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The 52 Seductions

The Seductions If you loved Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You you ll adore The Seductions

  • Title: The 52 Seductions
  • Author: Betty Herbert
  • ISBN: 9780755362523
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
  • If you loved Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You, you ll adore The 52 Seductions

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    • ✓ The 52 Seductions || ✓ PDF Download by ✓ Betty Herbert
      103 Betty Herbert
    • thumbnail Title: ✓ The 52 Seductions || ✓ PDF Download by ✓ Betty Herbert
      Posted by:Betty Herbert
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    1 thought on “The 52 Seductions

    1. A witty, moving and thought provoking book about love, romance, marriage and sex. An unputdownable read.Betty and Herbert were a happily married couple. Happy that is apart from the sex side of their relationship. After ten years of marriage sex had become more of a monthly chore than the hot, unable-to-keep-their-hands-off-each-other lust they used to feel for each other.Sound familiar? I think it probably rings a bell with the majority of couples that have been together more than a handful of [...]

    2. I'm sure people seeing me read this on the bus are thinking "oh God, another Fifty shades" and wondering how I'm sitting there so po-faced while reading this erotica. Except 52 Seductions is - well, not erotic. It's about real life people having real life sex - which is often awkward, smelly, embarrassing, sometimes sexy, sometimes boring, sometimes funny.Herbert and Betty have been together a long time and no longer have sex often. Betty decides they need to commit to 52 seductions, taking it i [...]

    3. English Version:I haven’t any expectations. I had interest in the beginning, it was a little bit boring at the middle and almost at the end I was getting excited until it was over.Ten years of marriage, no sons and with the desire almost ending, a seduction each week seems the right solution for Betty when she proposes it to Herbert. The problem is that she doesn’t want to be an obligation, mas creative. That’s the goal, and, of course, getting together. Physically.The story it’s not tha [...]

    4. Ao longo da minha evolução enquanto leitora vou ficando cada vez mais seletiva E esta seletividade também se manifesta na minha empatia com os géneros literários. Este livro em particular insere-se no género erótico e é um género que me dá alguns problemas. De alguns livros que li dentro do género, a minha opinião é que se não tiverem uma boa contextualização e uma narrativa sólida e com sentido facilmente aborrecem o leitor. 52 Semanas de Sedução apresenta carências a vário [...]

    5. It’s a ‘fifty’ book, but not the one you’re thinking of. The 52 Seductions began life as a blog, with the author, Betty Herbert, recording a series of seductions that she and her husband perform in in an attempt to kick-start their waning sex life.Realising that, sexually speaking, things have started to go off the boil in their relationship despite them still being very much in love with one another (‘I am not prudish; I have just been married for ten years’), Betty talks ‘Herbert [...]

    6. Bette Midler once asked “If sex is such a natural phenomenon, how come there so many books on how to?” Sex and literature have always gone well together, whether it’s harking back to Lady Chatterley’s lover, Mills and Boon, Jilly Cooper in the eighties or onto the nineties when Candice Bushnell was throwing open the doors to the taboo laden closet with her column and books. But just when we thought we’d hit the bottom and got immune to the numerous repeats of Carrie or more appropriate [...]

    7. Li a trilogia de "50 Shades of Grey" há mais de 2 anos. Leitora voraz das primeiras edições mantive-me sempre receosa quanto à leitura de qualquer das histórias que surgiram no boom pós-Grey e se vendessem como "melhor que 50 shades" ou "50 shades da vida real" ou outros que tais e que, quanto a mim, se aproveitaram do sucesso de uma trilogia, a meu ver excelentemente conseguida, para fazer algum dinheiro. Mantive-me afastada (à semelhança do que aconteceu quando se deu o boom pós-Twili [...]

    8. ¡No os asustéis! Las 52 seducciones NO es una novela erótica (a pesar de lo que la cubierta pueda dar a entender).Betty es una mujer independiente de treinta y tres años, casada desde hace diez con Herbert, con el que tiene un matrimonio feliz. Sí, llevan quince años juntos y aún se quieren, es más, se adoran, pero el sexo ha perdido todo el interés para ellos, no parecen sentir deseo y ha acabado por convertirse en otra de sus múltiples rutinas. Así que Betty plantea la idea de las s [...]

    9. Aqui está um livro que demorou a terminar, pelo meio li outro livro e comecei ainda outro, só isso já diz tudo.Não gostei da escrita e as seduções às tantas já me aborreciam. Aliás toda a história de Betty e Herbert me aborrecia. Não havia ali nada que me prendesse e achei toda aquela relação muito insossa.Nos primeiros capítulos tudo de parecia demasiado confuso, a autora andava a contar coisas para trás e para a frente que me fazia perder qualquer fio condutor que pudesse existi [...]

    10. A mildly amusing account of how "Betty" and "Herbert" rekindled their stale, boring sex lives. I found it all rather self-indulgent and contrived; I gave up about halfway through, and only got that far as I was reviewing it for Vine. I have come to the conclusion that it's all actually a work of fantasy and fiction. I'm not interested in the inner workings of other women, especially when they have so many problems, and whilst not a prude, I did at times find that Betty gave us just too much inf [...]

    11. When I started reading the book I was disappointed at the lack of detail in the sexual scenes. My opinion of the book evolved, though, as I continued. The scenes had just enough words to put our imagination wild and the author's perspective of relationships and love and friendship was, for me, the best part of the book. I love the main character's husband's personality too. And to read about such a natural, easy going, fulfilling relationship made me smile and believe in it.

    12. This is such a witty, heartwarming diary of a married couple trying for a baby and also trying to spice up their sex life. You can relate and it's hilarious at times, touching at times. It will especially appeal to women who are probably also trying for a baby but I think anybody will find it amusing. There's no pretend to be some sexy vixen, no 50 shades fakery, just real, a real person you can relate to.

    13. La sinopsis llamó mi atención y me gustó, es un libro interesante, bastante realista y con una escritura que te mete en los personajes. La trama es super interesante y te muestra una historia que quien sabe, podría pasarnos a nosotros o quizá, le pasará a nuestros vecinos (?). En partes se me hizo pesada pero ya después mejoró. Bastante interesante, un buen libro.

    14. Quanto a mim mais 1 livro pavoroso.Passei á frente e faz-me olhar para a minha estante e querer ler realmente 1 livro bom!Não recomendo

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