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Dragons of Silk

Dragons of Silk The Weaving Maid wove robes of silk for Heaven but when she met the Cowboy she abandoned her loom to be with him But Heaven would not allow this and put the Milky Way in between them Silk binds the

  • Title: Dragons of Silk
  • Author: Laurence Yep
  • ISBN: 9780060275181
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Weaving Maid wove robes of silk for Heaven, but when she met the Cowboy, she abandoned her loom to be with him But Heaven would not allow this, and put the Milky Way in between them.Silk binds the lives of four girls from different generations with the fate of the Weaving Maid Across a span of seventy five years both in China and America, each girl shows the strengthThe Weaving Maid wove robes of silk for Heaven, but when she met the Cowboy, she abandoned her loom to be with him But Heaven would not allow this, and put the Milky Way in between them.Silk binds the lives of four girls from different generations with the fate of the Weaving Maid Across a span of seventy five years both in China and America, each girl shows the strength and courage of a dragon as she fights and sacrifices for the survival of her family and the pursuit of passion.In this masterfully woven conclusion to the series that includes two Newbery Honor Books, Dragonwings and Dragon s Gate, award winning author Laurence Yep brings the acclaimed Golden Mountain Chronicles full circle and pays tribute to the love of family, art, and heritage.

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    • Free Read [Biography Book] ✓ Dragons of Silk - by Laurence Yep Á
      328 Laurence Yep
    • thumbnail Title: Free Read [Biography Book] ✓ Dragons of Silk - by Laurence Yep Á
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    1 thought on “Dragons of Silk

    1. This book tells the story of several generations of formidable Chinese and Chinese-American women as they struggle to keep their families safe and happy. Their stories are bound together with the tale of the Weaver Maiden who abandoned her loom to be with her cowboy. But Heaven would not allow this, and put the Milky Way in between them. Silk is in their blood from the early days of growing the worms and weaving the cloth in China to the present day, the women of the story have to find a way to [...]

    2. This story follows generations of women from the 1800's to present day all in the business of making silk; spinning silk; making garments of silk; and designing clothing of silk. Included are the hardships each generation faces and the sacrifices each makes to keep their families together and alive.

    3. An interesting conclusion to the Golden Mountain Chronicles- I'd have to go back and read earlier entries, but I don't think the Young family features even as cameos or family friends in this one. Dragons of Silk is thematically relevant though, with themes of family and works well as a standalone by itself, documenting a mother-daughter (or grandmother-daughter in various cases) relationship generation to generation. It also adds more female protagonists to the Golden Mountain Chronicles (as th [...]

    4. I thought this book was an okay book, after you started reading it got kind of boring though because all it talked about was silk in different generations. Also I thought having different parts in the book made it really confusing. The thing I did like though was most of the chapters were pretty short making it seem like the book really wasn’t as long as it actually was.In this book it didn’t seem like the author thought very highly of the characters most were either not very wealthy or were [...]

    5. Laurence Yep is known for his beautiful exposés on Chinese history as it intersects with American history. His two books that have previously won the Newbery Honor awards, Dragonwings and Dragon’s Gate, bring to life the under-explored story of the men who came to America from China to work on the railroad. They brought with them the hope and promise of a better life only to be met by hardship and disillusionment, but had the strength and perseverance to see it through. Dragons of Silk is a p [...]

    6. To me, this book is about two things -- silk and strong women. It is the conclusion of the Gold Mountain Chronicles, and features four different girls, across 75 years and two countries, who defend their families against all odds. Each girl sacrifices some of her dreams for the good of the family, for it is the family that must always be protected. We also learn a lot about the silk industry in China, from individual farmers to the larger factories. I need to go back and re-read the other books [...]

    7. I was highly impressed with this book content and the depth of information it hold. This is the fourth book and last book in the series and since I have not had the pleasure of reading the first three it was a bit confusing. This book spans the years between 1835-2011 and the people who encounter the SILK. The overall ideas of the book are love, family, and heritage. The first-hand account of Chinese folk-lore and mythology along with the family immigration and culture norms make this book heavy [...]

    8. "Dragons of Silk" by Laurence Yep is about four girls from different generations. All of the girls show the courage of a dragon and work with silk; and all of them have to sacrifice their pursuits of passion to help their family survive. Personally, I really enjoyed this story because I learned a lot about silk workers-some of my ancestors might have been silk workers. I learned a lot of different types of silk, such as bazar, oil, and shantung. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn [...]

    9. Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres; I love learning about China's history, its people, culture and traditions - therefore this book, with the many others I have read of the Golden Mountain Chronicles, are absolute winners for me. I love how Yep allows the reader to travel into a different time and place, returning with an amazing wealth of new knowledge. It was fascinating to read about silkworm farming and encounter once again several generations of brave women, willing to give up [...]

    10. I liked this book, it was interesting and about something I don't know very much about (silk farmers in China), but it was somewhat unsatisfying in the end. The author spends a significant amount of time setting up the first part of the story and it seems like none of the subsequent parts have the same amount of detail or care that the first section had. Still, I'd recommend this book for the 10-12 age range- most likely kids aren't going to have the same criticisms that adults do!

    11. It is an good book and very well written. But at first Lily and Swallow's part is the longest in the book. Then just as you get in to the story it changes to Little Swallow. And little Swallows part is even shorter. Then Lillian's part is barely five chapters. And finally Rosie's, the shortest in the the book. Overall I think it is an great book, and well written but the author could have made each part an little longer.

    12. This book is very interesting, but it doesn't work as a novel for me. I don't like collections of short stories and I don't like multi-generational tales, and this is really both. If we could have stuck with the first world, I would have liked it much better --- fascinating to watch silk worms being raised and harvested, with the leavings going to the pigs and fish.

    13. Historical fiction in the Young Adult category. This was a great perspective of Chinese culture and Chinese immigrants and the process of silk making from the beginnings to the present. It was almost too realistic, as the main characters make sacrifices and don't get to live the lives they wanted to live, but engaging and educational and thought provoking.

    14. A lovely conclusion to the Golden Mountain Chronicles. Unfortunately, each girl's section was shorter than the one before. I loved seeing all the connections to characters in the other books in the collection, but I wish this one had been a bit more fleshed out.

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