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A Jóia Encantada

A J ia Encantada Drizzt do Urden est de volta Venha descobrir a lenda do elfo mais misterioso e temido da fantasia E acompanhe o na pica jornada por um mundo onde s l minas afiadas imp em respeito O assassino Artemis

  • Title: A Jóia Encantada
  • Author: R.A. Salvatore
  • ISBN: 9789896374211
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback
  • Drizzt do Urden est de volta Venha descobrir a lenda do elfo mais misterioso e temido da fantasia.E acompanhe o na pica jornada por um mundo onde s l minas afiadas imp em respeito O assassino Artemis Entreri rapta a sua v tima, Regis, o halfling, e leva o para Calimport onde o entrega nas m os do vingativo Pasha Pook Se Pook conseguir controlar a pantera m gica GuenhDrizzt do Urden est de volta Venha descobrir a lenda do elfo mais misterioso e temido da fantasia.E acompanhe o na pica jornada por um mundo onde s l minas afiadas imp em respeito O assassino Artemis Entreri rapta a sua v tima, Regis, o halfling, e leva o para Calimport onde o entrega nas m os do vingativo Pasha Pook Se Pook conseguir controlar a pantera m gica Guenhwyvar, Regis ir morrer num verdadeiro jogo de gato e rato Com o aux lio de uma m scara encantada, o elfo negro Drizzt do Urden esconde os tra os da sua heran a e junta se ao b rbaro Wulfgar numa corrida desesperada para salvar o halfling Um aliado inesperado surge no momento em que Entreri solta uma armadilha ao grupo Mas conseguir Regis sobreviver inc lume Os companheiros das Plan cies Geladas lutam contra piratas ao longo da famosa Costa da Espada, desbravam os caminhos do deserto de Calimshan e confrontam monstros de outros planos para que possam salvar o seu amigo e a si pr prios.

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      164 R.A. Salvatore
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    1. I'll write a full review when I have the time, but for now, here'sDAVE'S FINAL JUDGMENT - THE DEFENSE - Salvatore once again proves that he's one of the best at describing action sequences - Lightning quick pace and non-stop action ensures Salvatore has many opportunities to prove the above claim - While Drizzt may be the star of the show, Bruenor, Wulfgar, Regis, and especially Cattie-Brie are all given their moments to shine - Features more originality than the previous books of The Icewind Da [...]

    2. Probably the worst one in the series so far. I actually didn't enjoy this one in the least.Here's what this book reminded me of: I work a job where I scan a document into the computer as a picture then convert that picture into text using a "smart read" program. This program often messes up: interchanging I's, 1's and l's. It also mistakes O's and 0's and changes other things like t's to i's and ect. It even goes so far as to turn D's into I) or d's into cl. My job is to read through and correct [...]

    3. Debo reconocer que no abordé la lectura con muchas expectativas; si bien la primera entrega de la trilogía me gustó mucho, la segunda flaqueó bastante. Pero en estos libros descubrí al que se convertiría en uno de mis personajes favoritos, Drizzt Do’Urden, por lo que quiero comenzar la trilogía de El Elfo Oscuro, pero no sin terminar la del Valle del Viento Helado (si, si, soy un poco estructurada para estas cosas).La Gema del Halfling es una novela muy entretenida, con mucha acción, b [...]

    4. For the first time in six books, I can see why people like R.A. Salvatore's Dark Elf series. I still don't like them myself, but The Halfling's Gem isn't completely without merit.I see that the series' greatest appeal must come from the obligatory and breathless battle sequences -- and those can be kind of entertaining. The Halfling's Gem contains the best of the series so far (taken in chronological order). From Rogues Circle to the Sewers of Calimport to Tarterus to victory, Salvatore rolls an [...]

    5. A great adventure. A great balance of humor and action. I think this is the best of the trilogy. -There is a shift, tonally, in RA Salvatore's writing style that I really enjoyed. Better sentence structure, more enhanced and descriptive battle scenes, but not hard to follow.-Getting to see the realms was a pleasure. Waterdeep, Baldur's Gate and Calimsham!-This book was number 12 on the New York Times bestseller list at it's release. I imagine that sealed the deal for RA's writing career and legi [...]

    6. Tatmin olmadım diyemem. Bunda, aynı kurguda okunabilecek daha çok kitap ve serinin olmasının da etkisi var tabi.

    7. This, the third in the Icewind Dale trilogy, is better than the previous two entries, mostly for the change in scenery. Characters, major and minor, are still characterized with a heavy handedness to be found in bad fanfic, characters act outside their "good alignments," and this book manages to bring a little racial fun into play with the profoundly idiotic character Salib whatever his name is. Also, I am sick of the way Bruenor talks! I had to reread sentences a few times to figure out what th [...]

    8. Oh boy, oh boy, was this a read. This book tells the tale of the companions running to the ends of the realm, trying to rescue Regis and Guenhwyvar from the assassin Artemis Entreri. The plot, as is sounds, is pretty straight forward but it still didn't disappoint at all. It was so full of suspense that you just can't put the book down. And the action! I thought this was so action packed, it would fill three other books with enough. Most of all though, it was just so exciting and fun. And the ch [...]

    9. This was the conclusion of the Icewind Dale trilogy and it was a real questing book. Lots of intermediary quests to reach the ultimate quest - saving Regis. The one part of this that I found confusing was the sort of quick conclusion of taking back Bruenor's ancestral home. This final battle was put into an epilogue. There was more story here that I wish were played out but I guess there was a limit by either the publisher or the author on how much tale to tell. All in all, a very fine trilogy.

    10. I will never be a super-fan of this series, but I can still certainly appreciate its appeal. I will try very hard not to complain about character names—many of them, I find completely ridiculous and sometimes even distracting. I mean, who wants an imaginary Halfling in their head who looks like Regis Philbin with furry feet?There’s plenty of good action in this installment, several lost-and-found characters, plus incredible imaginary beasts. Positive from my point of view is Cattie-Brie gett [...]

    11. 4 unstoppable, invincible characters pursue an assassin over thousands of miles for their halfling thief friend in this fantasy. Filled with tons of narrow escapes and convenient encounters.The Companions of the Hall: Drizzt, the dark elf; Wulfgar, the Barbarian, Bruenor, the Dwarf; and Cattie-Brie, the human adopted daughter of Bruenor, aren't supposedly invincible, but upon reading the book it's quite apparent that they are. It's a fantasy book with superheroes and never fear for their deaths [...]

    12. This trilogy, which concludes here, is truly not as good as the prequel trilogy, Dark Elf, but it still has things to offer. Here, Drizzt is still the central character, but he settles nicely at the same time into an ensemble. It is an epic fantasy ensemble that rivals that of Dragonlance Chronicles with it's iconic and diverse group and amazingly epic tale of deep friendship. While Drizzt is an interesting character because he subverts normal fantasy hero roles, the others are solid, but are mu [...]

    13. This third installment was even better than the last one, but still not amazing. I think I finally figured out the elements that drive me insane and prevent me from truly enjoying the story:- The metaphors need to die in the fire of thousand angry suns. I kept reading about lavender lights, round orbs and glimmering reflections and I wanted to shoot myself. I understand it's the traditional high-fantasy style of writing but I guess I've been spoiled to enjoy such things.- The characters are very [...]

    14. I loved this book. It was an easy read and a great story that really got your mind engaged in the scenes Salvatore weaved. Picking up right where the last left off it throws you right in to Drizzt's chase of the assassin who has kidnapped his friend, Regis the halfling. The search will take Drizzt to a home of wizards, to a city in the south of wererats and assassins and thieves, and eventually, his search will even lead him into the realm of Hades. Meanwhile, something rises from the bottom of [...]

    15. Note: once you get bitten by a wererat, you are no longer human (precisely), nor a person, and thus can be shot down without remorse. At least, that's what I gathered when I read about Catti-Brie shooting down a human and feeling horribly sorry, but saw her killing wererats left and right without batting an eyelash.Oh, well. Note to self: never get bitten by a wererat, and never become a gray dwarf. Drizzt's monologues at the beginning of each part of the book are so out of character and naive t [...]

    16. In this last installment of the Icewind Dale Trilogy, Drizzt and his friends race across the realm to try and recover their friend Regis from the clutches of the evil assasin, Artemis Enteri. I didn't think it possible, but Salvatore is writing better and more detailed fight scenes with each new book in his Drizzt series! And truly, this is the strength of these stories; his descriptive and action packed fight scenes. And despite the fact that Catti-brie and Wulfgar are maried by the end of this [...]

    17. Overall Rating:4/5I enjoyed this book quite a lot! The things that had annoyed me about The Crystal Shard and Streams of Silver were not nearly as apparent in this book, which made it far more enjoyable. Salvatore definitely shows a lot of improvement in his writing.A fast pace and numerous fight scenes made this a quick read. There isn't much character depth, and some of the characters are easily swayed by flimsy arguments, but what else do you expect from one of these books?I would've given th [...]

    18. The sixth book following Drizzt's adventures and I was not disappointed even a little. This particular book drew me in with the deepening rivalry and parallels of Artemis Entreri and Drizzt. I'm excited to see what other developments this rivalry will bring about in the future books. There are SO many more Drizzt books to read!! I don't know how I'm going to get through it all but after this book I have renewed determination to read them all. Until next time Drizzt

    19. I have to say this is the sixth Legend of Drizzt book I've read and I couldn't put it down! It was a really good action packed adventure story I loved it! It totally reads like watching a movie I almost imagined it in movie form as I was reading looking forward to reading more Drizzt books!

    20. I first read this in the summer before 8th grade. I sat outside on my mom's chair in the shade under the trees and read almost all of it in one day. I finished off the rest of it the next day and got into a good habit of completing Salvatore books quickly.This is one of my favorite fantasy series and I like to read it again every few years. Check it out!

    21. Not bad although it felt a bit rushed at the end. I mean, they went on the quest with a war for Mithral Hall looming and then when the quest was finished it jumped to them having apparently already won the war for Mithral Hall. I thought that was pretty sloppy. Otherwise the story wasn't bad, although I'm getting bored with fight scenes.

    22. Again, five stars as long as you overlook the obvious campiness of the whole genre Tolkien it's not.Yes. ridiculously awesome fun. Did I mention Wulfgar picks up a camel? and THROWS it at bad guys? Later he punches the same camel.I'm having fun breezing through these books. fun summer reading.

    23. An awesome trilogy. I discovered the writer with this, his first set of books, and have loved everything he has done since. A great storyline, captivating characters and a good fantasy world make this a must read for fantasy fans. My highest recommendation.

    24. ქურდების გილდიამ გამოაცოცხლა ცოტა სერიამეტი ჩრდილების ლიგა ერს

    25. Through a long, somewhat tedious journey, our heroes finally bring their rescue attempt to a satisfactory conclusion. The overall tone of this adventure is much lighter than the second, which sunk to very unpleasant levels of torture and death. Poor Regis endures a good deal of torture as well, including losing at least one finger (something halflings apparently have to do on all their adventures), and that's pretty wretched for him, but the overall tone of unpleasantness is far less than in the [...]

    26. I think I've reached the end of my adventure in D&D literature (outside of the instruction manuals). As some of my D&D buddies would describe R.A. Salvatore's work, it's just fan fiction, nothing great, but nothing particularly terrible either.After getting through six of these books, I would have to say my vocabulary concerning the Forgotten Realms has increased somewhat and I've been able to follow some of our adventures a little bit better since I have some more familiarity with the s [...]

    27. This is the 6th book of The Legend Of Drizzt Series. This next step through the lives of these amazing characters takes the reader on an epic quest of danger and excitement with surprises at every turn. The Halfling's Gem is my favorite of this series thus far and I look forward to finding out what comes next in book VII. As Always Salvatore has created some enjoyable characters. The majority of them being the more shady types. Rassiter, Pasha Pook, Sali Dalib, and LaValle are all great shifty c [...]

    28. The Haflings Gem, by R.A. Salvatore was a suspenseful book with a wonderfully crafted plot. It starts off with Cattie-Brie gaining the knowledge that Artemis Entreri, an assassin hired to kill her friend Regis and reclaim the gem he stole from his former thief guild, had arrived at Icewind Dale. Regis, Drizz't and Wulfgar, were currently in Luskan and Cattie-Brie set off to warn them only to be captured by Artemis and taken with him. The book has two plots, the one of Drizzt, Regis, and Wulfgar, [...]

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