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Drop Dead Chocolate

Drop Dead Chocolate The whole town of April Springs is stirring over the upcoming mayoral election Suzanne Hart s mother for one is dead set on replacing the current mayor and what better way for Momma to drum up suppo

  • Title: Drop Dead Chocolate
  • Author: Jessica Beck
  • ISBN: 9781250001054
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The whole town of April Springs is stirring over the upcoming mayoral election Suzanne Hart s mother, for one, is dead set on replacing the current mayor and what better way for Momma to drum up support than by luring in voters with Suzanne s drop dead delicious donuts Just add chocolate, and they re sure to kill the competition With Momma s half baked campaign heating uThe whole town of April Springs is stirring over the upcoming mayoral election Suzanne Hart s mother, for one, is dead set on replacing the current mayor and what better way for Momma to drum up support than by luring in voters with Suzanne s drop dead delicious donuts Just add chocolate, and they re sure to kill the competition With Momma s half baked campaign heating up faster than a donut shop deep fryer, Suzanne wonders if they ve bitten off than they can chew But when Momma s opponent is brutally murdered, the odds of winning are suddenly, and suspiciously, in their favor Sure, they d been planning to beat the mayor but with speeches and donuts, not a blunt instrument If Suzanne hopes to reveal the killer s recipe for revenge, she ll have to uncover a plot that s darker than any chocolate Drop Dead Chocolate is a sinfully sweet addition to Jessica Beck s delicious Donut Shop Mystery Series.

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      351 Jessica Beck
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    1 thought on “Drop Dead Chocolate

    1. This was the first book I have read in the Donut series. I didn't feel lost at all. The author did a good job giving Timbits (pun intended) of background information to catch me up on anything relevant to the story. I do regret not having read the other books in the series beforehand because a major character left the series and I know if I had been reading it from the beginning that I would have felt an emotional connection to that person and would have been sad. But, that just makes me want to [...]

    2. Every time a new book in this estimable series comes out, I grab a cup of coffee and sit down to what I know will be a toothsome treat for my mystery mind.The town of April Springs, NC has had it with the current Mayor. It is a good thing re-election time is looming. When a scandal breaks, that is the final straw for sleuth, Suzanne Hart's mother, Dorothy. This time she is going to throw her hat in the ring.Suzanne is busy with her Donut Hearts store and giving us readers delectable recipes for [...]

    3. I am addicted to these adorable donut shop mysteries. This one had me stumped. I had no idea who the killer was and why he or she did it. And one of these days I am going to try one of the many recipes that are included in the books. :)

    4. Still good, and this time the donuts were not part of the murder, but how many more people in this small town are left to kill?

    5. Another good read in the Donut Shop mystery series. Can't believe this book is already number 7!The murder this time is the mayor of April Springs. Of course this was right after Suzanne's mom decided to threaten the mayor by running in the election herself. It is a big stretch to say that Suzanne's mother was the prime suspect in the murder because she is dating the chief of police and the mayor had a lot of enemies. Suzanne's boyfriend, detective Jake, was more in this novel, but it still wasn [...]

    6. I love this series, it's easy to fall into and enjoy. in this installment ms. Hart decides to encourage her mother to run for mayor. you know what's coming! I was surprised to see a character stepping down, but can't wait to see where the author takes it.

    7. It's been a while since the last time I read these books, but this one was definitely top of form.

    8. #7 in the series, but I don't think the reader would be too lost not having read others. I've only read one other, and I felt comfortable with the inter-character relations.Suzanne's mom is reluctantly running for mayor, but when her rival (the incumbent) is found dead, she's considered suspect #1. Jake joins the investigation since Suzanne's mom is dating the police chief, but in order to maintain an illusion of impartiality, he & Suzanne go on a "break," not being seen together and really [...]

    9. I guess you could say that the murder was partly my fault.Suzanne and the gang are back in April Springs, NC to stir up a little trouble. The town is fed up with the current mayor and Suzanne's mom, Dorothy, feels that she is the right woman for the job. Unfortunately, the mayor is found dead in a building owned by Dorothy and she becomes the prime suspect. Enter Suzanne, Grace and George to the rescue.This is one of the few series by Tim Myers that I have continued to read. I'm not sure why I f [...]

    10. A slow start here was followed by a solid middle act. The book ripened - that's the word I'd use, instead of bloomed - a bit late, but all things considered, it did just enough to earn three stars. So given my expectations, this book was a nice surprise. Cozy mysteries have mostly only temporary changes, but this series moves in unexpected directions. Killing the mayor of the town is no longer an original idea but it still makes for some exciting writing. Emma's quest for bettering herself ; tha [...]

    11. This is the 7th book in the Donut Shop cozy mystery series. Suzanne’s mother is fed up with the taint surrounding the mayor’s office and decides to campaign for the position. She is not alone, though, and is surprised when the chief of police’s ex-wife joins the race, mostly in spite against her because of her relationship with the chief. When the current mayor ends up dead, Suzanne works to try to find out who really did it so that her mother can be cleared of any suspicion. She must figu [...]

    12. Small town NC has Donut hearts owned by Suzanne Hart. She has a tendency to find dead bodies. This time it involves her mother. Dorothy confronts the mayor and decides to run against him. Unfortunately he is found dead in a property owned by Dorothy Hart. Being she is dating the chief of police there are no benefits. The chief calls in Suzanne ' s boyfriend Jake. Suzanne has several suspects to investigate one being the chief's ex wife. She is a force to be dealt with. In addition, a girlfriend [...]

    13. Suzanne has done it again, she has gotten herself caught up in yet another homicide investigation.Suzanne and Jake are a fantastic couple, I wish that they had more time to spend together. I really do not like Grace's new boyfriend Peter, I really hope that she ditches him and finds someone who deserves her. Who knows maybe Grace and Grant can get togetherTrish is awesome, she is so good to Grace and Suzanne.I am really sad that Emma is leaving town but I am certain that there are bigger and bet [...]

    14. Another good book in one of my favorite cozy series. I felt that the reveal of the murderer was a bit rushed, and there wasn't a very tense standoff before the police came, etc, but it was still good. My favorite part was the book club scene though, because it very tongue in cheek alluded to the fact that the author is actually a man. I knew that this was written under a pseudonym, but it never occurred to me that it wasn't still written by a woman, just under a different name. I know that there [...]

    15. This was an entertaining read in the series, but not as good as the others in my opinion. There was a lot of back and forth in what Suzanne said and did which I never noticed before. For example when Grace said her boyfriend wanted her to lose weight, Suzanne first has this strong stance that she's not going to let the boyfriend get away with manipulating Grace. Two lines later she says "I wasn't about to argue the point" with Grace. Ok, which is it? Things like this happened constantly and it w [...]

    16. Is Jessica Beck really a man using a woman's name to write under? There was one scene where the book club met in Donut Hearts and there was a long conversation about a male author writing under a female pseudonym.Anyway, this was another quick one in the series. I wish Suzanne would get Max and what he did to her. It's getting old hearing about it. And Suzanne's sort of a bully the way she acts around people other than Emma, Grace, her Mother, George and Jake. As much as I think the town is cute [...]

    17. This was a great addition to the Donut Shop mysteries. Suzanne's mom is running for mayor. Then the mayor is found dead in Suzanne's mom's building. Who did it? Suzanne, Grace, and George play detective to solve the murder. Jake is on the scene but since Suzanne's mom is a suspect he has to avoid being seen with Suzanne due to the appearance of conflict of interest. Toward the end of the book a bombshell is dropped but it has nothing to do with the murder! This is a great series. It is well writ [...]

    18. Suzanne Hart has her hands full with her donut shop, but when her mother, indignant at local shenanigans, decides to run for mayor, Suzanne assumes the role of campaign manager. The other candidates are the ex-wife of the police chief (who's dating mom) and the slippery incumbent. And then murder strikes, and there are only two candidates left. Naturally, suspicion rests on the two remaining, and Suzanne's boyfriend is brought in to investigate. She trusts Jake, of course, but how can it hurt to [...]

    19. I usually love this series from first page but for some reason this story just didn't seem as exciting or with any twists, as all the others. I've not read them in order but, except for most current book, I've now read them all and this was my least favorite[SPOILER] I know from reading future stories that Emma comes back to Donut Hearts but it was still upsetting to see in which the storyline was headed, until her return again

    20. Her mom has decided that the mayor has gone too far and needs to be replaced. She decides to run for mayor and take him on, but then he is found dead in the building her mother owns. Too many people have keys to the building and too many people have had arguments with the mayor. She convinces the sheriff to get her boyfriend on the case and still help find leads to who the real killer is. She also has to run her business. The best was who actually became mayor after the election.

    21. Suzanne is in a murderous town! This time she has her Momma to thank. Momma gets upset with the major one too many times and threatens him to run against him for major. Then they find him dead. Momma is number one suspect. Suzanne has all she can do trying to sort it out and her friendship has to take a back seat, even though Grace really needs a talking to about her new beau. Who ends up doing it and who ends up as major?? Read and find out. I'm not telling! :D

    22. This was the first I have read in this series. It was okay. I'm not a huge fan of Suzanne's. I'm thinking maybe I'm missing something. Her relationship with Jake is a little annoying and her friend Grace wasn't my favorite either. I will try to read some earlier ones and maybe I will be able to scrape the egg off my face.

    23. I like this series a lot, will probably take me a while to go through it though ;) The characters are very likable, there is humour, some relationship issues, growing up of some (someone decides to go to college). Great read!AND - I loved the fact that the doughnut recipes in this one are for baked not fried!!! definitely will try some out!

    24. A little heavy handed there, that bit in the middle when he/she explains that the author of a book club selection uses a woman's name because his publisher made him, telling him that otherwise he'd never be published. (Heavy handed to me seeing as how I'd just found out Jessica Beck is actually the pen name for a man.)

    25. I liked this entry in the Donut Shop series although I don't think it was quite as tightly plotted as the earlier ones. It was nevertheless quite enjoyable, and I still get the feeling that I need to be eating a doughnut while I am reading it. (So far I have resisted but with each book, my willpower is weakening!)

    26. A doughnut shop owner tries to solve the mystery of who murdered the man found dead in an abandoned building owned by her mother. The plot felt stale. Even though there were clues to who committed the crime, it wasn't obvious until the perpetrator was revealed. This could be considered a "gentle" murder mystery because of "clean" language and lack of graphic details.

    27. This is another book in the Donut Shop series. I really enjoy this series and anticipate sticking with it through the rest of the books. The characters are well thought out and realistic. The romance is believable and light enough to not intefere with the mystery. The mystery was engaging and I didn't guess who the cuprit was until the end. Fans of cozy mysteries would enjoy this.

    28. Drop Dead Chocolate by Jessica Beck is the 7th in the donut shop mystery series. This time the current mayor is murdered just after Suzanne's mother decides to run against him in the next election. I love this series, especially the donut recipes and descriptions scattered throughout the book. It leaves me craving for more- both mysteries and donuts.

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