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Excelsior!: The Amazing Life of Stan Lee

Excelsior The Amazing Life of Stan Lee The man behind Spider Man The X Men The Incredible Hulk and a legion of other superheroes tells his own amazing story in a book packed with punch humor anecdotes and a gallery of never before se

  • Title: Excelsior!: The Amazing Life of Stan Lee
  • Author: Stan Lee George Mair
  • ISBN: 9780684873053
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
  • The man behind Spider Man, The X Men, The Incredible Hulk, and a legion of other superheroes tells his own amazing story in a book packed with punch, humor, anecdotes, and a gallery of never before seen photographs Stan Lee is the most legendary name in the history of comicbooks The leading creative force behind the rise of Marvel Comics, he brought to life some of theThe man behind Spider Man, The X Men, The Incredible Hulk, and a legion of other superheroes tells his own amazing story in a book packed with punch, humor, anecdotes, and a gallery of never before seen photographs Stan Lee is the most legendary name in the history of comicbooks The leading creative force behind the rise of Marvel Comics, he brought to life some of the world s best known heroes and most infamous villains His stories, featuring super heroes who struggled against personal hang ups and bad guys who possessed previously unseen psychological complexity, added wit and subtlety to a field previously locked into flat portrayals of good vs evil Lee put the human in the super human In the process, he created a new mythology for the twentieth century In this treasure trove of marvelous memories, Stan tells the story of his life with the same inimitable wit, energy, and offbeat spirit that he brought to the world of comicbooks He moves from his impoverished childhood in Manhattan to his early days writing comicbooks, followed by military training films during World War II, through the rise of the Marvel empire in the 1960s to his recent adventures in Hollywood The story of a man who earned respect by blazing new creative trails in a storytelling form once dismissed as just for kids, Excelsior is an inspirational story about following one s vision, no matter the odds Yet it s also the story of how some of the most exciting and memorable characters in the pop culture universe came to thrill a generation.

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      322 Stan Lee George Mair
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    1 thought on “Excelsior!: The Amazing Life of Stan Lee

    1. Days and life of a legend! He is the man. Stan "the Man" Lee. Father of Spider-man and co-cretor of hundred of characters like Hulk, Daredevil, Captain America and many more.And he is still alive. He is among us.Thanks for everything Stan.

    2. When I think about my influences as a writer/journalist, the names that come to mind include Stephen King, John O'Grady, James Herriot, John Wyndham and Hunter S. Thompson. But about halfway through Excelsior!, I realised there was another man who shaped the way I wrote - and the course I took in life - as much as any of those aforementioned. His name was Stan Lee, and Excelsior! is his autobiography (or "bio-autography" as he calls it, which we'll get to in due course).One of my earliest memori [...]

    3. This book is about Stan Lee, who created a lot of Marvel characters. It is about how he got to be so famous and how he got started with Marvel. In this book Stan talks about when he was a teenager and when he was an adult. It is also about how his Superheroes that he created came to be. Stan also talks about Marvel before it was called Marvel. One thing that happens in this book is that Stan starts his career in comic books. He decided to go to the military but, instead of fighting, they told hi [...]

    4. Not the most detailed of memoirs, but certainly one of the funniest. Written very much in the style of Stan's Soapbox, this is full of out-loud laughs. Thoroughly enjoyable!

    5. Haven't you always wanted to know what the man behind Spider-Man, the fantastic four and other marvel heroes he made. In the book you will know how he created them. Stan lee a New Yorker when he was about 18 or 19 he joined a comic company called Timely comics. Timely comics is a comic book company that were famous for their top superheroes Captain America and the human torch the guy who owned the company was Martin Goodman he was Stan's boss and Stan had a good time but he decided to join the a [...]

    6. As the superhero genre is now a dominant theme of the movies for the big screen, it is time to give the credit where it is due. In the late fifties and very early sixties, comic books were popular, yet so much of what appeared was repeated and recycled with only slight alterations. It was time for a change and Stan Lee was the driving force behind a large set of new characters that are the subject of many popular and profitable movies.Decades after the time of their creation, there is still some [...]

    7. I loved this book. Personally, the man is one of my heros. What impressed me was his undying work ethic. The man never stopped working. Apparently he would write for hours on end, and to improve his writing, he would act it out to make it more natural. He carried this over into his chief editing days and I believe it is what helped create marvel as a success.I also loved seeing where all of the heroes came from. I didn't know that Stan Lee didn't create Captain America, that the Fantastic Four c [...]

    8. Anyone who ever read Spiderman, Fantastic Four, the Avengers, X-Men, or numerous other Marvel comic books is familiar with the name of Stan Lee. He made comic books acceptable and not shameful. He took them to a level where their artists and authors are deemed worthy of respect. They are the hottest items in Hollywood currently (although this was still building at the time this book was written).This is a fun read about an iconic figure in entertainment. He is, to most fans, the actual heart of [...]

    9. Written with the same corny humor and hyperbolic style as he used to do "Stan's Soapbox" in the old comics, Lee's autobiography is a fun look at his poor youth in New York, his time in the army writing training manuals for things he'd never done, working as a go-for at the publishing company that would become Marvel, becoming the "editor by default," and then the golden age of comics and everything after.The best parts are the middle chapters dealing with the inspirations/origins for all the cha [...]

    10. I'm a big Marvel fan so naturally I had to pick this up. Very fun read, I love Stan Lee's style. Reading the book is just like listening to him speak. Love this guy. He's brilliant. There were a lot of interesting tidbits in here that I didn't know before, like Hulk originally was grey but the printers had trouble getting the color consistent on paper so they switched to green because it was easier to get consistent each printing. Also, apparently Lee got the idea for thought bubbles from Shakes [...]

    11. Stan Lee was the creator of Spider-Man, The x-Men and incredible Hulk. This book was an incredible read, i's funny and light and full of good humour and just made me feel happy in a sort of hyperrealist way, like a breadth of fresh air. Life is so boring and serious, it is nice to read something cheerfully positive once and a while. It is great for adults as well as teenagers, it has a very accessible language. I particularly like the chapter where he introduces his wife. I have been reading a l [...]

    12. This is a very interesting book, well written, Stan writes as he speaks, making it very funny and always entertaining. Its great to see the evolution of Marvel comics, from Timely comics during the Second World War, then Atlas comics soon after the war, then Marvel from the 60's to present. Stan created some of the worlds best known, ( and greatest ) superheroes, like the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Thor, the Hulk, Iron Man, the Avengers, Dr Strange, just to name a few, he gives an insight into [...]

    13. Stan Lee calls this his bio-autography. Not an autobiography, because he got George Mair to write it with him - he didn't want to write it all by himself. So Mair writers a paragraph or two of intro in each section, and Stan Lee continues with voluble memories, anecdotes, humour and reflections on the various facets of his life - his work, his family, his thoughts on writing, on comics and movies, and on those he has known. Stan Lee is so much himself - writing in his own inimitable style that w [...]

    14. I went in very apprehensive about this book. Stan Lee's credibility as a contributor to Marvel's successful properties has always seemed to be a controversial topic and it always seems to drag out a dispute. This book will not answer your questions concerning the issue but it is an enjoyable read. Stan "The Man" is a fantastic showman and his style comes out through this "bio autobiography". This book is an enlightening window to Lee's life despite the skimming of his Ditko and Kirby relationshi [...]

    15. Probably the most recent biography I finished in a while of someone I was genuinely interested in learning about. Stan Lee has managed to live the rockstar life without the sex, drugs, alcohol and partying that you'd expect from someone of his caliber.I mean, the worst thing I read in there was the stuff with Peter Paul and that one guy he knew in the Military that became a big deal in the Philippines.The guy's a national treasure and even in the final chapter he's just so darned humble that you [...]

    16. Stan Lee’s autobiography, which wisely concentrates on his career, is immense fun. It is hampered, however, by Lee’s notoriously bad memory. There is so much his fans want to know that he could not include. Another flaw is how self-serving it is. His well-known feuds with Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko are barely mentioned, but Lee still takes most of the credit for the creation of Marvel’s characters and for its success. This is not to say he is lying, exactly. I do not know if he is or if it [...]

    17. A very arrogant and self-serving account of most of the glory of Stan Lee's life, barely touching upon any of the negative portions and "downside" that one who lives a long life generally has come one's way. The portions involving Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko were extremely biased and one-sided (based on other books I have read on the subject matter) and reading the rinky-dink book co-authored with another writer (which in Stan Lee's mind means he gets all the credit, fame, glory, and most importa [...]

    18. I really didn't like this book much because in it he kept back tracking well he was talking. It made it hard to understand the order that everything went. I did like that the book was a graphic novel to represent what he did for a living. The book had ups like when he got married next downs like when his baby died before even get to leave the hospital. I thought it was cool he got to meet a lot of famous people. I thought his life was extremely interesting but the talk about the paperwork and st [...]

    19. Stan Lee is an amazing person who lived in an era that being at the right place at the right time meant a world of difference. When a boy could become an editor by default. We are all lucky in that respect, or there WOULD be no Marvel and comics would probably still be seen as disposable entertainment. It was a fascinating look at a man who we all love to watch for in the Marvel movies. Stan the Man.Hey Stan, if you see this, I am waiting for the sequel you promised! ;)

    20. It is a book that is going to delight any Marvel fan. It is write with the energy and hyperbole of a comic book so it is fast and easy to read. I liked to follow the history of Stan as comic book creator and by extension that of Marvel. The book ends at around year 2000 before Sam Raimi finished his movie about Spider-Man. Probably there are better and more detailed accounts of Marvel and Stan Lee, but this one has the unique characteristic of being wrote, in part, by Stan himself.

    21. Found this book to be a really interesting read into the life of Marvel. Learned a lot that I didn't know, especially since I thought that Stan created Marvel; this isn't the case. I do feel that some of the stories may have been told with bias so I'm keeping an open mind. The reader really gets Stan's voice come through and it's told in a unique tone, really as if he's talking direct to the reader. As I mentioned in one of my updates, I do think it's a little sexist in places.

    22. This is Stan The Man's terrific tale of his fantastic life at Marvel Comics.They're all here in this punchy memoir - Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, John Romita, Jr. and the mighty Marvel bullpen.A must read for any comics fan, even if he only slightly addresses charges of being a credit-hog.

    23. I love Stan, but this really is a popcorn biography that sweeps over the turmoil and tension between him and the artists with whom he collaborated, as I'm sure Steve Ditko & Jack Kirby would have a thing or three to say about that. Excelsior is still chock full of good stories and reminiscing. Stan has lived the life that any of us fanboys would love to call our own.

    24. An illustrated autobiography by Stan Lee, this book tells the history of Marvel Comics with some bonus tips on how to write a good script for comics, TV or film. It goes into the triumphs, disappointments and personal landmarks of a storied career in entertainment. The illustrations are first rate.

    25. Grandpa Stan. What a great guy, and just as fun as I thought. I would love so much to meet this living legend. It was really cool learning about the history of Marvel. If you like anything Marvel, read this book.

    26. 3.5*I found this really interesting, I liked finding out about Stan Lee's time at Marvel and how lovingly he talks about his family. I did, however, feel that it wasn't particularly engagingly written, so it was sometimes hard to stay interested.

    27. Loved the book couldn't put it down. Stan writes as he speaks I felt like I was sitting with Stan and he was telling me his amazing life story. As a huge marvel fan I loved finding out the back story of how it all began and the behinds the scenes Great stuff! What a Legend.

    28. This book was informative funny and lots of fun. I have never learned more about my idole in one inning. This book would even be interesting for non comic book lovers

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