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The King's Diamond

The King s Diamond A vivid evocative page turning read that leaps off the page with a dazzling recreation of the Renaissance diamond and gem trade As the chaos of war spreads out across Europe Charles V extends his

  • Title: The King's Diamond
  • Author: Will Whitaker
  • ISBN: 9780007410293
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
  • A vivid, evocative, page turning read that leaps off the page, with a dazzling recreation of the Renaissance diamond and gem trade.As the chaos of war spreads out across Europe, Charles V extends his empire in a series of ruthless and aggressive moves The Medici Pope has formed an alliance to drive Charles out of Italy for good.Only England holds aloof from the great struA vivid, evocative, page turning read that leaps off the page, with a dazzling recreation of the Renaissance diamond and gem trade.As the chaos of war spreads out across Europe, Charles V extends his empire in a series of ruthless and aggressive moves The Medici Pope has formed an alliance to drive Charles out of Italy for good.Only England holds aloof from the great struggle that is to come The 36 year old Henry VIII presides over an opulent and glamorous court, thinking only of the woman with whom he has fallen in love.In the midst of this politically sensitive and dangerous world, steps Richard Dansey, a young and ambitious jewel merchant, determined to break his mother s stranglehold on the family firm after his father s early death.Richard s reckless pursuit of jewels worthy of Henry s wooing of Anne Boleyn, lead him across Europe to Venice and Rome Obsessed with one diamond, but dangerously distracted by love, Richard finds himself thrust into the heart of the murderous politics of the Tudor court.

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    1 thought on “The King's Diamond

    1. Possibble minor spoliers. The words used to describe the jewels and gemstones were fabulous. I don't really care for gems but the author brought them to life superbly. The war which was mentioned throughout the book dragged on quite a lot at the end and I didn't like the open ending either. It was a very different story to what I usually read and an enjoyable book.

    2. To start with an admission of my biases: I read this for a book club and would never have picked it up of my own accord - neither Tudors nor diamonds are really my thing. Perhaps you would enjoy the novel more if you were a Tudor aficionado (or Elizabeth Taylor), but I still think there are a number of flaws.The King’s Diamond is the story of Richard Dansey’s search for jewels in Renaissance Italy, against the backdrop of Emperor Charles V’s invasion. Richard hopes to make his fortune by f [...]

    3. This book describes, more or less in direct chronological order, the first major expedition of Richard Dansey, a young merchant wanting to move up from trading regular commodities into gemstones and jewellery. He lives in the time of Henry VIII, and that king's political and marital ambitions form a constant backdrop to Richard's plans.The first part is set in London, north of the Thames near London Bridge, and is striking for its attention to detail. The rest is in Italy, at that time a patchwo [...]

    4. It takes a while to get into this book, the way it starts off meant I wasn't particularly dragged into the story. However, it does become much better and I started to really enjoy reading it.The book follows Richard Dansey, who has dreams of living amongst the rich at court in Tudor England. He aspires to become a merchant in fabulous jewels for King Henry VIII. He suspects the King of having a secret lover, and goes off to Italy to find amazing gems and diamonds the King would love to woo his l [...]

    5. This turned out to be much better than I expected. It was heavy on technical details about gems (the main character is a gem merchant) and on the history of Italy in the early 16th century, which suited me well.

    6. I really love historical fiction, so when I saw this book it really caught my eye. It's called the King's Diamond, by Will Whitaker. I found it by mistake in a department store while I was looking for something unrelated. The title can be a little misleading, since the king doesn't make much of an appearance, and most of it takes place in Italy (not England). When I bought it I expected to see a lot of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, but in the end I really got caught by the plot, and didn't mind th [...]

    7. Richard Dansey is a young diamond merchant who is determined to make his own way in the family business. When his incompetent father dies, Richard seeks to make his fortune in the pursuit of the most beautiful gemstones, which he hopes will gain him access to the most glittering court in Europe, that of 36 year old Henry VIII. As Richard finds himself at the heart of European politics, he becomes obsessed with seeking the ultimate diamond, but becomes distracted by love.Initially, the book gets [...]

    8. I borrowed this book from the library just by chance and was well rewarded. The descriptions of the precious stones are terrific and as I love jewellery I could relate to the main character Richard Dansey and his love of gems entirely. His obession with gem stones and how to make himself known in the court of Henry VIII by presenting the king with a jewel beyond equal is itself an unusual story. The many interruptions of his plans by the political and religious machinations across Europe at that [...]

    9. Review - I was expecting so much more from this book. I was disappointed. I gave it two stars rather than one because I think there was potential, but the beginning just failed to draw me in and so if it got better I wouldn't know because I didn't get past chapter three. I managed to get to the third chapter of this book and there still weren't really any solid characters introduced. There were several names mentioned but none who were particularly gripping.Genre? - Historical / DramaCharacters? [...]

    10. Really enjoyed this one. I've read lots of royal historical fiction from that time period but it's not often you find a good one about life adjacent to the court. I also enjoyed how this one had such a specific focus on the gem trade and really made the stones characters in this story. You'd be a little lost without background knowledge of the time period especially with how the book ends (you sort of need to know what comes next).

    11. La verdad no es un muy buen libro, la historia es fácil de leer aunq un poco de más descriptiva en cuanto a las piedras y su brillo. Se nota que al autor le gustan las gemas también. Siempre estas leyendo a la espera de algo emocionante y cuando por fin llega lo bueno y emocionante , el libro se acaba. Creo que el final debería de ser la mitad del libro. Le falta una muy buena parte de la historia de modo que deje al lector satisfecho al haber seguido todas las peripecias del protagonista.

    12. UhgI seriously can not think of a word to describe how terrible this book is. I have never been so bored or disappointed in all my life! The first 50 pages was all about describing some stone that everyone was obsessed with. The characters are boring, poorly written, and are so 2 dimensional its unbelievable. DO NOT READ THIS BOOK IF YOU VALUE ANYTHING IN LIFE

    13. I only read a little bit of this because I couldn't get into it. There's not nearly enough action or excitement - and virtually no King Henry or Anne Boleyn I was excited for a little more romance and court drama, but there wasn't anything there and I lost interest.

    14. La narracion de la historia fue interesante, aunque el final para mi gusto muy apresurado, se enfrasca demasiado en las piedras preciosas y al lado queda la historia de los personajes.

    15. Quite poorly written with no likeable characters and the only time something exciting happens is toward the end. Boring and a tiresome read.

    16. Well written book, with beautifully detailed descriptions of gemstones as well as of London, Venice and other cities in the 1520s, but not quite enough action to keep the story going.

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