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Billie Morgan

Billie Morgan Denby is clearly a writer who has the capacity to get under the skin of the world she inhabits and to translate it for her readers Val McDermidBillie is in her forties running a little jewelry shop i

  • Title: Billie Morgan
  • Author: Joolz Denby
  • ISBN: 9781852428655
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback
  • Denby is clearly a writer who has the capacity to get under the skin of the world she inhabits and to translate it for her readers Val McDermidBillie is in her forties, running a little jewelry shop in Bradford, trying to live a quiet life, trying to forget the past Because Billie has a lot of past to forget She was a biker chick, one of the Devil s Own, the speed an Denby is clearly a writer who has the capacity to get under the skin of the world she inhabits and to translate it for her readers Val McDermidBillie is in her forties, running a little jewelry shop in Bradford, trying to live a quiet life, trying to forget the past Because Billie has a lot of past to forget She was a biker chick, one of the Devil s Own, the speed and acid fueled road demons Her life was hurtling out of control, and it ended in murder Now, years later, she has to face the consequences.Joolz Denby was born in 1955 She married an outlaw biker at 19 She lives in Bradford, Yorkshire.

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    1 thought on “Billie Morgan

    1. I read this one A couple months ago. it's one of those books that catches your undivided attention from the very first paragraph.It's about a girl. I don't want to call her introvert because she's Not. she's just quiet, and carries every emotion within. probably because her family's dysfunctional and don't even care if she is alive. her relationship with her mother is very troubled and full of tension.But I guess that's what you get from being the black sheep in the familye falls in love. litera [...]

    2. RATING: 5.0 PROTAGONIST: Billie MorganOCCUPATION: Jeweler in a small shopSETTING: Bradford, outside Yorkshire, UKBillie Morgan needs to confess, to explain, to understand and document the one colossal horrible act of her life; she's 46 years old and a murderer. It's a purging of her soul to explain her life through her writing; for the reader, it's an astonishing trip to hell in a beautifully written autobiography of a dark past that tears your heart out and leaves you gasping.Billie's childhood [...]

    3. This is a fantastically well-written book, but rather grim and depressing in a realistic way. Life's crap at times and for some people there isn't a way out of the hell that they're born in to.It's about Billie Morgan, a Bradford lass whose father leaves the family when she's still young - she never gets over it. Her mother is a self-absorbed, selfish uppity what have you; so Billie's got some confidence issues under the surface. She hangs out with hippies, has a bad time, then gets in with a bi [...]

    4. I thoroughly reading of Billie's teenage years & especially her mums desperation to turn her into a girlie girl like her elder sister - a wonderful mix of the sadness, difficulties & angst of not fitting in but written with humour (loved the bit about the dermatology hospital visits!). Then Billie's discovery of drugs & the Devil's Own biker gang all flowed so believably onto to the event that changed her life.Billie's later years are taken up with her godson Natty & helping his [...]

    5. This is not an easy book to enjoy, not because it is badly written, but so much of the story is particularly depressing. Though there is a certain amount of humour to lighten the bleakness it's far from the easiest of reads. Still it does do a very good job in creating a an emotively engaging protagonist along with an occasionally beautiful, yet believable vision of its Bradford setting. That being said, it does retain a tendency to perhaps overdo it at times. There is a danger in some ways of t [...]

    6. Billie Morgan by Joolz Denby (serpentstail)It has been long enough since I last read one of Joolz's books that I have two to read the first one was Billie Morgan that has the dread slogan at the bottom of the cover that reads "Shortlisted for the Orange Prize for fiction" which is the sort of tag line that normally gets me running away worrying at how bad something must be to be accepted into one of the major book prizes.But then I've liked Joolz back far enough to the days when she never used h [...]

    7. Chosen because it was on the Orange Prize shortlist in 2005 and then was strangely pleased to see that it was written by the poet associated with New Model Army.Simple story of an ex-biker chic from the 70s with a temper who killed her drug dealer and then had to face the consequences as it was investigated in present day bradford.Narrative driven with lots of great insights about city life and providing a voice for the working class at times not always pleasant.Examples of include the observati [...]

    8. I picked this up at the library, based on the intriguing cover. In a nutshell, without spoiling anything, the book tells the story of Billie Morgan, a former biker, who grew up in lower class England. Billie has some dark secrets that she can't forget. She's now a more mainstream member of society, but secretly waits for her past to catch up with her.There is a lot of English slang in the dialogue, which made it a little clunky to read at first. But halfway through, I found that I couldn't stop [...]

    9. TITLE/AUTHOR: BILLIE MORGAN by Joolz DenbyRATING: 4/BGENRE/PUB DATE/# OF PGS: Fiction, 2004, 280 PgsTIME/PLACE: Bradford, UK, 1990'sCHARACTERS: Billie Morgan/shop ownerCOMMENTS: Billie Morgan is in her 40's and had a "colorful" past she is trying to come to terms w/. She was involved w/ drugs, a hard-core biker group "the Devil's Own" back in her 20's. Billie holds a secret about one of their old friends, Terry, who has gone missing -- Terry will not be returning. She has looked out for Jas & [...]

    10. A book I got from bookcrossing - now passed on.Phew this isn’t my usual read, but I do like to step outside of my comfort zone now and then. This is a novel about, the damaged, brutalised and dispossessed people of society, and it’s also about the burden of secrets and responsibility. Billie Morgan is not a pretty story. Bradford is laid before us in all its bleakness- and it’s rarer loveliness. It is however a well written novel, with a strong authentic voice, and it is certainly a very c [...]

    11. This book has a dark subject matter Billie, The main character is superbly portrayed with manic deprssive tones and and it is disturbing to watch the chain of events that are set in motion and which may well bring her world crashing down around her. She has carried many heavy secrets for a long time and I can almost feel her relief as she finally getsthem down on paper and out into the open as they have been eating her up for so long.This is a fabulous well written book that you won't want to pu [...]

    12. By all means read this. But best of all, listen to the audio version read by author Joolz Denby. I thought it might be a bad idea reading your own book (unless you're Stephen Fry) but Joolz really brings the book alive.It is a harrowing book. Drugs, bikes, dysfunctional families and murder. But you have to like Billie. Where I once teetered a little on the brink, she plunged in with both feet and plumbed the depths. And survives.

    13. This book follows Billy's life before & after a terrible event. It was written in such a way that while I was reading it I felt actually part of what was going on. Billy's character was very well developed, so much so that it seemed more like reading an autobiography.The book was quite shocking in places, but it is the best book I have read for a long time.

    14. este es como el típico libro barato que compró en la feria pero siempre es excelente.Billie es la protagonista que tuvo una vida muy difícil que provocó diferentes sucesos en su vida. Me sentí muy identificada con la protagonista aunque igual no era tan fluido el libro, ojalá mi vida no sea tan desgraciada como la suya y que mi mikey vuelva :'(

    15. I didn't finish this, I got about halfway through (Chapter 18). There were a few things nagging at me the whole time. You can not use the words "Mikey love" without me seeing in my minds eye, The League of Gentlemen TV series! Plus the way it's written I think It's the sort of book a women would like. And I'm a man, we just didn't hit it off. Sorry

    16. I read Joolz Denby's first novel years ago and the subject matter here is much the same as I remembered (bikers, Bradford, general grimness), but her writing has strengthened. She has a very informal, 'chatty' style which wore thin after a while, but the story kept me hooked.

    17. You know what happens and who did it from page one. But by the end of the books it's not even important anymore. And that's what's so great about Joolz Denby. Is't not the end point that's important, it's the journey there.

    18. Simply stunning. Beautifully written, harrowing at times and funny but altogether a rewarding read.

    19. This was the first book I read by this writer. It was very well written and touched on some very important issues.

    20. The book had a great start. It was easy reading, then I kinda lost interest a little way through. The last half was really good. Overall a good read.

    21. The amount of good content in this book cold have been covered in about 50 pages. Instead, it was drawn out into about 300.

    22. Tämä oli aika mukaansatempaava. Pikkasen sosiaalipornon puolelle meni ja lopusta jäi masennus maximus, mutta silti suosittelisin luettavaksi.

    23. A gripping thriller set in the world of alternative culture of British Hell's angels. Stylish writing, vivid imagery and a darkness to how life can suddenly unravel.

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