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Boundaries Boundaries is told in spare and transcendent prose As always Nunez delivers a unique and riveting perspective on Caribbean life as well as immigrant life in general The New York Amsterdam News Many m

  • Title: Boundaries
  • Author: Elizabeth Nunez
  • ISBN: 9781617750335
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Boundaries is told in spare and transcendent prose As always, Nunez delivers a unique and riveting perspective on Caribbean life as well as immigrant life in general The New York Amsterdam News Many moments of elegant, overarching insight bind the personal to the collective past New York Times Book Review If I wore a hat, I d tip it to novelist Elizabeth Boundaries is told in spare and transcendent prose As always, Nunez delivers a unique and riveting perspective on Caribbean life as well as immigrant life in general The New York Amsterdam News Many moments of elegant, overarching insight bind the personal to the collective past New York Times Book Review If I wore a hat, I d tip it to novelist Elizabeth Nunez with Boundaries, her eighth work, the storyteller is in fine form it is timely and provocative and it s written with such vivid prose that, despite the bittersweet ending, you ll step away from this refreshing take on contemporary publishing with a smile Essence In Nunez s latest, the author further explores immigrant life, a life where a hard working woman can progress up the corporate ladder, buy an apartment in a soon to be trendy neighborhood, and still be plagued by outsider s angst A thoughtful literary novel exploring the shadows of cultural identity and the mirage of assimilation Kirkus Reviews A quiet, sensitive portrait This work covers a lot of ground, from mother daughter and male female relationships to the tensions between immigrants and the American born Library Journal Nunez deftly dissects the immigrant experience in light of cultural traditions that impact family roles, professional obligations, and romantic opportunities Booklist Elizabeth Nunez is one of the finest and most necessary voices in contemporary American and Caribbean fiction Colum McCann, author of Let the Great World SpinIn an age of reality TV, a husband and wife cling to Victorian notions of privacy, though doing so threatens the life of the wife Their daughter Anna yearns for her mother s unguarded affection, and eventually learns there is value in restraint But Anna, a Caribbean American immigrant, finds that lesson harder to accept when, eager to assimilate in her new country, she discovers that a gap yawns between her and American born citizensE HEAD OF A SPECIALIZED IMPRINT at a major publishing house, Anna is soon challenged for her position by an ambitious upstart who accuses her of not really understanding American culture, particularly African American culture Her job at stake, Anna turns for advice to her boyfriend Paul, a Caribbean American himself, who attempts to convince her that immigrants must accept limitations on their freedom in AmericaLD IN SPARE AND TRANSCENDENT PROSE, Boundaries is a riveting immigrant story, a fascinating look into the world of contemporary book publishing, a beautiful extension of the exploration of family dynamics that began in Nunez s previous novel Anna In Between, and a heart warming love story.

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    1 thought on “Boundaries

    1. I liked this book, and it held my attention, but I felt heavy and weighted down while reading it. Athough the author did not identify Anna as being depressed, she certainly appeared to be, and I found this hard to bear witness to. Additionally, although the style of writing matched the character and the themes, the prose was too sparse and clinical for my taste - it had an empty feeling. My reaction may be due to cultural factors, and I do think the book was well-written, but it just didn't pers [...]

    2. Good ReadGood ReadThis is the third book that I've read by this author and overall I like her style. I thought the storyline was interesting, about the adjustments and struggles of the non-American blacks who migrate to American. I did not care for the main character and that effects to a small extent my overall view of the story. The main character, Anna, was immature in her thinking where her mother was concern. She seemed to always misinterpret whatever her mom said, even if it was good. She [...]

    3. Very interesting; Carribean American woman struggles with white American publishing hierarchy and loses.

    4. Interesting. Caribbean immigrants in NY and parents who prefer home. Raised questions inside myself about America and opportunities.

    5. It has taken Anna Sinclair years to climb up the ladder at Windsor, an internationally renowned publishing company to the head of Equiano, Windsor’s imprint for writer’s of color.An immigrant from the Caribbean she does not subscribe to her friend’s philosophy that new immigrants work while native-born Americans rule. Though the streets are not ‘paved with gold’, the myth perpetrated and sustained by those whom have emigrated and their parents back home, Annie has had modest success.Bo [...]

    6. More like 3.5 stars. I'm a fan of Nunez's from way back when and I enjoyed reading Anna (the prequel to Boundaries) so I was looking forward to this read. I wanted to know what Anna's mother would do regarding surgery for her breast cancerd maybe kinda of sorta wanted to know what would happen with Anna's position at a publishing company.Well that saidI'm not sure another book was needed to add closure.For the most part, I enjoyed Boundaries because it was a easy, quick readonce I started readin [...]

    7. I'm actually giving this 3.5 stars. I liked it, at least up to the middle. The lead character, a naturalized American citizen from the Caribbean, heads an imprint in a large publishing house that features black writers. She takes a month to visit her aging parents back home at the island and learns that her mother, who has never shown her any physical affection or heartfelt appreciation, has neglected and hidden her breast cancer for a long time. Anna does all of the right things, risking her jo [...]

    8. Anna is the almost 40 year old protagonist of this breezy novel. The book is aptly titled, because the novel deals with the boundaries that exist in Anna's life. There is the boundary of affection, Anna feels her mother wasn't loving enough in a physical way. She didn't get the hugs and kisses that would have signaled an undying love. There is the boundary that exists at work, in Anna's mind the fact that she is an immigrant(Caribbean-American)is preventing her rise to head of a publishing house [...]

    9. I really empathized with the character of Anna because she was trying to challenge the status quo of using sex to sell a book. I appreciated the conflict Nunez shows between Blacks in the U.S. and Blacks in the Caribbean. She shows this conflict like no other writer today. I appreciate her narrator a lot. It is a narrator that empathizes with the colonized, yet at the same time is not so revolutionary that they cannot appreciate incremental change in society. Anna is obviously a character who wa [...]

    10. I LOVE her prose - they are poetic. Moreover, I LOVE stories about self-discovery and identity - this novel has it ALL! Anna, the protagonist is a talented and ambitious woman whose encounter with sexism is tainted by "outsiderness." This would have been okay if her private life was smoothly sailing along - however, it is not. Such is life - never are all things completely well for any length of time. This period of self-discovery Anna learns to choose what is of importance and value. I love the [...]

    11. Nunez has filled her main character in this book with marvelous conflict. She is literally stuffed with conflicts. Her conflicts have conflicts, even conflicts with her other conflicts. I mean, she has conflicts between her duties to her parents and her commitment to her career, both vying for primacy. At the same time, she has intimacy issues with her parents conflicting with her increasingly close ties to her parents. Conflicts within conflicts within conflicts. And Nunez has carefully and del [...]

    12. A fictitious take on the author's personal life (she was my fiction writing professor at Hunter College). The book deals with the MC, a woman in her thirties, who has to deal with her mother's tumor, finding that someone after a divorce, and the constraints of her work in the publishing world. I did not like this book because everything seems to be fine and dandy, when life really isn't like that. of course, there's some good things in life, but this book just made everything into one neat packa [...]

    13. I'm interviewing Elizabeth Nunez, author of Boundaries on October 30, 12:45-1 p.m. central time on KAZI Book Review on KAZI 88.7 FM. The main character Anna, is senior editor of an imprint of a publishing house in New York specializing in African American fiction. While she works hard to bring literary novels to the reading public it's the urban romances with lots of sex that pay the bill. Meanwhile Anna has had to go back to her home in the Caribbean she emigrated from 20 years ago to check on [...]

    14. While I could relate to Anna's struggles to live life on her own terms in the midst of her parent's expectations, I had trouble identifying with her.I thought Anna was judgmental about books that weren't "literary" material and the people who read those books. And she was so shocked that her company wanted to put profit over literary standards! Oh my, a business that wants to make money--how evil! She seemed to ascribe very questionable motives to everyone but herself. For someone who was concer [...]

    15. I originally intended to read "Bruised Hibiscus," which my friend highly recommended and has claimed to be one of he favorite books, but when that title was unavailable I chose this one instead. I enjoyed Ms. Nuñez' writing, however I thought themes of us vs them (the British and the African-Americans) a bit over-done, and I myself, am a second-generation Caribbean-American. I had to give it only two stars because I absolutely hated the ending. Anything I thought was redeeming about the book to [...]

    16. This is the story of Anna Sinclair, a Caribbean immigrant to New York City, as she comes to deal with her mother's diagnosis of breast cancer. The novel delves into the relationship between Anna and her mother when her mother has to leave her home island and come to New York for treatment. The story explores Anna's job as an editor and her beginning relationship with a doctor who also comes from her home island. It's a really good story that moves along nicely. I found myself liking the characte [...]

    17. The main character is a Caribbean-American woman who heads an imprint at a publishing house. The novel explores her professional challenges, her relationship with her mother, and her involvement/separation from the Caribbean immigrant community in New York.I didn't realize until near the end that this book is a sequel, picking up where Anna In-Between left off. Wish I had read the preceding book first, but this one absolutely still stands on its own.

    18. I was a bit underwhelmed by the writing and the story but I enjoyed the character of Anna and her dilemmas as a Caribbean-American immigrant. The plot set in the "writers of color" imprint in a publishing company, which drew me to the book, was novel and yet predictable. The romance with a fellow immigrant and the conflict between Anna and her mother were more interesting, nuanced and successfully made universal.

    19. Nunez describes an experience so similar to my own that sometimes I wonder if it is the familiarity that draws me in or the story itself. Either way, I enjoyed the read even though I did not always enjoy the character. Shout out to Ulrich Cross who is featured on this video of Caribbean women and men who went to England to fight in the war: youtube/watch?v=ViGwxJWe must learn to love

    20. I always like elzabeth Nunez' spare,direct writing- somehow it fits the Caribbean cultural theme. this book would make a great discussion book regarding Caribbean immigrants and African american culture and history as well as responsibilities of grown immigrant children to ageing,ill parents back home.

    21. I gave up about a third of the way through. I could not get interested in the characters. The mother is elegant. Of course she is. The father cheated and then became an extremely devoted husband. Naturally. The new boyfriend is intelligent and attentive. Sure. It was all too familiar and not very interesting.

    22. It became a slow read for me. This was my first book by Elizabeth Nunez that I have read. I am a 1st generation Jamaican. This book helped me to understand my parents a little better. The protagonist really was depressing.

    23. As a Trinidadian expatriate herself, who better to speak to the challenges faced by Caribbean people in America than Elizabeth Nunez. Boundaries is equal parts social critique, and a first-rate character study of the delicate pieces a family is comprised of.

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