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I, Strahd: The Memoirs of a Vampire

I Strahd The Memoirs of a Vampire Ever since a vampire slew his son Dr Rudolph Van Richten has waged a personal war against these monstrosities of night Knowledge is his greatest weapon and now he has discovered the font of knowledg

  • Title: I, Strahd: The Memoirs of a Vampire
  • Author: P.N. Elrod
  • ISBN: 9781560766704
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ever since a vampire slew his son, Dr Rudolph Van Richten has waged a personal war against these monstrosities of night Knowledge is his greatest weapon, and now he has discovered the font of knowledge, and the most powerful vampire of them all.Strahd.The very heart of evil in Barovia, Strahd Von Zarovich has ruled his land with an iron fist for nearly four centuries AtEver since a vampire slew his son, Dr Rudolph Van Richten has waged a personal war against these monstrosities of night Knowledge is his greatest weapon, and now he has discovered the font of knowledge, and the most powerful vampire of them all.Strahd.The very heart of evil in Barovia, Strahd Von Zarovich has ruled his land with an iron fist for nearly four centuries At first, he was a strict but fair human lord, demanding honesty, repaying treachery with death He had risen to power by war, and his life comprised armies and assassins, taxes and laws Beneath the grim gray weight of these thousand duties, Strahd was growing old.Then came Tatyana.The nearly dead sould of Strahd was revived his dusty heart began to beat again Tatyana awoke in him hope, the hope of the youth and happiness he had so willingly squandered And she awoke in him desire raised his spirit to empyrean heights so that when he fell, he fell like a meteor.The Devil Strahd, his people call him now, an unnatural necromancer by all accounts But few of the living know he is a vampire lord Van Richten is one of those few.

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      257 P.N. Elrod
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    1 thought on “I, Strahd: The Memoirs of a Vampire

    1. This book should be called, What if Dracula won and was a Total Badass! What I learned from this book? If you really want to be left alone, you should buy a castle and employ cut throat, Romanian Gypsy guards.

    2. This was an oddly enjoyable book! I played the Ravenloft D&D modules in high school, and I like P. N. Elrod's writing, so I figured I'd indulge in nostalgia and read this. The plot covers Strahd's background, his choice to become a vampire, and his path from that choice to his weird existence surrounded by zombies in a trashed castle. Overall, the first half was excellent, with a powerful feel of realism (maybe more so because I was reading it on a quiet, thundery day), but when it got to th [...]

    3. I was not expecting to like this book as much as I did. I found it rather interesting how in the Ravenloft series each book is written by a different author. In this addition Strahd Von Zarovich has lead his men through the war and now they are on their way to claim his land and property. When he arrives at his newly acquired castle his younger brother is there to greet him along with some of the locals. The two brothers eventually fall in love with the same young girl and because Strahd is so m [...]

    4. This has to be one of the better vampire mythologies that I have read in a long time. It is darker than the current genre of vampire novels and even though it was written by a lady author seems to have a very masculine point of view. There is a lot of emphasis placed on the battles and triumphs of lord Strahd, as well as his ill fated romance as the story progresses. I would read this one again.

    5. Great Vampire Memoir. PN Elrod really knows how to capture the desolate life a vampire. It pulls you back and forth not knowing whether to sympathize with him or to laugh at him for the stupid mistakes he made.

    6. In celebration of the Wizards of the Coast releasing a re-vamp of the Ravenloft classic for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Ed. (mine is already on pre-order), decided to read some Strahd fiction. I have always like Strahd's character since his introduction in the original Ravenloft adventure (which me and my party of adventures failed at our attempt to vanquish this foe- I still have my grudge) and have read other novels featuring the vampire. I enjoy the classic Bram Stoker-ish vampire over the the [...]

    7. A little bit dark, but so true to the old beliefs of vampires that it was refreshing. He wasn't someone to be envied with eternal good looks & forever to be in love, this vampire was a man who had made a pact with the devil & was paying for his mistakes each & every day of his eternal life. You kind of pity him &, at the same time, think he really got what was coming to him. It was beautifully descriptive & extrememly well-written. I would definitely read on in the series.

    8. I have a friend who loves Strahd/Ravenloft and did the entire Curse of Strahd campaign. When I discovered this book existed, I grabbed a copy and it has been sitting on my shelf for a while. Now, because it is Halloween, I decided to say 'eh, let's read this instead of Dracula'. So I did.I think the problem I have with this book is how basic it is. There is no depth, no background, no 'history'. I can't tell if it is because there simply isn't a history written about him or if the author was tol [...]

    9. Excellent! So Good! Read this book!That's my expert review!As you can tell by my writing prowess, I didn't get that English degree for nothing!Okay, here's my "review."I have never been enamored with vampires or supernatural stuff. I read the occasional vampire themed book when it spills over into my normal reading. I LOVED Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Sometimes vampires show up in the Dresden Files, which I read, and I also read (and enjoyed) a Sookie Stackhouse book once upon a time. As a y [...]

    10. I have to say, I had really low expectations going into this book but I was pleasantly surprised. This book was reminiscent of the “old school” vampires. No sparkling in the sunshine, just the good stuff like bats, and wolfs and sleeping in coffins. This is the memoirs of Count Stradh who has spent most of his life as a solider, fine tuned to the act of bloodshed and betrayal. The beginning is mostly about his struggles, keeping his new lands and people of Barovia in line with his regime. Th [...]

    11. A five star Dungeons and Dragons book? Yes, this is it. Everything clicked with this instalment - the narrative, the characterisations, the pacing, everything. Elrod's erudite and understated style is a welcome change from the usual quasi-fanfic renditions some of these D&D novels are - hi Ed Greenwood! Elrod makes Strahd incredibly three dimensional. He was a cipher in the previous books in this series where he featured - a bad Hollywood Dracula - but here? It's incredible to watch his desc [...]

    12. This book was a lot better than expected. Being in the middle of the series, I was worried that it wouldn't work as a stand alone, but it did for me at any rate. The warlord Stradh ends up falling in love with his younger brother's chosen woman. This leads him to invoke terrible magic, whith unintended and unexpected results. Stradh is not exactly a sympathetic character, but this being written from his point of view, it is easier to understand his harsh reign.A well written and entertaining got [...]

    13. This is one of the better D&D based books I've read. It's pretty much a classic Vampire story, with it's Gothic tragic style. It barrows heavily from the vampire movies that came out in the 1990's. So for me it had a lot of nostalgia value as well. I don't know if the modern kids would like it though, since the Vampires don't sparkle.

    14. This is Dracula retold, but Elron does it from the vampire's perspective and puts in enough twists and turns to make the story her own. An enjoyable read with Strahd coming off as a far darker and more ruthless monster than Bram Stoker's original. An added point of enjoyment is the use of the Serbian word for "fear" (strah) to devise a fitting name for the titular character.

    15. The biggest evangelist for this book in my life was a non-gamer, which speaks for it. I always am interested in the intersection of genre & game, & with the update of Castle Ravenloft, this has been on my mind a bit, lately. --MK

    16. I have a great nostalgia for some of the D&D based novels. During my teenage years I practically thrived on them. The Dragonlance series was my personal favorite, and the one that I still occasionally go back to as some of the stories hold up surprisingly well. I personally never got into the Forgotten Realms, but I always kept a look out for the Ravenloft novels.Ravenloft was D&D’s foray into the realm of the gothic. Horror based tales, but still with the adventurous spirit of your st [...]

    17. Para os propósitos da minha leitura, esse romance caiu como uma luva: entender melhor o personagem/vilão da aventura Curse of Strahd, da Wizards, obtendo uma visão melhor da maneira dele pensar e, principalmente, como ele se vê em relação a Barovia e aos eventos que sucederão no jogo. E, para ser honesta, o livro é melhor que a maioria dos romances baseados em RPGs que eu li (o que quer dizer que sim, há melhores que este, mas há outros bem piores).Sob o ponto de vista de Strahd, o liv [...]

    18. I was originally going to give this 3 stars out of 5. It was a serviceable book in simply telling Strahd’s personal story of becoming a vampire. At times, it was even interesting for a “gamer book.” It had potential. The mood and the world are awesome. Definitely gothic. I really enjoyed that. So, I thought, meh, 3 stars.But then I thought about it and finally had to slip this down to 2 stars.Why? Let me summarize my points.• Strahd himself. What a jerk. He is a jerk before he becomes a [...]

    19. I've listened to this audio book more times than I can count. I love love love Strahd and Borovia. A dark gothic delight. A hunter breaks into Lord Strahd's castle, thinking he's in a deep sleep and finds the vampire'e memoirs. We are then plunged back to around year 300, into his life after just fighting and winning a war and just before he becomes a vampire.Assassins, murder, betrayal, love, reincarnation, war, tragedy, dark magic. A Vampire very much in the style of Dracula, with the wolves, [...]

    20. Whoafascinating! So far the most believable & human beginning to the Dracula tale. Nice job of blending history in with our own world and the paranormal. I like how Elrod pulled the original Dracul into the story.The first third was apprehensive reading but once past that section, I could not stop.

    21. I stopped reading this book after 100 pages but finally got around to finishing it just now. Not a bad book actually, though a little slow. I want to read more later Strahd now as a result so there is that. Like I said not a bad book but nothing that really stands out in the genre.

    22. Just not good. Not adult enough for adults, too much for YA, I don't know what this book wants to be, but it's boring. This is the second of this author's books I've read, and this one puts the kibosh on reading any more.

    23. I read this book in high school and reread it later in college. It was originally recommended by some friends and became a favorite. This is Dracula completely rewritten yet it somehow it works. The plot was shamelessly hacked, taken & reworked. I loved it. Fun book.

    24. They are re-releasing the Ravenloft books? With Chiller new covers? DAMN DAMN DAMN. I'm being sucked back into the mists, the demiplane of dread has me again!!!

    25. This was an excellent read. Highly recommended. Especially if you are a fan of villainy, of vampires, or of any other words that start with v.

    26. Extremely derivative, but that would be expected by anyone familiar with the Ravenloft series or setting. Seems like handy background material for anyone getting set to run the game, though.

    27. In 1983, TSR introduced Strahd Von Zarovich to the world in the classic adventure module, “Ravenloft”. In 1990, he became lord of his domain and the driving force behind the creation of TSR’s “domain of dread”. P.N. Elrod’s novel, here, does nothing to diminish his mystique as Elrod looks at Strahd’s origins, his rise to power, and his fall into darkness.Strahd’s is the story of a great military mind and a leader of men. Brutal and ruthless, he still possesses a keen intellect an [...]

    28. Every year when October rolls around, I find myself drawn back into the realm of vampire fiction. However after having read so much of this stuff over the years, (and my aversion to anything aimed at teens and/or "sparkly") It can be hard to find something that might have slipped through the cracks. This book would be one of them. "I,Strahd" is actually a Dungeons and Dragons book (Ravenloft being a gothic horror setting for the game in the days before the rise of Vampire the Masquerade.) but yo [...]

    29. I, Strahd: The Memoirs of a Vampire by P. N. Elrod- This is the seventh novel that was released for the Ravenloft campaign setting of Dungeons and Dragons. This is also the first I, Strahd novel with the second novel called I, Strahd: The War Against Azalin. P. N. Elrod has written over 24 full-length novels and numerous short stories. Most of her stories focus on vampire mysteries. Her works include; The Vampire Files series (Bloodlist, Lifeblood, Bloodcircle, Art in the Blood, Fire in the Bloo [...]

    30. I might be a touch generous with this book. It's a vampire novel, and not a particularly revolutionary one at that, but "I, Strahd" has to be read in the context of what it is for, when it was out, and what it means for the world around it, and in that context it shines strong.Curse of Strahd fans do well to read it as a guideline of sorts for a more sympathetic and human Strahd, for depth in the world they are to put so much passion in, and for a good book in general that they won't regret, but [...]

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