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How Not To Run A B&B

How Not To Run A B B HOW HARD CAN IT BE A HUMEROUS MEMOIR Bobby Hutchinson a best selling Harlequin romance writer decides to open a BB in Vancouver B C Despite never having stayed in a BB and knowing absolutely nothin

  • Title: How Not To Run A B&B
  • Author: Bobby Hutchinson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • HOW HARD CAN IT BE A HUMEROUS MEMOIR Bobby Hutchinson, a best selling Harlequin romance writer, decides to open a BB in Vancouver, B.C Despite never having stayed in a BB and knowing absolutely nothing about running one, she jumps right in Strange people from nearby and halfway around the world arrive at her home with their stories and struggles, not to ment HOW HARD CAN IT BE A HUMEROUS MEMOIRBobby Hutchinson, a best selling Harlequin romance writer, decides to open a BB in Vancouver, B.C Despite never having stayed in a BB and knowing absolutely nothing about running one, she jumps right in Strange people from nearby and halfway around the world arrive at her home with their stories and struggles, not to mention their baggage, psychological and otherwise.In explaining why she opened a BB, she says, I was far too old for prostitution, the only other job I could think of which might net enough to pay the mortgage HUMOR, A LITTLE TRAGEDY AND MANY LIFE LESSONS But mostly humor What does a hostess do when a dog rips the bathroom apart Or gerbils reproduce in the attic Make wonderful breakfasts and keep on keeping on SURE FIRE BREAKFAST RECIPES Lots of other recipes as well, guaranteed to turn out And some advice that may or may not work, but what can you lose by trying Scroll up and grab a copy of HOW NOT TO RUN A BB

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      295 Bobby Hutchinson
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    1 thought on “How Not To Run A B&B

    1. Well, this book may have just steered me away from my lofty dreams of winning the lottery, buying an old haunted Victorian, converting it to a B&B and becoming the new Norma Bates. I always thought people checked in, did their own thing, ate breakfast with their companions and then went on their merry way. That’s what I always did when visiting a B&B but I guess I was doing it very wrong. Perhaps I am terribly anti-social because just thinking about having to entertain strangers and ch [...]

    2. Couldn't finish it. I am easily annoyed by little things. When the author claimed to be a "vegan vegetarian" and said that was why she did not have bacon in her house, then proceeded to fix her guest eggs I just shook my head. Vegans do not eat eggs. Then when she insisted on referring to her neighbors as "Oriental" I really started to dislike the book. Things are Oriental, not people. And in fact from what I understand it is considered a derogatory term to call a person of Asian decent in Canad [...]

    3. How not to run a B&B is a fun and relaxing read – and much more than I expected. The same situations written differently could have made for a bland read but the author's style gave the situations a turn that was often funny . The occasional esotéric bits she drops here and there are sometimes bewildering but interesting enough to research some of them (even without agreeing). She also manages to creates a link of empathy between the reader and the characters that makes for a very satisfy [...]

    4. Really enjoyed this. It read like a novel. This woman can write, that's for sure. I felt like i knew them all. Interesting stories written from a fairly single minded perspective of a woman who doesn't like to travel. It shows, but not in a bad way. This is how i imagine most of those nice people are to foreigners. They try so hard not to show their prejudices. Anyway, i really enjoyed this so much, may check a romance by the same author. Hope she will write a 'sequel'.

    5. Audiobook - a cute, short story about a twice divorced woman in her 60's who writes romance novels and opens a Bed and Breakfast in Vancouver Canada. It goes through her trials and tribulations, guests and renters, friendships and lessons learned. Along the way she gives a few recipes, words of wisdom and advice, spiritual guidance and karma.

    6. What a woman!The only disappointment I have is that I'll never be able to stay with Bobby at the Blue Collar. This joyful memoir left me wanting more but grateful that I stumbled on such an entertaining read!

    7. Enjoyable!This author writes very well. She'll have you chuckling most of the way through the book. The title is deceiving, as it sounds like she is been quite successful at running a small bed-and-breakfast.

    8. GooD bookThe title says it all. A spunky women decides to run her home into a bed and breakfast. We doe this with a little help from her friend. E learn her personal and business philosophy and in the process get to know her. It is warm in quirky way. I enjoy and recommend it

    9. I laughed and drooledover the yummy sounding recipes in this book. Some of the author's spirituality got a little bit deep,but otherwise was a fun afternoon read. I will definitely lend my kindle to my daughter-in-law who is soon to use her empty best bedroom as an air b&b.

    10. This book is fine for a light read, but that's about it. Nothing particularly insightful about the business of running a B&B, nor is it an especially compelling memoir.

    11. Anecdotal book full of interesting stories, and some to make you laugh. If one wanted to open a B&B, this is the fluff among the serious books. Read it.

    12. Nice readNever thought I would read a book about running a B&B but it was a good slice of life. The characters seems like crazy good people.

    13. What a fun and quirky book! It's a quick read which was perfect for my 5 hour plane flight. Bobby's stories about running a Bed and Breakfast in Vancouver is entertaining. It felt like she was writing me a letter to tell me what happened. I enjoyed which stories she chose to share. I also like the characters in her life. I am actually sad that this B & B is closed so I can't go visit it! At the end of each chapter are recipes or additional information about something that she wants to share [...]

    14. This is just a hilarious book, written as a memoir about a Canadian woman who decides to open up a bed and breakfast. The stories about some of her guests are almost fictional in their comicalness, if that's a word. Toward the end, the last 30 pages, it gets dull as she narrates exactly what one should do if one wants to open a B&B, which I don't imagine most readers do. But the neighbors are characters out of Dickens, the guests are out of Dostoyevsky, and the improbabilities are so outré [...]

    15. I gave the book 3 stars but if there was an "author likability" rating I would give Bobby Hutchinson 5 stars. She is someone you wish you had as a neighbour and could pop over to have coffee with. I really enjoyed this story of her foray into running a bed and breakfast in Vancouver, especially because she did it for economical reasons – she needed to make a living – not because it was a life-long dream of hers to bake muffins for houseguests. She recounts her experiences with an endearing [...]

    16. I didn't notice this book was technically non-fiction and there is a link in the back of the book, kindle edition, which takes you to The Blue Collar B&B. And how I'd love to go there! The author also included recipes in the book but you can go to the linked website and receive a free copy of the recipe book. And wonders, more available books to check out on , not to mention a free one to boot! I loved reading about the wonderful characters the author ran across in her trials of learning how [...]

    17. THIS WILL TOUCH YOUR HEART What an unexpected journey that will take you from laughter to tears. l knew nothing about this author and went by the cover and the fact that it was a free download to my kindle fire. WARNING You do not want to rush this one. Make a cup of tea and make sure you have a few hours to read. It will leave you wanting more. At the end I thought what a neat lady and I wish she was a real person! IMAGINE MY SHOCK AND JOY WHEN I READ HER BIO AT THE END. I do not know how much [...]

    18. I really liked How Not To Run A B&B by Bobby Hutchinson. The book is about Hutchinson's real-life adventures of running a bed and breakfast. The book tells of her many different guests and her experiences with them. At the end of each chapter there is a recipe or some words of wisdom. This is a easy read, I was able to finish it in two days. This is basically a book of short stories.My biggest dislike about this book is the way the recipes or words of wisdom were thrown randomly at the end o [...]

    19. I finished How Not To Run A B&B by romantic novel author Bobby Hutchinson. I really enjoyed the beginning of the book which started with a nice and simple concept. Each chapter involved a story about Bobby's B&B endeavor, talked about the guest(s) who was staying there at the time and ended with a recipe that had been served to the guest during their visit. As the book progressed, the chapter breaks seemed more obscure and the "recipe" portions of the book digressed into words of wisdom, [...]

    20. I thoroughly enjoyed this non-fiction read. Bobby is a romance writer who is recently divorced and needs to make a more financially viable living so, without any prior knowledge, opens up her own B & B. I've often entertained the same thought. I was immediately hooked by her engaging and humorous writing style. The interesting characters and happenings made the book a worthwhile read. I enjoyed her touching honesty, her unique take on religion and life, and her genuine kindness for the peopl [...]

    21. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. I adored this memoir of a strong woman who decides to turn her home into a B&B to supplement her income. She is a romance writer who lives in a lovely home in Canada. The book includes stories of guests who visited, her dating life and her friends in the area. I loved chapter 11 where a guest from another country visits and we hear her tale. It was extremely touching! I could also relate to chapter 18 as I am a huge reader and h [...]

    22. Part of me has always wanted to run a B&B but the rest of my brain screams pretty loudly that I do not have the right personality to do so. Bobby Hutchinson had no real clue what she was getting into when she decided to turn her home in Vancouver into the Blue Collar B&B. In this memoir, Bobby walks the reader through some of the pitfalls but also some amazing people she met and infuses the pages with humour and compassion. I would have loved to have stayed at her B&B, now closed; bu [...]

    23. I picked up this book as research I'm writing about a B&B and wanted some good stories to spin off of. What I found here was actually something beyond that. Hutchinson describes her forays into the B&B business while also describing her community, her friends, her family, and herself. Sometimes the stories seemed a bit gratuitous, but I found myself wanting to meet Eric with his bike helmet and Louis & Sammy (I hope that cat is still out there yowling somewhere!). This was a pleasant [...]

    24. This was a fun book detailing the author's experiences with running a B&B without any experience or help except the occasional friend. It appeared that her neighbors were very forgiving, considering it came out later in the book that the neighborhood wasn't zoned for businesses, but there was also that one very odd neighborCute, fun read that had me asking myself several times where she found her loyal guests. They put up with a lot!

    25. I enjoyed the story, and marked quite a few of the recipes to try.Not totally sure what date I finished it because I read the last few pages while on flights between Regina and Fredericton that crossed over midnight. A little bit in the air, a little bit in Pearson, and the last bit somewhere over Quebec.

    26. An easy read, but rather a mish-mosh of the author's experiences running a B&B in her home, various romantic interests, her philosophy about life and religion, and recipes. I enjoyed the later chapters where she discusses her feelings about pulling up roots and moving on to a new chapter of her life.

    27. It was light and entertaining. Her story telling and recipes engaged me, but I admit skimming a bit through her repetitive sections about her spiritual beliefs. (But that's not really my cup of tea) It certainly had a place in the story some places it was just a bit much for me personally. I did, however, leave this book very much wanting to have breakfast with her.

    28. Great read!Who among us has not experienced at least one type of the very same life incidents she has been brave enough to expose? And yet she neither pontificates nor judges, as many might well do coming thru the same tempering flames. She simply shares, abet often working with more exotic and entertaining material than the average bear! Gives me great hope.

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