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Storm Surge

Storm Surge Defeating odds and ignoring well meant advice is her specialty so when reporter Jonie Waters follows a news tip and discovers her girlhood friend s body nothing can dissuade her from setting out to

  • Title: Storm Surge
  • Author: Tamara Ward
  • ISBN: 9781935711063
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
  • Defeating odds and ignoring well meant advice is her specialty, so when reporter Jonie Waters follows a news tip and discovers her girlhood friend s body, nothing can dissuade her from setting out to find the murderer Though Jonie attracts the suspicions of local police as she finds herself in the middle of other related crimes, she continues her investigation, risking heDefeating odds and ignoring well meant advice is her specialty, so when reporter Jonie Waters follows a news tip and discovers her girlhood friend s body, nothing can dissuade her from setting out to find the murderer Though Jonie attracts the suspicions of local police as she finds herself in the middle of other related crimes, she continues her investigation, risking her job, tentative family ties, and the chance of romance with the alluring lead investigator Storm Surge follows Jonie through cat fights, vandalized laboratories, and klutzy mishaps in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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      309 Tamara Ward
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    1 thought on “Storm Surge

    1. I loved this book. On my mystery meter, it’s got the right amounts of suspense, violence, and romantic tension, and never over-the-top. There are enough plausible possibilities as to whodunit, each of the characters with a credible reason to kill. When the killer is finally revealed, it’s perfectly logical, but was never so obvious as to make the culmination disappointing followed by a yawn. I’ll definitely be reading the next Jonie Waters mystery. Great read!

    2. When this book was offered free for a limited time at through Ebook Impresario, I snapped it up for a couple of reasons. First, it takes place in what is perhaps my second favorite state, North Carolina (my heart goes to my own state of Ohio). Second, the heroine, Jonie Waters, is a newspaper reporter - and journalism is a career that's been near and dear to my heart for the past 18 years or so and counting.These reasons outweighed a bit of skepticism from finding just 44 reviews at - but then [...]

    3. This book is written by Holly Springs, NC author, Tamara Ward. In her debut novel, she spins a story of mystery against a beautiful Wilmington, NC back drop. Readers will fall in love with Joney Waters, as she is klutzy, sometimes awkward, but very endearing. A cozy, fast paced read. If you like Stephanie Plum, you'll Love Jonie Waters!Looking forward to book two in the series.

    4. One of the best freebies I have downloaded so far! Loved so many of the characters and I thought the mystery was well done. An intelligent author who didn't rush anything--characters were nicely developed--the setting was great and there is a sequel for those of us that want to know more!

    5. I had the chance to meet Tamara at the Apex Writer's Guild meeting a few months ago. She had recently released Storm Surge--A Jonie Waters Mystery through Peak City Publishing. A few days later I went to All Booked Up, in Apex, NC to buy said book. They actually had to sell me the display copy because they had sold out of the rest--and I can see why.The story centers around Jonie Waters, a reporter who is returning to her hometown of Wilmington, NC in seek of new employment. She had left the are [...]

    6. You want a summer beach read? I got your summer beach read, right here! "Storm Surge" by Tamara Ward is an intriguing debut novel with a well-developed plot that touches on many issues: violence against women, stalking, industrial pollution, professional ethics in research, sibling rivalries in dysfunctional families, and, of course, murder. One nice thing about this book, she keeps you guessing who the real culprit is far into the book.Some of the twists are sharp and well-formed; some go down [...]

    7. I chose this book because it was set in Wilmington North Carolina. I have never been there, but have always wanted to go. I like reading books about places that I have been or places that I plan on going to. Jonie was fired from her job on the newspaper and 'fled' back home. I don't think that she wanted to 'go home' but thought that it would be a 'safe place' for her to be for a while. As luck would have it, on her first day there, she found a dead body, and it was a longtime friend of hers, Ab [...]

    8. Jonie Waters comes back to the town she grew up in. She is a reporter for the Tribune, and her first day on the job she gets a news tip that leads to the discovery of a dead body. Flustered as she realizes it's the body of one of her friends, she drops her cell phone into the water. Someone else has to call in the murder, and Jonie becomes a "person of interest" in the case when she is found at the scene of the crime her cell phone in the water with the dead body.Jonie's estranged family didn't [...]

    9. A cozy fast paced read. Jonie Waters is a reporter for the Tribune. On her first day on the job she gets a tip that leads her to discover a dead body. She gets upset when she discovers the body is one of her friends and she drops her phone in the water. Someone else has to call in the crime to the police. Jonie becomes a person of interest because she was found at the scene and her cell phone is in the water. Jonie is estranged from her family so they didn't know she was moving back to town. So [...]

    10. Reporter Jonie returned to her hometown Wilmington, NC to a job at the Tribune after having left home for more than a decade being estranged from her family. On her first day at work, she received a mystery call at the office leading her to the scene of a crime - the crime being the murder of her childhood friend and neighbor. The detectives on the case were her stepsister as well as nemesis and Daniel whom she was attracted to. Headstrong Jonie was committed to finding out the truth but a a lon [...]

    11. This book was extremely good. It was one of those books where you feel like you are right there in the story with the rest of the characters. It was about a reporter named Joni trying to solve a murder of a friend she grew up with. Unfortunately she was continuously found in compromising situations in suspicious places causing her to be a person of interest in the murder. I am looking forward to reading Joni's next book in the series.

    12. Enjoyed this mystery! And its been awhile since I can say that. It kept the pace throughout the chapters and ultimately to the end. Technically, I guess its cozy mystery - but read more like an Agatha Christie mystery for me. Suspense, developed characters that you can relate to, and a nice little non-twist, twist at the end.Can't wait for the next book.

    13. A great start to a cozy mystery series, with just the right pace, a fabulous North Carolina setting and a flawed and interesting main character in Jonie. Plenty of attention grabbing secondary characters too--I'm really looking forward to reading more and watching the relationships play out .

    14. Tamara Ward's first mystery is outstanding. A protagonist flawed enough for most women to relate to. Exciting with lots of twists, but none of the tawdry stuff that would make it 'adults only.' Both my 14-year-old daughter and I enjoyed the book.

    15. Ticked all the right boxes. Kept me entertained and involved, Jonie is a great heroine. Interesting and complicated but not squeaky clean which made her real to me. Nothing too special about the story line (maybe I've read to many mysteries!), but a good solid story and well worth the read.

    16. This book was well written. The only reason I didn't give it a better rating is I don't enjoy mysteries where the protagonist is a suspect. The relationship with the step-sister seemed a bit far-fetched which bothered me a bit as well. The mystery was plausible though.

    17. Although the storyline moved right along and I actually didn't get who the killer was until exposed I was annoyed with the characters. They either were NO personality or just darn mean spirited or whiny and full of self pity. I don't think the main character ever had a happy moment.

    18. Free on my Kindle. I really enjoyed this book. It reminded me a little bit of the Steph. Plum books by Janet Evanovich. This is actually the first in a series. I searched for the second, but it won't be out until June.

    19. Some of the writing seemed a little clunky and threw me off at first and I had to remind myself to accept the main character's unlikeability as a characteristic. Once I did, I enjoyed the book a lot more. I did guess the murderer before the end.

    20. Strong characters, well developed. The main character, Jonie, is thoroughly relatable, not too fabulous or flawed. The books pacing is spot on. All of the subtexts keep the story moving evenly, giving growing traction to the central whodunit theme. Great suspense. I highly recommend this read.

    21. Loved it! Murder mystery is not my typical choice of genre, but this book will grab your attention from the start and you keep you guessing till the end. Great, fun read - you can't help loving the main character's flawed and relatable personality. Looking forward to the next in the series.

    22. What a great book. After reading mostly young adult fluff novels, this was a great change. Tamara's use of detail was great. The scenes just jumped off the page at me.

    23. I really liked this book. A very good mystery that kept me guessing. I just wish things would have ended differently. The romantic in me wants a little romance in every book.

    24. My exact rating is 3.5 stars. It is quite good. I like the characters. But I could have done without the prologue, although this one was more carefully done than many, to avoid giving clues.

    25. This is Book#1 in the Jonie Waters series and I found it to be a really good whodunnit! Well-woven, with interesting characters. I will definitely read more of the series.

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