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The Train of Arousal

The Train of Arousal Springtime The promise of new things in the air A train rushing through the countryside A beautiful woman A handsome man A yearning for excitement A hunger for connection A love of romance and fantasy

  • Title: The Train of Arousal
  • Author: James Lusarde
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Springtime The promise of new things in the air A train rushing through the countryside A beautiful woman A handsome man A yearning for excitement A hunger for connection A love of romance and fantasy and the power of words to move and arouse

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    • Unlimited [Science Book] ó The Train of Arousal - by James Lusarde ✓
      248 James Lusarde
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Science Book] ó The Train of Arousal - by James Lusarde ✓
      Posted by:James Lusarde
      Published :2018-07-01T18:10:33+00:00

    1 thought on “The Train of Arousal

    1. Two strangers on a train, seducing each other only with wordsWell, this is pretty much unlike anything I've read do far :D And I loved it! This was a short book, the theme is seduction only with words. And what a seduction it was!The story is about a woman on a train, searching for the perfect manShe sees someone, perfect for what she needs, and makes the first move.The characters, we don't really know who they are. They've just met, and spend the train ride seducing one another.The dialogue - w [...]

    2. Review completed December 14, 2012I'm about to disappoint a couple of my GR friends and I'm sorry but honesty is the best policy.The book had potential and what I really liked about The Train of Arousal was the concept of the story because it's very intriguing, and all the more as I'm a fan of the topic "older woman, younger man." Yet the execution failed big-time.The Train of Arousal did not arouse me in the least. If anything, it made my skin crawl and I felt put off from the get-go. I know th [...]

    3. Just not my cuppa.I liked the premise of this, two people meeting on a train. I'm very fond of trains, a little bit of a fan actually. Not a Sheldon-Cooper-type fan, but if I had one single choice of a holiday, it would be a train trip. Anywhere.But for me the prose was too effusive, too deliberate and affected. This may sometimes work for me in historicals, but never in a contemporary. The other issue was the protagonists. The male character was so weak and easily manipulated. The female charac [...]

    4. Review posted at: Swept Away By RomanceUtterly hypnotic and mesmerizing. Truly.Two strangers meet on a train and engage in conversation. That, my friends, is the entirety of the plot summary. And, so, you wonder.5 stars for two strangers talking on a train? Really? Oh, yes. Really, and then some. I admit, I'm not much for short stories. They normally leave me feeling shortchanged. Add to that, despite the wonderful reviews I've read for The Train of Arousal, I was skeptical the author could pull [...]

    5. "Life is for making our own rules, not slavishly following them. Life is for breathing and feeling free."The story of The Train of Arousal starts when a man and a woman meet on a train. They strike up conversation and what follows is a seduction, a beautiful seduction with words. Words that are meant to seduce but mostly words that are meant to Arouse. I wasn't really sure what to expect when I started reading The Train of Arousal. After reading a few reviews, I was really curious to see if I wo [...]

    6. Oh, where do I start with this review? I was totally not expecting THIS! Not at all. I was expecting to read about two random people meeting on a train, hooking up (reading all the erotic, 'naughty ' details), and then going on my merry way. butNO! That was FAR from what happened.The story opens with a women (we never get to know her name), on a train, in search of the 'right' man to spend time with while on her journey. She soon spots him, and begins her subtle seduction. She then proceeds to i [...]

    7. QUICK REVIEW -spoiler free 3 STARS out of 5Genre: Adult Fiction -Erotic Short StoryAllll ABOARD!The Train Of ArousalThe book starts with a woman on a train looking for the one. The one male who meets her criteria in physical appearance and the one she believes she can engage in some Word Play! She knows how strong words can effect people and she is determined to leave her mark. For her it's all about the fantasy. She finally spots the one and puts her plan in to motion. It does not take long for [...]

    8. What a surprisingly great read this is. It's evocatively written and heartfelt. So sexy and in the words of James Lusarde:To feel aroused is to feel delicious.I couldn't agree more!

    9. Have you ever fantasised about being seduced with wordsd words only touching kissing.just touching with words, being kissed and caressed through wordsg loved tenderly, touched gently through wordsd only words???‘Just words. Just use words. Tell me what you would like to do to me. No touching.’Readers, welcome aboard The Train of Arousal we begin our journey of seduction through words, here are a few safety guidelines that I need to inform you about:1) Get some clamps for your cheeks because [...]

    10. Based on several rave reviews I was intrigued by the very idea of this story. Two strangers meet on a train and a seduction of words takes place. I love the romance of trains, the whole idea of this is sexy to me, I love the idea of meeting someone and living for the moment, where the past and the future don’t matter. I guess that’s what I expected to get from this story –and maybe a bit of s-e-x. But that’s not what this is about, this is about words, and seduction and mystery and it di [...]

    11. Amazing. Seriously.The 'Train of Arousal' has got to be one of the most unique short stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading. In fact, it's so unique it's hard to categorize within existing genres. While it is definitely erotic, it's also blatantly non-erotica. What it is truly is titillating, sensual and oh so subtle - and it left me both satisfied and wanting more and I will never dismiss the power of suggestion (or a neck rub!) again in my life.The overall premise of this little gem i [...]

    12. I think it's safe to say that this was really not what I was expecting. I had thought I was going to read an erotic short story but this is much more about the power of sensual words to create eroticism in the mind rather than a sexy short story.It's a moment frozen a time, a moment the handsome young man will never forget. He meets a woman on the train who is 15 years his senior and who encourages him to sit with her and he really thinks he is about to get extraordinarily lucky.She gets him to [...]

    13. Rating: D Heat: Sweet?So, this one intrigued me. Two strangers on a train, who simply talk. And its erotica? I couldn't imagine how that was going to work. And, for me, it didn't.Yes, the words were lovely. Poetic, even. And, yes, I'd swoon if they were said to me. But there was nothing explicit about them. Nothing that felt tangible. Tactile. It was flowery prose that, simply, did not turn me on. Saying it's sensual or nourishing or arousing doesn't make it so.And well, the heroine is a bit of [...]

    14. *Review copy generously provided by the Author for an honest review*review tomorrow too sleepy maybe my feelings will be different about this short story when i'm not so tired. doubt it but we'll seeHonestly not my cup of teaIt started ok but with time she became really annoying to me and actually I was struggling to finish it to finish a SHORT story!I am really sorry because lots of my GR friends loved it and I was happy that I had the chance to read it and that the author send it to me for an [...]

    15. Good idea, but that’s about it. I read the blurb and loved the thought of seduction by words on a moving train. The idea sounded so good and it had me thinking this would be a sensual and original short story, so I was pretty excited to read it. To be honest, I expected to be awed. I wasn’t.My first thought was – what the hell is this woman doing?She chose her ''victim'' so fast and she approached him without thinking twice. Not even a quick ''does he wear a ring'' check, not even a glimps [...]

    16. The longest 28 pages I've ever read in my life!!! I loved the concept of The Train of Arousal - the use of words alone as the ultimate tool of seduction. Any avid reader of romance can attest to and truly appreciate the seduction of words, so I was looking forward to being enticed. Unfortunately, the issue was there were just too many words crowding out a wonderfully sensual idea. It just went on and on and on and on - eventually strangling the life out of my train of thought and arousal.

    17. Strangers on a train pass time through a conversation that will leave the mind wanting more. This is probably the shortest book I've read (aside from all my kiddy books growing upBrown bear, brown bear, what do you see you get the drift.) I gotta say, I was expecting a lot more erotica from this book. We're introduced to two people, woman and man, on a train and this woman gets her pleasures from seducing this man and teasing him. While I was reading, I felt like I was sitting on my bed with a b [...]

    18. This was very different for me. In all honesty, this really isn't even a book. It's a very sensual and arousing poem. I wouldn't necessarily call it a story because there really is no plot. It seemed like it could have been the prologue to an actual novel. So having said that, I would definitely rate this as 4 stars , maybe even 5 stars for the beautiful poem that it is. We don't know the characters, just a woman on the train that sees a man, and she starts to talk to him. She is a very forward [...]

    19. "Reality runs the risk of spoiling things, don't you think? The fantasy is often better. That's where the soul is fulfilled. Reality struggles to fulfill the soul, that's why we're often so unhappy. But in fantasy Fantasy is the world of the soul.""Words are very enjoyable. I like words because they are. seductive." "And I like words because they can contain fantasies."

    20. Absolutely loved this story. The writing is great and so many passages were amazing!! Few of my favorite lines."Words are so lovely aren't they? They are so good at putting you in the right mood" AND"I like words because they are seductiveAnd I like words because they can contain fantasies"

    21. This book was kindly provided by the author for review. Unfortunately this was not the book for me and I was only to get through a quarter of the book. I felt it would be unfair to rate it as I didn't read the entire story.

    22. Did not finishI was hoping Hansome had some wit and turned that shameless seduction crap aroundbut he was as dumb as every other bloke falling under a mindless spell of a pretty women with good legs

    23. This review was originally published on: nudgewinkwink'You know what it’s like when you read sensual and arousing words in a story, and the sounds of them, the energy of them, make you head go ping? Do you know what I mean? It’s like a sizzle, a firework ignited inside you as the sensual words do their work. It’s beautiful to surrender to that. We’re women, we love being turned on by things like that. And you hunger for it, and thirst for it, and you keep reading the pages to discover ne [...]

    24. The review was originally posted on nudgewinkwink The concept behind this story is simple yet unusual in the world of erotica the sensual, sexual power of words. Here we are presented with two strangers who talk but do not touch, yet create a sexually charged atmosphere that is incredibly sexy. There is no place for vulgarities, pussies or cocks here, instead there are caresses, tender touches and soft kisses. I am amazed at what Lusarde has achieved in 'The Train of Arousal' as for a story with [...]

    25. The use of imagery in this book is so beautiful and sensual and unexpected.Oh my goodness James Lusarde is truly a very gifted wordsmith, this beautifully written pieceof erotic prose quickly drew me in and delighted me.His scintillating narrative was such a pleasure to read and the clever imagery kept me reading. Who knew erotic fiction could be so beautiful and left me wanting more.Congratulations James you have just acquired a new fan.Next time I board a train it will be with a knowing smile [...]

    26. Surprisingly a very good story. I wasn't tempted to read it by any of my fellow readers, just fell across it.A man who understands the joy of touch I was captivated from that moment in the first few pages, the words just flew.

    27. When I first started the book, I wasn't sure what to think of it. The style of writing is quite different from anything else I have read except for Edgar Allen Poe. I knew right away that this was going to be a bit of a challenge for me, in a good way, because I am one who reacts to touch rather than just words and imagination, but I really loved the part about the saucer and tea cup. Who would get excited over the noise of a tea cup hitting the saucer? It was quite easy to imagine as I was read [...]

    28. The Train of ArousalThe use of imagery in this book is so beautiful and sensual and unexpected.Oh my goodness James Lusarde is truly a very gifted wordsmith, this beautifully written piece of erotic prose quickly drew me in and delighted me.His scintillating narrative was such a pleasure to read and the clever imagery kept me reading. Who knew erotic fiction could be so beautiful and left me wanting more.Congratulations James you have just acquired a new fan.Next time I board a train it will be [...]

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