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Inked When Avery Carmichael decides to get a tattoo she has no idea that she ll be getting a lot than she bargained for When sexy tattoo artist Brody Duncan shows up at her door unannounced Avery finds

  • Title: Inked
  • Author: Everly Drummond
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Avery Carmichael decides to get a tattoo, she has no idea that she ll be getting a lot than she bargained for When sexy tattoo artist, Brody Duncan, shows up at her door unannounced, Avery finds him hard to resist, but little does she know that she s in for the ride of her life The only question is can she hold on long enough to enjoy the ride 18 Contains expWhen Avery Carmichael decides to get a tattoo, she has no idea that she ll be getting a lot than she bargained for When sexy tattoo artist, Brody Duncan, shows up at her door unannounced, Avery finds him hard to resist, but little does she know that she s in for the ride of her life The only question is can she hold on long enough to enjoy the ride 18 Contains explicit material Erotic short fiction.

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      435 Everly Drummond
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    1 thought on “Inked

    1. 4 stars – Contemporary Erotic Romance QuickieShort, sweet, smokin’ hot smut with a sexy tattooed artist heroYUM!But the heroine was turned on while getting her foot tattooed#?*! Really?! HmmmI guess it’s too bad that I didn’t have Romancelandia Brody as the artist who tattooed my feet then because all I felt like doing afterward was throttling something or someone or passing out, not getting down and dirty. He must have had a very specialahemedle.

    2. Super short little gem of a book. This is one of those that I would love to give 5 stars to, but it just wasn't long enough. I wanted more story.The story starts out with Avery getting a tattoo by Brody, the super hot tattoo artist. (And really, is there ANYTHING hotter than a tattooed guy? The answer is no, no there isn't.) So, yea.Avery is getting this tattoo and is getting seriously turned on by the hotness that is her tattooer. And Brody is attracted to her, too. (Naturally)Brody finishes up [...]

    3. A hot little read. Gotta love a tattooed man, it was a nice change that instead of the male usually being the instigator in steamy-hot-ness-all-night-long that it was Avery who in the end grabbed him and stopped him from leaving and getting what she wanted. I didn't want it to end, I wanted to read more.

    4. Yes, I know. This is out of character for me, but seriously, how can any hot blooded woman resist the guy on this cover??? And the book was free on kindle. I love tattoos and if I had a tattoo artist that looked like this whoa. I can see this stuff happeningBy stuff, I mean erotic stuff. This short story is sex, pure and simple. Sex between a woman who is in an "exploring" and adventurous mood and a very sexy tattoo artist. Getting inked leads to getting laid in this piece of short fiction. I ag [...]

    5. Oh come on Really?!This little hot-tease-of-a-book gets you all excited and then just drops off in the middle, well not exactly the middle but close to it. Book two, where are you?Recently single, sexual frustrated, and ready for some real action, Avery walks into the the tattoo parlor unprepared for the hot piece of eye candy handling her foot. Brody, all tattooed-up and hard rippling muscles is concentrating really hard to maintain his professionalism while drawing the flower tattoo on Avery's [...]

    6. In the words of Avery 'that was amazing!' What I wouldn't do to be under his tattoo needle.This is a short story but seeing as how it was free on amazon who am I to complain! I did find the way the meet the second time a bit far fetched but if I had some hot guy knocking on my door would I be complaining- hell no!There is backdoor sex if you know what I mean, which totally did it for me however its not for everyone. The reason for 4 stars is Brody wasn't bad boy enough for me, but his hot muscul [...]

    7. Inked is a 26 page erotic short story. It's pretty much a couple of scenes between a woman who gets a tattoo and the tattoo artist that gives it to her. It's not a bad idea or necessarily a bad story, the characters are reasonable - if a little flat, but one expects that of titillation reads - but the execution was what killed it for me. There was some very basic writing things wrong with this, things like a lot of adverbs and adjectives that did nothing for the story. Also, there was a lot of r [...]

    8. This book is a novella. It was only about 26 pages, so there isn't a whole lot to say about it. However, I did enjoy the dirty little bit that I did get from this little treat. This is a story where strangers meet and are extremely attracted to each other, go their separate ways, guy chases after girl, they bone all nighte end. We don't get too much back ground info on the characters, but there will be a full length novel coming soon. Let me just say that if the full length novel packs as big of [...]

    9. Summary: When Avery Carmichael decides to get a tattoo she has no idea that she'll be getting a lot more than she bargained for. When sexy tattoo artist, Brody Duncan, shows up at her door unannounced Avery finds him hard to resist, but little does she know that she's in for the ride of her life. The only question is can she hold on long enough to enjoy the ride? 18+My Review: Short, sweet and to the point. I liked it. I mean sure there isn't much character development but come on! You can't dev [...]

    10. For a Kindle freebie, this book was actually pretty decent compared to the other freebies out there. I liked it but it was also very short and so the author was not able to flesh out her characters. It was hard to connect with Avery and Brody because everything was just go, go, go. Although I would have to agree with other reviewers that the love/sex scene between the two characters was hot. I just didn't like the fact that they could have sex with one another when they just met? I mean, what wa [...]

    11. I love a short erotic and super hot read and this is a good one! But even for a short story it’s still too short!!! Avery after she got her tattoo she was fantasizing the man who did this job on her. And then, there was a knock on the door and the man from her fantasies was there and a hot night was ahead!Definitely a very hot read, this novella is only about sex. Good and dirty, between two adults. I just had this feeling that there is more to the story than that, so I would prefer it to be a [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this little teaser and it gave a sweet taste what is yet to come. It tells the story of a young woman who goes to get a tattoo. The tattoo artist is super hot and super sexy. Both are turned on and he ends up coming over to her apartment pretending to return her credit card (which she never used). They then share a steamy night together. After that the story jumps five years and it shows them bumping into each other at a coffee shop. Clearly their chemistry is just as intense wh [...]

    13. Holy hell was this HOT!!! Where do I find me my own Brody?It's a very short read that had me begging for more literally. Brody is such a cutey that I want to know more about him Does he marry Avery? How many kids does he have? (Haha I know I'm lame but god he would be one hot DILF and I also have a thing for gentlemanly tattoo artists).Anyway, if your looking for a quick release INKED is the book to go for! Now wheres my cigarette?!

    14. Avery Carmichael can't help to be a little turned on by the sensual man giving her a tattoo, when it is all said and done she has a few minutes of fantasy before walking away, until Brody shows up on her doorstep later that evening.This was a real quick read and I just wish it had been longer. There really wasn't time to develop the chemistry that these two could have. Like the cover though.

    15. This short story read like amateur porn stories written in men's magazines. It lacked believability. There was limited character development given the brevity. I also found the spelling mistakes more than annoying. There were also times when the author used the wrong word for the context. This was not a worthwhile reading experience

    16. I agree with the other reviews. Yes, it's a bit short, but man oh man it's freakin steamy. If you like a smutty hot read then this is for you.

    17. Really liked this but this was much too short. It was hard to connect with the characters. Too bad cause I would have loved to have read more about these people.


    19. This was an AWESOME short read. Very HOT.Brody is probably one of the HOTTEST characters I've ever read about!

    20. A fantastic, fun, lunchtime read if you don't mind going back to work feeling Hot and Bothered. At least you'll be smiling for the rest of the day

    21. My reviews are mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookWell, not bad. Though I'm not a tattoo fan (for) myself, I've watched the TV shows LA Ink and Miami Ink and loved them. I admire the artistry and the people who do them, a lot. Also, I've just read a book by Bonnie Dee which I LOVED titled Bone Deep, where the hero was tattooed all over his body, so this novella got me interested. Plus the hunk on the cover was a good sign, though I'm not sure if he's happy to be there lmaooo. :pAnyway, th [...]

    22. A woman gets a tattoo and some hot sex from a sexy tattoo artist.Inked is simply an erotic contemporary short story that doesn't have a deep story line or fleshed out characters, but I didn't really expect that (ya knowe it's a short story). I thought the scope of the story was right for the size. It is only about 12 pages of actual story text and, as expected, focuses on the sexual encounter. However, I did end up getting a little more than I expected. I really liked that in those 12 pages (esp [...]

    23. This is my second Everly Drummond book, and I have to say, while I do like this one better than her City of the Damned series, it didn't hit my buttons. The sex is better in this one, but a little mechanical in places, and she needed an editor. There are a LOT of silly mistakes, wrong words, misspellings, etcThe basic premise is this: Avery gets all hot and bothered by the tattoo artist who is putting a flower on her foot. Brody (the tattoo artist) hasn't had a woman in a while and Avery is real [...]

    24. Mi única razón para leer este relato fue que su protagonista masculino, Brody, trabajaba haciendo tatuajes. Sí, me gusta mucho ese mundillo, como son capaces de crear tantas cosas bonitas en la piel. Pero este relato fue una ruina, más de lo mismo, sexo por sexo, y nada de tatuajes. No puedo decir que disfrutara leyéndolo. No encontré nada especial en Inked. Fue solo otro libro más del subgénero erótico, salvo que para mi, de erótico nada. Mas bien, palabras sin sentido y sin emoción [...]

    25. Inked by Everly Drummond3 starsAvery decides to get a tattoo her tattoo artist happens to be a very attractive man named Brody. It was entertaining enough. I read it months ago. I mean literally. I just found it on my kindle and saw that I had read it. It was entertaining enough and I liked it. Nothing special in the world of free trashy Kindle books, but entertaining enough that I still remember what happened.Cover Thoughts: It has a new cover with a guy on it. The guy isn't all that attractive [...]

    26. For a short storyetty good.Short sexy read about a hot tattoo artist and his customer. The attraction is immediate but they are both hesitant to act on ituntil he shows up at her door unexpectedly. I like that Brody is at least half a gentleman and a little unsure. It plays out like any single girls wildest fantasy of being ravished by a sexy stranger. I do have a compliant: Don't get your tattoo wet for a week and keep it covered for a few hours? UHMMMM NO! As an avid tattoo lover, this is comp [...]

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