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Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa A sensitive perceptive biography written with Mother Teresa s full cooperation and encouragement Describes this living saint s mission of faith and the principles that guide her

  • Title: Mother Teresa
  • Author: Navin Chawla
  • ISBN: 9781852309114
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A sensitive, perceptive biography written with Mother Teresa s full cooperation and encouragement Describes this living saint s mission of faith and the principles that guide her.

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    1 thought on “Mother Teresa

    1. I read this book years ago - it came into my life at a time I needed it - I enjoyed the book and was humbled by all that she gave - with that said there is a part of me that is sad that she gave up so much and that after her death her writings detailed how detached she felt from God - this was depressing to me on many levels - I do think anyone with a brain questions - but I do not believe God is about scarcity but is about abundance - for someone to give all of themselves and have so little joy [...]

    2. Very rarely do you come across personalities who dedicated their lives for selfless service on the scale as Mother Teresa. What the book does so beautifully is to portray her persona so vividly. This could have only been done by someone who knew her well and took the trouble to know her. Various instance narrated in the book are touching. They create an indelible impression on the mind of the reader. Eminent personalities and institutions have honoured and described Mother Teresa but the one pro [...]

    3. Mother Teresa by Navin Chawla is a biography of the beloved Mother Teresa. Have you ever wondered how someone can so caring for other people? In this book it expresses why Mother Teresa decided to do what she care about the most, helping the people in need.This biography explain how many things she has done for the people in need. Starting with nothing but faith she began to do many things for these people, setting up institutions for the destitute, the handicapped, orphans, the leprosy-affected [...]

    4. Wow! I have read other reviews that remark a Christian should have written her biography. Navin is a Hindu, but refers to himself as "near atheist". Who better to write a biography than one who is sceptical? He writes of the facts, which include miracles that occur everyday. Mother Teresa herself tells him about these miracles, "if you pray, you will see them". He writes facts which no one can dispute. Main point, God can use anyone to accomplish His will.

    5. A biography written by one of her friends (though not a confidant), who had both love and awe for this saint during her lifetime. His perspective as a Hindu gave an interesting view of her life and work through an unexpected lens. A good biography that I didn't want to put down, I only wish it had covered her period of doubt for so much of her ministry.

    6. A definitive biography of Mother Teresa. I'm reading this one in a book club with a few friends. She is an intriguing character, certainly admirable and compelling. I am sometimes confused with what seems a fascination with suffering, but I am perhaps misreading her. I certainly will not presume to judge her! I am taking away some good lessons about serving those around me as a gift of love to Jesus, even if those around me are not always lovable.

    7. This was a detailed autobiography of the humble Yugoslavian girl who became the beloved Mother Theresa, the patron saint of the poor of India. While well-written, it is the saintly woman's struggles and love for mankind that holds the reader's interest. A close friend wrote this biography and there are many intimate and private looks into the life and heart of this servant. After reading this book, one will treasure this godly nun who was a selfless servant of those with less than nothing.

    8. MT loves the church and she loves god, but she only loves the poor as proxies for Jesus. MT said that without her suffering for god, all the work she did was JUST social work. She provided inadequate medical care, she took large amounts of money from unsavory donors, and she secretly did unrequested death bed baptisms to increase her body/soul count for jesus. The more I read about her, the more I find that she is no Mother Teresa.

    9. A book that inspired me a lot I read it in my childhood, but I'm writing this review now because of its great influence in shaping my thoughts and giving answers to some questions I faced later in my life. The book showed me a different facet of life around us. It gives the meaning of selfless life, love and faith.

    10. Read this before my trip to Calcutta. Finished the book in one day, and looked up to see that it was the same day as the anniversary of her death. If there are other heroes in the world, they must look upwards at Ma T. Visited and volunteered at Motherhouse and Home for the Dying. If you aren't religious, you may give it some thought after being at either of these places.

    11. I read this book several years ago for a college class and was very touched and inspired by Mother Theresa's stories and messages. This is an insightful book for anyone no matter what their religious beliefs may be.

    12. I love Mother Teresa like everyone else on the planet but I feel this author was a novice at best and failed to pull me in. That being said, Mother Teresa still managed to shine through enough for me to love her even more.

    13. This woman is a saint in my eyes. I love biography's in the first place, but read and learning the life's story of Mother Teresa brought tears to my eyes. How can anyone be so selfless and giving like Mother Teresa? It's a book I'll read again and again.

    14. Reading about all Mother Teresa has done, makes me want to do better at finding ways to help the poor, sick, handicapped, etc. She saw a need and found ways to make it possible to help.

    15. The biography of Mother Teresa, it is very detailed and will tell you a lot about her life, work and what she did and why she did it. This is a must read book on Mother Teresa.

    16. I enjoyed reading the life story and work of Mother Teresa. Interesting and a woman to be admired for what she did for the poor and dying! Her life was one of service for others and love of God.

    17. Fascinating Woman, this book is interesting but not necessarily a page turner. It gave me a humbling perspective on life and a desire to be more charitable.

    18. Remarkable book! One has to read this book, especially when you wan to know more about Saint Mother Teresa. Navin Chawla all tougher with Raghu Rai presented a very good book.

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