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Julianne Julianne Finnegan lives in the shadow of her adored but wildly successful brother Michael Her professional life is a disaster she has no sense of herself outside her family and she can t face anoth

  • Title: Julianne
  • Author: Rebekah Lyn
  • ISBN: 9781477664704
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback
  • Julianne Finnegan lives in the shadow of her adored but wildly successful brother, Michael Her professional life is a disaster, she has no sense of herself outside her family, and she can t face another Monday A chance encounter with Oliver, a handsome young actor, gives her the courage to leave her job and prove her real potential Julianne s confidence soars as she meeJulianne Finnegan lives in the shadow of her adored but wildly successful brother, Michael Her professional life is a disaster, she has no sense of herself outside her family, and she can t face another Monday A chance encounter with Oliver, a handsome young actor, gives her the courage to leave her job and prove her real potential Julianne s confidence soars as she meets the challenges of revitalizing the failing community theater The time she spends with Oliver opens her eyes to a certainty she s never known before, even in her successful brother But as she starts to open her heart to Oliver, an old crush returns Gavin, a famous movie director, has been Michael s best friend for years and loved her as a little sister The excitement and passion Julianne has developed for the theater shocks him into realizing she is a child no longer, but a beautiful talented woman who has captured his heart Julianne is faced with some difficult choices Will she choose glitz or a steadfast love

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    1 thought on “Julianne

    1. I really enjoyed reading "Julianne" by Rebekah Lyn. I look forward to reading more books written by Rebekah. I would recommend this book to my family and friends. Julianne is a young woman who is still trying to get over a relationship that ended three years ago. She is working for a telemarketing company that she hates. When she accidentally runs into Oliver, a handsome young actor, things start to turn around. Oliver introduces Julianne to Cameron who runs the Garner House Theater. Julianne st [...]

    2. I enjoyed this book because it was easy to relate to the main character, Julianne. Her life seems to be at a standstill She is still recovering from a painful breakup from three years earlier, and she is stuck in a dead end job that holds no interest or passion for her. I'm sure most of us have experienced times like these in our lives! To make matters worse for Julianne, her older brother has a very successful career, and Julianne often longs for her own identity outside of simply being "Michae [...]

    3. I was given this book for an honest review last August. I got a little sidetracked with my own writing and school, but I am so sad I didn't read this sooner! It was wonderful! I loved Julianne coming into her skin and figuring out her feelings. Oliver was amazing and the type of guy I would swoon over. I loved this book and can't wait to read more stories from the author.

    4. Julianne is trying to find her way in life.This novel brings you into the world of theatre.A community theatre trying to survive in economictimes and low attendance. Julianne takes on the jobof saving "The Garner House." Does she do it? Pickup this novel and see.I really enjoyed this book. I look forward to readingmore of Rebekah Lyn's novels.

    5. I love this book I couldn't put it down until I finished the both. I was hook on seeing what happen at the end.

    6. Julianne is a very interesting book about a girl trying to find her way in life. She is from a well-to-do family and struggles to find her purpose/passion in life. A chance meeting with a guy leads her on an adventure to not only save a struggling theater but also the adventure of self realization. Julianne has had a crush on her brothers best friend for years but finds she also has feelings for another guy. Throughout the book there are some light moments that just make you laugh and there are [...]

    7. My Review: Author Rebekah Lyn has wrote a very good story line. Her main character Julianne Finnegan struggles with several real life situations.Even though I did enjoy reading Julianne for the most part I was just not really into the book. I must say that it did not hold my attention as well as I felt I was expecting it too. The theme was good, the characters where good. Just that, an okay read.And just a note here to say that this is only my opinion, you must take a chance a read for yourself. [...]

    8. I thought this author had a nice idea, but the execution very much was missing. For instance, one major issue was a overformality in the characters' speach. They said "I will" instead of "I'll" all the time, making the book seem so formal. Also, among other things, I thought the religious of the aspect of the book should have been explored much earlier, as far as Julianne's character went. (Grade: "C".)

    9. I enjoy Christian fiction but like to see the faith of the characters more integrated into the book rather than revealed in short "religious" segments.

    10. Julianne always felt she was growing up in her big brother's shadow. Michael the overachiever, Michael the success story. Julianne was the dreamer. Her life seemed to be on hold. She seemed to be caught up in a string of 'for the time being' type jobs, never really finding her stride. She wasn't content; she had unfulfilled dreams.But then she finds Oliver. He introduces her to Cameron and she volunteers to help breathe some life into the local theater production. She has finally hit her stride. [...]

    11. Rebekah Lyn’s book, Julianne, explores the themes of love, redemption and sacrifice in a unique and refreshing way. I learned more about the artistic world of theatre and what goes into promoting the productions and drawing people in to attend the performances. I appreciated the research required to weave that information into the scenes in order to make them come alive in a way that seems real and tangible. Throughout the book there were some light moments that made me laugh and there were ti [...]

    12. Choosing the right path in life is difficultJulianne thought she loved Gavin, a famous movie director, thought she could never measure up to the success of her big brother Michael, and felt her career was a disaster. Then she met Oliver. He was a handsome young actor, struggling to help a community theater stay afloat. Julianne gets inspired to quit her job and dive into an uncertain career that might not even pay the rent. Her new career and new relationship with Oliver hit a snag when the love [...]

    13. Julianne is a woman who feels that she’s always lived in her brother, Michael’s shadow. She struggles to find her own place in the world and do it on her own. Just about the time she’s at the end of her rope on another dead-end job, she bumps into Oliver who changes her life. Oliver also brings feelings to the surface that Julianne hadn’t felt in quite some time, not since Jonathan. Then there’s Gavin. Julianne has had a crush on him ever since her brother brought him home from college [...]

    14. "Julianne" (Book One in Coastal chronicles) by Rebekah Lyn is a novel about a woman in her twenties living on the East Coast who has finally finding herself. Julianne is a telemarketer who is a Public Relations wanna be. She has the degree, now she needs the opportunity. She is also surrounded by men. All love her and want to take care of her. Julianne grows up in this story both in the career and the man department. She is also introduced to God, Whom she knows little about, but is interested.T [...]

    15. Rebekah Lyn has a way of drawing the reader into her stories. When you sit down to read one of her books, it's like sitting down with an old friend to chat. The story is refreshing. Non-Christians may think this book is too "preachy". But maybe they need to read it. For Christians, the "mini sermons" are reminders of the mighty God we serve. I love Lyn's style of writing. It may not be "page turning" suspense, but it is a comfort that we all need once in a while.I received a copy of the book for [...]

    16. Although I may disagree with some of the messages in the story, I have to say that this author's writing is very good.There is a gentleness within the tale that flows until the end.The characters fit the plot, while emotions and choices show the complexities of human behaviour and relationships.I am not one for romances, but see how this book would have strong appeal to those that do.

    17. This is a story about struggles of the character Julianne. It is a Christian romance novel that is not too preachy and it has a great pace with well developed characters. The author's voice really pulled me into the story. I had to know what she was going to do next, how she was going to handle the situations. This is a beautiful story.

    18. The author has developed a pleasantly refreshing love story without the normal sex and smut so often found in stories today. I'm sure that you will find this to be one that you will enjoy from cover to cover! So, just find a comfortable chair and enjoy!

    19. The theme was good, the characters where good, but the book fell short. I think it bugged me that so many men were falling all over themselves to take care of her.

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