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Little Lost Angel

Little Lost Angel This is the story of how four girls in Indiana went to a rock concert drove around and then lured a year old girl into their car torturing and eventually burning her to death It explores the moti

  • Title: Little Lost Angel
  • Author: Michael Quinlan
  • ISBN: 9780671884680
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is the story of how four girls in Indiana went to a rock concert, drove around and then lured a 12 year old girl into their car, torturing and eventually burning her to death It explores the motives behind the killing, revealing how the girls wanted to be popular and loved at any cost.

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      347 Michael Quinlan
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    1 thought on “Little Lost Angel

    1. It's difficult to say what Shanda might have done or not done to provoke her killers, but one thing is certain - she was innocent and she didn't deserve to die. But what would make anybody decide to kill a little girl? Were Shanda's murderers mentally ill, or just desperate for popularity and excitement? Little Lost Angel is a compelling true crime novel that analyzes the case in a great deal of depth, presenting a shocking story, but not stooping to the low level of exploiting this girl's murde [...]

    2. Horrifying, shocking, unbelievable! It's just inconceivable how any person is capable of such cruelty, even more sickening in this case because they were just teens!The book was well written, informative, and detailed, and I took my time reading it because the story is SO awful, you just have to put it down every few pages because you can't and don't want to imagine what Shanda went through, and her poor family!

    3. It took me awhile to find this book, I thought it was the one written by Jones but I read this one years ago. This was a sick sick true crime, there is just something so unnatural about children who kill. It's not that adults murdering is natural, but society tends to see children as pure. I was still a teenager when I read this and I honestly felt then, and now, no sympathy for the killers. I know we can examine their backgrounds (as is done in "Cruel Sacrafice" by Aphrodite Jones) but there ar [...]

    4. Update March 20 2016.I was (as I have been for years now) looking for a copy of Cruel Sacrifice the book I had read and given away many years ago and then came on a review where someone was talking about Little Lost Angel.It rang a bell so I checked my GR shelf to find I still had to read this one.By the way the Jones book Cruel Sacrifice has suddenly become very expensive. Weird because back in the day i remember it did not have great reviews.Anyway I have grabbed the book from the bookcase and [...]

    5. This is not a particularly well-written true crime book; nor is it bad. I would classify it as merely average. The only really good part was the last chapter and the epilogue, where the author tries to go into the reasons why these four girls committed such a brutal crime. That part was quite insightful with a lot of different points of view quoted.There is another book about the Shanda Sharer murder case, Aphrodite Jones's Cruel Sacrifice. If you want to know this case you really should read bo [...]

    6. Little Lost Angel Review Book Rating: 5 stars out of 5. Story Line: This book was a hard read. Michael Quinlan did a good job writing about this hard case. All four of those girls are horrible individuals. Melinda Loveless was the whole reason this happened. She was jealous of a 12 year old girl. Her jealousy led to murder. She beat up Shanda at Witches castle. She kneed her in the face. She put a knife in the child's neck and helped strangle her. Yet Melinda while she was on trial cried because [...]

    7. With two major books done on this case, this one by far is the most comprehensive & balanced report of the event and the people involved. It is still an unthinkable crime, but Quinlan takes the reader back to that night, revealing the events that unfolded and the impact it had on so many lives. He also takes readers into the courtroom, something that was not done in the other book by Aphrodite Jones. The only thing readers are not given is a good reason to why this happened, which frankly, t [...]

    8. This was one of the hardest most gut- wrenching true crime book I have read to date.It's a story of four teens who brutally murder a twelve year old little girl. There is a lot in this book lesbian love affairs among young girls.Girls from bad homes who picked the wrong crowds to hang around in.I don't want to give the story away for others who haven't read it ,so I will say no more. The author does an excellent job of telling the backgrounds of all involved and a great job writing about the tri [...]

    9. This story was heartbreaking. Rarely do I come across a true crime book that will bring me to tears, but this one did. The atrocities that were inflicted upon Shanda Sharer by these four girls were horrible. The fact that one girl stood by & watched it all happen without alerting anyone, when she had so many chances was unforgivable. This 12 year old girl was murdered because one girl was jealous. The other three didn't even know her & participated in the crime. It makes you really think [...]

    10. This is a horrific and gruesome book. I can't say whether I enjoyed it or not, I put it down a few times and took a breather before finishing. I cannot imagine how teenage girls can do this to a child, wait yes I can, teenage girls can be extremely cruel especially when dealing with the green eyed monster called jealousy.I read this book before I had my children, now that I am a parent I am not sure if I could do a re-read. The story brought me to tears and I have never forgotten it.I can't say [...]

    11. If you didn't already know there were scary people in the world you would after reading this book. The world is filled with evil perverts, both young and old. It is also filled with cowards like Toni Lawrence.It is in my opinion that Toni deserved as much time as Laurie, Melinda, and Hope. The other girls were depraved, but Toni was not, and yet she still made no attempt to save Shanda's life. She had a number of chances but she decided to stand idly by because she was supposedly scared. If Toni [...]

    12. Shanda Sharer's short life and long drawn out death has haunted me ever since I first read about it. I decided to read this book after learning Laurie Tackett was released earlier this year. The book was well-written but I didn't come away feeling I knew anything more about the motivation behind this horrendous attack. Maybe we will never know.

    13. I waited until now to read this book because I knew people that were professionally involved in this case and I wasn't ready. I was as shocked reading what happened to Shanda Sharer all these years later as I was when the news hit all the shows at the time. Shanda was a 12 year old who made the mistake of walking into a jealous triangle among other teenage girls. Michael Quinlan did a good job of describing the horrible tortures that were done to Shanda, the background of each teenager involved [...]

    14. What sets Quinlan's book apart from other true crime reference books is the subjective and fair attitude he takes when telling the story. The book is paced extremely well with details about both Shanda's adolescence, death, and the fallout from her murder. Although the book is the only of the two to have the full support from the victim's family-- which was recently endorsed on Sharer's mother Jacqueline Vaught's Facebook page (she referred to the Aphrodite Jones book as sensationalist and inacc [...]

    15. * SPOILERS* Shanda Sherer was twelve, beautiful and happy. Then she became involved with a girl. A love triangle soon escalated out of control and Shanda was beaten, molested and burned alive. An awful look into the murder and the monsters who killed an innocent child.

    16. The author did a wonderful job , it was very well written as far as being informative .I read this book a while back , This was an absolutely heartbreaking , sad , shocking , but tragic story . It is great but was a disturbing true crime book .

    17. Horrifying recount of the heinous murder of 12-year-old Shanda Sharer by 4 teens due to jealousye courtroom scenes are mesmerizing yet gory and horrificis case is one that I can never get over !!

    18. I remember this on the newsThis book is well written and contains a very detailed account of what happened to Shauda. Memories came rushing back of when this murder took place.

    19. Powerful and very heartbreaking. The cruelty teens will do so thoughtlessly to other teens is mind boggling sometimes. As if sometimes teens are more lethal than adults.

    20. I read this years ago. It is a true crime book about a horrible murder of a young girl. I bought the book because much of the story takes place in Louisville, Kentucky.

    21. This is a very sad book. It gives more detail about Shanda and her family. This story will break your heart.

    22. Heartbreaking story. Took place in my hometown of Madison was a big shock that teen girls could commit such a horrible crime. Sad.

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