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Sweet Hush

Sweet Hush Smith cooks up a passionate story about a woman whose life is thrown into chaos when her son elopes with the daughter of the President of the United States Includes an brand new short story

  • Title: Sweet Hush
  • Author: Deborah Smith
  • ISBN: 9780316806503
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Smith cooks up a passionate story about a woman whose life is thrown into chaos when her son elopes with the daughter of the President of the United States Includes an brand new short story.

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      197 Deborah Smith
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      Posted by:Deborah Smith
      Published :2019-01-18T12:36:10+00:00

    1 thought on “Sweet Hush

    1. "Doces silêncios" marca a minha estreia com os livros da autora Deborah Smith e posso dizer-vos que foi uma excelente leitura de estreia. Neste livro a autora consegue interligar dramas familiares, ação, relações, amor e tudo com um leve toque de humor que facilmente nos faz sorrir. Ao longo destas páginas acompanhamos a saga de duas famílias. A família de Hush McGillien e a família de Edwina e Al Jacobs. Muito afastas estas duas família, mas o amor entre David, o filho de Hush, e Elli [...]

    2. 3.5 estrelasAs picardias entre Hush e Edwina foram de morrer a rir, gostei muito destas 2 mulheres que são diferentes em muitos aspetos mas sentem da mesma maneira que devem proteger as suas famílias.Também gostei do romance entre Hush e Jakobek, ficam muito bem juntos e são tão perfeitos.Este livro foi uma leitura fluida e interessante, foi fácil integrar-me no Hollow e nas vidas dos personagens. Descobrir segredos de família e acompanhar romances foi uma delícia. (view spoiler)[Aquela [...]

    3. Balançada entre o 3 e o 4, e como não posso dar 3,5, optei pela classificação mais alta, só mesmo pelas personagens fortes que ajudam a que tenha gostado deste livro.As primeiras paginas foram um pouco "maçudas", mas depois das 100 e pouco, finalmente a estória desenvolve e deu ainda para dar umas belas gargalhadas com 2 das mulheres história.

    4. Até cerca da pág 100 achei que era um livro sobre maçãs. Por isso e porque desde logo uma parte do enredo se tornou muito previsível não posso dar mais *

    5. Deborah amiga, desculpa lá mas não consigo ler as tuas estória! Li metade deste livro e só senti tédio.

    6. Na minha opinião esperava muito mais deste livrinho,foi mais um 3.5*. Apesar da estória ser bonita, falta aqui qualquer coisa Baseado principalmente numa mulher que quer mostrar a todos um casamento feliz a sua determinação em conquistar o seu império mereceu os 3.5*.

    7. This isn't the type of book I usually read but I've been breaking out of my comfort zone lately and am glad of it. I'd say this book was about family -- the lies we tell, the secrets we keep, and the love we share. It's got a romance subplot running through it, but I wouldn't classify this as romance.Basic premise: Hush's grown son comes home from Harvard with a surprise for his mom -- he's secretly married the president's daughter and she's pregnant. She's run away from her controlling mom and [...]

    8. The book has an iffy premise, but within a few pages, I was drawn in. Deborah Smith's writing does that to you no matter how in the beginning, you think, "Huh? Is that realistic?"The story's a romance, naturally. Hush builds up an apple orchard based on the Sweet Hush apple her family developed over a century earlier. She marries the wrong man even though she knows it. But when he dies, she's left with a son who idolized his father because she never let him see what his father really was. She lo [...]

    9. It was actually not very good but I didn't DISLIKE it. It was too silly to dislike. Why did I not believe in the widow of a faithless husband, devoted to covering up the flaws in her dead cheatin' man; who finds that her son has married and impregnated the only child of the president of the U.S and brought his bride to the home of his apple-growing, bee-charming momma?? They are followed by the secret service, the bride's dangerous but sexy cousin and the national media. Why was this not convinc [...]

    10. Hush McGillen is the fifth woman in her family to bear that name. She is a product of Georgia in so many ways, but she is self made, too. Her beloved dad died when she was 12 or so, and her mother worked hard to keep the family farm and come up with the money to send her to college. But Hush was orphaned before she could ever get to college, and she realized that if the land was to stay in her family, she would have to fight for it. Fight she did, single-handedly taking on greedy relatives until [...]

    11. Every year I try to choose my personal favorite book, the one that, if I were a professional reviewer, I would be dragging out the ticker tape for! In 2013 (and I admit I read a lot so another one could find its way onto this shelf before January 1, 2014) Sweet Hush by Deborah Smith is fulfilling the criteria for Kathy's Book of the Year. At first, I thought it was going to be confusing to keep up with the characters, and maybe a little boring since it is written around the history of a family o [...]

    12. I read this years ago and I still remember the story. There is something about Ms. Smith's writing which is so good. I liked this story yet I probably won't read it again. What I loved about this story was how realistic it was for me to read. To lovers who have mothers that are so similar yet in different occupations who seem to have issues with each other. I found it amusing. What I enjoy about Ms. Smith's books is that I also learn something new. In this one, I learn about running an orchard. [...]

    13. This story is about a woman named Hush McGillen, who has pulled herself out of poverty to make her family's apple orchard into a big business. She sends her son to Harvard, but after a couple years he comes speeding back to the family farm with a wife in tow. The wife is the daughter of the President of the United States! Now the heroine's life is upside-down. There are secret service agents everywhere she looks and the media is swarming. And the President has sent his nephew, a retired Lt Colon [...]

    14. This was a really good book. Deborah Smith is an author I discovered while browsing the library. Her books are descriptive, engaging, and deep. She doesn't write with flowery words and silly romantic notions. Her books are stories filled with layers from past to present, emotions that tangle with the readers own, to make it more real.I have read others of hers and really enjoyed them, but I had skipped over this one several times. The premise of involvement with the President and First Lady some [...]

    15. I wish I could give half stars, because I would give this 2.5 stars, but I'll round up to 3. I did enjoy the story, and yes it did make me cry near the end. So why 2.5/3 stars? There were quite a few missing words, the wrong word, etc. Plus there was one entire section that the first paragraph started out from one person's pov, the next paragraph switched to something entirely different and then went to another pov before finishing the section out by going back to the first person's pov. I had t [...]

    16. I liked the plot, in concept, and the book was an enjoyable read. Hush wants two things: to grow her apples, and for her son to have better opportunities than she did. Both are endangered when said son suddenly leaves Harvard and returns home with his new wife, whose father is President of the United States. There's not much substance here, and the book was as fluffy as an apple pancake fresh off the griddle. Smith tries to make the plot deeper, more complex, but never quite succeeds more than s [...]

    17. The Kindle formatting issues were a distraction. The author seemed to forget what she had written at times one paragraph he is wearing a pair of khaki pants, in the next they are cords. In one paragraph, she takes the battery out of the phone and locks it in a drawer, and in the next paragraph she is talking on her cell phone. Other than those distractions, it was a good story, and I enjoyed it very much.

    18. This book started out strong and kept me interested. Some really unique, complex main characters who are around age 40 (I like when they're somewhat older), beautiful scenes, nice descriptions, humor, good romance, and a powerful female protag. Also, the premise (a woman's carefully built/managed empire is threatened when her son runs off with the President's daughter) isn't done every day! I have already ordered more books from this author.

    19. An interesting read -- I picked this up on one of the amazon kindle sales and couldn't put it down. Although the plot was intriguing and the characters were interesting, theres just something about this book that didn't quite draw me in the way I was expecting

    20. DoceceMais um livro da autora que granjeou a minha pontuação máxima. Escrita simples e profunda e, um mar de emoções que ela descreve tão bem. Recomendo a leitura.

    21. I read this book because I enjoyed her contributions to The Mossy Creek series so much. I was disappointed. Predictable.

    22. Logo no início, Deborah Smith apresenta-nos a família McGillien, com mulheres de fibra e que se dedicaram, de corpo e alma, à produção de maças. E a nossa protagonista, Hush, não é excepção. Ainda adolescente, deu provas de que não era pessoa para desistir e conseguiu ter o seu negócio de sucesso e ter o seu filho, Davis, a estudar em Harvard. Mas, a sua vida, aparentemente pacata, muda quando Davis regressa à propriedade com uma companhia inesperada, Eddie, a filha do Presidente do [...]

    23. Descobri esta escritora há algum tempo e cada livro é um encanto e um encantamento.Este é uma história de família onde os segredos mais bem guardados acabam por vir ao de cima. Porque? Porque o filho resolve ter uma relação com a filha do presidente dos Estados Unidos.Mas o livro não é sobre a história dos jovens. O livro é sobre as suas famílias, traumas e segredos. Contada a duas vozes, muito eu gosto de livros assim, é daqueles que não conseguimos parar. Não percam. romance do [...]

    24. It was really hard to get into. but hold on, it gets better. I found once I got into it, it was hard to put down. I wanted to find out what was gonna happen next. What's the secret? The characters were likable, but not necessarily relateable- if that's a word. This was a good book for our neighborhood book club and will most likely read more by this author.

    25. 3,4 Os livros desta autora são daqueles que nem preciso de ler a sinopse para comprar. No entanto para mim este é o pior livro da autora, essencialmente aborrecido, não foi motivante, estava à espera de mais acção, de mais conteúdo… Admito que cheguei a um ponto de na realidade não poder olhar para maçãs derivado ao tema da história, só faltou a casa ser em formato de maçã…

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