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Superstition Parapsychologist Sam Towne believes that ghosts come from the human mind not from beyond To prove his theory he invites eight volunteers including skeptical reporter Joanna Cross to take part in a

  • Title: Superstition
  • Author: David Ambrose
  • ISBN: 9780446607827
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Parapsychologist Sam Towne believes that ghosts come from the human mind, not from beyond To prove his theory, he invites eight volunteers, including skeptical reporter Joanna Cross, to take part in an experiment In a series of seances they invent Adam Wyatt, a tragic Revolutionary War hero, and are thrilled when he starts rapping on tables and spelling out messages.Parapsychologist Sam Towne believes that ghosts come from the human mind, not from beyond To prove his theory, he invites eight volunteers, including skeptical reporter Joanna Cross, to take part in an experiment In a series of seances they invent Adam Wyatt, a tragic Revolutionary War hero, and are thrilled when he starts rapping on tables and spelling out messages But when members of the group begin dying in horrifying ways, it becomes clear that Adam has taken on a strange and dangerous life of his own one feeding on their very thoughts and emotions Now Sam and Joanna must destroy Adam before he destroys everything in their world and even the love they have found for each other turns into an endless, terrifying, inescapable nightmareFrom cult classic author David Ambrose comes a story based on the true case of an experiment into the paranormal, a story that will change forever the way you feel about

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    1 thought on “Superstition

    1. A great book that I will definitely read again. #paranormal-experiment #occult #in-the-name-of-science #this-should-be-a-movie

    2. This one has the feel of an old-school horror movie, like Psycho, The Exorcist, or an old Hitchcock film - it's definitely a psychological suspense. A lot of it is setting the mood, meeting the characters, and all that stuff. I would say the first two-thirds of the novel moves pretty slowly, although that's not to say it wasn't interesting. Basically, the characters are planning on creating a ghost, with the idea that the mind has the power to do so, and there's a lot of discussion about how thi [...]

    3. I found what might otherwise have been an ordinary horror story, (I'm not a fan of horror), surprisingly interesting because of the thought provoking concepts it contained. I've written a number of novels that involve the paranormal--(THE THIRD EYE, STRANGER WITH MY FACE, SUMMER OF FEAR, etc.)--as well as one non-fiction book, PSYCHIC CONNECTIONS: A JOURNEY INTO THE MYSTERIOUS WORLD OF PSI (now out of print) which I co-authored with parapsychologist Dr. William Roll. During the course of that pr [...]

    4. Doing a reread of a book I really liked about 15 years ago.I still really like this book; keeping it at 4 stars. It feels like a throwback to the late 70s/early 80s books about telekinesis and studying ghostly phenomena and the like. The character attitudes and dialogue were a bit dated too (I kept looking at the copyright page to confirm: huh, it really was published in 1997!).There are cheesy moments here, but overall this is gripping story--and an unusual take on ghosts.

    5. \had a few problems with this one , the lead characters annoying in a kind of Harry Potter way " well funny you should ask this is blah blah blah" is used to explain evrything , also the " ghost " is perfectly justified in killing everyone that created him , because they wrote the worlds dorkiest backstory for him. really bad

    6. Superstition by David AmbroseAmbrose uses an actual experiment carried out in Toronto Canada by a team of Parapsychologists known as the “Phillip Experiment” as a platform and structural foundation for his novel. Ambrose writes a rather decent suspense/ Ghost story, definitely scary in its’ own way. In 1972 the Phillip experiment was conducted to try to prove a theory that simply stated that ghosts and possibly other forms of paranormal activity were produced in the human mind, and can be [...]

    7. This book had a fascinating premise and was an intense read until the last few chapters that became totally confusing, which came close to ruining the experience. It was amazing to read about the experiment where the group of chicks were able to make the little robot they had imprinted with as their mom, come to them when they were caged several feet away from it!The ending is inconclusive, because you are not even sure what is going on! What happened to Adam? It also would have been better with [...]

    8. Great story line where a group comes together to try and disprove the existence of ghosts or of the unknown in general. Coming at it from the perspective that we ourselves are creating the paranormal occurrences that may happen. So they try to create a ghost, someone who has never existed before, but what happens when the Ouija board comes out blows them away. This is a great ghost story and I loved this book.This was one of those "unputdownable" books. Its broke up into short chapters, which I [...]

    9. What just happened?WOW!!!!!! I would really love to discuss this book with different people and get their takes on "what just happened"? This book is captivating, can't put it down, you think you know what is going on - but do you? Without spoiling the book by telling you what goes on - all I will say is my cousin and I read the book together and she couldn't figure it out. I actually couldn't either; however, I kept pondering over it like a sliver stuck in my hand that needed to come out yet I [...]

    10. I don't normally read novels about the paranormal, but this one grabbed me right away and held me to the very end. As an experiment in group telepathy, a psychologist Sam, a journalist Joanna, a noted physicist, and several lay people form a group to, in essence, invent a ghost to communicate with them. They create a Revolutionary war figure named Adam Wyatt completely from their joint imaginations. The experiment is successful but then takes a turn none were prepared for. I'm surprised this was [...]

    11. I stumbled upon this novel when I was searching for thrillers that were suspenseful and genuinely creepy, and this book certainly meets (and exceeds) those criteria. I won't rehash the plot, because others have done such a good job of detailing it. I have to say, though, that the subject matter is certainly provocative, in that it explores the genesis of ghostly encounters and stories by focusing on the power of the mind in terms of first creating and then actually manifesting entities and energ [...]

    12. I found this book much by chance. I was waiting for my friends to arrive so we could catch up and I'd just received a call to tell me they were running late so I decided to have a look at the books in the local charity shop. I read the blurb and was vaguely intrigued so I bought it for 50p and off I went.I honestly never been happier that my friends were late. It gave me an extra hour to read this book and it was worth it.This story is so thought provoking, it really does make you question the r [...]

    13. Paranomal Psychologist Sam Towne creates an experiment to test his hypothesis that group telepathy can create a ghost who, although wholly created by the group, physically manifests in the world and can interact with the group. Only, what happens if the "ghost" wants moreI found the premise intriguing. Various real world experiments have been conducted to explore the power of the collective unconscious. By deftly handling the great unconsciousness I think the author manages to tap into some of o [...]

    14. Convinced that ghosts are actually manifestations of the combined will of living individuals, Sam creates an experiment bringing a group of people together to try to do just that. They create a fictional character and start the experiment. But when things start to go bad and they want to stop the test, people start dying.I enjoyed this book. I like the premise and think it is very original. It kept me engaged but there is quite a bit of theory that got repeated often. So at some points I felt li [...]

    15. INCUBI"- Ma io non sono superstiziosa.- Lo siamo tutti, anche quelli che dicono di non esserlo. Siamo esseri razionali, non abbiamo altra scelta."Ho ancora gli incubi a causa di questo romanzo, è stato quello che in assoluto mi ha spaventata di più. Durante la lettura, infatti, sudavo fredda, avevo i brividi, il cuore mi batteva fortissimo. E, considerando che sono un tipo che non si lascia facilmente scalfire dalle emozioni, credetemi quando vi dico di non stare esagerando.Ma fosse stato solo [...]

    16. I just finished it and I'm still left wondering what I've read. I bought Superstition after seeing a trailer for a movie it's based on. I think the book is likely way better, but I'm still not sure how much I really liked the book. It's an interesting premise: an experiment to determine whether ghosts are just manifestations of our own imagination. A group made up of scientists, a reporter and volunteers create a person to find out.As a journalist, I found the romance between writer and subject [...]

    17. This will be my first horror or paranormal book i have read so i donno much how a paranormal books are supposed to be, but if the book is supposed to leave u look like a dumbfound u then this book most certainly left me at a state like "what the hell, it was supposed to be a science exp". on more thing that u ll feel more "what is it . hmmm may be like irritated" is the way in which the male protagonist goes about the situation. for example there are people all around u are dieing and he ill be [...]

    18. [2.5 stars]I kind of enjoyed this book, although I didn't find it extraordinary by any means. I never felt scared by this, despite the ghostly hauntings and phenomena. It felt like the author was trying to write a scary story, but it just didn't work for me. And it wasn't even until about halfway through this book that I found myself actually interested in the story. The first half dragged. It was not good. I had a hard time reading more than twenty pages at a time. The second half was more acti [...]

    19. Creepy, thought provoking book about what happens when you underestimate the supernatural. Trying to create a ghost might come back to haunt you. Haunt you, get it?Thank you to whatsthatbook for helping me figure out the title. I read this several years ago and really liked it. But then I gave my copy away and couldn't remember the name or author! Reader failypee/2016/0

    20. Quite a book. It has been a long time since a story managed to startle me and Superstition did it. Maybe it is the fact that this is not only a ghost tale but a narrative that makes you consider what is possible and what is not. It made me wonder about the relation about logic/science and all those things that happens around us and that we cannot fully place under one of this categories, still they are undeniable there and, one way or another, we use.

    21. I read this book as a kid (I got very bored with the selection in the Children's section of the library, so I regularly wandered over to the grown-up section) and then mostly forgot about it until one day I remembered a particular scene and decided to find the book again.The book didn't really hold up to my memories. I found that I didn't like it as much this time around, and was almost bored waiting for things to pick up. It is a good story, though, and I did finish it.

    22. Eher harmlos und wie ein Buch das aufdecken will kommt es daher und entwickelt sich schnell zu einem Roman der Extraklasse. Spannend von der ersten bis zur letzten Seite, die einem eine Ahnung davon gibt, das das noch lange nicht das Ende war. Man bekommt Angst länger über eine Sache nachzudenken, aus Angst sie könnte sich materialisieren und meine Vergangenheit / Zukunft verändern. Ein kurzweiliges Buch für einen super Filmstoff.

    23. This is exactly what a psychological/supernatural thriller should be. The pacing was excellent, and it even brought in some sci-fi and paranormal concepts that helped to "fill out" the plot with some research based science. I can't wait to read another book by Ambrose! Oh, and I know it's an excellent thriller when I have to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and I turn on the light. I was a tad creeped out, which is a good thing! It takes a lot to spook me.

    24. The book's got its own moments. I really liked the amalgamation of science and supernatural element, especially the part where the experiments are detailed out.There are some chills in the first half of the book.But I thought the book lost it way somewhere thereafter and the ending was a disaster. I had expected a lot more from what could have been a real interesting read, but rather turned out to be a disappointing one.

    25. Este libro es algo nuevo para mi. No había probado este género antes y este libro para mi fue el indicado porque me ha encantado y me ha parecido de lo más interesante. Al principio a mi me pareció un poco que no llegaban al tema y comenzaba a creer que trataría de algo distinto, pero ya más adelante llegó al punto. Le daría algo superior a las 4.5 estrellas pero sin llegar a las 5. Pero en el rango que. puedo darle en mi celular con le doy las 5

    26. A pretty good story, but the narrative voice could have been a lot sharper. I didn't have a good sense of character or place -- it was all kind of foggy. There is a parapsychology researcher and a journalist who likes to expose psychic frauds. They fall in love, and try to conjure up a fake ghost, to see what will happen. What happens is the course of their lives are changedweirdly.

    27. Great story supposedly based on a parapsychology experiment performed in the 70s. (I've ordered the witness account of the experiment just for grins and giggles. I'm gullible, what can I say?)This isn't your average ghost story in my opinion. It's very unique and intriguing and I felt deeply for the main characters. Throw in a good curse and you've got an interesting novel.

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