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Shepherd, Slave, and Vow

Shepherd Slave and Vow Bored with the privileges and duties of a member of the first family Ferro finds himself in the slave tents as a consequence of his antics knowing he ll be rescued before long At least that s the w

  • Title: Shepherd, Slave, and Vow
  • Author: Lyn Gala
  • ISBN: 9781613722350
  • Page: 463
  • Format: ebook
  • Bored with the privileges and duties of a member of the first family, Ferro finds himself in the slave tents as a consequence of his antics, knowing he ll be rescued before long At least, that s the way it s always worked before This time, though, Ferro finds himself sold as a sheep tender along with an intriguingly mysterious slave called Lisias For the first time, FerBored with the privileges and duties of a member of the first family, Ferro finds himself in the slave tents as a consequence of his antics, knowing he ll be rescued before long At least, that s the way it s always worked before This time, though, Ferro finds himself sold as a sheep tender along with an intriguingly mysterious slave called Lisias For the first time, Ferro s met someone who seems immune to his wiles, and he ll soon learn that Lisias has to teach him than just shepherding.

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    1 thought on “Shepherd, Slave, and Vow

    1. Reread 11/29/2013: sigh, even better the second time around. Adore the completely natural D/s theme.--------------------------Oh Ferro! If he had lived today, his champagne parties in private jets would be featured on Rich Kids Of Instagram. In a worst case scenario, his parents would try to nip his brattiness in the bud by sending him to a prestigious boarding school abroad.As it is, the good looking, privileged man lives in an ancient fantasy world with strong elements of Greek mythology. Mind [...]

    2. A fabulous little MM Historical Romance!"I don't want easy sex here.""That's amusing because I have a reputation for being fairly easy." I had a great time with this, and it flew by. There was not a single wasted scene in this novella!There's a great buildup between the characters. Their banter was delightful and really drew me in. There's a fair amount of heat as well, even if it takes a while for them to come together physically.There's a fair amount of bondage and power-play, but this book si [...]

    3. Delicious.Over far too soon, this one had me frantically sliding back a few pages as many times as it took for me to be, um, satisfied.I counted three rewinds—but really the sexual tension was nearly high enough from the beginning; I was fapping for pages and pages before the actual coupling began.Nicely-done erotic short.

    4. 2 1/2 Stars - it was too short and a big "oh well" for meIt started out pretty good but felt mostly flat in the end. I don't know if it's me or just the wrong story for me today. I was never committed and didn't think it was particularly clever or amusing either. For me, this is neither sexy, tender or even particularly moral as an old tale could be.What was the point of this story? Yes, to tame a young messy guy, as far as I am with you But otherwise? I feel confused. And all the talk about the [...]

    5. Lyn Gala has the ability to draw me to her characters inspite of not always winning me over plot wise. So I find myself including her characters in my daily musings She has just added another two with this.Liked the non intrusive world building, a breath of fresh air. Not truly convinced with the story development (view spoiler)[, Ferro giving up his heritage so easily, what about if they are sold seperately? (hide spoiler)]. Anyway such niggles just show that I've invested enough in the charact [...]

    6. Ferro is a brat. The spoiled third son of royalty, he’s been given every luxury that wealth can buy. But he gets bored way too easily. No on seems able to engage or control him. It’s all games to Ferro-- a revolving game of capture and release. First, he gets caught by slavers, then he counts on his mouthy petulance to keep any prospective buyers away, as he bides his time, waiting for rescue by his wealthy family. It all helps with fighting that boredom and loneliness. What’s a guy to do [...]

    7. 3.5 rounded upI loved all the showingautiful.I based my rating on the characters and the feelings they stirred up in each other and in me. The plot? For me, it was just a vehicle for these two men to meet and get together.I wanted more, of course, but the story didn't need it.

    8. Nice short to nibble through -- with a rich bratty kid that needs to be disciplined (with mouth-gag and ropes, of course) :p

    9. Hooo damn. Lyn Gala, what a jewel.My reaction as I was reading:Ooooh this is so good!And I especially love the analysis into the whole Athena vs Mars/Ares thing. As a mythology buff, I whole-heartedly approve of this :DThe entire thing is rather well-done. It's clever, rather inane at times, but still soulful.My only real issue is that the eagle described, while very, very vague, automatically makes me think of a bald eagle (something was mentioned about a white head), which is native to the Ame [...]

    10. Shepherd, Slave, and Vow is a fun, quick erotica story about a spoiled royal son that finally meets his match in a slave shepherd. The novella is entertaining and well written with a deft hand that keeps the main narrator from being too insufferable or obnoxious but gives instead a light hearted tone about a bratty, attention seeking man who finally finds someone to give him the “tending” he’s always wanted. The premise is set up easily with Ferro in slave chains at an auction. His latest [...]

    11. This is my kind of D/s relationship! It comes across so naturally, rather than the forced and awkward way that formalized BDSM often does. I only wish it were a full length novel, as I'm left wanting to know more about both their pasts, and what is to come.

    12. 3.5Really quite enjoyable and well written. It did go from enemies to lovers awfully fast and from lovers to life-mates even faster, but a fun read.

    13. I picked up this book at Loederkoningin's suggestion. I didn't read what it was about, just dove in.(view spoiler)[It was such a nice read! I really liked Ferro with with mouthy attitude, his confidence that he would be rescued by his family, even if his being sold as slave was punishment for angering his parents. He was under the impression that there wasn't anything he couldn't handle. And then he met Lisias. A mysterious sheep tender that had many remarkable qualities and who managed to surpr [...]

    14. I was expecting something different from what we got in this story. I don't understand why the Royal family would kick their son out so he ends up a slave. All the talk of gods this and gods that I could have done without. This was a short novella but it was a struggle to finish. I started skimming pages. Never understood why the MCs got together. Once the sex came, didn't care about it.

    15. A lovely little historical romance.Plus it was free on Smashwords, so you should definitely give it a shot.My only complaint was that I wish it was longer :)

    16. It was a free read at DSP, so i thought give it a shot. I´m glad it was free because i just couldn´t get into this one. I didn´t like it.

    17. This was a witty and mischievous story, where the entertainment hinges on the charm of the narrator.Review for Brief Encounters Reviews: briefencountersreviews/201Ferro is an irrepressible wastrel, or so it seems. He regularly breaks the rules, misbehaving or thieving and gets sent to the slave tents as punishment. However, we learn quickly it’s a scam: Ferro never actually gets sold as a slave, or not for very long, before his royal family sends someone to bring him home again. All he has to [...]

    18. Originally posted at: whippedcream2/201Privileged and bratty prince Ferro may just find what he’s been searching for in a surprising place. Ferro has upset his father once again and is off to the slave blocks. Instead of waiting a few days to be collected, Ferro is sold at auction with an animal tender slave named Lisias. Lisias decides to take Ferro in hand and the royal son can’t decide if he’s excited or annoyed. The quiet, self-confident tender may be a slave but his demeanor suggests [...]

    19. I am really confused about the timeline for the story. They have bows and arrows and iron, and he wears pants. But they won against Rome. Greece didn't win against Rome unless there was some later war I don't know about. Are these non-Greeks who worship Greek Gods? Greece didn't become a kingdome until the late 1800's right? That doesn't fit with this story structure at all. I'm missing something I think. I'm a little confused about seeing a white headed eagle in Greece. there aren't any in the [...]

    20. Really fell flat. The premise of the story itself makes so sense: the most powerful family punishes their son by continuously sending him off to be a slave? That would only dishonor their family (a point which the MC even points out…)The MC talks a big talk about how brave and strong and independent he is, but when the other MC exerts the tines bit of will over him, he folds like a stack of cards. This is a power play book, like BDSM, and the worst kind: where the submissive is all proud of no [...]

    21. Enjoyable.Lyn Gala is a favorite of mine and I know this was a short, but I still would've liked just a tad more world building. Loved the relationship development between Ferro and Lisias especially all the ropes.

    22. Enjoyable story about Ferro and Lisias. I love how it's set in truly historical times with gods and goddesses. I love mythology so this was nice. It's a story of a spoiled rich kid who gets shown that his true self is good and that he can be loved for who he is! :)

    23. Short story but very interesting. I really liked how the author mixed just a bit of mythology into the storyline.

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