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Hot Day on Abbott Avenue

Hot Day on Abbott Avenue It s the hottest stickiest day of the summer A fat sun in the sky day An eating ice pops on the porch day And for Kishi and Ren e it s a best friends breakup day Each girl sits on her own front porc

  • Title: Hot Day on Abbott Avenue
  • Author: Karen English Javaka Steptoe
  • ISBN: 9780395985274
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s the hottest, stickiest day of the summer A fat sun in the sky day An eating ice pops on the porch day And for Kishi and Ren e, it s a best friends breakup day Each girl sits on her own front porch, waiting for the other to apologize, even though they know they ll never speak to each other again, no matter how bored they get But then the sounds of feet slapping thIt s the hottest, stickiest day of the summer A fat sun in the sky day An eating ice pops on the porch day And for Kishi and Ren e, it s a best friends breakup day Each girl sits on her own front porch, waiting for the other to apologize, even though they know they ll never speak to each other again, no matter how bored they get But then the sounds of feet slapping the pavement and voices chanting double dutch rhymes drift up the avenue, and neither one can resist going out in the street to play.This lyrical friendship story, the first collaboration of two outstanding artists, pairs a rhythmic text with distinctive collage illustrations Its subtle message about sharing and forgiveness will resonate with anyone who has ever experienced the ups and downs of being, and having, a best friend.

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    • Best Read [Karen English Javaka Steptoe] Þ Hot Day on Abbott Avenue || [Mystery Book] PDF ☆
      137 Karen English Javaka Steptoe
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    1. Temperatures rise and sometimes tempers are short. On this hot day, two friends, Renee and Kishi fight. Adults try to get them to make up, but they are stubborn and holding tight to anger. As the story unfolds, the reader finds out just what sparked the whole problem and we get to witness the two girls resolve their issues themselves. It's a story of friendship and problem solving. Hot Day on Abbott Avenue is well written (thanks Karen English) with a lot of sensory details and realistic dialogu [...]

    2. This story takes place on a hot day on Abbott Avenue. Kishi and Renee are best friends, but not on this particular day. Miss Johnson asks for their help with her crossword puzzle, but the two refuse. "Not on a never-going-to-be-friends-again day." Mr. Paul asks the two girls if they would be so kind to help him weed, but the two simply will not work together on this "never-speak-to-her-again-even-if-she-was-the-last-person-on-earth-day." When Miss Johnson asks the girls to help her make lemonade [...]

    3. I enjoyed reading Hot Day on Abbott Avenue. This story details a friendship between two best friends on one of the hottest days during the summer. The two best friends, kishi and Renne spend majority of the day being upset at each other and refusing to play with one another due to the fact one of the friends bought the last blue ice pop on the ice cream truck and the other friend wasn't able to have one. Through different attempts by adults throughout the story who tried to get the girls back ta [...]

    4. Hot days make everyone grouchy.An interesting illustration style, with photographs of mixed-media collage. There are lots of layers, with tissue paper and felt and other textured things. It's a prose poem where the repetition is enough to create parallelism but not too much where it becomes annoying. The diction isn't overly simplistic and the pictures are interesting to look at. The message is good, but the story is rather uncomplicated and not very deep.Two girls are mad at each other because [...]

    5. This book is about two girls who were wasting their day being mad at each other. Then all of the sudden, they see friends jumping rope and singing, they run in and join and their troubles are forgotten as the rest of the neighborhood listens to them sing and jump. The story shows a lot about friendship and how you can sometimes be irritated with a friend but they are still there for you. As for the illustrations, I have never seen something so great made out of collage. Each picture you can see [...]

    6. read-aloud PreS-gr2The art is what drew me to this book - collage with folded tissue paper - amazing! The illustrator is the son of the famous John Steptoe who lived a short life. What I found interesting about this book is that I thought it would be about rain coming to cool things down. However, this is a story about the heat, but also about a friendship between two girls and how it is torn and mended by the not-sharing / sharing of a popsicle. I think this would work for preschool story time, [...]

    7. I did not care too much for this book. It does not reflect African-American culture at all. It is a pretty pointless story of two children who aren't friends because of a popsicle mishap. The illustrations are also very stereotypical of an African American with huge lips and noses. The one thing that did make a little sense was the underlying message of the book: that small things shouldn't ruin friendships. At the end of the book, instead of keeping a popsicle all to herself, one of the girls s [...]

    8. I've decided to read 29 children's book during Black History month 2016. This was book #16. Hot Day on Abbott Avenue by Karen English and illustrated by Javaka Steptoe. This is a story about friendship and forgiveness. On a sweltering summer day best friends, Kishi and Renee, are at odds with each and refuse to talk to one another. It was only at the end of a hot day that they hear a nursery rhyme chant from down the street like a fun round of double dutch. At the end of the day ice pops, jump r [...]

    9. A friendship story set on a hot day in the city. This story has lots of repetition that will help students read it, but it also introduces some new words and a jump rope rhyme. Two girls are not being best friends today and they will not participate in any activities around them. When they decide to jump rope, they start talking and the problem of the last ice pop being taken comes to light. Just then, the ice cream truck is heard coming by. The girls and their friends race to it, only to be sho [...]

    10. This story takes place during one of the hottest days of the summer. This is a story about two girls that say they are never going to be friends, no matter what. Until they cannot resist anymore and join some other girls jumping rope. The ice cream man comes, they decide to split the last blue popcycle and all is well between them.

    11. This makes for a great friendship book which shows how two friends can get into a fight but once they forgive each other their friendship is still there. This is also a multicultural book because it tells about a part of town that is all about community. The pictures in this book are filled with different races and some of the children have African names.

    12. I really liked and enjoyed this book quite a bit. I absolutely love how the author did the pictures. It's neat and cool how the pictures look textured and 3d. The pictures are all really good and big. Colors are pretty good too. The storyline was great. I would definitely recommend this book for any young child.

    13. The story line was good and talked about friendship. Which is always a good thing to read about. The pictures were neat though. You could see the texture of the tissue paper and construction paper coming right off the page. It was neat to see pictures like as if you could touch the texture of what they looked like they felt like.

    14. Hot Day on Abbott Avenue it's a read again book day. Two best friends that find that even in hot days they can find a way to compromise. Something as simple as a fun activity can stop the feud and bring them back to being best of friends day again. I love the collage illustration that went with the story.

    15. The illustration I feel make this book, the people in the illustrations look almost really they pop off the page. The story line is cool, you can hear rhyming words on some of the pages and children can relate to the story.

    16. Fun and playful language. Such great use of sentence fragments to create a great rhythm and flow. The words travel around the pages with the images. This would be a wonderful text to explore how, why, and when authors might deviate from conventional grammatical structures.

    17. Did you ever fight with your best friend when you were a kid and an hour later, you were friends again? That's what this cute story of 2 girls on the hottest day of summer is all about. I liked the book, but wasn't crazy about it.

    18. A hot day outside and between friends. Two girls are on the outs and as the day gets hotter so do their temperaments. All is resolved by the end of the day. Super expressive collages illustrate this awesome picture book!

    19. this book is a typical children arguement book where they both are mad but cant resist the fun of playing together. I thought the illustrations were awful in my opinion!

    20. This book is a great lesson about friendship. These two friends get into a fight and will not apologize. In the end the girls come together and are friends again

    21. This is a great book to read to any age of children to teach them about problem solving with their friends. Two girls having a rough day, but at the end of the day it all worked out!

    22. Children make friends, but they also have problems with their friends. This book is about two friends and how they resolve the conflicts and become friends again.

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