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Bread: A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes

Bread A Baker s Book of Techniques and Recipes The warm complex aroma of a fresh baked loaf of bread can be utterly tantalizing the first bite a revelation In Bread A Baker s Book of Techniques and Recipes award winning master baker Jeffrey Ham

  • Title: Bread: A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes
  • Author: Jeffrey Hamelman
  • ISBN: 9780471168577
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The warm, complex aroma of a fresh baked loaf of bread can be utterly tantalizing the first bite, a revelation In Bread A Baker s Book of Techniques and Recipes, award winning master baker Jeffrey Hamelman presents the definitive, one stop reference on the art and science of bread baking a kitchen essential for seasoned home bakers and professionals alike Hamelman, aThe warm, complex aroma of a fresh baked loaf of bread can be utterly tantalizing the first bite, a revelation In Bread A Baker s Book of Techniques and Recipes, award winning master baker Jeffrey Hamelman presents the definitive, one stop reference on the art and science of bread baking a kitchen essential for seasoned home bakers and professionals alike Hamelman, a professional baker for nearly three decades, was a member of the United States national baking team that won first place in the 1996 Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie, the bread baking World Cup Here, he shares this experience, putting world class artisanal loaves within reach of any serious baker Opening with a comprehensive overview of the foundations essential ingredients hand techniques for kneading, scoring, and shaping the basic process from mixing through baking he lucidly guides bakers through all elements of this richly rewarding craft Bread contains 118 detailed, step by step recipes for an array of breads versatile sourdough ryes breads made with pre ferments and simple, straight dough loaves Recipes for brioche, focaccia, pizza dough, flat breads, and other traditional baking staples augment the diverse collection of flavors, tastes, and textures represented within these pages From the delicate flavor and aroma of classic French baguettes to the mellow smoothness of Roasted Garlic Levain, a bread for every season and every palate is here.Each recipe clearly outlines the key stages, with easy to use charts that list ingredients in both American and metric measures, quantities appropriate for home baking, and baker s percentages Hundreds of drawings vividly illustrate techniques, and 35 handsome color photographs display finished breads Sidebars accompany each recipe and section with valuable tips, from the subtle art of tasting and evaluating breads to the perfect fare to complement Vollkornbrot A complete chapter on decorative breads with instructions on techniques as well as a wide variety of exquisite patterns will inspire magnificent display creations.Laced throughout the book, Hamelman s personal narratives offer a compelling portrait of a lifelong love affair with bread and vividly communicate this passion For bakers seeking to finesse this time honored craft or simply to learn the tricks of the trade from a real master, Bread is a resource to be consulted time and time again.

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      293 Jeffrey Hamelman
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    1 thought on “Bread: A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes

    1. It doesn't require to be baker to love this book. We at Zomick's bakery have this cookbook for many years and must admit we learned many new recipes from it. This goes for the challah bread especially. The cookbook itself has some drawbacks, like the inaccurate indexing of the recipes but if you can overcome that, you'll like it for sure. That is if you like spending time in preparing and baking foods.

    2. Frustrated trying to find a decent loaf of Rye—like my grandmother used to make—I decided to do it myself. I've used the King Arthur whole-grain book, but Jeffrey Hamelman's second edition is far superior.It gives scale weights and baking percentages. Far better results than measuring by volume. And the taste: delicious! Almost wholly doing whole-wheat sourdough variations. Highly recommended for the home cook wanting to experiment.

    3. Brilliant. If you do nothing else with your life, follow the recipe on page 249--Un-Kneaded, Six Fold French Bread. I guarantee you, you will be making this bread for the rest of your life.

    4. This book is often referred to as the "bible" of bread-baking, and it is written by the head baker at King Arthur Flour, but I found it lacking in many ways. The recipes are all sized for commercial kitchens (22 or so loaves at a time). The column formatted for the home baker is in imperial units (pounds and ounces) instead of metric. Very annoying. Additionally, the beginning of the book (covering ingredients, techniques, etc) was much lighter on the science and in depth "why"s of baking than m [...]

    5. I couldn't read this book because it's mainly drawn pictures. Lots of cool techniques, but only needed when actually in the act of baking.

    6. Jeffrey HamelmanAn accomplished baker, teacher and entrepreneur, Jeffrey Hamelman brings a variety of experiences and skills to his position as Bakery Director at King Arthur Flour. One of fewer than 100 Certified Master Bakers in the United States, Jeffrey began his training working under French and German bakers at Naegele Bakery in Northampton, Massachusetts.In 1996, Jeffrey was named captain of Baking Team USA, which competed at the Coupe duMonde de la Boulangerie, an international “Bread [...]

    7. My bread book. A tool I depend on like my scale. It includes baking percentages so one can download the free baking % calculator ap and there you go. One loaf or 12, large loaves or small: weigh ingredients only once! Miraculous! All the advanced techniques are here, the author includes his lifetime of baking experience and his passion for making and sharing bread. Also, I love the broad range of recipes thoughtfully included which act as starting places for imagination and experimentation, not [...]

    8. I can't say I've "read" it completely as I'm still trying out new recipes, but as far as techniques for baking go, this is "THE ONE" book. It's amazing and really pushes me to try new things as far as baking bread goes: from shaping to proofing to technical and chemical details about what happens to flour, everything is carefully explained.Jeffrey Hamelman did an amazing job in explaining how to create sourdough, including your own starter. There are reading groups on the internet who encourage [...]

    9. Great explanations of the science behind baking bread, which was valuable to me. But definitely geared for professional bakers & people with some specialized bread baking equipment. I could appreciate what this book had to offer but I wish I was further along in my skill level to use its lessons to their true advantage - for intermediate to advanced bakers, not novices. I liked how recipes included side by side instructions for home bakers who did not want to bake in bulk and professional ba [...]

    10. W robieniu chleba fascynujące jest to, że aby się udało, musisz trzymać się dokładnie przepisu, odmierzać gramy, pilnować Celsjuszy, przeglądać się przez ciasto, pamiętać o autolizie i siatce glutenowej. Z drugiej strony, na początku, nawet jeśli robisz wszystko jak trzeba, chleb nie wychodzi tak, jak byś chciał i dopiero za którymś razem możesz powiedzieć, że się udało. Książka Hamelmana jest takim punktem wyjścia: żeby zrozumieć, zacząć, a potem iść swoją dro [...]

    11. Fabulous book. Hamelman treats you seriously, assumes you have a brain and can work out that things can be varied. His recipes include a conversation with you about the variations. He also informs you in general about what you can expect when you vary things.The nicest treatment of grain breads I've come across so far. My only mild quibble is that I wish the amounts for the home baker were given in metric as well as imperial.

    12. My copy of this book is covered in notes and flour. If you've never made bread before, this book would be completely overwhelming, but once you know the basics, this is invaluable and has made me a much much better baker.I only wish that the "home" batches were listed in grams instead of ounces. I find myself calculating out a 3#(2 loaves) batch of dough measured in g/ml each time I approach a new recipe.

    13. This is an excellent, detailed bread baking book that I absolutely depend on. The recipe for Pretzels is absolutely flawless, and the results are authentic, says my German-born and raised husband. It is the only bread book that I found in the US that has good detail on making and using the lye solution to give the pretzels the shiny brown crust that is needed for an authentic pretzel. The pizza recipe is excellent as well, as are so many of the other recipes. This book lives in my kitchen.

    14. My only criticism is that the measurements given should also be in metric units not just pounds and ounces. That makes it quite limiting (and provincial, actually) since the US is the ONLY country still using that outmoded system of measurement. In the end, this makes the book very limiting, and not at all useful.

    15. If you want to learn the basics and even more advanced techniques of baking bread, then this is the ONE book to have on your shelf. My baker friend, a former Head Baker at Per Se and Bouchon Bakery recommended it to me for the few days I spent working with him and I would say it was the best assigned reading I've had in a long time.

    16. I decided to use this book as a reference for my own writing because a professional baker wrote it. It proved its value over and over, down to the sketches and photographs. If I needed to describe a type of bread or baking, it gave me everything I needed to communicate the inestimable value of bread. It even ispired a chapter about bread in an interpretive dance.

    17. Very good resource for understanding the science behind breadmaking. The breads I've made from this book, though, have not turned out well. With the sourdough, it was more likely baker's error than a problem with the forumula or method set out in the book! I will continue to use this book to enhance my skills.

    18. I didn't actually read every word of this book, but I gleaned what I wanted to from it, which is to say that I read the first chapter in it's entirety (and read more than I ever want to know about The Bread Process, from Mixing through Baking). Then I skimmed many recipes and decided I may never be a fancy bread baker. ~sigh~

    19. You basically have to be a hard-core breadmaker to make sense of this book. I'm a home cook that wanted good info on making bread and learned quickly that this book is really intended more for people who are commercially making bread, not for people like me. So, I gave up after the intro.

    20. My rating is from the perspective of wanting a more light hearted bread book with some story, easy recipes and great tips. This is one heavy book - figuratively and by weight! A much more serious bread book than I was after

    21. Some great advice and insight here -- given me lots of ideas for new stuff at home, as well as why things happen they way they do for bread (homemade or otherwise). Still, it's a little difficult to translate into home baking sometimes.

    22. This was my first read of anything Bread related. Mixing bread by weight was a very welcome change to my bread making. It helped me get out of my old routine.Enjoyed it so much I plan to purchase it and bake through many more of the recipes.

    23. This is the ONLY book out there I can wholeheartedly recommend for the serious baker, professional or amateur. That said, it is geared more towards the professional, or, at least, someone who takes their baking very seriously.

    24. Hamelman is a master. Turn to his book and to his techniques for creating authentic, delicious, hand-made artisan breads.

    25. Simply the best book on bread, good for bakers of any skill level. I use it constantly as a reference and have bought multiple copies for friends and family who want to learn to bake bread.

    26. if you are at all serious about baking bread, you must buy this book. it's a philosopy, recipe, and textbook all wrapped up into one.

    27. Do you bake bread? Yes-> Get this cookbook.No-> You're weird. Get this cookbook. Start baking bread.An absolute essential in every bread baker's home, though not flawless.

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