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The Prophecy

The Prophecy Dragons griffins and BNPs Bugs of Nightmarish Proportions Never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined what was in store for them After learning he had inherited an enormous mansion and a

  • Title: The Prophecy
  • Author: Jeffrey M. Poole
  • ISBN: 9781477400630
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dragons, griffins, and BNPs Bugs of Nightmarish Proportions Never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined what was in store for them After learning he had inherited an enormous mansion and a huge tract of land from a reclusive set of relatives, Steve Miller, along with his wife Sarah, decide to take a few days off to investigate their new found fortune in CoeuDragons, griffins, and BNPs Bugs of Nightmarish Proportions Never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined what was in store for them After learning he had inherited an enormous mansion and a huge tract of land from a reclusive set of relatives, Steve Miller, along with his wife Sarah, decide to take a few days off to investigate their new found fortune in Coeur d Alene, a quiet resort town in northern Idaho While taking inventory of the vast manor, they discover a unique set of doors on the top floor Mistaking them for an ornate decoration, the doors are accidentally activated, presenting the two new homeowners with a tantalizing decision step through or ignore No harm could possibly befall them by simply walking through an open door, right Curiosity getting the better of them, they step through, and both husband and wife are sent on a one way journey to a land of unimagined wonder Realizing they were now stranded on a world populated with creatures that should exist only in one s imagination, they enlist the aid of the local king and queen Their troubles continue to escalate, however, as it is revealed their arrival had been long foretold by an ancient local prophecy, bestowing upon them the status of Royal Bodyguards to the young crown prince Stuck on a foreign world where mythical creatures abound, trying to avoid being attacked by griffins, and hoping to impress a living, breathing dragon, the newly appointed babysitters must find a way to return home soon before harm could befall the young prince.Some days it didn t pay to get out of bed.

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      240 Jeffrey M. Poole
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    1 thought on “The Prophecy

    1. The concept of this novel was very good, but the execution was weak.SettingThis book is set in two locations: Idaho and the kingdom of Lentari. Guess which one is the fictitious location? Both are minimally described, except for a few oddly specific things such as one species of fish, one species of flower, one type (flip) of cell phone, one brand of car. The weather? Ignored. The overall flora and fauna? Ignored. Whether it was generally crowded with nature in the forest or devoid of all nature [...]

    2. I have never rolled my eyes so much while reading a book. I have rolled my eyes almost every swipe of a page. It is a good storyline which is why I continue reading, guy's grandparents died that he doesn't really know and they bequeath him their home and the world that's connected to it. The issue with this book is that everything is just so perfect for the main characters. They just so happen to have the most powerful magic, they just so happen can figure out to use it within days almost at mas [...]

    3. I really only had one problem with this book. I hate the third person omniscient voice. It hampers individual character development, stunts meaningful dialogue, and generally feels like a crutch. The worst part is, it's a crutch that this book didn't need! It would be like giving a sprinter a crutch just before a race. Clumsy, occasionally painful, and a little sad as you wonder what the race would have been like without it.That said, this book was a good read. This is not a gritty, "real" fanta [...]

    4. Bakkian Chronicles presents one of the most detailed and well thought out worlds I've encountered in an independent novel. The exploration of the world and how it functions is what really drew me into the story.I do think Jeffrey could improve in a few ways as an author, including being aware of dialogue redundancy and perhaps having another set of eyes to skim over his content for continuity issues. Those sorts of things I recognize I'm acutely aware of, and so are easily forgiven in exchange f [...]

    5. Okay, a strange thing happened to me while I was reading this book. I thought it was supposed to be heavier. Darker. And it wasn't, and it threw me. In retrospect and in rereading the description, I have no conceivable idea why I thought it would be. My only excuse is that I just finished reading an anthology of dark, gritty fantasy and was still stuck in the wrong world.Anyway, about halfway through, I was unable to tell if I liked this story or not but then it started reminding me of a Xanth n [...]

    6. The book gets off to a rocky start. The language is awkward, the description (and the situations themselves) cursory. There are frequent and unposted changes of point of view. Much of the plotting is perfunctory, and in fact, the book often reads more like a description of someone's role playing game than as a true story - there are lots of puzzles to solve, and very little actual risk.That said, the story is engaging and interesting - enough that I wish the supporting writing had been stronger. [...]

    7. When I got this book, many many months ago it was free on amazon and thought I would try it after I finished the Hunger Games, and it was not what I was expecting. I had read the reviews of others and thought that it would be a little elementary plot because that's how most fantasy novels are now a, written for a much younger crowd, however this book was very very and I do mean VERY well written. I love the fact that its not one hero but a loveable married couple. Another thing I loved was that [...]

    8. This book is incredible! Try to imagine The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe on acid! I simply had the hardest time putting this book down. If you liked The Chronicles of Narnia, you don't want to pass up this super goodread! Knowing that an IT support technician inherits a mansion, in it finds a portal to another world, enters the alternate world, has the adventure of a lifetime (not to mention, obtains and perfects a magic talent), and meets not 1 but 2 dragons, only gives you a drop of the e [...]

    9. This is a fun book to read and it kept me reading even when my eyes were begging for sleep! I found that though there are some proof-reading mistakes it still was not hard to understand and continue reading. Mr. Poole has a fast paced fun style of writing and I look forward to reading lots more of his work!

    10. Had no clue what to expect. But it wasnt this!!! AMAZING STORY!!!! I want to read the next one!!!! I have to find out what happens!!!! What had me stuck on this book was Steve and Sarah remind me of the way my husband and I are. I loved it!!!!! Very easy to read, loads of suspense, humor, love, action!!! Awesome descriptions!!! MUST READ PEOPLE~!~!~!!!!! Looking forward to book 2!!!!

    11. Action, humor, excitment, magic, dragaons, griffins, giant bugs, villians, magical portal to a distant land,what more could you want from a fantasy book? To all those who think indie authors write crap.ybe you should take another look. I loved this book and the sequel, Bakkian Chronicles, Book II - Insurrection, looks to be just as good.

    12. Great enthralling read. Jeffrey Poole has successfully created a unique new world to discover! I throughly enjoyed reading this book and I am eager to read the next. Don't be fooled by the quiet beginnings of this book, it is packed full of adventure.

    13. free on kindle.what an absolute find. read both books in 3 days and cant wait for the next installment.

    14. This is Book 1 of the Bakkian Chronicles, which is, naturally, a trilogy. The premise is a simple one: Steve Miller learns that he has inherited a mansion from his little-known grandparents. When he and his wife Sarah go to investigate, they find themselves stepping through a portal into a strange new world, one where griffins, dragons and magic exist. Now, I like the idea of a portal. It's a simple and effective trick to set straightforward modern-day people in a fantasy world. The reader finds [...]

    15. The Prophecy - Book 1 of the Bakkian Chronicles, tells the story of Steve and Sarah, husband and wife from Idaho, whose lives are turned upside down when they are transported through a magical gate to the world of Lentari. On this magical world, they find themselves empowered with the ability to use jhorun (magic), and after finding themselves before the King and Queen, discover they are prophecised protectors of Prince Mikal, sole heir to the throne. Not too much is spoken about the 'threat' to [...]

    16. A light-hearted fantasy read w/ good action & dialogue: 4.5 starsBakkian Chronicles (Vol I) is the charming tale of a couple named Steve and Sarah who discover a gateway from our world to the world of Lentari. Lentari is a magical world where most people have a magical talent. This system of magic and the light-hearted tone of the story both remind me of the early installments of Piers Anthony's Xanth (minus the puns).The characters of Steve and Sarah, who are thoroughly rooted in our modern [...]

    17. This book reads like the trailer for a blockbuster movie. The entire book seemed to be zoomed out at 30000 feet without much detail about anything. There is an interesting story here, a great premise, but it is poorly executed.(view spoiler)[ There was one section where the main character was kidnapped. A couple of pages later he wakes up, uses his magic and his kidnappers fall of a cliff. Now he is alone, but a couple of pages later he is rescued by a dragon. In addition, it turns out one of th [...]

    18. I really liked this book. I loved that it was a husband and wife as the main characters and that not only were they not 16, but they didn't know everything, and couldn't handle everything from the start. They had to learn and figure it out for themselves. They weren't in perfect shape, either. They felt like real people. Honestly, it felt the whole time that it could have been my husband and I on that journey. I don't know if we'd have done so well. I could see myself complaining a lot more than [...]

    19. The Bakkian Chronicles follow Steve and his wife Sarah as they find out that Steve's grandparents died and they inherit everything. They take a trip to their new house and find some strange things. There is a journal filled withed references to people and places they have never heard of, a safe filled strange items and an even stranger key. That key opens a portal to Lentari that they enter without understanding what they are really doing. Their journey begins as a simple quest to find out how t [...]

    20. I was looking for Pern books by McCaffrey originally, which I adored. HOWEVER, I COULD NOT AFFORD THE KINDLE PRICE FOR THEM. I found "The Prophecy" and ordered it on Kindle, and found it to be riveting. The only problem was I finished it swiftly, and missed the adventure when it was over. I immediately ordered Bakkian Chronicles Book #2, and was again pulled through the portal to Lentari, and absolutely enjoyed the adventure. There were a few typos, but very few for a written work this size. Sin [...]

    21. Outright FANTASTIC!! Your trilogy contained most everything. Portals, Magic, Wizards & Sorceresses, Dragons & Griffins, Trolls, Therons, Malwerns. Good vs. evil. All the characters were lovable & believable. You gave your readers delight & joy, sorrow & mischief, wonder & awe. The details you provided was just enough without meandering into the mundane. I was actually transported to Lentari with the characters of your book. (Although I didn't receive any personal jhorun d [...]

    22. I loved this book! This book goes to show that you never know what you'll inherite. It may be more than you think. The book stars Sarah and Steve. A married couple who just got a large inheritance from Steve's grandparents. They are just a normal married couple who find themselves soon in another world altogether. The world of Lentari. A place very different from Earth in many ways.The auther, Jeffrey Poole did an incredible job created this world. Also I loved the relation between Sarah and Ste [...]

    23. After inheriting a wonderful, strange house, Steve and Sarah Miller find a portal that leads them to a most peculiar land -- a land of griffins, dragons, dwarves, and some really nasty, giant bugs. They soon learn that their arrival has been prophesied and they are tasked with a mighty mission. To fulfill their mission, though, they must attain a key to take them back through the portal and home to their own world. Jeffrey Poole has written a witty, fun fantasy. The dialogue is free and easy wit [...]

    24. I enjoyed reading The Prophecy and will indeed be moving on to the next book in this series. Steve and Sarah Miller are two seemingly very ordinary people living their lives to the best of their ability until Steve's absent grandparents pass away and leave their house and estate to Steve. When the couple drive out to take a look at their new accommodations, they discover a doorway to another place/realm and so begins their adventure. This book was a nicely paced easy read with some very interest [...]

    25. Stumbled across this book while searching free books on Barnes & Noble.First off - I love that this is a science fantasy book that has adult main characters but has the heart and soul of what I love in YA science fantasy.As a 30 something adult is was wonderful to have main characters that I could relate to.On top of that Poole has created an amazing world and tied it to ours in an incredible way.I want to keep visiting.

    26. I found this series on my nook and was very pleasantly surprised. It is fantasy and its style reminds me of the Xanth novels by Piers Anthony without the puns. The only caveat for those it bothers is that almost all and the only type of swearing is oh my G** and the like. If you can ignore that Poole creates another world in which dragons and griffins and other fairy tale charecters abound, where the married couples have good relationships, and the action moves along.

    27. Griffins and Dragons and magic, Oh My! Princes and Dwarves and gigantic flesh eating bugs, Oh No! Thrown into an inherited quest, newlyweds Sarah and Steve make amazing discoveries and take on awesome responsibilities in their attempt to return to their normal lives. But what is normal, really? Do you have the magic in you, too?I loved this story on many levels.

    28. Hi I have read all 3 books and found them amazing ,I felt part of the characters and could see in minds eye as if I was actually there I was sad when I came to the end and was hoping for more even if there were a sort of spin off from sahra and steve or the lentari world, I highly recommend this trilogy to all Thanks

    29. The author created a very interesting world and filled it with some nice mystical creatures and people with magical abilities. There were a few POV switchbacks that kinda threw me for a minute or two, but nothing I couldn't handle. Overall, this was an enjoyable story for the Young Adult - Teen lovers of Fantasy.

    30. I love sci-fi, fantasy, other worldy type stories with magic and mythical things so this book was right up my alley! Loved it and just started #2 and bought the 3rd as I'll probably be done with this one in a couple of days ;)

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