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Into the Valley of Death

Into the Valley of Death Harry Ryder is a maverick hero Resentful of the army that destroyed his father and his own career he has no time for incompetent commanders He clashes with his superiors as fiercely as he fights the

  • Title: Into the Valley of Death
  • Author: A.L. Berridge
  • ISBN: 9780718158989
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Harry Ryder is a maverick hero Resentful of the army that destroyed his father and his own career, he has no time for incompetent commanders He clashes with his superiors as fiercely as he fights the Russians Four men, one woman and a game of cards will change everything and alter the course of a war.

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      374 A.L. Berridge
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    1 thought on “Into the Valley of Death

    1. I've said this before, but it bears saying again: one of the great joys of the HWA is the introduction to writers whose work I might well have over looked. AL Berridge is one of those: her books, 'Honour and the Sword' and 'In the Name of the King' have both gained 'keeper' status on my shelves, and there are very, very few that do that. Her latest offering, 'Into the Valley of Death' shifts us from chivalrous France to the Crimea and one of Britain's bloodiest wars - which has never been my ide [...]

    2. From the opening pages, this book sucked me in. I felt as if I were watching a film with the action unfurling in glorious technicolour in front of me. The tragedy of the Charge of the Light Brigade has never been portrayed so realistically, the chaos, grit, noise and sheer hard graft of battle. The Big Picture is beautifully described but, combined with that, the author has created some memorable, three-dimensional characters. Berridge writes about male comradeship like no other. The premise of [...]

    3. Loving this so far. The author has really done her research, not only on the major elements of the war, but on the little things. - the weapons and what they could/ couldn't do because that makes a huge difference to her heroes, ordinary soldiers who could die if their weapons can't do something they need to do, the lifestyle, what it feels like to be in a battle when the officers make decisions that could get you killed if they're idiots. I can almost smell the smoke in the battle of Alma, whic [...]

    4. Excellent historical fiction!Read the full post over at Edi's Book LighthouseIntroductionYou may know my introduction to my review of Honour and the Sword (pb, 2010) [ISBN-13: 978-0141043739] which is the first book in the The Chevalier Series. I do not want to repeat the story how I got to know discovered A. L. Berridge. Today is the day of Into the Valley of Death, the first book in her new series featuring Harry Ryder.A new series is the opportunity for an author to try something new and it i [...]

    5. Taking its name from a line in the famous Tennyson poem, Into the Valley of Death covers the events that lead up to and the fallout from, the ill-fated Charge of The Light Brigade. I have to admit that prior to reading this novel the extent of my knowledge regarding the Charge of the Light Brigade, and the Crimean War as a whole, was somewhat limited. I’ve only ever read Flashman at the Charge by George MacDonald Fraser, and anyone who has ever read any of Flashy’s exploits will know that fo [...]

    6. This latest book by AL Berridge had me worried, its not a Chevalier de Roland novel it's set in the Crimea following Harry Rider of the 13th Light Dragoons. I really must learn to trust great authors like AL Berridge, this book is a real triumph, anyone who can get me to not only read about the Crimean war but enjoy it has achieved a great feat. Where Chevalier de Roland books are more of a slow burn and introduction to fantastic characters of huge depth, this book explodes into action at a fant [...]

    7. As Louise Berridge herself says, the book's hero - Harry Ryder - doesn’t like the army much. He thinks that the commanders are incompetent, commissions are awarded by purchase rather than ability, and corruption and cronyism have become almost a tradition. And his beliefs are proved largely correct during the often shambolic conduct of the Crimean War. In addition, both Harry and the allied army itself face a hidden enemy, attempting to lure them to total disaster. The author has researched th [...]

    8. I picked this up by mistake the other day. Mistake? Only because I have a book to write and this is so enthralling, it's exceptionally hard to put it down. It's ruining my working day.I won't go into the story. Manda Scott has said enough in her own review. But put it like this: it's fast, action-packed, and supremely well thought-out with a plot that makes sense of the carnage and sheer incompetence of that stupid war. But most of all, it's a thrilling read.

    9. Great historical fiction, which according to Berridge's notes was well researched; providing a quasi-accurate picture of a war that I knew little of. The story is captivating. Its hero and friends are quite believable making one almost feel as if you were reading part of the main character's biography. The book really deserves 4.5 stars and I would have considered giving it 5 stars had the reference maps been a little less confusing.

    10. Great first up book of a new series. Didn't over play the charge of the light brigade, but told the story of the entire battle.

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