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Mrs. Pollifax and the Whirling Dervish

Mrs Pollifax and the Whirling Dervish Mrs Pollifax is on hand in Morocco to back up an inept CIA agent and it s a good thing Their first informant is killed and Mrs Pollifax begins to get the idea that her colleague is not who he says h

  • Title: Mrs. Pollifax and the Whirling Dervish
  • Author: Dorothy Gilman
  • ISBN: 9780449147603
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Mrs Pollifax is on hand in Morocco to back up an inept CIA agent, and it s a good thing Their first informant is killed, and Mrs Pollifax begins to get the idea that her colleague is not who he says he is Still, she forges ahead, checking out suspicious informants, and coming to the conclusion that someone is an imposter and someone wants her dead.

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      312 Dorothy Gilman
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    1 thought on “Mrs. Pollifax and the Whirling Dervish

    1. Mrs. Pollifax heads to Morocco and the Western Sahara, to help a very secret offshoot of the CIA, whose sympathies lie not with Morocco but with the Polisarios of the Western Sahara. She has a list of informants, with photographs, and needs to make sure that all of the men match their names and faces, as it's rumored that there's an impostor somewhere among the chain. She isn't alone in this mission, but is paired with another agent who is quite a bit different from most of the colorful, unforge [...]

    2. it was written, alrightis it prudent to expect another lance(aka ambrose)-emily reunion?p56: but the fury object didn't move, it didn't scurry away at her approach and when she cautiously knelt beside it she found that it was not a small animal at all.

    3. I can't quit saying that Mrs. Pollifax is both a spy thriller and a cozy. Seems weird, but it's true. Much more than either.

    4. Emily Pollifax is pondering the idea that she may finally be too old. It's been ages since she's heard from the CIA and she suspects that they no longer think her capable. Just as she starts to feel terribly sorry for herself the phone rings, and the next day she is off to Morocco. Her job is to accompany another member of the CIA on a simple journey across the country to locate and identify seven men who are working as informants. False information has been leaking out of Morocco and there is c [...]

    5. MRS. POLLIFAX AND THE WHIRLING DERVISH (Spy Novel-Mrs. Emily Pollifax-Morroco-Cont) – G+Gilman, Dorothy – 9th in seriesFawcett Books, 1990, US Paperback – ISBN: 0449147606First Sentence: They had been waiting among the low dunes for two days, a few goats feeding nearby on an impoverished growth of desert grass.Emily Pollifax’s husband is away and she’s feeling bored. That soon ends when she is sent by the CIA to Morocco. She is to connect with another agent to locate and identify seven [...]

    6. Another very good cozy mystery involving Mrs. Pollifax on another assignment from the CIA. Seven Moroccan informers for the CIA but one of them has been replaced by an imposter. Wending her way from one end of Morocco to another, Emily Pollifax, finds herself in all sorts of precarious situations as she tries to verify which one of the informers is indeed an imposter.


    8. My dad introduced me to the Mrs. Pollifax series awhile back. It's an old series - about a Grandma who becomes a spy - SOO fun and full of interesting info! I got them all and loved them! (=

    9. This is another exciting Mrs. Pollifax book. It is always good to know there is at least one more to read so I know for sure she survived her adventures.

    10. Another fun outing. Mrs Pollifax is neither a quailer nor kickass (for all she's picked up some martial arts skills) and gets by on caution and good luck.

    11. Series hooks from start with real memorable people. 'Hero' is human in despair, boredom. We share excitement of travel, feel spirit of new country, are befriended by strangers. Quirky personal details, like yens for cheery cherry import and home baking, draw us into a warm circle of honor, loyalty, courage. Re-reading, surprisingly #1 had nothing happens trivia to skip, by #9 we start in the desert waiting with two rebels, plunge into mortal danger. (view spoiler)[End is with same pair in same p [...]

    12. I enjoyed this partly because I've been to Morocco--on a guided day tour from Spain to Tangier. I've also been to Kona in Turkey, to the beautiful shrine of the beloved Sufi poet Rumi. There was a museum on the site, with lifelike wax museum type scenes of Sufis writing and whirling. I love reading these mysteries that are often set in countries I have been to or at least close enough to picture them. The topography and character of the land, as well the culture figure highly in the Mrs. Pollifa [...]

    13. I quite enjoyed this Pollifax, especially the ending, and found it fascinating to explore so many different places in Morocco. For that very reason, however, this was not quite the page-turner (hence the four stars) and there is a lot of geographic description which requires a different sort of attention when reading. I found most of the towns (except the last) on Google Maps which is always fun - Gilman's research seems impeccable although how would I really know? There is often an intrepid chi [...]

    14. Didn't really care for this entry. A simple picture drop turns into crazy times for Mrs Pollifax. Not sure why I didn't like, lots of drama but somehow didn't work for me. The good guys got killed far too much for my taste is maybe the reason.

    15. Maybe the best Mrs Pollifax I've read. A thrilling journey, through Morroco, full of danger, for the very likeable grandmother with a penchant for adventure. I love these books.

    16. It was better than I thought it would be. There was much information about Morocco woven into the story.

    17. I'm a little more than halfway through the Mrs. Pollifax series and I really like the stories. The stories are fun, dramatic and adventurous and I love the fact that a retired widow (newly remarried, of course) is the heroine of a spy novel. I think of it as a Jessica Fletcher-meets-John le Carré kind of tale. I really enjoyed the first few books in the series and I was eager to read more about this entertaining character. This book takes us to Morrocco and Mrs. Pollifax does not fail to delive [...]

    18. Cyrus is off visiting his daughter and newly arrived grandchild while Emily is suffering a case of January blahs. Just as she begins to dwell on a creeping suspicion that Carstairs might consider her too old, Bishop calls and she commits to do a 'simple' mission in Morocco. As usual, the simple mission turns out to be much more treacherous than anticipated. As in Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle, the descriptions of the landscape and people made me want to visit the location - in this case, [...]

    19. I really like the whirling dervish in this book. Mrs. Pollifax stays only one-step ahead the entire time.

    20. Ah, the improbable and dauntless Mrs. Pollifax, thrown this time into the politics of my early adulthood, forced to outwit hostile forces in Morocco. First she is accompanied by the (false) Max Janko, and eventually meets up with the real but terrible inexperienced Max Janko, as they travel through various villages to confirm the identities of seven informants in an attempt to root out one imposter. Along the way, they acquire a young boy named Amahl, who saves them from the bad guys by running [...]

    21. * * 1/2A somewhat below-average Pollifax adventure. The main issue with it is the pacing -- it took at least 70 pages for the story to really get moving, and considering the book is only about 224 pages in total (at least my edition), that's pretty slow. However, once it is revealed that Janko is an impostor and Mrs. Pollifax has to fight for her life, it picks up and the rest of the story is quite good. And of course Dorothy Gilman is always one for the excellent sense of place. Morocco is the [...]

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