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The Vampire Hunter's Daughter, Part III

The Vampire Hunter s Daughter Part III In the third installment of The Vampire Hunter s Daughter Chloe Kallistrate s first Christmas without her mother is difficult As part of the grieving process she visits her mother s grave for the fir

  • Title: The Vampire Hunter's Daughter, Part III
  • Author: Jennifer Malone Wright
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the third installment of The Vampire Hunter s Daughter, Chloe Kallistrate s first Christmas without her mother is difficult As part of the grieving process she visits her mother s grave for the first time and there, she is visited by Sostrate, the immortal demi god from whom she is descended.As she comes of age, Chloe is changing and developing the gifts unique to herIn the third installment of The Vampire Hunter s Daughter, Chloe Kallistrate s first Christmas without her mother is difficult As part of the grieving process she visits her mother s grave for the first time and there, she is visited by Sostrate, the immortal demi god from whom she is descended.As she comes of age, Chloe is changing and developing the gifts unique to her heritage She discovers a new power she must learn to use and control, as if being a teenager wasn t difficult enough During this emotionally chaotic time in her life, the community is attacked, her grandfather injured and hunters are killed After almost losing her only remaining family, Chloe questions whether her continued presence in the community will sacrifice everyone she has come to care about.

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    1 thought on “The Vampire Hunter's Daughter, Part III

    1. I was so excited to start reading this! First a thank you to Jennifer Wright for giving me this arc. The first two parts were so good that I knew part 3 would be awesome and it was. Chloe was settling down with her new life after her mom had died and learning about who her mom really was as well as who her father really was. Her father was a vampire and her mother was the best vampire hunter anyone knew. One day during her training she finds out that she has the power of fire. Setting things on [...]

    2. 5 Triple Goddess MoonsSweet baby jesus! Jennifer has done it again!! I have been hooked on Chloe's story from the beginning and each book takes us deeper into her transformation from an uninformed teen to a hunter! I am off to delve into part #4. If you guys haven't started this series, you are really doing yourselves a disservice.

    3. Author Jennifer Malone Wright continues to keep this series rolling along at a mesmerizing once, one that has each part in my opinion better than the last installment!!!I have read the complete series, and absolutely loved it… although each have fascinating aspects and all full of an ongoing suspense, there’s just something more intriguing to this installment that makes it stand out from the previous ones so far….Chloe is going through so much turmoil inside, anger is at the forefront afte [...]

    4. Anne here back to review Part 3 of The Vampire Hunters Daughter and the series just keeps getting better. As Chloe journeys through her new life as hunter she also must deal with the struggle of being part vampire. Chloe has accepted her role in the community and is striving to reach her ultimate goal of revenge against her mothers murderer, but Chloe is special in more ways than she knows. She is visited by an ancient goddess and gifted a piece of weaponry that she will love and treasure. When [...]

    5. It seems like the short stories in this series get better and better! I couldn’t put this one down. The third story is filled with action and leads up to a very suspenseful ending. The war that is beginning to take place between the vampires and the vampire hunters because of Chloe’s father reminds me a lot of Amanda Hocking’s Trylle trilogy. I’m also beginning to fall in love with the characters – especially Drew and Chloe’s grandfather, Luke. I can’t wait to read the next part!

    6. I am loving this serial novel! I am sad that there is currently only one more for me to read! I think this one is my favorite, so far. The action was good and we finally see Trevor. I also love how we are starting to see the characters on deeper levels, especially Drew. This installment officially marks when this series moved to my "favorite" category!

    7. 10*s. I loved this next installment into The Vampire Hunter's Daughter!! I feel very sorry for Chloe and the messes she keeps getting into and yet the story is so facinating that it is hard to put down until the end and of course it has made me jump into the next one!! A MUST READ!! Thank you, Jennifer for this wonderful short story and 3rd installment into The Vampire Hunter's Daughter!!

    8. Good book, surprise finding in it Can't wait for the next one as I didn't realize there was going to be a book 4Yay!

    9. * I will be reviewing these books all together so the rating reflects all three books. Possible spoilers ahead*After reading books after books over the past few weeks, I felt like I needed a break to read something short, fun and easy. Trying to pick the book was the hard part but when I seen the author was giving away FREE copies away of part one of this series, I suddenly knew which series to try. And I got exactly what I wanted with The Vampire Hunter's Daughter.a short, fun and easy read! Th [...]

    10. I decided to do a review on all three of these books, as they are only small novellas and I read them one after another in one sitting.I first heard about this series from a few of my friends on and decided to check them out on , seeing how cheap they were I went ahead and bought them.I got sucked into the story right away, and like I said I read them all back to back! All three books are captivating and well written. The main character Chloe does seem very mature for her age, I did have to kee [...]

    11. Part Three of the Vampire Hunter's Daughter is another novella.It is fast paced, full of action and surprises. This time it is Christmas time and Chloe is expecting a quiet day. However, Grandpa Luke has a large traditional Christmas celebration for anyone in the town who wants to come. Of course, the gifts are all weapons and she make sure to give Drew some throwing stars that have been engraved with comical saying such as "vampire's suck" and "bite me." After the gifts had been opened Chloe qu [...]

    12. This is the 3rd installment to The Vampire Hunter's Daughter Series. This is Chloe's first Christmas without her mother. She decides she needs to visit her mother's grave to help with the grieving process. Drew agrees to take her since she doesn't know where the grave is, her mother had requested that there be no services. While there, Chloe and Drew are surprised by a visit from a immortal demi-god that gives Chloe some much needed advice and a gift. Things seem to get stranger and stranger for [...]

    13. I am so happy to have been able to read and review this series!!I love this series so much! I have always been all about vampires until I started reading this series. The author knows how to make you want to be the hunter and not the hunted!! Ever since I read TVHD part 1 I have felt so sorry for Chloe and what she has and still going threw. But now she has to go threw her very first Christmas with out her mother. I am all about Team Drew!!! I hope that Chloe takes her rightful place with the Hu [...]

    14. I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This is the third by in The Vampire Hunter's Daughetr series by Jennifer Malone Wright. The author has continued to shock me in each book. More surprises unfold in this installmet. For such a short story there is definitely a lot going on. We meet a Demi- goddess, vampires die, hunters die, dating is happening lol and I'm sure more stuff will be going down by the next book. You know, just your typical kick ass events tha [...]

    15. Review to follow Awesome job!Feeling lonely, responsible, and guilty for the things that have been happening, Chloe has to think with a clear head. Revenge has taken over her heart and soul, so much of you that she cannot possibly win. She must face her feelings and make the right choices and change her perspectives to win. What will Chloe decide to? Good vs Evil. Anger alone can't win. Again Jennifer Malone Wright amazes me with the world buliding up suspense, mystery, and action-packed fight s [...]

    16. Chloe's adventures in this installment were something that I did not see coming! The author has hooked me yet again with the story line. I love the twists and turns that are incorporated throughout this series. This is definitely not your typical vampire/hunter story! I would recommend this series to all who like an original vampire/hunter story line :)

    17. These are incredibly short stories. Not even all three parts together made hundred pages on my nook. The story is light and easy, and a breeze to slide through. I like the plot and characters, but see potential in this author. Look forward to seeing what she will have in the future, and hope to see a slightly longer story.

    18. The best in the series thus far, this third installment offers more hands on action and suspense. There were a few moments there when I forgot to breathe!!I eagerly await the fourth installment and hope for many more to follow from there!!

    19. I really wish her books were longer :-( I love the books though theres always something going on that keeps you glued to them until its all read

    20. I am so sad that I have had this book for over a year and it just sat in my Kindle, sadly, waiting for me to open it and read it.Gah! I am such a crazy person sometimes.I hate it when I have no idea that a wonderful series is just sitting there, waiting for me to get my act together and start it.I am so glad that the author nudged me into starting it. If I hadn't who knows how long it would have sat there and I would have been missing out.I love discovering series that are just fabulous and yet [...]

    21. ** This review is of the first 4 volumes in this series.**Did I enjoy this book: I did! I was looking for a low-intensity, fun little read, and I found it! Wright sent me the whole series at once, but I love the idea of publishing a book bit by bit – it’s a nice little reminder of the days when authors published things piecemeal in magazines. There were a few little editing issues, but nothing so major as to distract.Chloe’s great – I’d have written her a few years older, but she’s a [...]

    22. Part three finished and i am still really loving this story. So i think i can safely say that i recommend it to anyone listening. In this part Chloe is struggling with her first Christmas without her mother. She decides to go and visit her mother's grave and while there she is visited by her Immortal ancestor that tells her that she must use love to fight her enemies instead of hate. She told her hate comes easier to her as she is part Vampire. She parts ways from her by giving her a gift of bow [...]

    23. Chloe grows up a little bit in this next installment in the series. After the death of her mother and her ineffectiveness in helping fight off the last attempt by the vampires to kidnap her, Chloe has really focused on her training and the development of her gifts. She an excellent marksman and also discovers that she has an affinity for firemething that hasn't been found in a Vampire Hunter in many, many years.She's also building a relationship with her grandfather and bonding with Drew, who st [...]

    24. Short book=Short ReviewI read this whilst on a road trip and was effectively affixed to my screen. It was an enjoyable, engaging read, but I'm still in conflict over the whole vampires being automatically and unconditionally evil. Still, I like the gratuitous action and that the writer isn't shy when talking about violence. (Sorry,over exposure to spy movies has given me an addiction to action.) All in all, it's a refreshing trip into a fantastical world and I definitely recommend it to fans of [...]

    25. Part IIIChloe finally gets the chance to visit her mother, at her grave site on Christmas. She has a good cry and when it is time to leave, her and Drew get a weird feeling and find someone is there with them. It is there that they meet their ancestor Sostrate, they great warrior woman who was of the first vampire hunter's. Chloe is given and gift and some advice on how to better defeat the vampires and then disappears into the night. Soon, while on a jog, Chloe discovers a power that she is dev [...]

    26. though in this one at least most of the grammatical issues weren't as bad, there were still some. However, it still felt the same as the other books, stinted dialogue and no real feeling in it. One thing I did notice more in this than in the others was that the main character was one second determined to kill the person who had murdered her mother, and then the next second was running scared of everything that could help her. It made it feel as though the character hadn't really been thought out [...]

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