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The Greener Grass Conspiracy: Finding Contentment on Your Side of the Fence

The Greener Grass Conspiracy Finding Contentment on Your Side of the Fence With humor and honesty Stephen Altrogge helps us do battle with discontentment by steering us back to the central truths of the gospel He addresses issues such as complaining and idolatry reminding

  • Title: The Greener Grass Conspiracy: Finding Contentment on Your Side of the Fence
  • Author: Stephen Altrogge
  • ISBN: 9781433521157
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
  • With humor and honesty, Stephen Altrogge helps us do battle with discontentment by steering us back to the central truths of the gospel He addresses issues such as complaining and idolatry, reminding us of all that we have, and will have, in Christ.

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    1 thought on “The Greener Grass Conspiracy: Finding Contentment on Your Side of the Fence

    1. Having one of the better book titles I’ve heard in a while and addressing a topic very pertinent to my life, I was excited to read Stephen Altrogge’s new book, The Greener Grass Conspiracy. Contentment is something severely lacking in our world, even (sometimes especially) among professing Christians. I count myself among this group, always looking for the next thing to temporarily satisfy my perceived “needs,” give my life tangible meaning, or divert my attention for a few hours from th [...]

    2. First of all, I really enjoyed Altrogge’s writing, probably because he and I have very similar written voices. I kept finding myself thinking, “wow…that’s exactly how I would have written that.”This is one of those books that says things you technically know to be true, yet somehow it has a hard time showing up in your day-to-day life. I think discontentment is something a lot of Americans struggle with. We all think that if we get another thing or a certain person, it will make our li [...]

    3. This is the best book I've read on seeking contentment. I love the comic drama Stephen Altrogge uses to explain the general human condition of discontentment. It's a conspiracy theory between the world, our hearts and Satan to steal our happiness. They do it by deceiving us into thinking we can find happiness somewhere other than in God. He has a wonderful way of creating word pictures to help us get it. A lot of this book is written with that terrific sort of humour that convicts us in a highly [...]

    4. I found this book timely, helpful, and challenging. It takes on a topic that most people would rather ignore and it does so with a straightforward honesty that I appreciate. It also makes much of Jesus, which I loved.Honestly, I would have given this book another star except for the fact that the author tries WAY too hard to be funny. Altrogge's near constant attempts at humor got tiresome really fast. It was forced, scripted, and over-the-top. Too often I found myself wishing he would stop tell [...]

    5. I loved this book. Engaging, encouraging, Biblical - everything that I hoped for. You can tell that Stephen Altrogge works very hard on both his content and writing style. Before reading the book I knew I struggled with contentment, but this book helped me understand more clearly why I struggle and how to grow in contentment through a right view of God and His grace. I will be thumbing through my highlights and notes often.

    6. On the whole, a helpful book. I didn't love the author's style/sense of humor; it came across a bit cheesy, like he was trying too hard to be conversational and down-to-earth and funny. Still, he had valuable things to say. I copied/underlined several quotes and passages. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to someone who was struggling with contentment, dissatisfaction, jealousy, etc. Very God-centered and hope-filled.

    7. Read this book. Please. From the title, I was afraid of a step-by-step-how-to-be-happy guide book. But Greener Grass is no such thing. With fresh (often hilarious) language, Altrogge simply and passionately challenges you to fix your eyes on Jesus, the fountain of life!

    8. A good introduction to what the Puritans wrote on contentment (especially Jeremiah Burroughs and Thomas Watson). The only problem with the work had to do with suffering and tragedy. I feel like more needed to be said on how saints are to deal with dark nights of the soul.

    9. A couple of weeks ago God began to deal with me greatly on the issue of contentment. It was the issue that was at the forefront of my prayers, my time in the Word, my thoughts. I was being greatly tempted by feelings of discontent and entitlement. Those are feelings that are not conducive to a productive, worshipful Christian life. About this time I received a complimentary copy of a book from Crossway that dealt with this very issue. The Greener Grass Conspiracy by Stephen Altrogge is a fun, ea [...]

    10. REVIEW: The Greener Grass Conspiracy: Finding Contentment on You Side of the FenceAuthor: Stephen AltroggeWhat can a self-professed “raging discontent” teach others about contentment? Turns out, quite a bit. Altrogge reminds us that the desire for contentment is part of the spiritual war in which we are constantly embroiled in (p. 18). The image of the “Greener Grass Conspiracy” is quite helpful in helping us see the things that fight against our contentment. Altrogge reminds us of the S [...]

    11. The apostle Paul told the Philippian church that he had discovered how to be content in all circumstances (Phil 4:11-12). How many of God’s children today lack Paul’s testimony? For so many of us, we want, we grumble, we wine, we complain, we become embittered as we show our lack of being content. Yet, if we were asked, we would all rather be happy than miserable and we would all generally admit that God is good. So, what can we do to battle for the kind of contentment that Paul claimed? In [...]

    12. Recently I have been struggling with discontent. Discontent on waiting. Discontent on not having children yet. Discontent on not finding a house. Discontent with life. Whew! That is a lot of discontent.Too much! Way too much! I do not want my life to be characterized by “a woman who was discontent, all the time.”However, that is how I feel like I have been acting. I’ve been taking all the wonderful gifts that God has given me, and complained about them. "Do you ever wonder how it’s possi [...]

    13. It is unfortunate that we do not hear from the pulpit about contentment. Satan had tempted Adam and Eve with discontentment and today many of us if not all of us struggle with the same. It is a battle that we must fight to see the glory of God and we cannot when we live in discontentment. I was surprised by reading this study areas of discontentment that I did'nt even know I had. Discontentment begins when I start trying to be God or when I displace God from his rule and reign (page 24). Somethi [...]

    14. Altrogge tackles the subject of contentment in "Greener Grass" asking the questions of where we don't find out contentment, where we do, and how to get from point A to point B. Being a young man, he freely admits that he hasn't had much time to encounter many of the difficulties that may create more contentment in life that comes from trusting God through those things, but he still tackles the subject with a maturity that I appreciated.He also confesses that just because he's writing a book on c [...]

    15. Full review can be found at my blog.This book is an easy read with a great message. I would encourage you to read it if you are always feeling like you want more. I think, however, this book is really missing the call to take what you do have more than you need and use it for the good of others. It's there, but it's not really the focus. If you are struggling with wanting more and not having enough, this book is a great reminder of what God has done for you, but once you've read this book, you n [...]

    16. Stephen Altrogge's The Greener Grass Conspiracy is a book about contentment. Or better, a book about the lack of it. The chapters are well laid out for a survey on the Bible's teaching on this subject, and there are helpful reflection questions at the end of each chapter, which make the book useful for small groups.But overall, I thought the design of the book outdid the execution. Until the last few chapters which delved more deeply into suffering and disappointment, I felt the book grazed alon [...]

    17. See my profile for my star rating system. Thank you to Crossway books for allowing me to read a digital galley of the book for review.I applaud this book.With practical insight and helpful tools Altrogge writes of the conspiracy. Writing as one who is fighting for the truth he says, “This book is not the memoir of a contented man.”With honest reflections and Biblical wisdom The Greener Grass Conspiracy exposes Satan’s lies and challenges us to really consider that it is possible to have ab [...]

    18. Such a good book. I really appreciate the practicality of the authors writing and his ability to make the information and is so accessible. I definately recommend this book. I don't think it's only for those having trouble finding contentment, but also for those who are content, but want to glorify God even more in their situation. This book is not a hard read at all, but it took me so long because of competing priorities, i.e. Family, work, college, etc. In the other hand, this is not a book to [...]

    19. This conspiracy of the greener grass is a device of our own sin, the world and the devil, and is a mortal danger for Christians and non-Christians alike. Stephen Altrogge's goal in The Greener Grass Conspiracy is to wake us up to the seriousness of the conspiracy's intention: to blind us to the source of true contentment, and cause us to search after cheap imitations that will never satisfy. Stephen Altrogge writes a fresh reminder of some timeless truths: that searching for contentment in anyth [...]

    20. One of my favorite books that I have read in the past 10 years. It worked me over, challenging my heart in the arena of contentment, but didn't just leave me sulking in how discontent I am, but gave me hope that, like every other sin, with Christ, there is victory. I highly, highly recommend this short, easy to read book. Read it slowly. Draw out specific things that you need to work on and begin to do the work. Excellent book.

    21. I thought this was a helpful and practical, well written book that examines idolatry and the human heart. Altrogge is funny and readers should identify well with him. This book is particularly timely in that it addresses a current issue in our churches and society which is the need for more. I would definitely give this book to a church member and would encourage a Sunday school class or small group to read through it.

    22. When I was reading the relationship book I felt like it was missing something and I guess this book address what is missing. I think the book started off strong with humor and examples. But when it got close to then end it kinda just went full on preaching mode which is fine But it felt like there was a lot of filler when there was not as much in the beginning Over all i would Re read this if I had the time

    23. Though not as in-depth as The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment, The Greener Grass Conspiracy is a worthy read and perfect to digest when in the middle of a battle with discontentment and the mind isn't easily able to tackle the Puritans. I had a few quibbles with Altrogge at times, but his engaging writing and sound theology made this an amazing read and one I highly recommend.

    24. Well-written, biblical, practical. Not terribly deep but a good basic book on the subject. I would have found this easier to read and grasp as a young Christian, fifty years ago when my pastor had me cut my teeth on Jeremiah Burroughs' classic The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment ( which I am re-reading now).

    25. A good reminder, nothing really new but there were a few quotes I highlighted and will look back on. The first half I felt like more addressed the heart of the issue which I liked, the second half up till the last chapter more just attacked the emotions (to use a Tim Keller phrase) and wasn't as helpful

    26. My review of The Greener Grass Conspiracy is online here:bloggingtheologically/(note, it features a video and paper goatees)

    27. Quick read. Really did not like the writing style. I felt like he could have cut out most of his words and still had the same message. However the chapter on gratefulness stuck out to me and I wish I had just read a book on that. ;)

    28. I've really enjoyed Stephen Altrogge's books. He has a humorous and yet solidly biblical writing style. This book on contentment was very rich with gospel truth and encouragement. I finish it with a greater sense of joy and delight in God's goodness to me.

    29. An easy-to-read, candid, and occasionally amusing reflection on what it means for Christians to be content. Even those who don't share this author's sense of humour may find that he hits them where they live.

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