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Ghostwalker Kendril is a Ghostwalker a man who is dead to his former life and bound by a solemn vow to seek penance for some mysterious dark sin in his past When a chance encounter in the forest leads him to ina

  • Title: Ghostwalker
  • Author: Ben Cassidy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kendril is a Ghostwalker, a man who is dead to his former life and bound by a solemn vow to seek penance for some mysterious dark sin in his past When a chance encounter in the forest leads him to inadvertently rescue a woman named Jade, a woman who claims not to remember anything about who she is or what has happened to her, Kendril becomes her reluctant guardian.But aftKendril is a Ghostwalker, a man who is dead to his former life and bound by a solemn vow to seek penance for some mysterious dark sin in his past When a chance encounter in the forest leads him to inadvertently rescue a woman named Jade, a woman who claims not to remember anything about who she is or what has happened to her, Kendril becomes her reluctant guardian.But after a gang of ruthless bounty hunters comes after Jade, Kendril finds himself thrown into a deadly game of cat and mouse where one wrong step will be his last Now he must use every ounce of daring and cunning he has to escape with his life and to protect the woman he is growing to love, a woman with no past.But can he trust Jade, or will her secrets lead to his undoing Ghostwalker is an action packed novel of suspense set in the fantasy world of Zanthora Filled with dark humor and a cast of diverse characters, it is the first book in the Chronicles of Zanthora, the relation of the Fourth War of Despair.

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      474 Ben Cassidy
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    1 thought on “Ghostwalker

    1. Ghostwalker (The Chronicles of Zanthora #1) by Ben Cassidy is a book I have had for a while and I forgot about. I found it and dove in. I thought it was a ghost story but it was not. Although I would have normally been disappointed, this story was good too. It is in a world of black powder guns, swords, inns, Dukes, bandits, rescuing girls in distress, and "Ghostwalkers". A "Ghostwalker" is someone that part myth, part man. There were lots of stories about Ghostwalkers and part of those were ver [...]

    2. I had just got my kindle for xmas so what to get for one of my first books, I chose Ghostwalker the first book from the chronicles of Zanthora by Ben Cassidy. I am so glad I did, this whole series is up there with the best and as I understand it this man is still publishing these books himself. The Ghost Walker, has everything you could want from a fantasy novel. There is action, drama,romance,intrigue, and magic what more do you need. It is fast paced, easy to read, and keeps you turning the pa [...]

    3. LOVE LOVE this series!! I discovered Ben Cassidy by downloading Ghostwalker, a free 1st book in the series. Well this free book grabbed me on page one and I continued downloading one after the other and stayed glued through Book 6, Redemption! I'm anxiously awaiting Book 7, The Raven in the Sea.Mr. Cassidy has richly developed every character to the point of absolute believability. The story is fast paced, exciting, edge of your seat gripping and a great way to forget reality least for awhile.Wh [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this adventure. Good clean action and the promise of romance. I appreciated the willingness of each character to put their life on the line for the strangers they encountered on this journey. Looking forward to the next book. I recommend this book to the young and old alike.I really enjoyed. this adventure. Good. clean action and the promise of romance. I appreciated the willingness of the characters to risk their lives for the strangers they just met. not a long reading, but ke [...]

    5. Good clean read if your looking for a good read with a lot of action then give this a try in a time where it's so hard to find books that are not filled with smut. it was nice to sink into this one I will be reading the rest of the series as soon as I down load them

    6. When Kendril finds a woman bound & bleeding in the forest, his life is changed forever. Upon rescuing her, he finds his damsel in distress unable to remember who she is. In trying to bring her home, he gains two more travelers who try to help. The whole story is more complicated by the fact he is a ghostwalker, unable to fight with a long blade, back away from a fight, or care for a woman as long as he lives. Definitely a swashbuckling story, fast paced with a heroine who needs protection.

    7. You felt like you were there.Book made you feel like you were right there the whole time with all of them on the journey. I just wish that once the Royal Army came to her rescue that she would have came back and thanked the guys who had risked everything to keep her safe. It just didn't feel right that once she realized who she was she never came back and gave the guys a reward or anything it just left it a weird ending.

    8. A fun readI really did enjoy this story. I like the character Kendril, the vow, the strictures that puts in place. It is an interesting twist on a familiar road. I'm less enamored with Maklavir, although I see how he fits into the formula. I think my only criticism is that the story end feels abrupt. I would have liked a more elegant, and perhaps elaborate, ending.

    9. A woman kidnapped, her savior a magnificent swordsman who took a strange vow, a diplomat in a purple cape, and a mule named Simon. A strange little group, struggling to get away from a band of bounty hunters, but things just keep going south

    10. Just what I neededThere is nothing better than a quick fantasy book that has me hooked from the very first line.Great characters, fast paced story, and continuous humour.

    11. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this series of books. In fact I have struggled to put my kindle down and stop reading! Well written characters, fast paced action and a good plot.

    12. Great adventureWhat a great story! It has heroes and villains and a maiden in need of saving and lots of action. What's else could you ask for? Recommended.

    13. Ghostwalker, Kendril, is passing through the Howling Woods when he comes across a woman who’s been tied up and is barely conscious. After rescuing the woman, Kendril soon realizes that she is being hunted. The woman he calls Jade doesn’t remember her name, but Kendril feels bound to protect her. With the help of a diplomat named Maklavir, they manage to fend off the band of bounty hunters looking for Jade, but for how long?Ghostwalker is the first in The Chronicles of Zanthora series and it [...]

    14. The cover art does not do justice to the story. It is, though, representative of the setting of the story (Howling Woods) and one of the many weapons that Kendril carries with him. The cover would have been even better had it captured Kendril’s essence.Kendril, a ghostwalker, takes a shortcut with his mule, Simon, only to be ambushed by a lone bandit. After he disposes of the bandit, he unties the damsel in distress who was kidnapped and injured and wakes up with amnesia. Thus begins the story [...]

    15. This is the first book in a new series by Ben Cassidy. This is the first book I have read by this author. As with many first books in a series, it is as much an inducement for the rest of the series as it is a full story.The action appears to take place in the American colonial period - wild unsettled areas, individual trappers and itinerants, and small enclaves and settlements, with considerable dangers for the unwary traveller, and armed with flintlocks and swords. We learn, however, that the [...]

    16. A reluctant oath bound curmudgeon with his stubborn carrot loving mule, a mysterious lady with amnesia, and one clothing conscious former ambassador to kings, versus an avaricious bounty hunter with a grudge and his bumbling henchmen, this story has it all. Determined to recapture the lady he had kidnapped, save his reputation (and collect his gold,) the villain will stop at nothing. Equally determined to stay alive, our three heroes are catapulted through desperate sword fights, gun battles, ex [...]

    17. A surprise in every chapterAmid the humor and bloodshed (neither of which run dry), every few pages seems to produce either a new ally or a new enemy. I appreciated the way each character displayed both remarkable strengths and remarkable weaknesses and failings, and even a few hints of mediocrity for good measure. Thanks, Mr. Cassidy, for another exciting and enjoyable story. I hold you responsible for the fact that my children were left to their own devices this morning while I kept reading on [...]

    18. This book wasn't what I expected. I thought it actually involved paranormal ghosts so I was disappointed BUT with that said it was a pretty good book. There was alot of action and the book kept moving. I thought it ended a little abruptly. I would actually recommend this book for my teenage son. Very clean which was refreshing. I wish there would have been a little more to the story line but it was all about the fighting scenes. Would have liked to read more about the main characters back storie [...]

    19. Ghostwalker ReviewKendril is a Ghostwalker feared by all. On his way to the Outpost,he rescues a damsel in distress. Sho has no recollection of who or where she came from, Kendril swore to protect her. They meet a wacky gentlemen and between the three have to outsmart and outrun a band of bounty hunters. This great adventure had me wrapped. The first book I've read by Ben Cassidy but definitely not my last!

    20. Great readReally liked this book was gripped from the start couldn't put it down read it in one night,wanted to find out more about the main character why was he a ghostwalker is Joseph going to be in the next book liked how the diplomat basically not a fighter or hero does the right thing really good read

    21. Basically a good storyI would have rated this book at 3 1/2 stars. the story was a good time but the grammar for the time was lacking and that bothered me. good pace in the story and does leave you wanting to read the next book in the series even tho you could guess what will happen in the story. overall a fun read.

    22. Ghostwalker is the kind of story that draws the reader in and keeps them hooked until the gripping end. Ben Cassidy has demonstrated that he knows how to push a story along keep you riveted with plot twists and cover to cover action. It is far better than I would expect from a free, self published work. I immediately purchased the 2nd book in the series upon completing this book.

    23. InterestingIt keep you reading and wanting to know more about the character's is difficult to put it down, wanting to know more and more who is behind all this intriguing plot and why.

    24. Wasnt sure what to expect but am pleasantly surprised by this author. I liked the main characters, loved Simon and altho one could guess at Jade's likely origins, this did not detract from the plot at all as it was about keeping her safe not who she was. Looking forwards to book 2.

    25. Simply superb! I like books with a lot of action, maybe in another world or time, and the women don't all scream and cry a lot even when they're scared (like me). Thanks to an author who knows how to blend a great story line with viable characters (and fewer grammatical/spelling errors).

    26. Well doneSolid characters. Story moves along, and keeps you reading. I have been reading this Genre for over three decades, and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. On to the next in the series.

    27. It was a good read. Didn't take me long to get hookedon the whole series. The characters are enjoyable and likable. Love the witty humor and snappy come backs. The whole story is pretty good, easy to follow. There is plenty of action and the whole story will keep your interest.

    28. Charlie's reviewI really enjoyed this book. Not a regular reader, I decided on a whim, to read this book. It was a good read for me as I got into the story very easily and quickly. The author does need a better editor, though. The book is a good read and it's free.

    29. Very enjoyable storyI enjoyed this story and had a hard time putting it down. I liked that the characters developed quickly and the story was fast paced.I look forward to reading book 2.

    30. Reminded me of when I started reading fantasy books but at the same time still felt new. Made a nice change to some of the more graphic novels that I have been reading recently. Will definitely be reading the rest of the series.

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