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O MUNDO DOS VIVOS Abbie Devereaux acorda imersa em escurid o Tem um carapu o a cobrir lhe a cabe a e est amarrada de p s e m os N o sabe onde est nem como ali foi parar Um homem que nunca consegue ver d lhe comida

  • Author: Nicci French
  • ISBN: 9725645820
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback
  • Abbie Devereaux acorda imersa em escurid o Tem um carapu o a cobrir lhe a cabe a e est amarrada de p s e m os N o sabe onde est , nem como ali foi parar Um homem, que nunca consegue ver, d lhe comida e fala com ela Diz que, por enquanto, a manter viva Abbie tem a seu favor apenas uma resist ncia determinada Conta os segundos da solid o obscura, inventa hist rias pAbbie Devereaux acorda imersa em escurid o Tem um carapu o a cobrir lhe a cabe a e est amarrada de p s e m os N o sabe onde est , nem como ali foi parar Um homem, que nunca consegue ver, d lhe comida e fala com ela Diz que, por enquanto, a manter viva Abbie tem a seu favor apenas uma resist ncia determinada Conta os segundos da solid o obscura, inventa hist rias para n o enlouquecer, entre elas alguns planos de sobreviv ncia O seu nico objectivo escapar ao raptor e regressar ao mundo dos vivos.Entre as recorda es que a mant m viva est a vida profissional, esgotante, e a rela o tensa com o namorado, Terry Haver alguma liga o entre a voz que fala nas trevas e a vida real Ser poss vel sobreviver ao medo sem ceder loucura, haver esfor o poss vel para continuar a viver

    • Best Read [Nicci French] ☆ O MUNDO DOS VIVOS || [Science Fiction Book] PDF Ô
      174 Nicci French
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    1 thought on “O MUNDO DOS VIVOS

    1. "If I went on sitting here, sooner or later - and probably sooner, tomorrow or the next day, I could sense the moment was near - he could murder me."- Abbie Devereaux

    2. Η Άμπι ξυπνά σε απόλυτο σκοτάδι, δεμένη και χωρίς να θυμάται τίποτα. Κάποιος την έχει απαγάγει και την έχει κλειδώσει δεμένη και φιμωμενη. Δεν ξέρει πόσες μέρες βρίσκεται εκεί αλλά καταφέρνει να δραπετεύσει. Η αστυνομία θεωρεί ότι έχει "κατασκευάσει"την ιστορία της απαγωγή [...]

    3. I had to read this book for my English class, and that kind of ruins everything (it even made reading the Hobbit boring), but that aside, I didn't think this was a good book at all.The writing was fine. The editing was fine. The point of view was fine. Even the characters were okay. It was the plot that bothered me.It starts off interesting: Abbi awakes, doesn't know how she got there or why she's bound and hooded. Then she spends pages and pages being afraid and, well, tortured. Then she escape [...]

    4. Είσαι δεμένη και φιμωμένη, κλεισμένη κάπου όπου ένας άντρας σε κρατάει παρά τη θέλησή σου και σε ταΐζει ίσα που να μην πεθάνεις από την πείνα. Τι θα συμβεί στη μετέπειτα ζωή σου αν είσαι αρκετά τυχερή και το σκάσεις; Και πώς θα αντιδράσεις όταν δεις ότι δεν υπάρχει καμία απτή [...]

    5. With a gripping start that fully captured my attention, I had a hard time putting LAND OF THE LIVING down. The suspense-filled atmosphere leapt off the pages and I found myself catching my breath and actually feeling the pressure presented within the covers. This doesn't usually happen to me, especially from a book I know is fiction. The author (or authors really) have done a fabulous job bringing the book to life and I imagine the plot does a fairly accurate job conveying a true life account of [...]

    6. This is a chilling, very realistic book by the collaborative voice of two journalists under the pseudonym Nicci French. Abbie Devereaux wakes up somewhere in the dark, wrists tied, ankles tied, gagged and blinded with a sack. She can't remember the past week. Her kidnapper tells her he's going to kill her, that he's killed other woman just like her, and there's nothing she can do about it. She is going to die. In desperation, Abbie tries to hang herself with the ropes she's tied to, and breaks t [...]

    7. Could not put this book down, best I've read since Michael Robotham! Really great mystery, Nicci French does it again! loved it!!!

    8. Ενα ψυχολογικο θριλερ με στρωτη γραφη και ενταση χωρις ωστοσο να με συναρπασει .3.5/5

    9. This book was a very nice surprise, as I only bought it by chance in a second hand bookshop that is no more The kind of thriller that you cannot put down, it kept me captivated all the way through and the reason I am giving it three stars is that there are some "silly" and too unbelievable elements in the plot, like the way the police handles the case Still, a very entertaining read.

    10. Great start , promising a crime thriller! But it is a psychology thriller after all. Very good indeed , just without the element of surprise , or an interesting villain . Quite a page turner though!

    11. This novel, written by the husband-wife team known as 'Nicci French' is a bit different from many of the others they have written. This particular novel has more to do with the fear that a person's imagination can stir up into a frenzy. Add to that temporary, or even permanent amnesia, and what you have is a frightening recipe for disaster. The book starts out with Abbie Devereaux , a 25 year old woman being kept captive by an unknown man in a dank basement. She is kept bound and with a gag and [...]

    12. Read this as an audiobook. The narrator was interesting and it was interesting listening to the twists and turns that the story takes at a pace that you can’t change if that makes sense. Usually with a thriller, I almost fast forward read them, when the exciting stuff happens. But the reader kept going at the same pace so it almost made the exciting action lines seem boring, as they weren’t any different to the rest of the book.Abby was almost a believable character except to how off the rai [...]

    13. capture, release, memory issues, love gone wrong, love found (?maybe) but who will believe the victim? (not me)…whew what a roller coast ride this one was…I am hoping that future novels are more precise in their writing (this was in 2003. which literarily speaking is ages ago); this author was a friend (KB) recommendation, 2003 hardback via Madison County Public Library, Richmond; 341 pgs.

    14. So the end was reaally bad I don't know what's happening but just as soon I get excited about a book plot I discover a really shitty ending. Just the main idea getting lost and then round and round we go with some useless facts. boring. And let me freak out about the main character Abbie. I think she is effing illogical. All along the book she says that she's so afraid of the killer, that she thinks that she will came after her. And then she calmly walks in into a stranger's appartment (yes I kn [...]

    15. Το άκρο αντίστροφο του Χαμόγελου. Όχι αμιγώς αστυνομικό, όπως όλα τα βιβλία των συγγραφέων. Είναι ψυχολογικό θρίλερ και ξεκινάει με τον φόβο κάθε γυναίκας στον πλανήτη… να ξυπνήσει και να ανακαλύψει ότι βρίσκεται μόνη, δεμένη και φιμωμένη σε ένα πυκνό και πηκτό σκοτάδι. Να [...]

    16. In the tradition of The Silence of the Lambs, Nicci French, bestselling author of Beneath the Skin and The Red Room, delivers what promises to be the psychological blockbuster of the season. Kidnapped, gagged, and held in an airless shed by some unknown assailant, Abbie Devereaux has somehow managed to survive her ordeal and escape. Now no one seems to believe her, including the police who found her bruised and beaten in a run-down neighborhood outside London, and the psychologists who interview [...]

    17. I cannot even begin to describe what happens in this book without spoiling it for you. All I can say is that it will grip your attention from the very beginning. There were times that I became very frustrated, even to the point of anger, at the way tat the main character switches from following the sensible advice of her friends to almost deliberately putting herself in danger through forgetting, or ignoring, such sound advice. But the tension could not mount in the way that the co-authors allow [...]

    18. This book was really promising to start with. I thought it was going to be a "Gone Girl" or "Girl on a Train" type of book but better because it was written by Nicci French. Unfortunately the last third was a real let down. Also although the narrator was very clear I don't think she was good for thriller / suspense type stories - there was no build up. I cannot decide if it is worthy of 4 stars or only 3.

    19. The heroine was a bit too-stupid-to-live, and the cops required a suspension of disbelief, but for a thriller I read during lunch break, this was pretty solid.

    20. Land of the Living is an excellent title for Abbie's descent into terror and possible death together with the difficulties she finds in living after this event. Throughout the novel the way in which life and death are wound, death at times being preferable to living Abbie's life heightens the tension. Abbie wakes as a captured person who disintegrates almost to animal status throughout her imprisonment. Her story is her desire to live, eventual acceptance that death by her own volition might be [...]

    21. I read Nicci French's The Red Room many years ago and really enjoyed it, so I was delighted to stumble upon a copy of another French book, Land of the Living. The authors (Nicci French is actually a husband and wife writing team) really know how to crank up the tension and I was jittering through the last part of the book like a roller coaster car plunging down the final drop. However-I had some problems with this novel that prevent me from giving it anywhere near a five star review. I am going [...]

    22. Η ιστορία ξεκινάει με μία κοπέλα, την Άμπι Ντέβερο, να βρίσκεται δεμένη και φυλακισμένη σε ένα σκοτεινό μέρος και παρά τις προσπάθειές της δεν μπορεί να θυμηθεί ποιες ήταν οι τελευταίες της στιγμές προτού την απαγάγουν και την φυλακίσουν. Ο απαγωγέας της, την έχει κάνει υπο [...]

    23. I have been put off reading this book for years because of the bad reviews. I decided to give it a go as it was the only book available in my library at that time that was to my taste. I am really glad that I did because I really enjoyed it and was not what I was expecting. I don't know how to describe this story without spoiling it. The book starts with Abbie Devereaux waking in the dark with a hood over her head hands and feet bound. She has no memory of how she got there and how she can escap [...]

    24. Abbie Devereaux is kidnapped and held hostage. She manages to escape but finds herself in a different kind of situation. She has obviously has lost some memory and is after awhile is released by the hospital where she went to recuperate. Mostly she is not believed by friends, police, medical people. Once she leaves the hospital she tries to figure out where she has been and what her memory is missing. Finally she traces her steps of the last week by looking for a cat that her friend (who is also [...]

    25. Yes, I am apparently on this obsessive quest now to read Nicci French and Tana French, so DB found two Niccis at library and I found 1 Tana at St. Vinnys. Guess I have my October reading lined up.This novel is NOT of the Frieds Klein, day of the week series.I found part one, taut and suspenseful, but a bit too long. I was so happy when part 2 started. Son't give up on this one.Who is the captor, who did he,really capture? Is Abby sane or insane? Undoubtedly, a good read!(Btw, Nicci French is a h [...]

    26. I liked this book from the very beginning. “Darkness inside, darkness outside.” I kept wondering how she got there and who took her and why, what had she done to deserve such cruelty?I got taken away by Abbie’s character how her fear and weakness turned into braveness. And with everything going on she never gave up, she kept seeking answers even though everybody was against her, even though she lost a part of herself.She remained strong and powerful!

    27. This book started impeccably. It began by building deep stress and empathy for the character, like a very good psychological thriller. but as the main character escaped this agony was wearing off. the fact that the killer had no relationship with the Abby at first put me off. in second thoughts it provided an unexpected ending.

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