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Baby, It's Cold Outside

Baby It s Cold Outside Five strangers with broken hearts One raging blizzard Brrr baby it s cold outside But a warm fire and a string of Christmas lights just might provide the perfect remedy It s been years since Edith M

  • Title: Baby, It's Cold Outside
  • Author: Susan May Warren
  • ISBN: 9781609362157
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback
  • Five strangers with broken hearts One raging blizzard Brrr, baby, it s cold outside But a warm fire and a string of Christmas lights just might provide the perfect remedy It s been years since Edith Miller hosted the annual Snowflake, MN, Christmas Extravaganza After her son was killed in the war, some five years ago, her Christmas spirit died along with him So she iFive strangers with broken hearts One raging blizzard Brrr, baby, it s cold outside But a warm fire and a string of Christmas lights just might provide the perfect remedy It s been years since Edith Miller hosted the annual Snowflake, MN, Christmas Extravaganza After her son was killed in the war, some five years ago, her Christmas spirit died along with him So she is than happy to loan all her Christmas decorations to Stella Hanson, the new teacher in town After all, what does she have to celebrate But when the blizzard of the decade traps Stella and four other wanderers in Edith s home, Edith finds that by opening her door, she just might open her heart to a new reason celebrate Christmas.

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    1. When war claimed her only son Nelson, Dottie Morgan grew cold and brittle, the physical embodiment of the name of her hometown of Frost, Minnesota. Nelson had been her salvation, a sign of redemption and forgiveness for the youthful folly that caused her to spurn her childhood sweetheart Gordy's declarations of love for adventure with a ne'er do well thug. With crushed dreams and a hopeless outlook, Dottie resigns herself to another isolated Christmas and a lonely future, sure that God and manki [...]

    2. I asked the general public on for an uplifting, happy christmas book and boy did this one not disappoint! It has it's sad moments and, yes, I did cry a few times, but not really because it was sad, but because it was touching and it pricked at a few difficult things in my personal life. Overall the story was well crafted. I thought I could predict the way the story was going to unfold, but I was wrong and I LOVE THAT! This book is written by a Christian author, but isn't preachy and I wouldn't [...]

    3. I was so tempted to give this book 5 stars but I only give that rating to the best of the best, almost there though. This is my favorite Christmas themed books to date, sweet but also full of spiritual truths. If anything this book really drives home the point that Jesus is the reason for the season. I enjoyed every moment of this book and I especially appreciated the author's note at the end about her inspiration for writing this book.

    4. All these years, she’d thought God had taken away her reason to celebrate Christmas. But Christmas gave her son back to her. Christmas delivered her the one thing the world, and the war, wanted to steal.Hope.This was just as Christmasy and warm as I imagined it to be. This book will make you want to sit in front of a fireplace, with a blanket and cup of tea! The writing is beauitful and well-written. Join all five characters in a warm, Christmas story that will change all of them: Dottie, who [...]

    5. Susan doesn’t use mere words to tell her stories, she uses pure, undistilled emotion. Whenever I pick up a Susan May Warren book, I know to also grab a box of tissue for my tears and to make certain I’m somewhere I can laugh out loud. I also have to clear my schedule of all obligations, because once I start reading a SMW story I am not stopping until it is done.Like every other Susan May Warren book I have read, Baby It’s Cold Outside is going on my keeper shelf. I expect that from now on [...]

    6. SUMMARY: Five strangers with broken hearts. One raging blizzard. Brrr, baby, it’s cold outside! But a warm fire and a string of Christmas lights just might provide the perfect remedy. It's been years since Dottie Morgan hosted the annual Snowflake, MN, Christmas Extravaganza. After her son was killed in the war, some five years ago, her Christmas spirit died along with him. So she is more than happy to loan all her Christmas decorations to Violet Hart, the new teacher in town. After all, what [...]

    7. Baby, It’s Cold Outside by Susan May Warren is a wonderful book for unwinding from your own busy life. You’ll meet five different characters, each carrying their own hurts and longings, who end up together in an old Victorian home hunkered down as they ride out a brutal winter storm in the days before Christmas in 1949. By the end of the story, they have faced that which they wanted to ignore and arrive in better places.Who are these wounded characters?Dottie Morgan is the town librarian who [...]

    8. Set in 1949, the small town of Frost Minnesota this story will unfold. A small town to begin with they are close knit, loosing five of their boys in the war, has devastated and paralyzed, the once vibrant Dottie Morgan. The town librarian, most of the kids in town have great memories of story time with her at the library. The boys all have memories of hanging out at her house with her only son Nelson after football practice. But Nelson died in the war, and Dottie has become a sad shell of hersel [...]

    9. Rather than give a review about all the great characters or the touching scenes of this book, I'm simply going to say that sometimes there are books that come along at just the right moment in your life, and they leave the most profound impression. To some, Baby, It's Cold Outside may represent a wonderful start into Christmas books this season, but for me, it became a personal journey of sorts--a chance to pull back the curtain and recognize that, just like Dottie Morgan, I'm not perfect, eithe [...]

    10. I was pleasantly surprised at the gender expectations discussion in this book. At first I became tired of the constant mention of how she is "doing an man's job" or not "needy enough to attract a man," but that was just the set up in the bigger discussion of being yourself regardless of what society considers feminine or what men want in a woman. It tore apart the ideal woman of the 1940s. The story itself was interesting but didn't feel overly Christmasy And the writing had some issues with con [...]

    11. This book was tender and peaceful, but it held surprising depth. The setting and time- rural Minnesota after WWII was done well by the author, so much so that I felt like I stepped right into the lead heroine's life. And so much grace, a really clear gospel message. I was thankful the author saved the cheese for the romance and not the theology.

    12. This book would make Scrooge (pre-ghostly visits) and the Grinch (pre-Cindy Lou Who) love Christmas stories. I for one am not normally a fan of holiday books but this one I loved. Way to go Susan May Warren! Full review on 10/17

    13. Baby it's cold outside (when I fall in love)This is a great book, I highly recommend it. This book reminds the reader that miracles still happen. We just have to open our hearts and look for them. Wonderful ending!

    14. This is a very sweet book, a quick read and enjoyable. A story of 5 people looking for hope and peace. They come together and realise they can survive and move forward with love. It's not just about romantic love it is able about finding family in different places. Your family doesn't always have to be genetic they can be a rag tag group that helps you and loves you.

    15. “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” by Susan May WarrenIn “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, Warren takes us to a small town, Frost, Minnesota, in 1949, shortly after the war where the wounds of war are not yet healed. A Christmas blizzard snows in several people into Violets home, a Safe House where people can go for that very reason. Even though Violet has in her mind all she is wishing for is that anyone who has been coming by her home earlier is to just go away. She wants to be by herself. Violet [...]

    16. A storm house for those of you that are not quite sure what that is, is simply a house of refuge in a storm, created when families that lived really far from the school, an hour or more, would be assigned a storm house. In the event of a storm once school was dismissed, you were to head to your storm house and wait out the storm or until your parents picked you up from there.There hasn't been a blizzard to hit the town of Frost, Minnesota, for quite some time but in 1949, there are about to get [...]

    17. What if you suddenly find yourself in the midst of a horrible blizzard and have no choice but to weather it out at the house of a local lady known to be grouchy and miserable?! This is what happens to 4 people of Frost, Minnesota. Dottie has lived in her big house alone for years, she was a single mom to her son Nelson but when he was killed in war she suddenly finds herself alone and refusing to move forward in life. She is downright miserable and unwilling to find happiness again. However, whe [...]

    18. Five very different people. One blizzard. Put these things together and you get a recipe for possible disaster. Dottie hasn't been the same since her son died in World War II. She has blamed her neighbor and former flame Gordy for her son's death. Gordy has tried his best to take care of Dottie, but he can't forgive her for running off and marrying someone else. Violet works with Dottie at the library, but she has issues of her home. After going off to Europe to serve in the war, her transition [...]

    19. I received a review copy of this book in exchange for sharing my honest opinion about the book. See my profile for my star rating system.First, I must confess that I consider myself a huge Susan May Warren fan so I practically jumped for joy to be included in this tour. The way Susan infuses hope, faith and a tiny pinch of Russia into her stories always leaves me feeling encouraged.Yet, I had a hard time getting started with Baby, It’s Cold Outside, not because I found the writing lacking, but [...]

    20. Title: BABY, IT’S COLD OUTSIDEAuthor: Susan May WarrenPublisher: Summerside PressSeptember 2011ISBN: 978-1-60936-215-7Genre: Inspirational/historical/romanceDottie Morgan made a mistake. The blessing was that she had a son. But now her son, a high-school football champion, is dead, killed in WWII, and Dottie is in mourning. She wonders if she’ll ever survive the loss. Violet Hart went to serve in factories, installing wheels on the vehicles that were used in the war. She came home with every [...]

    21. Where do you go when it's cold outside - when the winds of despair rage and the snow of uncertainty and doubt piles up? Susan May Warren paints a beautiful portrait of hope in the concept of the Storm House. Weaving warm and freezing imagery throughout the book, Warren slowly, gently creates a story full of the simple but astounding truth of God's love as especially celebrated at Christmastime.Warren's books thrive on emotional intensity, and Baby, It's Cold Outside is further proof of her skill [...]

    22. I truly enjoy the writing of Susan May Warren. As a matter of fact, I started my Christmas reading off last year with her contemporary shorter novel The Great Christmas Bowl and enjoyed it immensely, so I was looking forward to her writing being the fall introduction to the Christmas season again for me this year with a war time historical. When I Fall In Love is an awesome series from Summerside Press and just like their Love Finds You series, I have enjoyed every single book I've read so far o [...]

    23. The upcoming holiday season was difficult for Dottie. Everything reminded her of her deceased son and she wanted to be alone. Violet was looking forward to meeting the man she loved, but met Jake instead. Gordy watched over Dottie, but she didn't know it because they didn't speak. These are just four of the characters you will meet in Susan May Warren's new book, "Baby, It's Cold Outside." The setting is Christmas in St. Olaf Square, and the Frost Ball is happening. But, there is no star on the [...]

    24. It's a bit early to think about Christmas, but you'll probably start hearing Christmas carols in your mind if you pick up Susan May Warren's newest book "Baby, It's Cold Outside."Set during the Christmas weekend 1949, this book brings together four different characters all with one thing in common - they are struggling with different pieces of their past, all while trapped in a farmhouse by a horrible snow storm - with a young boy in need.This novel is an "easy read." It flows off the pages like [...]

    25. I'm always a bit skeptical when I see a book that is centered around the holidays. My fear is that the book will be one of those that you can only read at wintertime thus minimizing the time it is enjoyable. That being said I MUST say that Baby It's Cold Outside far exceeded my expectations. Once again Susan May Warren has written a gripping and intriguing tale. The plot focuses around five individuals who are trapped in an old Victorian manor while the blizzard of the century rages about them. [...]

    26. Dottie doesn't celebrate the holidays anymore. Her son died in the war, she has nothing to celebrate. Gordy has loved Dottie for years, training and teaching her son the same as if he had been their son. But Dottie rejected his proposal some 20 odd years ago and he isn't fool enough to fall for her twice. Jake can't believe his mother stamped "Return to Sender" on Violet's letter. For years, Violet's letters to his dead friend Alex have been his lifeline. He's fallen in love with her but what wi [...]

    27. are you peeking to discover how many days 'til Christmas?sneaking extra moments in the pages of a good bookas you watch the dropping temperatures?here's your invitation to come in from the cold!let this Delicious Read warm you ~ heart and soul!Dottie Morgan has no desire to share her home ~ or her heart ~this Christmas.After all, her holiday spirit froze over when she lost her sonin WW II. But when the blizzard of the decade descendson her hometown of Frost, Minnesota,Dottie finds herself trappe [...]

    28. BABY,IT’S COLD OUTSIDE: WHEN I FALL IN LOVE by Susan May Warren is an interesting inspirational romance fiction set in 1949 Minnesota. It is the story of four near strangers who find healing,comfort,while being trapped during a snow blizzard. They have old hurts to surface, secrets,an estrangement,old love,lost,grief,Christmas miracles,and find new love,understanding,faith,love,and romance. “Baby,It’s Cold Outside” is a story of mending hearts,finding healing and while it may be cold out [...]

    29. There is something magical and warm about a Christmas story in which there is a terrible blizzard and people are stranded together, not to mention the delightful nostalgia of life after World War II. When I first read about this book, I knew that Susan May Warren would do a terrific job and that this would be a book to savor. Everything about this book is a delight. I loved the warmth and the cozy feel this book had. I had very high expectations going into this book and they were met and exceede [...]

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