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Fade What do you do when you realize nothing in your life is what you ve believed it to be When Arionna Jacobs loses her mother in a tragic accident her world is turned upside down She s forced to leave h

  • Title: Fade
  • Author: A.K. Morgen
  • ISBN: 9781620070840
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • What do you do when you realize nothing in your life is what you ve believed it to be When Arionna Jacobs loses her mother in a tragic accident, her world is turned upside down She s forced to leave her old life behind and move in with her father Dace Matthews, a teaching assistant at her new college, is torn in two, unable to communicate with the feral wolf caged insideWhat do you do when you realize nothing in your life is what you ve believed it to be When Arionna Jacobs loses her mother in a tragic accident, her world is turned upside down She s forced to leave her old life behind and move in with her father Dace Matthews, a teaching assistant at her new college, is torn in two, unable to communicate with the feral wolf caged inside him.When they meet, everything they thought they knew about life unravels Dace has intimate access to Arionna s mind, and something deep within her fights to rise to the surface They don t understand what s happening to them or why, and they re running out of time to sort out the strange occurrences around them.Their meeting sets an ancient Norse prophesy of destruction in motion, and what destiny has in store for them is bigger than either could have ever imagined Unless they learn to trust themselves and one another, they may never resolve the mystery surrounding who they are to one another, and what that means for the world.

    • Unlimited [Fiction Book] ↠ Fade - by A.K. Morgen ↠
      160 A.K. Morgen
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    1 thought on “Fade

    1. ARC supplied by NetGalley and Curiosity Quills Publishing in exchange for a snarky honest review. Read along with the lovely Lisbeth. Read her review here. | vlog review |*cue piano music*"There was once a girl named Arionna she was left alone after a death then possessive MaceDace came into her life and she turned into a crazy, annoying bitch."Yeah no. Did you actually think I'd write a song for you guys about this frightening book? I'd just humiliate myself.I opened my file of FADE (oh, how th [...]

    2. Imagine you are an aspiring author with a book deal under your belt. In lieu of actually writing something interesting and mould-breaking, you go for the same old bog of ideas that the YA genre seems to have gotten itself stuck into. Paranormal setting/characters? Check. Instant love (just add water)? Check. Love triangle? Check.So, please excuse me for this tired old pun: Fade, the first volume in the Ragnarök Prophesies series is so bad that I'm quite surprised Heimdall hasn't tooted the Gjal [...]

    3. This review is also available on my blog, QwertyActual rating: 0.5 star (Well, it's slightly better than Ever)Disclaimer: Lisbeth didn't exactly recommend this book. I did this to myself after seeing her giving Fade 0 goddamn star. Haha.The Lord has given me strength to stomach this book, so here is what I came up with:When I first saw the book blurb '.She’s forced to leave her old life behind and move in with her father (heard that before)unable to communicate with the feral wolf caged inside [...]

    4. This review also appears on my blog at thegoldenruleof666spoWow, that blew my mind! It was't what I expected and I couldn't be more pleased with this loveliness. Fade was unique and utterly fantastic.Fade is based on Norse mythology, so it already has an element that hasn't been used in too many YA books. It took the myths and reshaped them into something that will be sure to hook quite a few fans.Arionna was a fun lead. She was very real, she felt like an actual person. She'd just lost her mom, [...]

    5. Actual Rating: 0 stars!I read this with the amazingly awesome reviewer named Oceana. Her review: /review/show/. Please read hers before mine. :)This book is not suitable for those younger than 13. YA Fifty Shades of Grey here (minus 50 something sex scenes).Last note, to the family member who I know is reading, I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS ADULT. D:~~~I've begun to say this a lot: this book is horrible. It's the worst book I've read this year. The sad thing is, I've said that at least 4 times this year. [...]

    6. In the start, it follows up on Arionna's mother who has died where they're at a graveyard going to bury her body. A wolf emerges, complete with a howl with burning yellow eyes. It's already interesting from the very beginning. I was very much fixated on the story and Arionna Jacobs who is yet a girl we're going to find out about. 'A lone wolf hunkered beneath the trees. A wolf? I blinked, certain I hadn't seen an animal at all, but I had. A wolf, or the domestic relation anyway, sat in the shado [...]

    7. Disclaimer: Curiosity Quills Press provided a free electronic ARC of this book for review purposes.Further disclaimer: this is a DNF (did-not-finish) review. I got about a third of the way through the book before I gave up.I requested this book from Netgalley because of the Norse. A look at my bookshelves will tell you that I love modernizations of mythologies, especially Norse, Celtic, Arthurian, etc.I didn't love this. And here's why.Insta-LoveNot just insta-love, but insta-soulmates. The mome [...]

    8. I received this book by courtesy of Curiosity Quills Press publisher and the author, A.K. Morgen. Thank you for offering me Fade in order to write a review. Because English is not my native language, please excuse the possible mistakes.I have to tell you from the beginning that although now, after I finished Fade I can say that it was interesting, the first half of the novel was really annoying. I have to digress a little in order to make you understand what I’m going to say later. I am not pr [...]

    9. Let me first say This is a DNF review. I read about 1/3 of the book, and couldn't go any further. I may try again later (when i forget why I had to put it down), in which case I may add more to this review. Okay, So the first chapter (or 2) of Fade was pretty well writtenMore like heartwrenching really, the heroine loses her mother, and reading through her grief was painfulbut at the same time, pushed me to keep reading to see how she deals.Unfortunately the story denegrates from there(this is l [...]

    10. I love the cover of this book. I hope the content is as awesome.Update:As someone who really enjoys werewolf books, I'm sad to say that at 34%, I just can't continue on with this book. The MC is driving me mad, constantly either whining or rambling. There are two paragraphs of her ramblings between dialogue!!! I'm skimming just to find what was said next. And she wants to know everything, but given the opportunity, doesn't ask any questions???

    11. Fade is has a great twist with shapeshifters in this Norse Ragnarok mythology storyline. A.K. Morgen has created her very own intriguing version of the battle that will end the world. Even though I had a few issues with this novel, it still had me flipping the pages, wanting to know Arionna and Dace's story. I enjoyed Dace's character the most. He was the quiet, strong kind of guy. The romance between Arionna and Dace quickly captured my heart and held me to this story. Arionna's mother died in [...]

    12. When I first started this book I was sure I wouldn't like it, but as I continued to read the book I actually liked it the idea of the book. The romance in this book was overwhelming, and to dramatized. The Norse mythology in the book was its saving grace for me without it the book would have been the same as many other YA romance book; not saying many parts of it weren't just that this main idea of this book is what set it apart. The characters were well defined but at the same time bland they h [...]

    13. Captivating story that draws you in from page one.I'm excited for more and think this is a definite must read!!!

    14. Some books you sit and read and only stop when you finish or when you have them physically dragged from your hands. Some books take an effort of will to put down. Some books you make time for. Some books you read whenever you have a moment.This was not one of those books, alas. Early on I was struggling to keep reading. By 30% I had to go back and re-read as I realised I’d started skimming the book rather than reading it. At 40% I kept getting up to get a drink of water, to make coffee, to do [...]

    15. As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!Fade deserves a solid three stars. I really wanted to love this because because I absolutely adore the author, but it ended up just being a enjoyable read for me. It's a great debut, really, it is! There were just some things within the novel that I'm not a fan of, including "insta-love." The story itself is brilliant, though. I've never read anything like it. The ideas are original, the plot line was captivating and the characters were, overall, very likable.Just [...]

    16. kitabisevda/2012/Link eklentileri ve video için bloguma gitmeniz gerekiyor :( Kitabın tanıtımına buradan ulaşabilirsiniz: Fade - Kitap Tanıtımı En sonunda Fade bitti. İlk okuduğumda çok basit kurgusu olan bir kitap diye düşünmüştüm, nitekim ilk yarısı öyleydi de. İnandırıcılık yoktu, her şey bir anda oluyordu. Tema yoktu, anlatım zayıftı Ama yarısından sonra kitaba ve hikayeye ısındım, her şey yerine oturdu Ari ve Dace'in ilişkisi o kadarda saçma gelmemeye b [...]

    17. 3.5 Stars from the Mad Scientist madsteampunkeryFade is based on an ancient Norse mythology concerning shapeshifters offered such a story full of inner turmoil, imprint romance, grief. The story starts off with immense grief. Arionna's mother had just died in a car accident. Her life was thrown in a topsy-turvy state. With her mother gone she had to move in with her father in another city and change colleges. The Mad Scientist felt for her. *Side Note her father was an amazing character!However, [...]

    18. I am so in love with this novel! Fade is deeply entrenched with Norse mythology, romance, and suspense. A.K. Morgen's young adult debut is absolutely a must-read, one that will keep your mind occupied from the first word!Fade opens as Arionna Jacobs grieves for the lost of her mother, her best friend. The grief does a significant number on her attitude and ability to live fully, but she resolves to be strong. When she encounters Dace Matthews at her new college her perspective changes and the he [...]

    19. "Fade" is a fascinating story of legend, shape-shifters and romance. On one hand, we have Arionna who is an average girl: pretty, nice, smart, a little shy, loves shopping, but not a caricature (too pretty, too smart, too whatever)d she's devastated by the loss of her mother. Apart from the fact that her name is atrocious, Arionna is a very lickable character and you feel easily connected to her. Her dad is awesome and she makes new friends who are just as endearing.On the other hand, we have Da [...]

    20. WOW. At first glance this may appear to be the typical plot line that Twilight feeds from in that a troubled teenage girl falls in love with a young lad who had a dark secret to hide but they are both drawn to each other like magnets. As they both discover more about each other through a series of sometimes dangerous and mysteriously powerful encounters they both accept that their passion for each other can not be extinguished and so must learn how to love each other without going insane. Yet as [...]

    21. I love that this wasn't a werewolf book. With vampires and werewolves flooding the market, having a shifter book instead felt better.In the beginning, Arionna, understandably, is pretty depressed after her mother's death. Then she meets Dace. She still struggles through her mother's death, but he helps her see a light at the end of the tunnel, but he also introduces her to a world she has forgotten exists.I enjoyed this book. I love that it uses Norse Mythology and is based on some familiar char [...]

    22. I must preface this with the fact I'm Ayden's Editor.This book is a great twist on Norse mythology, on shapeshifters, wolves, and reincarnation. The emotions of Arionna losing her mother poured from the page, and I just knew this girl who stayed strong was destined for more.The characters were deep and all interconnected, whether they realized it or not. There were times I didn't know who was a good guy and who was a bad guy, and I liked that the plot kept me on my toes.The fantasy/mythology was [...]

    23. Can I say how breathtaking this cover looks! Now onto what's inside: Fade was AWESOMESAUCE and I read it in less than 24 hrs. I've never read a book like this, so original. The ambiance Morgen created was totally magical. I loved reading every scene with Arionna and Dace (yummy!)I also really enjoyed reading about all the myths. Not sure if they're real myths or if she made them up . . . I'll have to stop by her blog to ask:-)One of my favorite lines that made me LOL: Dear God . . . I didn't fin [...]

    24. ****3.5**** This started out strong. But somewhere in the middle, I wanted to go to sleep. It has great potential to be a good Trilogy, maybe. It eventually started to pick up. Arionna is a bit whiny and Dace can be an ass. There was a I didn't see that coming part in there, also. I will definitely read the next book and give this author another shot.

    25. Love love loved this story. Such a heartbreaker! All of the characters involved were so amazing and real. Made me believe in them!

    26. Fantastic readI just fell in love with this book. The writing is amazing. The story pulls you in right from the first page. The lead female character Arionna is amazing. For once the lead female character is not a brat and whining about everything happening around her. She is trying to cope up with her grieving about her mom's death and a new reality she is facing. She accepted what logic dictates and what her genetic memory is trying to tell her. Dace who is the leading male character has probl [...]

    27. GREAT!!This is one of those books you don't want w put down.I can't wait to get the next book in this series.

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