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The Brixen Witch

The Brixen Witch An enchanted coin A witch s curse And rats rats everywhere What s a boy to do When Rudi Bauer finds a witch s coin he unleashes her curse Can he defeat the witch and her evil servant Will Rudi with

  • Title: The Brixen Witch
  • Author: Stacy DeKeyser John Nickle
  • ISBN: 9781442433281
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An enchanted coin A witch s curse And rats, rats everywhere What s a boy to do When Rudi Bauer finds a witch s coin, he unleashes her curse Can he defeat the witch and her evil servant Will Rudi with help from an unexpected ally set things right before it s too late

    The Brixen Witch Stacy DeKeyser, John Nickle The Brixen Witch is an uncomplicated, very much middle grade tale, a relief from the many angst ridden YA fairy tale retellings of recent years, to tell you the truth. The Brixen Witch by Stacy DeKeyser Community Reviews Twelve year old Rudi can not resist temptation and takes a gold coin that belongs to the Brixen Witch, the witch who is rud to live high above the village of Brixen This act sets in motion a variety of events which include storms, mysterious music, magic, and a rat infestation in Brixen. The Brixen Witch Stacy DeKeyser Thus begins the story of a boy, an enchanted coin, and the hex he brings upon his village Rudi must confront a mountain witch, a mysterious stranger and a plague of rats in order to erase the curse that threatens to steal away the town s most precious treasure. Book Review The Brixen Witch by Stacy DeKeyser Mboten Jun , The Brixen Witch attempts to tell a fuller version and answer some of the questions brought up by the original, but does it with an innocent and charming air The conclusion seemed a little too easy, but it fit the tone of the book nicely. The Brixen Witch Book by Stacy DeKeyser, John Nickle Stacy DeKeyser is the author of The Brixen Witch, which received two starred reviews and was a Chicago Public Library Best of the Best Pick, and its sequel, One Witch at a Time, as well as the young adult novel Jump the Cracks and two nonfiction books for The Brixen Witch A Review S Newsletters The Brixen Witch A Review By Stacy DeKeyser by Sarah Wendorf This newsletter was created with S, an online tool for creating beautiful newsletters for for educators, nonprofits, businesses and THE BRIXEN WITCH by Stacy DeKeyser , John Nickle Kirkus But the witch really is a witch, even though much of her power has been stolen by her greedy servant she s necessary to her mountain and her village As his Oma points out, young Rudi, the one child left behind after the children disappear and the one who precipitated the crisis, is The Brixen Witch Weber County Library An enchanted coin A witch s curse And rats, rats everywhere What s a boy to do When Rudi Bauer accidentally takes a witch s coin, he unleashes her curse Accident or not, he knows he s got to fix things, so he tries to return the coin, only to lose it on the witch s magic mountain just as the snows come.

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    1. As a foreigner living abroad in Taiwan, I find local superstitions fascinating. The first baseball game I went to had a caffeine-wired hyperman using a microphone and cheering in Mandarin while fans echoed back his words all the while pounding their thunderstix in ear-deafening patterns. One time, hyperman screamed at us to jump to our feet and shout a repetitive line such a "kill, kill, kill" (similar to our "fight, fight, fight" chant not meant maliciously) as the player took his stance at hom [...]

    2. A lively, fun read with engaging characters and clever twists in the plot. Rudi is a likable lad and benefits from sharing his rat-filled tale with a cast of wonderful and endearing characters.

    3. I am a fan of fairytales re-imagined and this one did not disappoint. This version of the Pied Piper is a fresh take on the original. The POV is from one of the village children, a boy named Rudi who lives in the shadow of the Berg, a forboding mountain which is home to the Brixon witch.When Rudi finds a golden guilder outside of a cave in the mountain, he begins to hear a haunting melody. Seems the witch is looking for her stolen treasure. Thus begins a series of misfortunes that threatens the [...]

    4. Originally posted at Random Musings of a Bibliophile.I'm always on the lookout for good retellings and so was interested in The Brixen Witch by Stacy DeKeyser as soon as I heard of it. The book is a retelling of The Pied Piper of Hamelin. How many of those can be found?The Pied Piper is one of those tales that always leaves one scratching one's head. What did the Piper do with the children once he lured them away? Why on earth would the Piper think that kidnapping a town full of children was sui [...]

    5. Fairy tale retellings have been popular for a long time, especially familiar tales such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Beauty and the Beast. The Pied Piper is a fairy tale that isn't as well known nor is it retold as often (I know of only three retellings including this one). Like many retellings, The Brixen Witch uses the basic storyline involving the main characteristics of the original fairy tale but also includes a number of differences.The similarities between this story and the origin [...]

    6. As an updated Pied Piper tale, this tale will be well received by fantasy and adventure lovers. Twelve year old Rudi can not resist temptation and takes a gold coin that belongs to the Brixen Witch, the witch who is rumored to live high above the village of Brixen. This act sets in motion a variety of events which include storms, mysterious music, magic, and a rat infestation in Brixen. Rudi, believing that these acts are because of his misjudgment of taking the coin, decides it is up to him to [...]

    7. Ah Rudi never mess with a witch. Didn't your grandmother teach you anything? Poor Rudi, he has just brought down a plague of rats on his village, but it isn't really his fault. He tried to repair the damage but there is more going on than just a disgruntled witch. There are lots of layers to this story and I really enjoyed reading it and getting to know the characters. It gives a small nod to the Pied Piper legend, but is definitely it's own story.

    8. Very good. A little hard for me to get into since it is a retelling of the Pied Piper and I hate rats. There is a sequel but I very much like the fact that this story ends cleanly with no time spent building up an intro to the next book. The touches of humor and individual characters are fun.

    9. Retelling of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Well paced, and suspenseful, but not too scary for little kids. Would be a fun read-aloud.

    10. This well-paced, well-written fantasy/adventure, with plot twists and a brave young hero, will charm readers of all ages.

    11. This is a great book for elementary / middle school aged kids. I loved the length and pacing. I will definitely be recommending it to some of my middle school students this school year.

    12. Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book a while ago, with a nice note from the author with cute stamps of rats. It got lost in a pile of books and I just found it recently and read it.Rating: 3.5 stars, but GR doesn't allow half stars. I'd say 4 stars for kids, 3.5 for adults.I try not to read ahead about a book (to minimize spoilers or influence), so it wasn't until about half way through that I realized this was a retelling of the Pied Piper. I may be in the minority, but I am generall [...]

    13. From July 2012 SLJ:Gr 4-6:—When 12-year-old Rudi finds a golden guilder while hunting, he can't wait to share the news at home. But unearthly noises haunt him, even safely in his village, and his grandmother tells him that if he has taken something from the Brixen witch, she will not rest until it is returned. The next day, he sets out to return the coin, but an avalanche buries it before he can do so. For months, he is tormented by nightmares and feels at ease only when they finally fade. When [...]

    14. A nice little book that combines the story of the Pied Piper with a much larger, character-driven narrative. I particularly like the way it works in the character of the witch as village wise-woman and caretaker from afar. I think this one would work particularly well as a family read-aloud.Rudi is out hunting high up on the Berg that looms over his village one day when he stumbles upon a valuable golden coin. A freezing storm chases him back home, and he's sure it's the wrath of the witch. His [...]

    15. We read this aloud with our almost 7 year old son, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It had just enough suspense and darkness to make us cozy up to each other as we read, but enough reality to keep us grounded, deeply rooted in the story. The village of Brixen was as real to us as any town, its residents like people we've known. The elders, the children, the cobblestones, the rats: all of it so vivid and real. The story was compelling, keeping us on the edge of our seats. We rushed home from school, wo [...]

    16. Rudi picks up a gold coin on the mountain, and is soon given to understand the horror of what he has done. According to his grandmother, the coin belongs to the Brixen Witch, and she will send her servant to get it back. Nightmares trail Rudi all winter, since the mountain is too dangerous to climb until spring. When the snows clear, he climbs to the spot where he found the coin, but slips--the coin won't come free of his pocket, but at last he is able to toss it away. Everything seems back to n [...]

    17. Despite "The Brixen Witch" being written for young adults, I, at 21 years old, thought it was a great book. I found the writing to be very smooth and the story to be clearly presented, two qualities that I consider extremely important in a young adult book. I read this book in one afternoon, and the last 100 pages went especially quickly. Numerous plot twists and little bits of comic relief kept me hooked until the ending, which had me teary-eyed (in a good, cathartic way). Similar to many of th [...]

    18. I won this book on from the program firstreads:I chose this book for mine and my sons bedtime stories for a few weeks choosing a chapter a night. I loved this story and so did he! The characters were so fun and the story was very suspenseful, with the wise Oma and the boy who just couldn't resist temptation and took something off the mountain that belonged to the Brixon witch. In the story all of the witches belongings sang music so that her assistant could track them down and find them, making [...]

    19. To be frank, I was hesitant about this book. I don't know the author, and the flyleaf didn't intrigue me. However, once I began reading the book I found it hard to put down. Young Rudi, quite by accident, has incurred the wrath of the witch on the mountain. But is she the one sending the plague of rats to his village? When the witch's apprentice shows up and lures away first the rats then the children (no, they don't live in Hamlin) Rudi knows it is up to him to set things right. This is a compe [...]

    20. Thank you for a most entertaining tale. Rudi is the boy every child knows and the members of his family and town are easily envisioned. The tale of how one simple act can have an effect on a whole community and the value of age and experience passed down through generations in story and rhyme make this a fairy tale for all ages. Adults will find the descriptions and actions of the townspeople as they deal with their problems both funny and telling as they can see themselves and friends in the ch [...]

    21. Twelve-year-old Rudi Bauer accidentally unleashes a witch's curse, plaguing his village with rats.A stranger promises to rid the village of rats—for a price. When the desperate villagers fail to pay, the stranger exacts a terrible price. Its up to Rudi, with the help of his wise grandmother, to appease the witch and save the village. Action, adventure, humor, and some spine-tingling moments make this Pied Piper-like tale suitable for grades 3-6.

    22. I received this as a first read. This s a fun middle grade tale! It is a fairytale retelling of Pied Piper. It is a very fresh look at this fairytale. This book was just a fun easy read that made me smile while reading it. I love the whole look of this book and the story is well written. I definitely recommend those for young kids and those who like to read middle grade. I also recommend this one to those like retellings.

    23. First line:Rudi Bauer ran for his life and cursed his bad luck."Beehive Award NomineeI liked this retelling of the Pied Piper. I really liked Rudi and how he changed and grew in throughout the book. Great middle grade story and I would recommend it to any family!Rating: GLiked:Pied Piper retellingRudiRudi's growthThe witch!Didn't like:Well, the rats. Not that I'm afraid of rats but there were soooo many! yuck!

    24. Somewhat of a retelling of the Pied Piper, in the same way that Neil Gaiman's "Odd and the Frost Giants" feels like a retelling of a traditional tale. There are all the hallmarks of the familiar, and yet it's not some tired and worn-out story -- it's a new thing, in a new world and the details give it life and spark and a certain beguiling power. Rudi finds a coin on the mountainside and learns, in the end, that all debts must eventually be paid.

    25. As a disclaimer, I received a copy of this book from the publisher. "The Bixen Witch" is a reinterpretation of the story of the Pied Piper of Hamlin. Although clearly targeted as a children's book, it does a fairly good job of not being dumbed down at all, a common failing of that market. Recommended for children looking for their first venture into the world of chapter books.

    26. A fun retelling of The Pied Piper that was intriguing in all the right ways. When Rudi mistakenly annoys a powerful witch, he’ll do almost anything to make things right for his village. Relying upon his bravery and his grandmother’s advice, Rudi ventures to the witch’s cave by himself and discovers that all is not as it seems. A quick, accessible and suspenseful read!

    27. When Rudi finds a golden coin and realizes it belongs to the Brixen Witch, he tries to return it, only to lose it. Now, tormented by nightmares, things go from bad to worse when the town is infested with rats. Can Rudi turn the bad luck around? This retelling of the Pied Piper of Hamlin has some interesting twists and lessons about magic. Recommended to upper elementary and middle school.

    28. An enchanted coin. A witch’s curse. And rats, rats everywhere! What’s a boy to do? “Fresh and satisfying for middle grade readers” (Kirkus Reviews, starred review).When Rudi Bauer accidentally takes a witch’s coin, he unleashes her curse. Accident or not, he knows he’s got to fix things, so he tries to return the coin, only to lose it on the witch’s magic mountain just as

    29. The gold coin 12 year old Rudi finds while hunting on the mountain starts a chain of events that include tormenting nightmares, a witch, a curse of rats, and a "rat catcher" with evil designs. This charming retelling of the "Pied Piper" has action, humor, suspense and a boy hero with a real strength of character. A great choice for elementary aged readers.

    30. I really enjoyed this book, a well-written tale filled with interesting characters. A story of magic, rats, and witches, what's not to like? I'm looking forward to reading more of young Rudi Bauer's adventures.

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