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ISSUE ISSUE Tobias is a lonely man He collects vintage comics and finds it difficult to connect with women after many humiliations Until he meets Trish the love of his life But all is not as it seems A

  • Title: ISSUE 49
  • Author: J.D. Hughes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • ISSUE 49 Tobias is a lonely man He collects vintage comics and finds it difficult to connect with women after many humiliations Until he meets Trish, the love of his life But all is not as it seems A darkly comic short tale of love, loneliness and an obsession with Billy Bunter.

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      355 J.D. Hughes
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    1 thought on “ISSUE 49

    1. It's not often that a plot twist takes me by complete surprise. The twist in this story caused my jaw to drop. Issue 49 is funny and creepy, well written, and totally entertaining.

    2. Everything a short story should be !!! A good story about two lonely people finding love . and just when you think you know where the plot is going, BAM! The ending which I did not see coming.A thoroughly enjoyable read!!

    3. Issue 49 by J. D. Hughes Tobias has a big title for a little, boring job. He finds himself single just in time for a midlife crisis. He’s become accustomed to mediocrity, perhaps even comfortable with it. Women have always been a mystery to him and yet he feels socially obligated to keep giving it a try. His one true passion is the Billy Bunter comics, which he started reading in his youth and which he collects as an adult.Much of the story is told in an even pace, reflecting the slow, yet st [...]

    4. Wow, I did NOT see that ending coming! This was a very enjoyable story. There were a few places that were a bit hard for me to follow. I think this wasn't due to a real deficiency in the writing, but more a result of differences in speech patterns between Brits and Americans.Overall, quite a good read, and very much worth the time! In the interest of avoiding spoilers, I must be a bit vague here, but there were a few elements of the ending that I don't necessarily feel were needed. However, they [...]

    5. Issue 49 is a true classic in the suspense/horror genre. It is funny and horrific by turns with a protagonist who we cannot help but feel for. Tobias is a great character with a fairly unpleasant secret, but even in this short, we want him to succeed because his life is so awful.It has all the twists and turns you could expect in any short story and I would defy anybody to guess the end!Excellent! I will be buying more of this author.

    6. I thoroughly enjoyed this short read. Creepy yet with added humour i really felt for Poor Tobias a lonely man who collects comics and who doesn't have much of a social life, he craves some female attention but struggles with his awkwardness and past down falls. Until he meets a woman who shares his interests in life and he couldn't be happier. What could possibly go wrong?This is a dark twisted tale with a shocking ending. Great suspense and expertly written. Brilliant.

    7. This is not my usual genre but I'd read an extract from his new novel on his website and enjoyed it, so decided to see what else he'd written. Imagine a touch of Edgar Alan Poe blended with Neil Gaiman's humour and you get a slight essence of this story. Very witty, very well written and very unexpected: also strangely moving. I now intend to download his novel, Northman.

    8. This is a terrific read! The writing is of a very high standard and reads like a mix of Stephen King and M.R. James. If you want a funny, horrific short story then this is the one to go for. The main characters are splendidly drawn and the story had me guessing right until the end. Classic stuff. Excellent.

    9. This surprised me. Not because it's good (I very much enjoy JD Hughes' books), but because the ending was so wonderfully unique. Get the audiobook narrated by the author (download from his blog)

    10. Tobias and Trisha each have their secrets. When they marry and the secrets are revealed the unimaginable happens in this amazing short story.

    11. What a story!Short (16 pages).Free (as in, yeah, no paying involved, here: smashwords/books/view)And a total mindfuck. I like that. A lot.

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