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Too Good To Be True

Too Good To Be True When Carey Browne decides it s time for a holiday and flies into New York City one of her favourite shopping destinations she knows she ll have a good time What she doesn t know is that she s about to

  • Title: Too Good To Be True
  • Author: Sheila O'Flanagan
  • ISBN: 9780747270003
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Carey Browne decides it s time for a holiday and flies into New York City one of her favourite shopping destinations she knows she ll have a good time What she doesn t know is that she s about to have the biggest adventure of her life Within days she s met and married Ben Russell, and a week later they re heading back together to Dublin, where they both live, toWhen Carey Browne decides it s time for a holiday and flies into New York City one of her favourite shopping destinations she knows she ll have a good time What she doesn t know is that she s about to have the biggest adventure of her life Within days she s met and married Ben Russell, and a week later they re heading back together to Dublin, where they both live, to share the happy news with family and friends Except not everyone s thrilled And not everyone s convinced this is really than a holiday romance Carey and Ben are about to discover whether they ve found the kind of love that can survive a blast of reality

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      354 Sheila O'Flanagan
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    1 thought on “Too Good To Be True

    1. First choice can't be wrong, it's just how would you manage to make this last. The point is both Carey and Ben need to grow up a lil bit to realize that all of the past and it's problem attached is truly something. They really can't handle things at first but eventually Ben took a brave step to ask Carey to reevaluate their relationship and get back together at the very last minute of their divorce process. Cheers to that. Yay

    2. Hoewel het best wel een leuk verhaal is, vind ik het minder goed dan andere boeken van Sheila O’Flanagan. Ik vind het verhaal in grote lijnen iets te voorspelbaar. En ik had wel meer willen lezen over hoe Carey en Ben er voor zorgen dat hun huwelijk slaagt. Het verhaal van Freya, Ben’s zus, vond ik erg leuk en maakt dat dit boek ook net iets meer inhoud kreeg. Ook was het leuk om te lezen hoe ze - ondanks dat ze geleerd heeft alles zelf te doen - nu toch een keer om hulp heeft gevraagd. Hetg [...]

    3. Птицы высокого полетаАвтор рецензии: Дедюхина ЕленаДата публикации: 18 октября 2005 г. Любовный треугольник в качестве основы сюжета давно уже устарел. Вот если взять две пары, где у каждого из партнеров - длиннющий шлейф воспоминаний, обид, неоправданных притязаний и не впол [...]

    4. The theme of this book is love at first sight and whether it can last the pace. I think almost everyone has met someone that they fall madly in love with almost as soon as they see them but very few of them get married straight away, which is what happens to the lead characters Carey and Ben. They meet on a flight to New York and then head to Las Vegas to tie the knot. But what seems like a great idea in the heat of the moment doesn’t necessarily work out so well when they get home. While I wa [...]

    5. Carey and Ben meet on a plane flying from Dublin to New York, are instantly attracted to each other, and after a romantic night in Manhattan decide to fly to Las Vegas and get married. However, once they return from Ireland, their families and their exes prevent them from learning how to adjust to married life. Carey was a more convincing character than Ben, but I did find this book entertaining.

    6. Remember tv show i forgot it namelol all i can remmy it starts with D and Greg A show about a couple, who just met and decided to marry each other on the same day. You know the love at first sight. So book is basically about that, with alot of funny parts. I enjoyed that book. :)

    7. Oh for heaven's sake it doesn't even qualify as chicklit. Keeps going round and round in circles, to come to a conclusion that could have been reached to within the first 15 pages!!Wonder how the publishers even agreed to take on this book. Certainly not one of Sheila's best, a damn right waste of time!

    8. Lättläst chic-lit Vem ska få vem känslan fanns där ibland och jag ville läsa lite till. När tåget rullade in på stationen så blev jag lite ledsen att det var dags att lägga ner boken 🙂

    9. Man, I love Irish chick-lit and for some reason, it's so not popular in the US and they rarely stock it. So when I go to a country where they have the queen on their money still, I know I have to stock up! Pretty much the only Irish author that is stocked in the US is Marion Keyes and while her books are okay, it isn't the same as loads of authors!Girl works as an air traffic controller (AWESOME!!!) and flies to NYC for a party for a friends and meets Boy on the flight. They click immediately an [...]

    10. I wanted to read a romance and I had this at home so checked it out. The jacket sounded good but I wasn't that thrilled. When I read a romance I'm doing it because I want a story to end with the people I like getting together and at least having a chance at staying that way, happily. My expectations of the story to get them there is that there is a lot of good times, some issues or problems and good writing that takes me a way from my unromantic life. I didn't care so much for this book, not bec [...]

    11. I used to be a big Sheila O'Flanagan fan many years ago and then, for some reason, just stopped reading her books. I was intrigued by one of her more recent books, read it, loved it, and found myself wanting to reread some of her older books so I got a copy of Too Good To Be True. The verdict? Loved it this time around too. At around 630 pages it's quite a long book but the pace never flags, there's always twists and turns, lots of subplots and it keeps you in suspense right up to the very last [...]

    12. This is the story of Carey, who meets someone on the plane flying out to America, spends a couple of days with him, and then gets married to him in LAS Vegas. Understandably, both families are not too happy about it!Sorry it is such a short review, but I didn't actually finish reading it. It wasn't the style or the story as such, both of which I found entertaining. But the book didn't really suit my current mood and I just couldn't get into it properly. I did think I might return to it, but ther [...]

    13. This was a fun little read. Although saying that, it was far from 'little' at over 600 pages! I actually did enjoy the fluffyness of this book although my reason for only three stars is because I couldn't get over how much I disliked the lead character, Carey! She was so naive, gullible and at times, rude and abrupt - I just found her to be a little unstable. I found myself rolling my eyes at her argumentitiveness. Despite that, this was a good chick-lit and very simple and straightforward to ge [...]

    14. Loved this book, did not think it was going to be worth the read.The humor and the story line was so funny that it was highly readable.Witty and touching, the characters are just to fall in love with.Shelia O' Flanagan is a favorite new author on my must reads.Love this book, for a light read on wanting to put a smile on your face, go for this book, you will not be disappointed !

    15. I did not have very high expectations since this is a typical chic lit book. It is a "page-turner" but I got really frustrated with the main character. Think before you act, damn it! But OK for its genre.

    16. Sheila O Flannagan is a highly intelligent woman.It is ironic that she has made her name in this fluffiest of all book genres.Like Mavis Cheek, Santa Montefiore and Joanna Trollope, she writes about inceredibly boring people.Which is okay if you have a plot. This one doesn't.

    17. Second time I've reed this book and I don't know why I bothered. It was a great start with the sudden marriage etc but it fell apart end for 600 pages it was will they wont they Then bam, back together. Bored for most of the time I'm afraid.

    18. OMG - i could not wait for Ben & Carey to get done with the (Indian Soap Opera-type) drama and figure out that they belong together! Suffice to say - it takes forever and more in getting to the obvious point and the best way to read it is by skipping pages and skimming the story !

    19. Nothing too exciting here. thinks that because I like one UK chick lit writer, I might just like them all. The book got a little over the top with the silly fantasy events, but it was an easy and fairly fun read nonetheless.

    20. Nothing too serious. It was rather comic, and shallow. But it is chic-lit after all. Wasn't too sure of the ending, because I still am not convinced if Carey can stick with one person when she is engaged to another.

    21. Story of an air traffic controller in Dublin and her on again off again love for her husband who has his own on again off again issues. Course all ends well but the funny stories between the covers. (book cover)A blast, really good fun read overall. Even a guy can enjoy.Rob

    22. Well written but very predictable and mushy! Definitely a must read if you like mushy loves stories with a happy lovey dovey ending. As for me I'll stick with the gory murder mysteries and horror stories.

    23. Interesting story with charismatic characters.Is there such thing as love and first sight? Can two people make a one night stand last forever?

    24. It was long, and I was basically waiting to see how they lived out their life as a couple. It was too long a wait to see the ending. I liked Freya though, but I really wanted to see tme together.

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