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Violins of Autumn

Violins of Autumn When the Germans begin bombing London in World War II Betty is determined to do her part Instead of running air raid drills like most girls her age she lies about her age and trains to become a spy

  • Title: Violins of Autumn
  • Author: Amy McAuley
  • ISBN: 9780802722997
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When the Germans begin bombing London in World War II, Betty is determined to do her part Instead of running air raid drills like most girls her age, she lies about her age and trains to become a spy Now known by her secret agent persona, Adele Blanchard, she finds herself parachuting over German occupied France under the cover of darkness to join the secret Resistance mWhen the Germans begin bombing London in World War II, Betty is determined to do her part Instead of running air raid drills like most girls her age, she lies about her age and trains to become a spy Now known by her secret agent persona, Adele Blanchard, she finds herself parachuting over German occupied France under the cover of darkness to join the secret Resistance movement Prepared to die for her cause, Adele wasn t expecting to make a new best friend in her fellow agent or fall for a handsome American pilot With the brutality of war ever present, can Adele dare to dream of a future where the world is at peace and she is free to live and love of her own accord

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      241 Amy McAuley
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    1 thought on “Violins of Autumn

    1. First of all, is not the cover GORGEOUS?!! I can't get over it. (Although it's a pity the girl on the cover's wearing bright red lipstick, because the book mentions that Adele hates wearing lipstick. But never mind.) My copy is an old hard-cover library copy, but yet it's so gorgeous. I LOVE the purple violet sky. I love violet skies - I saw one yesterday and I'm obsessed with the beauty of violet sunsets.The inside of the book is gorgeous too. A lovely font.This book is like a TRAIN. Seriously. [...]

    2. It was interesting to read this alongside Code Name Verity. Both stories recount the life of a courageous female Allied spy in France during WWII, but if one were to compare them Verity is a brutal, worst-case-scenario account of the spy's interrogation and collapse, while Violins is a heroic story seen through teen-romance tinted glasses.Undoubtedly some research has nourished the plot: we learn about part of the Resistance movement in France, the conditions of civilians and spies in Paris, and [...]

    3. SECOND TIME: I love it even more!!! I think it may be my favorite book! The friendship was so delicious!!! (The love triangle was still awkward, but I understood Adele's decisions even though they were wrong and immature) And the whole spy thing!! And then Robby!!! Do I want a sequel? Ummm idk cuz what if bad stuff happens!!!!! Anyway, read this. Please.Um wow!!!! This wasg, thought-provoking, and deliciously educational! I learned so much about the SOE and being a spy in Paris during WW2. Becau [...]

    4. Fantastic. The main character is capable, likable, brave, and doesn't get caught up in romance. The supporting cast is great, the story is exciting, and the history feels well-researched. I sort of wish I'd read this right with Women Heroes of World War II, and I'd certainly recommend it as a companion either before or after reading this one.

    5. A young spy is captured in Nazi-occupied France and interrogated about her mission. No, this isn't CODE NAME VERITY. It's VIOLINS OF AUTUMN, and the book may begin with a flash forward to Adele's interrogation, but her story begins a little over a month before in May 1944.The Allies are poised to invade France at any moment. Meanwhile, their spies must arm and train the French Resistance in preparation for D-Day. Plain, unassuming Betty, now known as Adele Blanchard, is a courier. Trustworthy an [...]

    6. This book was amazing! I don't have too terribly much to say about it, but it was heartwarming and powerful, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. World War II has always been a time period that's fascinated me (Molly of the American Girl series, anyone?), so I just had a feeling going in that I would like this book. And I wasn't disappointed. :)(view spoiler)[ I was so glad that Adele ended up with the guy she was supposed to in the end (I almost took away a star for the love triangle; I really despise [...]

    7. Adele Blanchard is a secret agent or spy for an organization known as Special Operations Executive which was aligned with the resistance against Nazi occupied France. The book starts off in a plane flying high above the streets of France where Adele and her partner, Denise Langford, are about to parachute out in order to begin their assignments for the resistance. This book drops the reader right in the middle of the action. One reason why I loved it so much was because from page one until page [...]

    8. *This is a First Reads Book that I won. Thank you!*I actually thoroughly enjoyed this book. A 16 yr old American girl who's been living with her aunt and uncle in London lies about her age in order to train and then work as a British spy in France during World War II. Despite the significant time gap between reader and character, Adele (the 16 yr old main character) is fairly easy to identify with. What teenager doesn't go through the "Who am I? What am I doing? Where am I going?" phase. The di [...]

    9. One of those amazing discoveries when browsing in the library, this book is staged in World War 2 in France with a special young lady working in espionage with the Resistance. The author expertly leads you through the intricate story-line, and the characters are so exquisitely constructed that they seem more real than you and I. The characters experience real dangers, real emotions, and real thoughts and dialogues it's too perfect to be fictional. One of the best books I have read in a long time [...]

    10. I discovered Violins of Autumn in the library one day while I browsed through the YA section. The WWII-ish font on the spine caught my interest, along with the title itself, which I half-recognized from my recent viewing of The Longest Day (‘…the long sobs of the violins of autumn…’). The synopsis on the inside flap sounded intriguing enough and I took the book home with me, though without many expectations, since it is YA fiction and most of that tends to be pretty awful (quality or con [...]

    11. Read some of the other reviews Did we read the same book??? Good grief, I must have missed the wonderful book this was! I admit, I was a tad biased, because when I find 2 or 3 things in the beginning of a book, I start nit-picking the work apart. Sometimes the book gets better and I don't have to rip it up in my review. This is Not one of those books. What I noticed first about this book that I did not like was the historical accuracy. I do not really think it is correct. A). The Germans were ve [...]

    12. In the spring of 1944 France has been besieged by Nazis and the people are suffering. Everyone is waiting for D-Day to arrive and everyone needs to do their bit to help the Allies. Betty Sweeney, alias Adele Blanchard is about to do her bit. American born, European educated and British raised, she's ready for any adventure but her adventure is about to become frighteningly real as she prepares to enter enemy territory as a spy for the Special Operations Executive. She must become Adele completel [...]

    13. In 1944, a seventeen-years-old American girl living with her relatives in London named Betty becomes Adele Blanchard and parachutes into Nazi-held France. Part of the British operation helping the French Resistance, she is to become a courrier in Paris while her friend Denise is to become a radio operator. They are first taken in by a welcoming French woman and her less-welcoming son, Pierre. For reasons unknown to Adele, she feels the need to prove herself to Pierre and volunteers to spy on a n [...]

    14. 3.5 stars.Where Code Name Verity is grit and pain; hard choices and mistakes; unbreakable friendship and bravery, Violins of Autumn is a WWII adventure, essentially. Lighter and comparatively "fluffier", for a WWII story. It still holds many of the same ideas and aspects, though written in different lights. For me, Adele was a bit of a hard character to connect with. It was odd, I liked her well enough, but she didn't draw me into her story like I wish she would have. Perhaps it didn't help that [...]

    15. Y’all, I picked up Violins of Autumn by Amy McAuley despite hearing little to no buzz about its release. I love historical YA, and seeing the magic word spy got my reader senses all a-tingle. The WWII backdrop definitely came to life and I found myself very much enjoying most aspects of this story.Our intrepid heroine, Betty (code name: Adele), isn’t satisfied sitting on the sidelines. She lies about her age so she can train to become a spy. Along the way she makes an unlikely best friend, f [...]

    16. just love the coverRead the complete review here: thebookhog.wordpress/2013/Edited:Loved the book too.I can't say why, exactly, I fell in love with this book. I have read many accounts of the Nazi invasion - both fictional and non fictional. I can't even say this book really stood out from among them - that honour remains with 'The Diary of Anne Frank'. But the glimpse this book offered into young people drafted and expected to serve as spies was laudable and very convincing. Some joining the wa [...]

    17. After reading Code Name Verity (which was intense! and amazing!), I was so excited to read this one, another book about girls and their role in WWII, and it did not disappoint. I honestly didn't want to finish it because it was that good: it literally makes me so happy!!The book starts with Betty's interrogation, and then goes back to the start, where she, as Adele, parachutes into France with Denise. Throughout the book, we follow her on her adventures through France, leaving messages and suppl [...]

    18. Reread July-August 2016. This time I just can't get over the clumsiness and shallowness of story and characters, especially as I'm rereading it concurrently with Code Name Verity. Reducing to one star, I'm afraid.Read March 2013. Two and a half stars. I liked it more than I thought I would; I was afraid the characters would be too obviously modern teens written into a WWII story, and for the most part that wasn't the case. There were some nice period details. But the plot felt thin and disjointe [...]

    19. I randomly picked up this book from the library after seeing the cover. The plot summary grabbed my attention (I had recently started watching the TV series 'Bomb Girls' and really enjoyed it) so I decided to take it.I'm glad I did! I really enjoyed it and appreciated it. It's obvious that the author has done her research and the atmosphere she creates is amazing. So if you enjoy WWII young adult novels/settings then I recommend this.The book started a little slow for me but it really picked up. [...]

    20. I'd give this a 2.5 star rating. I feel bad for doing that, because it's clear the author worked really hard on the research for this novel. butThe characters didn't interest me at all. I didn't get the "best friend" vibe from the two girls in the slightest until about 3/4ths through the book - up till then it was like barely concealed but civil dislike for each other. So weird. All the tiny characters kept cycling back but they were so insignificant that I would forget their names and then be c [...]

    21. This is one the best stories on the second World War that is more light hearted than others. Some of the world war books are very depression and graphic but this was only slightly so. This is an amzing book to read, especially in Autumn and I feel it really captures the emotions of the world war and of France.This is set in France, both in the country side and Paris. The characters mostly speak French which is translated, but there are French phrases scattered in there which I love. The whole am [...]

    22. This book had so much potential! It's a rarely tapped topic in fiction: British agents in occupied France during WW2. But this book fell flat for me. I had a hard time figuring out who Betty was; she's written one way but acts another. I also found it difficult to pinpoint the plot; there was never a clearly defined goal for Betty and her friends. There was also a lot of expository dialogue about historical facts. Not only did it feel forced, but so did Betty's reactions. However, I absolutely s [...]

    23. May I first say that I really loved this book? It felt authentic, and I could really imagine myself right there with Adele throughout the whole thing. Set in Paris, right before D-Day, Adele, and American spy for the Allies, has to courier messages, be a lookout for her friend and partner Denise, smuggle important itimes, and sabotage anything and everything that could help the German effort once D-Day has arrived.My one problem with it was the romance part. The author portrayed Robbie, a downed [...]

    24. Guys. It's on my favorites shelf. This is intense. Sooooooooo gooooooooooood! I'm freakin' out! Okay. Breath. The awesome things about this book:- awesome heroine who be awesome!- fantastic sidekick / best friend who be fantastic!- lovable love interest who be lovable! - "last line zingers" be zingery! - WWII era with AMAZING historical details- incredible characterization and development - fantastic beginning and endOverall: SUPERCALLIFRAGIAWESOMESAUCE~ ~ ~ ~ ~Caution spoilers below. Proceed at [...]

    25. "There were ringing telephones, playing radios, children running past open windows. A dog barked or a neighbor's car pulled up to the curb. Ordinary everyday connections I took for granted my whole life - I can't put into words how much I crave them now."What can I say about this book? It was so beautifully written. It brought tears to my eyes, knowing this book would be almost realistic enough. Who knows? In this story we see the heroine (yes, heroine. I don't want to use protagonist as she des [...]

    26. Every aspect of this book was amazing! The main character wasn't some stereotype of a woman, and it was so realistic! I found that I could relate to the character, and made me feel as if I could do anything I set my mind too! I really needed that. The book was easy to understand, and helped me understand more of the world war and how it must have been like. I love history, and this book certainly will not fail to impress you. I also love romance, and I don't think that was overdone, it was a per [...]

    27. I can never get enough stories about girls and women set during WWII, and I absolutely loved this one from start to finish. Even the inclusion of a love triangle didn't bother me since it's not at all the focus of the story, and Adele's female friendships are given just as much (if not more) attention. Adele herself is smart and spunky and totally likable. If you like Code Name Verity or Agent Carter, you'll probably like this.

    28. I absolutely enjoyed Violins of Autumn! I'm so glad I picked it up at the library. at first I was a little apprehensive about reading it but I'm glad I powered through. It's not often I read non-contemporary YA but I think I should look more into it. :) the characters are awesome and the plot was fast paced! I had trouble putting it down.

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