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Thames Doesn't Rhyme with James

Thames Doesn t Rhyme with James London at ChristmasIt s the perfect place for Kendra to spend lots of time alone with Frank But then they find out their parents have planned another scavenger hunt one that includes sights all over

  • Title: Thames Doesn't Rhyme with James
  • Author: Paula Danziger
  • ISBN: 9780698117884
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • London at ChristmasIt s the perfect place for Kendra to spend lots of time alone with Frank But then they find out their parents have planned another scavenger hunt, one that includes sights all over London, and this time there will be three little kids tagging along with them Will they ever be alone Will their parents ever start to treat them like adults

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      124 Paula Danziger
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      Published :2019-02-26T07:21:51+00:00

    1 thought on “Thames Doesn't Rhyme with James

    1. I haven't read this book in a really long time. But I was privileged enough to get this book autographed by Paula Danziger herself. She came to visit my elementary school in the 4th grade. Her Amber Brown series was the first set up books I ever picked up on my own and read. I couldn't read until the 4th grade, so it was a big deal for me. After reading her books, I became an accelerated reader. The day she visited, she, my mother, and a few of the faculty went out to dinner. I thought that was [...]

    2. Read a few of Danziger's books when I was a kid and always liked them but never read this one. This is actually a sequel to 'Remember Me to Harold Square' which I've never read but this works as a stand alone.There are lots of things relevant in here that would appeal to a teen today, parents not letting you have enough space, falling out with a guy you like, your dad being disapproving about your clothes etc. And there are moments when if you happen to be an adult reader, you will remember some [...]

    3. Remember Me to Harold Square was one of my favorite novels growing up. Imagine my surprise when I learned that I had lived the whole rest of my childhood without realizing there was a sequel. So I got it from the library and read it in an hour or so and remembered why I loved the first one. This one isn't as funny (or punny) and sort of fell apart a little at the end, but I still enjoyed the low-stakes relationship drama, Kendra's worrying and wit, and the dynamic between bratty lovable OK and h [...]

    4. This was pretty cute, if slightly less charming than the first one. I'd like to have seen a book three, where Kendra goes back to London on her own. In fact, I'm a little sad that I read this too late for Yuletide, because a totally eighties adventure in London might have been fun to request.Fun series.

    5. I loved Remember me to Harold Square when I was young but only discovered this sequel recently! 15 year old Kendra returns in this book to go on a scavenger hunt in London. There are some family/boyfriend dramas, and jokes a plenty, but overall I admit I preferred the first book. Short but fun!

    6. I went through a Paula Danziger phase when I was younger but had missed the sequel to Remember Me to Harold Square. Coming up on my 20-year anniversary to living in London, this was a fun and cheesy read complete with fashion choices (he was wearing a denim jacket with a blue sweater and blue jeans).

    7. The plot was thin and lacking and the puns were for a younger audience, but the writing was generally good.

    8. I remember reading this when I was in middle school. However, I struggled with remembering the title except that it contained "Thames" All I remember that it was set in London, and a family set up a scavenger hunt all over London while a teenage girl struggles to find time with the guy she likes. If I can remember those vague details even though the last time I read that book was 12 years ago, then it must have been a good book in a way.

    9. I think it was this book that made me want to travel to London. A lot of what I said about "Remember Me to Harold Square" is relevant here too, so I won't be repeating anything. I will say, however, that Ms. Danziger was just as capable of writing entertaining teen fiction as she was writing children's fiction.

    10. Wow. Paula Danziger's books just get worse and worse. Her knowledge of teens is seriously dated. The predicaments in this book are trite and uninteresting.

    11. previewing it before I give it to my 10 year old niece. cute book and nice story, lots of mentions about attractions in London, so you learn a bit about them too. will give it to my niece soon.

    12. How is there a sequel to one of my most-beloved 80s YA books, that I never read? I need to seek this out immediately.

    13. This was definitely a guilty pleasure. I read it in like 2 hours. Super dumb, but fun to read if you want to give your brain a break.

    14. A Kids story but it reminded me of all the great sights in London that I would love to visit again.

    15. I got some children's lit free, and this was from an author I remember reading, so thought I would read it. It was a nice story.

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