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11 Experiments That Failed

Experiments That Failed This is a most joyful and clever whimsy the kind that lightens the heart and puts a shine on the day raved Kirkus Reviews in a starred review Is it possible to eat snowballs doused in ketchup and no

  • Title: 11 Experiments That Failed
  • Author: Jenny Offill Nancy Carpenter
  • ISBN: 9780375847622
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This is a most joyful and clever whimsy, the kind that lightens the heart and puts a shine on the day, raved Kirkus Reviews in a starred review.Is it possible to eat snowballs doused in ketchup and nothing else all winter Can a washing machine wash dishes By reading the step by step instructions, kids can discover the answers to such all important questions along with This is a most joyful and clever whimsy, the kind that lightens the heart and puts a shine on the day, raved Kirkus Reviews in a starred review.Is it possible to eat snowballs doused in ketchup and nothing else all winter Can a washing machine wash dishes By reading the step by step instructions, kids can discover the answers to such all important questions along with the book s curious narrator Here are 12 hypotheses, as well as lists of what you need, what to do, and what happened that are sure to make young readers laugh out loud as they learn how to conduct science experiments really Jenny Offill and Nancy Carpenter the ingenious pair that brought you 17 Things I m Not Allowed to Do Any have outdone themselves in this brilliant and outrageously funny book.

    Experiments That Failed Jenny Offill, Nancy Carpenter Experiments That Failed Jenny Offill, Nancy Carpenter on FREE shipping on qualifying offers This is a most joyful and clever whimsy, the As a Matter of Fact A Matter Study Including Lessons Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials Learn More BBC Schools Science Clips Ages Nov , A menu of interactive science experiments for year olds. Lesson Plan Australian Broadcasting Corporation Lesson Plan Electric Experiments Brief description Students experiment with aluminium foil, batteries and cheap, readily availably low voltage light bulbs to construct a simple conductivity Kinetic City Warning Too many connections in home webroot kccc include functions db mysqlp on line Warning MySQL Connection Failed Too many connections in home webroot Gemini Gemini officially Gemini XI was the ninth manned spaceflight mission of NASA s Project Gemini, which flew from September to , .It was the th manned American flight and the th spaceflight to that time includes X flights over kilometers nmi Astronauts Charles Pete Conrad Jr and Richard F Gordon Jr performed the first ever direct ascent first orbit Ganzfeld experiment A ganzfeld experiment from the German for entire field is a technique used in parapsychology which is used to test individuals for extrasensory perception ESP The ganzfeld experiments are among the most recent in parapsychology for testing telepathy. Consistent, independent replication of ganzfeld experiments has not been achieved. Face Research Experiments about face and voice perception FaceResearch allows you to participate in short online psychology experiments, most of which are about how we perceive faces and voices Make your own average faces with our interactive demos In addition to participating in face perception experiments, you can also complete lifestyle and personality questionnaires about characteristics that may be associated with face and voice EPA Charged With Lethal Experiments On Hundreds Of Nov , A suit filed in federal court charges the Environmental Protection Agency with conducting illegal and potentially lethal experiments on hundreds of

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    1 thought on “11 Experiments That Failed

    1. History with all its facts, dates, theories, and changes always inspired me to read, study, and learn as a kid. So my love and fascination with science experiments has always shocked me a bit. Now mind you—science class *snooze, bore, drool* rarely held my attention. (*Exception: The Periodical Table of Elements section always fascinated me. I researched every single element and property….Anywho) I mean the handmade, do around the house, hope the kitchen doesn’t blow up kind of experiments [...]

    2. For some reason, I thought that 11 Experiments That Failed would be about historical experiments that failed, like uh, I can't even think of any. But you know what I mean. However, it turned out to be something a lot more whimsical and fun than that. It's about a nameless girl who performs 11 "science experiments." Each would be a stretch to call "experiments," given that the hypotheses are things like, "A kid can survive on a diet of snowballs and ketchup." But they're really fun and what's rea [...]

    3. A series of experiments take place in this book, each one funnier than the next. They attempt to answer questions like: Can a kid make it through the winter eating only snow and ketchup? Do dogs like to be covered in glitter? Will a piece of bologna fly like a Frisbee? The only way to find out is for the protagonist to test it scientifically. That means trying to eat only ketchup and snow and observing the results. Sprinkling her dog with glitter to see what happens. Testing flight capabilities [...]

    4. This is a hilarious book about a very curious and imaginative girl who conducts a series of experiments to answer her questions. My husband has often encouraged our girls to answer a question by posing a hypothesis, conducting an experiment, and observing the results. He encourages this empirical exploration in order for our girls to discover the truth for themselves, rather than just being told. The questions and experiments that the little girl comes up with are quite creative and certainly ev [...]

    5. 1. Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty copyright 2013. Twin text for celebration of achievement of inventors nonfiction set.2. I selected this book to demonstrate the scientific method for students. It takes a look at a step-by-step process to reach the result. In relation to Rosie, students can determine whether or not the author of the 11 Experiments felt failure or had things turn out differently than expected. She didn't let failure of embarrassment stop her from trying things again.3. Th [...]

    6. My niece read this on her own over the weekend, and then we read it together today. I asked her what she thought of it, and she said, "I *loved* it! It was just great! And it was funny, and it also inspired me to try my own science experiment!" Naturally, I was delighted by this. Her question was, "Will regular liquids turn into fizzy liquids?" According to her, her hypothesis was, "Yes. If I stir them." Apparently her hypothesis turned out to be correct, especially with vigorous stirring. :-) 1 [...]

    7. A delightful follow-up to 17 Things I'm Not Allowed to Do Anymore, both text and art avoid a sophomore slump. There is as much predictability in the text, but this time it is format rather than words, as the young troublemaker keeps scientific notes about hypotheses, procedures, and observations, an interesting twist for a struggling reader. Similarly, the illustrations have been made with the same media and process, but Carpenter has upped the collage feeling in a way that supports the text's l [...]

    8. This clever story clearly demonstrates the difference between intelligence and wisdom, as the little girl tries various "experiments" with no real idea of the possible consequences.Ranging from a trial diet of ketchup snowballs to the testing of bologna frisbees, her ideas are hilarious, and generally doomed from the start. Still, her brain is fertile, tenacious and amazingly warped. I expect her to grow up to be a mad scientist of the finest caliber.Any kid who has ever tried to do something wh [...]

    9. The author of 17 Things I’m Not Allowed to Do comes up with another list book. This time, our main character shows all the experiments she tried that failed, cleverly revealing in the process the quirky quality of children’s thinking. Absolutely delightful. “Question:What makes fungus grow?Hypothesis:If left in a closet, food will rot and become a colorful fungus garden.What You Need:Brother’s shoesBread and cheeseWaterWhat to Do:1. Place food inside shoes.2. Sprinkle with water.3. Hide [...]

    10. Ok, stop: the peaceful, rapturous expression on our girl scientist's face as she lets fly a slice of bologna in the school cafeteria would have sold me on this book even if I had not already been giggling, snorting, and cackling on almost every page prior.Full review on Pink Me: pinkme.typepad/pink-me/201

    11. The perfect book for budding scientists. My five-year-old laughed his way through. We get a question, hypothesis, instructions, and conclusions for each experiment, from "What makes fungus grow?" to "Will a piece of bologna fly like a Frisbee?" While there is more mischief than science going on in this book, it is a solid, silly introduction to the scientific method.The illustrations are an interesting combination of ink and digital media. I liked them.

    12. The increasingly-rare picture book that holds the 2nd grader's attention and tickles his sense of humor. I loved the premise, the illustrations, and the silliness.

    13. This was very funny. I want to read it to my visiting 2nd graders, even though I'd planned this whole guessing game theme--experiments are kind of games, right!?

    14. This has a format of question, hypothesis, what you need, what to do, and what happened.I initially thought this was going to be out real scientists with failed experiments.Instead, it's made of kid questions.* Can a kid make it through the winter eating only snow and ketchup?* What makes fungus grow? (involves growing things in her brother's shoe)* Would gerbils like bigger wheels? (involves a ferris wheel)* Do dogs like to be covered in glitter? (results in a pink backyard)* What is the best w [...]

    15. I loved this book! I chose this book as a WOW-book because of the scientific vocabulary and the use of the scientific method. Because of that, I decided to use this book as my Science Fiction book. I think this would be a great book for any grade, k-5! "11 Experiments That Failed" by Jenny Offill and Nancy Carpenter is a wonderful book all about promoting a growth mindset. I would use this book to show my students that any question can be turned into a scientific question as well as to show them [...]

    16. This is formatted as eleven experiments by a kid. It's formatted with materials, hypothesis, procedure, and results.Some of the experiments are more scientific, like watering plants with different liquids, growing fungus, and some are silly, like taking a gerbil on a Ferris wheel.Not all of the hypotheses/experiments match. ("Dogs like everything" isn't a particularly testable hypothesis.)It would have been nice to see a successful experiment so that it's not just a kid's curiosity constantly ge [...]

    17. A few years back, I checked out Offill's book 17 Things I'm Not Allowed to Do Anymore. Hilarious text and perfect art design. I thought it would be a good niece gift, but that it would make more sense if she was into school. Now she is at a point where I need to get these books in her hands before she thinks they are too young for her. I think she is at the sweet spot for both 11 and 17.I hope she gets just the right amount of ideas from these books. [insert avuncular laughter]

    18. Sheer fun to read quickly. Lightly done, but still with an honest, loving respect for the scientific method: question, hypothesis, experiment, results/observations. It isn't her fault that sometimes the result is "Mom cries" -- but neither does she fail to note it. I particularly like the visual touches, like holding the paw of the gerbil (in the experiment on whether gerbils would like larger wheels), presumably so it wouldn't be scared.

    19. Excellent picture book to inspire young minds to try out crazy science experiments and how the results aren’t always what you hope for. Laid out according to scientific method - needed items, instructions, hypothesis, results and analysis. My daughter loved this book! Laugh out loud and eugh moments!

    20. Very much like the other - 17 things I can't do anymore - with a precocious kid that doesn't really think things through. Her poor mother

    21. This book is awful. Nothing about science. It attempts to interest both adults and children and fails miserably. We will be donating it soon. Possibly to a landfill.

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