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The Zenith

The Zenith A major new novel from the most important Vietnamese author writing todayDuong Thu Huong has won acclaim for her exceptional lyricism and psychological acumen as well as for her unflinching portraits

  • Title: The Zenith
  • Author: Dương Thu Hương Stephen B. Young Hoa P. Young
  • ISBN: 9780670023752
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A major new novel from the most important Vietnamese author writing todayDuong Thu Huong has won acclaim for her exceptional lyricism and psychological acumen, as well as for her unflinching portraits of modern Vietnam and its culture and people In this monumental new novel she offers an intimate, imagined account of the final months in the life of President Ho Chi Minh aA major new novel from the most important Vietnamese author writing todayDuong Thu Huong has won acclaim for her exceptional lyricism and psychological acumen, as well as for her unflinching portraits of modern Vietnam and its culture and people In this monumental new novel she offers an intimate, imagined account of the final months in the life of President Ho Chi Minh at an isolated mountaintop compound where he is imprisoned both physically and emotionally, weaving his story in with those of his wife s brother in law, an elder in a small village town, and a close friend and political ally, to explore how we reconcile the struggles of the human heart with the external world.These narratives portray the thirst for absolute power, both political and otherwise, and the tragic consequences on family, community, and nationhood that can occur when jealousy is coupled with greed or mixed with a lust for power The Zenith illuminates and captures the moral conscience of Vietnamese leaders in the 1950s and 1960s as no other book ever has, as well as bringing out the souls of ordinary Vietnamese living through those tumultuous times.

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    • Free Read [Historical Fiction Book] ↠ The Zenith - by Dương Thu Hương Stephen B. Young Hoa P. Young ↠
      201 Dương Thu Hương Stephen B. Young Hoa P. Young
    • thumbnail Title: Free Read [Historical Fiction Book] ↠ The Zenith - by Dương Thu Hương Stephen B. Young Hoa P. Young ↠
      Posted by:Dương Thu Hương Stephen B. Young Hoa P. Young
      Published :2018-09-06T07:38:09+00:00

    1 thought on “The Zenith

    1. This novel was first published in 2009, translation copyright 2012 by Stephen Young and Hoa Pham Young. It is an anguished account of a much-lauded government leader who is surprised to find the country he thought he was leading has turned into something else without his awareness. The ideals of the party, the movement, has been corrupted in practice, all while he was concentrating on consolidating the revolution.Dương Thu Hương was once one of Vietnam’s most respected novelists. Most of h [...]

    2. i keep expecting Duong Thu Huong's name to surface at least during discussions of the Nobel Prize, but I am inevitably disappointed. Few writers have given their nation more: a Northerner, she spent years on the front lines of its wars, including underground, entertaining, nursing and burying the troops. But she is that rarest of all things: someone who expected the revolution to fulfill its promise and is willing to expose, with brutal honesty, how it does not. "Paradise of the Blind" criticize [...]

    3. Four stories, all about Ho Chi Minh in their own way. Never confusing, always engaging. Despite the huge amout of pages (at least, in Dutch) it was difficult to put aside. It's a story about love and power. About how one can interfere with the other. Shocking at times, exciting at other moments, tragic at all times. amazed but not surprised to see how strong leaders are also just human. This book was a nice suprise. The Vietnam war was nothing new, but a new point of view is always good.

    4. Ho Chi Minh, the President looks back as a 70-year-old man at parts of his life with regret. He regrets the lack of contact with children that he fathered and the loss of a woman he loved, he regrets the distance that has come between himself as a man and the people he sought to represent.Wishing to retrieve something of that contact, he attends the funeral of a woodcutter to pay his respects, only to realise the suffering his presence will have caused because of his distinguished position and t [...]

    5. 'His voice was soft and high, like that of a homosexual.'The Zenith is the worst book I have read in a long time, and made me seriously question my policy of finishing every book that I begin. I was persuaded in continuing the masochistic pursuit of reading this mammoth pile of turgid wankery by the vaguely interesting chapter 'The Woodcutters Hamlet' - anyone considering this book should start and finish with this chapter, as it represents a seed of what is promised in the blurb (and what is no [...]

    6. I won this book through the first-reads giveaways and I would actually give this book 2.75 stars. My rating system is 2 = okay and 3 = liked it. There were a lot of things I found interesting and liked about this book. It was an interesting perspective on the end of Ho Chi Minh's life. The life of his political ally, Vu was also very interesting. My favorite part was the story of Mr. Quang's family. But, it had the least amount of tie in to Ho Chi Minh's life. I confess to having very little kno [...]

    7. Another wonderful novel from the pen of Durong Thu Huron, although I did find this one a little long and somewhat preachyher version of President Ho was very interesting as was her take on the men around him and her belief that they undermined his goals and future of Vietnam. I must say that I think that the change of translators may also have effected the book, I did not find the floe of English and the dialogue, both actual and internal was as well done in her past novelsbut she is still one t [...]

    8. Đọc xong vừa thấy chắc chắn mà lại cũng hoang mang về cái đất nước mình. Tác giả thì khẳng định sách viết dựa trên factual research, 15 năm kinh nghiệm từ bao nguồn khác nhau, tính cả vào tù ra tội rồi người này người kia. Hoang mang lắm. Lần nào các bạn quốc tế hỏi chuyện lịch sử, chiến tranh, nhân vật thì cũng đều quay lại cái cảm giác này cả. Từ bé đến lớn học sử qua sách giáo [...]

    9. The Zenith is an illustration of its political leaders during the 1950's and 1960's. The novel is divided into 3 main parts which all tie in together about Vietnam's President, Ho Chi Minh, who is nicknamed "Uncle Ho" by the Vietnamese people. The 1st part consists of the President and his close friend and political ally who is secretly raising the President's son. The President had had an affair with a woman 40 years his junior who was murdered. Ho Chi Minh is forced by his political party to r [...]

    10. There's a lot to like in this novel about Vietnam and the life, regrets, and last days of Ho Chi Minh. However, the strongest portion of the book by far was part 2, the story of Mr. Quang and Woodcutter's Hamlet, which seemed to have little to do with the main thread of the story directly. The internal monologue of Ho Chi Minh as imagined by the author was difficult to follow and appreciate at times, particularly in the opening section of the novel. I also found it difficult to understand his su [...]

    11. Quatre intrigues se mêlent autour de l'histoire tragique d'Ho Chi Minh, père spirituel du Vietnam. Au début des années 1950, alors âgé de plus de 60 ans, il tombe éperdument amoureux de Xuan, une jeune montagnarde et fonde avec elle une famille. Mais lorsqu'il souhaite officialiser son union, ses anciens compagnons de combat s'y opposent. Xuan est exécutée et ses enfants cachés pour survivre. Une fresque somptueuse et passionnante, mêlant amours, pouvoir et meurtres, un livre enragé [...]

    12. I won this on a giveaway. I was looking forward to reading this book because it was in my favorite genre of historical fiction plus I have read very little about Vietnam and was intrigued. I have been trying all week to read this book but I have found it too difficult to keep track of the time realms and who is talking from one minute to the next. I also find the culteral aspects aren't explained well and I always a bit lost. I have stopped reading it for now but I may give it another try in th [...]

    13. Very thought provoking.a chance to really look inside oneself to understand the meaning of their life, and how actions (or inaction) can bring about changes to our predetermined destiny. This book really makes a person think about the old saying: "The choices we make today are those that we will live with for the rest of our lives." Thanks, "First Reads" giveaways, for the opportunity to preview this book before it goes on sale!

    14. ARC received courtesy of giveawayUghI really, really tried to read this book. In fact, I got to around page 375but I just can't go on. The book is written as a novel of Ho Chi Minh's last days. Maybe it's a cultural thing, but I just didn't get all of the tangents the author used. For most of the book, I couldn't even figure out who was being talked about.

    15. Powerful, poetic, eye opening, unforgettable. The second half of the book started to get too long for me; but, I went back and re-read it instead of getting impatient, and was rewarded. You can see, smell and breathe Vietnamese countryside; get into the deepest corners of the people's minds - high and low; and come out changed.

    16. Well-worth reading this incredible book. High credit must be given to the excellent translation by a husband and wife team. The only downside is remembering all the Vietnamese names which appeared similar and I had to flip back constantly to follow the narration. Great to grasp a historical culture, custom and tradition of a great country, Vietnam.

    17. I received this book as a first reads giveaway from Good Reads. Since I rarely win, I was really surprised. Mostly I just scroll to see what new books are coming out not with any expectation. At least that way I'm not disappointed when I win at best one book a year. The book arrived very quickly and I will post a substantive review after I read it. Looking forward.

    18. Hier liep ik toevallig tegenaan in een tweedehandswinkel, en het was een zeer aangename verrassing. Bijzonder om via boeken zulke andere culturen te leren kennen. Niet altijd even makkelijk in te voelen, juist doordat de cultuur zo verschilt, maar juist daardoor extra de moeite waard.

    19. Lots of heartbreak here, so hard to say I "enjoyed" this--but it is a fascinating imagining of Ho Chi Minh's final months along with lots of movement back & forth by various characters (real & fictional) in recent Vietnamese history.

    20. Won this book on a giveaway and I'm currently reading it.***On hold. I can't get into it right now and I have 4 others giveaway waiting to be read. Will get back to it later this year.

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