Susan

Tony and Susan Receiving a manuscript and request for feedback from her vengeful ex husband of fifteen years Susan Morrow is drawn into the life of the story s fictional character and confronts a devastating parall

  • Title: Tony and Susan
  • Author: Austin Wright
  • ISBN: 9780446582902
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Receiving a manuscript and request for feedback from her vengeful ex husband of fifteen years, Susan Morrow is drawn into the life of the story s fictional character and confronts a devastating parallel darkness from her own past Austin Wright s novel is a disturbing and dazzling work it describes a special reading experience, combines the suggestiveness of a thriller anReceiving a manuscript and request for feedback from her vengeful ex husband of fifteen years, Susan Morrow is drawn into the life of the story s fictional character and confronts a devastating parallel darkness from her own past Austin Wright s novel is a disturbing and dazzling work it describes a special reading experience, combines the suggestiveness of a thriller and the depth of a psychological novel He talks about fear and regret, revenge and maturation, marriage and failure.

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      436 Austin Wright
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    1 thought on “Tony and Susan

    1. ***NO SPOILERS***This is not a thriller. Bookstores and libraries can shelve it as a thriller, and Saul Bellow can endorse it by calling it “a story of blood and revenge,” but it’s not thrilling. It’s not a mystery or literary fiction either. It belongs to no category. It’s a discombobulated, terrible something-or-other. Austin Wright structured Tony and Susan as a story within a story. It concerns the Susan of the title and focuses on her domestic life, with soporific flashbacks to he [...]

    2. this is the new big hoopla book - previously published in the early nineties, then out of print, then recently republished in england to much acclaim, now revived and reintroduced to america. an exhausting journey for one little bookrtunately, it is interesting enough to withstand such rough treatmentere is a lot i liked about this book, even though had it been written these days, it would have needed a little updating. a well-placed cellphone would have changed the trajectory of the novel altog [...]

    3. A married woman gets the manuscript of a book entitled Nocturnal Animals through the post from an ex-husband she’s barely heard from in the past 20 years. So starts a novel that is one of the most interesting I’ve read in years. As Susan reads through the manuscript (a dark, dense and harrowing tale in its own right) she starts to reflect on the shortfalls of her current marriage and on her would be writer ex-husband, and the role she played in thwarting this aim. She also considers the mean [...]

    4. Incredibly disappointed by this book--Susan is reading a novel(Nocturnal Animals) sent to her by her ex-husband, Edward. For some reason, she feels that the manuscript is some sort of veiled threat from Edward (why she thinks this, I don't know--it really doesn't make sense. Susan is just neurotic). Tony, the main character in Edward's novel, is aggravating to the point where you just want to scream. I found myself wanting to just put down this book because I could not stomach the idiocy of Tony [...]

    5. Unfairly marketed as "the new GONE GIRL" (just how many of those are we going to get before publishers finally realize that this is about as much of a selling-point as "comes with its own raw blubber carrying-case"?), this is a truly spectacular book - part-thriller; part investigation into the uneasy relationship between reader and writer; part exploration of fiction; part study of human relationships, neuroses, anxiety, grief and what it means to be civilized. Don't go into it looking for easy [...]

    6. La novela en la que se basa Animales nocturnos. Animales nocturnos es el título del manuscrito de Edward y tres noches lo que tarda Susan (su ex) en leerlo. La escena de los coches y la familia, los perturbados esos que no sabes por dónde te van a salir y demás, sin querer desvelar nada, es prácticamente idéntica a la película (aunque más adelante el libro tiene sus cambios) y posee la misma tensión y atmosfera mal rollera e insana. Me interesaba ver como el autor introducía la novela d [...]

    7. Este es uno de los libros que me cuesta reseñar y para ello hay dos razones, la primera es que trata dos historias, una de ellas, la vida de Susan y la otra, la historia de "Animales nocturnos", el manuscrito que Edward, ex-esposo de Susan, envía a nuestra protagonista para pedir su opinión; ambas tienen un tono bastante distinto, aun cuando se encuentran relacionadas. La otra razón, y es lo que me quitaré de encima rápidamente, es que he visto la película y considero que es un tanto supe [...]

    8. Susan leads a comfortable suburban life: a doctor’s wife, a mother and homemaker, her quiet existence is interrupted when she receives her ex-husband Edward’s debut manuscript for her review: a novel called Nocturnal Animals. But she and Edward divorced over twenty years ago – why would he reach out to her now? Then as Susan begins reading she notices pieces of herself in the story – a vicious, dark story of revenge, rape and murder. Is Edward exorcising demons through his art or is this [...]

    9. This is a re-release of a book that reviewed well but didn't have a large readership, the author has since passed away but the publishers think so highly of this book that they have given it a second chance. I have to admit that it really held my interest, it is a book within a book construct, but the foreboding tension of the story is fantastic. The last third of the book was not as good as what came before but it has stuck in my mind. That is always the sign to me of a successful book.

    10. A story within a story that fails to deliver more than passing interest.Edward, Susan’s first husband, has sent her his novel, Nocturnal Animals, to read before he comes to visit. Susan, a little at loose ends with her husband in New York at a conference, reads the manuscript and is caught up in Tony’s dilemma. Is there more to the story or is Susan reading too much into it?In what seems to be a treatise on modern marriage and selfishness, Austin Wright’s Tony and Susan is a study in contr [...]

    11. The most gripping, unusual, elegantly written fiction I’ve read in some time. Though “postmodern mysteries” too often trend toward the over-precious and self-absorbed, this one delivers in a very fundamental, even insidious way. Ex-husband Edward, after twenty years of separation, sends remarried ex-wife his manuscript about a man whose wife and daughter are abducted, raped, and murdered along an empty stretch of Pennsylvania freeway, after which he stumbles into something akin to revenge. [...]

    12. That was officially the longest 2 weeks of my life. Never has a book stretched out for so long, seemingly never-ending, and I have read the LOTR trilogy!Honestly? I hated this book. I didn't like Susan (the narrator) - I felt she was smug, even after excavating her crappy life with her adulterous husband. I found her parts particularly boring. I just didn't care.The manuscript by Edward (Susan's ex-husband of the past 25 years) was somewhat more interesting. I like a good crime novel. However, i [...]

    13. Well. That was unexpected. I've never read a book anything like this ever.Totally unique and deeply thought-provoking. Cleverly written too. I started it mid-afternoon and it's now 2:20am and with my eyes struggling to stay open I had to finish it. Cover to cover.Susan gets sent a manuscript from her ex-husband. The book is titled Nocturnal Animals. During their marriage he was a frustrated, often depressed writer and she criticised his writing quite harshly. Theirs was a complex relationship. S [...]

    14. Originally published as Tony and Susan, Nocturnal Animals is described on the cover as "extraordinary", "nail-biting", "truly horrifying", "gripping and unsettling", "absorbing, terrifying, beautiful and appalling, unforgettable". So, I thought I was in for a thrilling ride. It's the story of Susan Morrow, who receives a manuscript from her ex-husband Ed. Ed and Susan haven't spoken in years, so this is completely out of the blue. Susan reads the novel in three sittings, and we get to read it wi [...]

    15. This book annoyed me to the point of madness. It was filled with unbelievable situations,ridiculous choices and irritating ,ineffectual characters. I am floored that someone read this book and proclaimed,"This book will make a great movie,someone get Gyllenhaal on the phone" It was as pointless as my dog chasing her tail,but a least she seems to get enjoyment from it.

    16. This review and others can be found on BW Book Reviews.1.5/5DNF at page 33Usually, I don't review books that I don't get at least 15% into. If I put them on my currently reading shelf, I'll quietly take it off. The only time I rate or review is when I have a severe problem with something about the book. And, the thing is, the problem I have with this book isn't that severe.I saw the movie first. When I watched the Oscar's and saw the clips they used for Nocturnal Animals, I had to watch it. I'm [...]

    17. Este es uno de esos libros que al terminarlo te deja en blanco, como en shock, como en una especie de trance. La historia no es lo más original que he leído, por la mitad se desinfla y ofrece un drama de "cómo adaptarse a la vida cuando has perdido lo que más quieres" y luego remonta para ofrecer un final intenso, tan trágico como satisfactorio. Tres noches juega a dos bandas, una es la historia de una mujer, Susan, insatisfecha, o vacía con su vida, que recibe el manuscrito de su ex marid [...]

    18. This time I like the movie (Nocturnal Animals) better than the book. It was an elegant visual feast!

    19. Ho letto moltissime critiche a questo romanzo e la più ricorrente potremmo tranquillamente riassumerla in un "e quindi? dove vogliamo andare a parare?", che però (a mio parere) è una domanda pertinente soltanto se ci si concentra unicamente sulla narrazione in sè e per sè. Nell'insieme, io c'ho visto dell'originalità.Attraverso una scrittura liquida che ho apprezzato, Tony & Susan diventa presto un unboxing, un continuo livello di lettura dopo l'altro, forse un esperimento narrativo? N [...]

    20. Tenía que darle unaa oportunidad y ya se la he dado. No aporta mucho más de lo esperado, avanza a trancas y barrancas, y cuando termina cerramos el libro sin pena ni gloria. a

    21. [El título en español es "Tres noches"]1,5Si no le pongo menos puntuación es porque reservo el "1 estrella" para libros que despiertan en mí un odio profundo.En este caso no siento odio: solo decepción y aburrimiento. Pero tampoco merece del todo las dos estrellas, así que lo dejo en 1,5.Os resumo el libro en una frase: la protagonista lee un libro que ha escrito su ex-marido.Cuando empecé a leer, creí que sería un thriller y que las dos historias (la de la protagonista y la del libro q [...]

    22. This book is a story within a story and is the basis of the new movie “Nocturnal Animals” starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams. Susan, divorced from Edward and now married to Arnold, receives a letter from Edward, whom she hasn’t heard from in 20 years. He’s written a book and wants her opinion. His book is “Nocturnal Animals”, a very suspenseful thriller whose main character, Tony Hastings, is driving his wife and daughter to their summer home in Maine when they run into some seri [...]

    23. Loved the conceit at the heart of this book - you the reader are reading 'along with' the main character Susan who is reading a manuscript of her ex-husband's novel. So when we react to the drama or the tension as a reader, so is she. But she is involved directly, because this is her ex-husband's work. So we also see the struggle when she has to put the manuscript down to do the daily chores or to consider her current marriage or her previous one. It's also a book about revenge - revenge is at t [...]

    24. It was a total waste of time and natural resources. The thriller part was thrilling to begin with, but the love story was just boring. I couldn' t care less about the protagonists and their sorry love lives. And i couldn't see any meaning in intertwining the two stories. Was the thriller supposed to cast some light on their failed marriage? If so, it didn't do it for me. Even the thriller got too complicated and lost its momentum after a few chapters. I read in one rewiev that Susan thought the [...]

    25. I thought that this book was a thriller inside another narrative. And for the first few chapters of the book within the book there is a thrill. But then it dissolves into a police procedural and ends in complete lunacy. But what's worse is the narrative wrapped around the so-called thriller is really quite awful. When was the last time you used the word "lest" in "lest we forget something or other"? Well, it's used here - a lot. The writing is so awkward and heavy handed that I started counting [...]

    26. Writing was strange. I was expecting some exciting plot twist, it did not happen. Tony and Susan were both odd characters and I could not relate to them. Maybe the movie will be better? Haha

    27. قصة الفيلم الرهيب Nocturnal Animalsسأبحث عن الرواية لأتأكد من اني قد فهمت الاحداث بشكل صحيح

    28. Apparently this novel was first released in 1993 but is being given a second crack at success. And rightfully so.This is an intelligent story within a story – Susan is a middle-aged housewife who lives in her second husband Arnold’s shadow. She receives a manuscript from her ex-husband Edward and the reader gets to enjoy Edward’s novel along with Susan’s reactions to the narrative. The reader also is privy to the resurgence of Susan’s memories which are provoked by Edward’s sudden re [...]

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