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Snowy White World to Save

Snowy White World to Save ELIZA S FOREVER TREES Where has mother gone Mothers don t leave Mothers stay forever Mothers are like redwood trees those special forever trees that grow hundreds of feet high and live for thousands

  • Title: Snowy White World to Save
  • Author: Stephanie Lisa Tara Alex Walton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • ELIZA S FOREVER TREES Where has mother gone Mothers don t leave Mothers stay, forever Mothers are like redwood trees, those special forever trees that grow hundreds of feet high and live for thousands of years Mothers read storybooks aloud They know the power of a story Power that can even make the wrong beats of a child s heart go away.Maybe the monarch butterfly waELIZA S FOREVER TREES Where has mother gone Mothers don t leave Mothers stay, forever Mothers are like redwood trees, those special forever trees that grow hundreds of feet high and live for thousands of years Mothers read storybooks aloud They know the power of a story Power that can even make the wrong beats of a child s heart go away.Maybe the monarch butterfly was right Perhaps they should make the journey The one that was too long, and too far, for a girl with a wrong beating heart Yet there was someone in the redwood forest that Eliza just knew could help Not just any someone Another mother The first mother The one, Eliza s own mother had spoken of Great Mother Redwood The very first, the oldest and wisest redwood tree of them all She, who started the forest thousands of years ago, might know where mother had gone It seemed impossible To find one who had never been seen, one who had only been spoken of Yet Mothers dont leave They are like redwood trees They stay, forever.Eliza decided she must try She would put one foot in front of the other, slowly She would take small steps She knew the butterfly would be patient alongside her Down the path To the forever trees To find Great Mother Redwood AUTHOR S NOTE My ten year old daughter and I often hike through the redwood forest which is just outside our home, here in Northern California One of our favorite spots in the forest is a magical occurrence called a redwood fairy ring Mother redwood reproduces by throwing off roots, sprouts, burls from her body Child redwoods form a circle around her, they are her, created from her very body The children are as ancient as the original mother This ring of trees is said to have a very powerful energy and magic And I can certainly declare that when Maddie and I sit inside a fairy ring we definitely can feel it With Love,Stephanie Lisa TaraSan FranciscoJune 2011 STORY EXCERPT A redwood fairy ring The butterfly breathed in awe Redwood trees don t reproduce with seeds like all the other trees in the world do, said Eliza, settling into a dusty, old gray chair When a redwood branch falls onto the soil, it grows a sprout for a new tree, right next to its mother More of the mother s branches do the same thing, and a circle of children grows around her A circle, Butterfly Just think of it This circle is called a fairy ring Mother used to say that this ring is where the story of the redwoods began Where it began cried the butterfly He flew onto the tip of Eliza s nose and stared into her eyes, fluttering his orange black wings wildly Yes, the story of the redwoods begins in a fairy ring, with the first redwood tree the one that started the forest Mother called this tree Great Mother Redwood Ohhhhh Oh my goodness, the butterfly said, his voice like trembling flute notes Did you and your mother ever find Great Mother Redwood Well, no Eliza smiled She looked at Gulliver s Travels in her hands and then back at the butterfly s smiling face She reached over and stroked his tiny head with a pinky finger We knew Mother Redwood was there We could feel her But we never found her Oh The butterfly studied Eliza s face closely Didn t you want to find her, Eliza Well, yes I did, exclaimed Eliza, a little louder than she had meant to Oh, I understand cried the butterfly, just as loudly I have something to ask her, said Eliza suddenly You do whispered the butterfly Yes, I do Eliza got up slowly and stood up straight I want to find Great Mother Redwood and ask her where Mother has gone, she declared, her little voice sounding much bigger than it ever had That is a very important question The butterfly nodded his antennae Yes, it is, said Eliza And I m sure Great Mother Redwood will know the answer I just can t seem to remember anything I m so worried, Butterfly I try to remember but I cannot

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      333 Stephanie Lisa Tara Alex Walton
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    1 thought on “Snowy White World to Save

    1. The blog tour for this book (and her other children's books) is running through April 22nd, 2013. You can enter to win $500 in Gift Cards (DOUBLED if you review them!) and a Kindle Fire. Tour page is found here: candacesbookblog/2013/ This story is about a mother Polar Bear and her cubs and their search for food. Their home is melting and food is scarce so they walk far and find unsavory piles of garbage but humans yell at them to go away so they walk farther trying to find food but it's so hot [...]

    2. Again, this is a beautifully illustrated picture book, with a mother Polar Bear and her two cubs. At first it seems to be a book again about a mother and her children and it is, but it's something more. It brings to light the consequences of global warming and where it's hitting hardest- the animals and oceans. The polar bear mother and her cubs have to travel so far to find food they get exhausted until all they can find is trash. Then people yell and throw things at them to scare them away. An [...]

    3. Four stars: A book that introduces children to the plight of the polar bear.A mother polar bear cuddles with her two newborn cubs in the Arctic cold. Slowly, the cubs grow and begin to explore the world around them. They learn to walk miles over the ice in search of something to eat. A meal is secured and all is well. Then the polar bears encounter warming temperatures and in search of food they run into man. The ice is disappearing along with the habitat of the polar bear. The books ends with t [...]

    4. Snowy White World to Save is a great opportunity to begin some wonderful talks with your children about global warming and conserving energy. I am always on my kids to: turn off the lights, don't leave the water running, if you aren't watching tv- you don't need it for background noise!! yet it goes in one ear and out the other. Stephanie Lisa Tara gives us the opportunity to use animals (all kids love them, right?) and help put things into perspective for them. We begin the story with a Mama be [...]

    5. Snowy White World to Save is a really fun and entertaining story that has tremendous educational benefits as it teaches your children about global warming. The story chronicles the journey of a mother polar bear and her cubs, teaching children about the polar bears' habits, their climate, their food, and what can happen when there is no food as a result of global warming, emphasizing effects this has on the bears, nature, and human beings. The illustrations are amazing and just multiply the mess [...]

    6. he pictures in this book are absolutely beautiful!! I love how not only do they re create the polar bears, but within each scene you see other animals that are also in the same environment with the polar bears. The writing is also beautiful as well! The prose flows throughout the book, taking us on a journey with the Mama polar bear as she tries to teach her cubs how to survive in a world that is slowly disappearing for them. I liked that the book teaches the kids a little about global warming b [...]

    7. Reviewed by Jessica for Book Sake.This book involves a quick introduction to the effect pollution is having on our environment. The rhyming in this book was clear cut and concise, not repetitive as other children’s books can be, so this was nice. Kids will question why the bears had a hard time finding food and this can lead to great discussions to help them make better decisions for our planet in the future. Book Received: For free from author in exchange for an honest review.

    8. A simple yet clever book to read to children. They will love the illustrations, I know I did, as the story unfolds about a mother and her cubs. A strong message put in a way that the children will enjoy and remember, rather than just being scared.

    9. Lovely illustrations accompanied by simple text. The last few pages are a bit preachy but offer opportunities for discussion.

    10. I live in Alaska. In fact I have lived in Alaska for most of my life. I have yet to see evidence of this "global warming" that everyone is so worked up over and now scaring children over. This year we have had one of the snowiest years in history. I find that hard to reconcile with global warming. Two of our last three summers have been cold and rainy to the point that we were barely able to even grow a spindly garden for lack of warmth and sunshine. It was so cold here this year that we had moo [...]

    11. Again Stephanie Lisa Tara's beautiful poetic vioce shines through in this tale of a Mama polar Bear and her cubs as they suffer the effects of global warming and decreased food supply. The tone of this book is completely different from the cool, relaxing tone of I'll Follow the Moon. It's a bit more rough and tumble as then increasingly chaotic as the cubs grow, as they and mama bear hunt seal,s and then as they seek refuge from the melting ice and food shortages.This book even moreso than the f [...]

    12. When I chose to review Snowy White World, I knew that the story would be an excellent fit for my children. My kids, ages seven and (almost) five have always been avid animal lovers, particularly exotic (to us) creatures such as penguins, seals, polar bears, whales, squid, etc. And with that love has come concern for the well-being of the animals. To have such caring and empathetic little ones makes me so proud. Any book dealing with these animals and their habitat is a must-read in our home. Bot [...]

    13. Snowy White World to Save was a wonderful children's book about Polar Bears and the impact of the environment on them, in a straight forward way it instructs young people on how to go about helping these majestic creatures and their habitat. The illustrations are absolutely breathtaking and any child would happily view the images to learn more about these animals. I found the book a little sad at times, thinking about the impact and the implications of how we change and harm the environment, but [...]

    14. UmmmmmNope. Great educational book I guess but reading this to my five and seven year old was depressing and it had no ending that provided them the learning purposes. Orrrrrr any closure at all you know. Not something I really suggest.

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