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Submissive Fairy Tales

Submissive Fairy Tales Enter a world of mythological places mermaids king s harems dragon like beings and gypsies a world of erotic domination and submission in times and places far different from our own Submissive Fai

  • Title: Submissive Fairy Tales
  • Author: Kitty Thomas
  • ISBN: 9781938639005
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Enter a world of mythological places, mermaids, king s harems, dragon like beings, and gypsies a world of erotic domination and submission in times and places far different from our own Submissive Fairy Tales is a collection of previously published novellas by Kitty Thomas The Auction, Awakening, and The King s Pleasure.

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      473 Kitty Thomas
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    1 thought on “Submissive Fairy Tales

    1. So, I have read these individually well, 2 of the 3The King's Pleasure ★★★★★ Wow! Another spectacular showing from Kitty Thomas - she truly is a master at weaving a wicked story that leaves you pondering the lives of her characters long after you have read the final pageE KINGS PLEASURE is a fantastically sexy and erotic tale of a young and beautiful gypsy thief named Abigail who is caught stealing - as punishment, she is forced to serve her time as the new King's slave. The young king [...]

    2. What a wonderful way to get three of Kitty Thomas' short stories. I have heard great things about her writing, but have been somewhat reluctant to commit to one of her full length books thinking them too heavy. Well, I'm convinced to try them now - Ms. Thomas' writing is indeed wonderful, easily accessible and surprisingly she makes the first person POV work very well.I enjoyed all three stories which centered around a woman unwillingly (at first)finding herself in a culture very different from [...]

    3. I don't know what words to use to express how I feel about this book, but I'll try. I am a big fan of erotica. This book takes erotica to a whole new level. This is a very dark read and is not for the faint of heart. There is a lot of BDSM and non-consensual seduction (Fifty Shades is tame in comparison). This is a book of three short stories. Some of the scenarios are mind boggling, but that is why we read these fantasies. You will have to relax your mind and go with it. The author delves into [...]

    4. ------------------------------The Auction------------------------------Set in an ambiguous future, humanity has left behind the `source planet' and settled in a new and backwards world. Science and technology have regressed, books are artefacts and women are commodities once again. On her eighteenth birthday Annabelle `Belle' Walker, along with other ripe young women, are being auctioned to the highest bidder. Under the pretence of redistributing city funds, nubile young women are put on the blo [...]

    5. 2 starsSubmissive Fairy Tales is a collection of previously published novellas by Kitty Thomas. I've been trawling Smashwords for a story that could scratch my non-con itch, and finally decided to purchase this collection by Kitty Thomas because 1) I thought that Comfort Food was one of the best erotic stories I've read and 2) it was cheaper to get a collection from Kindle than the individual stories - from Smashwords. Unfortunately, this was completely not what I was looking for. Perhaps it is [...]

    6. awesome read I truly enjoyed this book thank you so much for the entertainment.Submissive Fairy Tales by Kitty ThomasMy rating: 5 of 5 starsawesome read I truly enjoyed this book thank you so much for the entertainment. View all my reviews

    7. This was a set of three short stories. These were racy and of a dominant/submissive nature, so they may not be for everyone. With that in mind, I thought they had interesting settings/world-building, and although I might have enjoyed learning more about the world and the characters, that wasn't really the point of these stories. The writing was good, but the stories ended a bit abruptly and after reading three of them together, they seemed very similar.

    8. A compilation of three short works, Kitty Thomas’ ‘The Auction’, ‘Awakening’, and ‘The King’s Pleasure’, uses three different settings to portray women in submissive roles.‘The Auction’ is a sci-fi story about Annabelle whose time it is to be auctioned off; a custom that all women go through. To the horror and morbid fascination of all the on-looking town’s people, Annabelle is purchased, not by one of the young men of the town, but one of the natives of the planet. ‘Awak [...]

    9. An author who faithfully allows each character their true voiceI'm a huge Kitty Thomas fan, she is a definite one click author for me--since I became acquainted with the novel comfort food. You should know going into this read that it is done on the premise of fantasy; therefore in order to enjoy this book you are going to have to be a reader who can allow your imagination to go with the flow of the author's intent. The book covers the lifestyle and behaviors of those who practice BDSM. It cover [...]

    10. Redonk Nutshell: Three fantasy shorts by Kitty Thomas that push the envelopeThis is a collection of three of Kitty Thomas's previously published novellas The Auction, Awakening, and The King's Pleasure. Anything by Kitty Thomas is guaranteed to make you squirm in both the good and bad ways.The Auction: Women are put up for auction in an annual tradition, and when a troublesome young woman is won by an alien humanoid from outside the city border, no one steps in to her rescue. It takes a few week [...]

    11. I didn't hate any of these stories, but I really only enjoyed the last of the three in an "erotic" sense, and even then there were some issues. The first story wasn't really my thing: I like my men to be human, sorry. The writing was pretty solid across the board, so for the first story, it was more or less just an interest thing that kept me reading, and a hope I'd like the other stories more. As for the mermaid tale, it was a little too fluffy for me. I liked it, but I didn't find it particula [...]

    12. I am a huge fan of Kitty Thomas' work, and this was just too good to resist. 3 short stories in one book! I enjoyed all the stories, but I think my favorite would have to be The Awakening, which is the second story. It's about a man who catches a mermaid and seduces her so that she would turn human and stay with him forever. All the characters were well written, and you really get a feel of the submissive nature of the heroines. Despite the shortness of the stories, I actually didn't feel that a [...]

    13. Well written and edited. There are a number of two-star reviews here, and I don't get it. So much of the BDSM available out there is schlocky smut -- Kitty Thomas's stories aren't schlocky or smutty. These are fantasy, or "fairy tales," typical of the best capture/slave stories. They are exactly what the author discloses when she say: don't read if you're offended by." No surprises, just short, well-written imaginings.A couple reviewers rated this low because they wanted the stories to be longer [...]

    14. As much as I love Kitty Thomas' books, this book fell very short to me. Submissive Fairy Tales is actually 3 short stories in one book. I am not into paranormal genre (I think this is what it is catogarized in), so the first book was hard for me to get throughI skipped the second one feeling it to was going to be a bit of the same and the third book I somewhat enjoyed. I have read 3 other of KT's books and absolutely loved them. I think she is a phenomenal author, but this just didn't fall into [...]

    15. Not my favorite Kitty Thomas book, but still a great read. Just know this book contains three unrelated stories. The only thing tying them together is that they depict fairy tale like situations. One features a mermaid who is captured by a human, the other a mythical kingdom where women are kept as slaves, and the third is about a mysterious planet with monster-like beings who take a helpless human as their slave. This is not your normal erotic romance. If you keep that in mind going in, then yo [...]

    16. What a twist. I couldn't help myselfI kept imagining the characters from the little mermaid and Aladdin as the main characters in this book.The first short story was a little slow starting but after having read it, I can't say the author could have done it any other way and made it convincing. The second short story jumped right to the point and continued on an incredibly erotic journey! It was awesome!I was most disappointed in the end of this bookI wanted more. I will be revisiting this author [...]

    17. Deliciously racy as only Kitty Thomas can do it! Add to it the fantasy element and I got myself an all-nighter that left me still immersed in the dark and seductive worlds she created long after I've put the book down, very satisfied and at the same time still wanting more, despite the darker tones that colored the stories! I don't want to get into each of the stories; suffice it to say that Kitty Thomas still delivered steaming hot, intensely arousing stories but she also went farther with it, [...]

    18. Who doesn't like a good fairy tale? There are a perfect collection of 'what-ifs of dream world'From our fiesty heroine and start Hero in The Auction, to the innocent mermaid and manipulative Master in Awakening and finally the wide-eyed gypsy and all powerful King in the King's Pleasure, I devoured all three and had an extremely pleasant sleep afterwards, as all good fairy tales should give you!

    19. Hot but slightly disappointingI've never read anything by this author before. I was pleasantly surprised by the stories. I did think the heroin of the third story should have made the hero grovel more at the end. He was a creep even if he came around later. I would read other books by this writer but hope the female characters have more strength in themselves even if they are submissive.

    20. I am new to Kitty Thomas and so far I’ve loved everything. The collection of short stories was interesting and highly erotic. Each woman finding herself in an unknown culture linked to a dominant character left me wondering what path the story will take though I could assume the ending. Watching each woman learn submission and the struggle they endured to get there was charming. I will definitely be reading more.

    21. The first tale is about a world where woman are bought and soldd there are alien brothers. Interesting and I enjoyed it The second tale involves a mermaid and is my favorite of the three.Tale three is a hedonistic kingdom story. I thought it was a little flat, and I didn't buy our king not trusting his gypsy because of a snotty blonde.

    22. I wouldn't recommend this book unless you're a fan of Kitty Thomas' atypical romance - they are not traditional relationships by any means.There are three short stories, none of which were overly memorable IMO.

    23. Won this as a giveaway. I will review upon completion of my reading this book.-Due to some moves this year I was a bit behind my reading, but now I am back on my books and hope to review soon. :)

    24. Okay, so there are three shorts, and they are different and intersting concepts since i like paranormal romances, as well as, regular romances was good, not that i would just go crazy over, but afterwards, i was like "okay, good reads"

    25. NotThe women in those stories are made to feel degraded before they feel anything else. In a way are brain washed to feel. Kinda like when the one girl to told to tell the guy "I love you." Didn't enjoy any of the stories.

    26. I guess all 3 of these stories were just kind of ehhh for me. They were entertaining but all three just needed more substance. They could have been much better if they were longer with more history, details, outcomes. etc. Glad it was only .99 cents!!

    27. On the dark side , but amazing doneDark, but erotic The submissive, turn hard heart's into soft hearts. Even just for them all the stories were well written so worth reading make sure you have Kleenex, some tears might fall .

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