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Escalation Clause

Escalation Clause Young love burns hot and bright Soul mates are found then lost in the blink of an eye When young widow Maureen Gordon Taylor meets her daughter s sexy soccer coach her body and heart slowly unthaw B

  • Title: Escalation Clause
  • Author: Liz Crowe
  • ISBN: 9780985991142
  • Page: 216
  • Format: ebook
  • Young love burns hot and bright Soul mates are found, then lost in the blink of an eye When young widow Maureen Gordon Taylor meets her daughter s sexy soccer coach, her body and heart slowly unthaw But will holding tight to the past cost her a future A devastating blow shatters a family s fragile happiness Rob Freitag and Lila Warren now confront life without the emoYoung love burns hot and bright Soul mates are found, then lost in the blink of an eye When young widow Maureen Gordon Taylor meets her daughter s sexy soccer coach, her body and heart slowly unthaw But will holding tight to the past cost her a future A devastating blow shatters a family s fragile happiness Rob Freitag and Lila Warren now confront life without the emotional glue that once bound them, but a shared goal brings them back together Is it enough to make them whole again and become the family they were meant to be Mutual trust is hard won for the Gordons When tragedy strikes, Jack and Sara s lives are sent into a tailspin To keep her family from falling apart, she must force Jack to admit his deepest fears After everything they ve been through, can they revive the spark and move to the next stage of marital fulfillment The sweeping saga of the Stewart Realty series continues as long time friends learn to rely on each other, and to grab hold of happiness before it s too late.

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    1. You can find our review atShh Mom's Reading shhmomsreadingand join the conversation at facebook/ShhMomsReading @shhmomsreadingEscalation Clause Book 6 in the Stewart's Realtors series by Liz Crowe is a beautiful literary tapestry that intertwines the stories of three couples.Ms Crowe will make you feel such a wide range of emotions with these characters, you will grief with them, laugh with them, and swoon with them. For an author to make a readers feel so much is magical and truly speaks to wha [...]

    2. If you have not read the previous novels in Liz Crowe’s Stewart Realty series I would advise you not to read Escalation Clause first. Without the background from the previous novels in the series, Escalation Clause will not make sense.Jack, Sara and the rest of the characters we have come to love from Liz Crowe’s Stewart Realty series are back in Escalation Clause. I don’t know about the rest of you but I have been counting down the days to get my Jack and Rob fix ;-)Escalation Clause does [...]

    3. I am astounded at the high level of writing that comes from this author. She truely knows how to keep your attention. I started this series in July of this year and quickly, barely put down, each book. Mind you this kind of Real life Romance is not my norm, I stick to PNR's. But through a fabulous FB group her series was recommended to me by the creator of the page. To my surprise after reading several chapters in Floor Time I fell in love with Jack and Sara, Rob & Blake, then Craig & Su [...]

    4. There just aren’t enough superlatives to describe Liz Crowe’s writing, including her latest release, ESCALATION CLAUSE. Crowe is amazing at writing complex, difficult relationships that are completely realistic. Her books cannot be classified as fairy tale romances. She calls them “Romance for Real Life” and what an apt phrase that is! For real life and modeled after real life. To read a Crowe book is to cry tears of great sadness, to fight the temptation to throw your eReader across the [...]

    5. What I love about this series and this book is that it is not just focuses on one character/ couple. This book takes all the characters that we have grown to love and see how they all cope with the aftermath I the tragedy that they were facedwith at the end is essence of time. First we see a glimpse I me and mea Thornton when they first let and get a better understanding if why Sara is the way she is. Which I love and you see the growth of their characters as wellNext you have the backstory to M [...]

    6. Escalation clause in a word is Intriguing! Liz Crowe does another amazing job in the opening scene setting the ton for the rest of the book. The beginning:In the beginning we meet Matthew Thornton and Elizabeth during Beth's residency and it is quiet interesting those two back story and why Sara is Well Sara! This is the before they were married, why they get married and perhaps a bit of how they stay married. Maureen & Brandis:Such a fun back story to read and makes you smile at the memorie [...]

    7. As with all of the Stewart Reality books, Escalation Clause focuses on the relationship of one couple, in this case Maureen (Mo) Jack's sister and Rafe Inez the sexy soccer coach we saw briefly in book 3, however the story is also filling you in on all the background characters from previous books. We go back to when Maureen and Brandis first fall in love and see his death through her eyes. We then follow Maureen on the heart wrenching journey of recovering and moving forward after losing a spou [...]

    8. Escalation ClauseBy Liz CroweEscalation Clause is book six in the wildly loved Stewart Realty Series. It is important to read the rest of the books before you read this one. While it is a great novel in itself, having the backstory really helps. Escalation Clause fills the reader in on what happens to their favorite characters, Jack, Sara, and Rob while also giving us a deeper look at Jack’s sister Maureen and Sara’s parents. It also sets up the storyline for Liz’s new series- The Black Ja [...]

    9. It's amazing! If you're not reading the Stewart Realty series WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? You need to start with he first one. The stories build and build! I had the whole visual thru all of the books! It's like a movie in my head while I'm reading!!! Now That's good writing!!

    10. My name is Alyssa and I’m a Liz Crowe addict. Escalation Clause was my latest fix and was, one of my most highly anticipated book releases for November. I absolutely could not wait to get my hands on this book! After reading Essence of Time (my favorite read of 2012, BTW), I desperately needed this book. I’ve NEVER had such a visceral reaction to a plot line and I needed closure, I needed understanding & most importantly, I needed to grieve. I’m not going to go into plot or give you a [...]

    11. Originally posted in Breath of Life ReviewsIf I wasn't so certain that author Liz Crowe was planning more books in this series, I'd be mourning the loss of all these characters. I feel that I have gone on a deeply reflective, emotional and mentally draining journey with dysfunctional strangers who became dysfunctional friends. I am amazed though not truly surprised that Liz Crowe has managed to keep each book in the Stewart Realty series fresh and unique while not completely forgetting previous [...]

    12. Revisiting our favorite group of dysfunctional friends and lovers, we are transported both to the past, when Jack Gordon’s sister Maureen (Mo) fell in love with Brandis Taylor, and then to the present, where every one of them has been affected by the death of Blake Thornton. Blake’s sister Sara is struggling with her grief, putting a giant barrier between her and Jack, one they fought for years to overcome. Neither are certain that their already tenuous relationship can endure. Meanwhile, Bl [...]

    13. Liz demanded that I read this book, since I read books 1-4 in the series and then jumped to book 9. It was absolutely fabulous! FABULOUS!As with the other books in the series, this is truly an ensemble story. We interact with many different characters from the series, but this is really Maureen and Rafe's story. Maureen had lost the man she considered the love of her life in a horrible accident and has spent many years alone, raising her children. Sure, she was surrounded by her family and frien [...]

    14. Article first published as eBook Review: Escalation Clause by Liz Crowe on Blogcritics.Escalation Clause is the sixth book in the Stewart Realty series, and if you haven't read the first five you won't have a clue what's going on, so please read those before you attempt this one.This novel by Liz Crowe continues the story of the characters we've come to know and love, focussing particularly on Jack Gordon's sister, Maureen. Having lost her husband, she's been bringing up her children alone and h [...]

    15. This book follows the Ann Arbor gang through a very difficult time. It is hard to live through the grieving with them; it almost brought me to tears at times. I have to say, Liz Crowe is the queen of drama and boy is this book full of it. The book is from multiple points of view, which I LOVE. I believe all the major characters have a turn and one segment is more compelling then the next. These characters come to life through Liz Crowe’s writing and as much as they frustrate me with their ridi [...]

    16. With Liz Crowe’s series, you are taken on a journey. This journey is not unicorns and flowers and rainbows with pots of gold at the end. No, it’s like the most wicked, thrilling, death-defying roller coaster ride of your life! The author of the series states, “I write books I like to read.” Well, I like to read her’s too only they should come with a warning! Something like, “You will get sucked in and you lose spans of time from your life.” Why? Because like a Lay’s potato chip, [...]

    17. I have to admit that the Floor Time books started out as a quick read/guilty pleasure but now the entire Stewart Realty ever growing cast of people have become an obsession! I blame Liz Crowe's freakishly talented way of weaving lives together, alternating POVs and ripping at the heart of so many diverse topics is something I haven't experienced before.I'm not sure a better series exists. I'm not sure if anyone recognizes this series, or it's author, for the sheer genius that it is either. Maybe [...]

    18. Another amazing Stewart Realty installment by Liz Crowe.This story is a bit of everything. It features Jack's sister Maureen, Sara and Blake's parents and we get to catch up with everyone else as well. It is set in the 2 years between the last chapter and the Epilogue from Essence of Time. I love this series as the characters are so real that you experience everything with them, their love, happiness and pain, not to mention their frustration. The epilogue leaves us when the children are all sta [...]

    19. My favorite of the series. Throughout the series, there are many challenges that attempt to ruin the relationships you see developing, but this book showed how the characters fought for their love and what was most important. I was very happy with where the storylines lead to in this book and I understand there are 2 more books coming, looking at their children growing up. I can't wait for more from these charactersI feel like I've known them their whole lives!

    20. Nice ending for a great series. I've come along through six novels of the same characters and I'm very glad I did. It was really awesome to grow with the core characters and see them through thick and thin. To overcome some pretty steep obstacles and come out on the other other side battered, bruised and war torn but still limping along to all happy endings in the end. Absolutely recommend this series.

    21. This book is fantastic. I really didn't think that I could fall any deeper in love with these characters but low and behold that's what ended up happening. You have to start at the beginning with this series so if you haven't read @ least books 1-4 hold off on this one until you do. They're all captivating because of the real life element, and of course the off the charts sexiness. I can't wait for the next volume in this family anthology.

    22. In the true spirit of The Stewart Realty Series, this story falls right into place with all the others. True to life family drama, happiness, and scenes that tickle the funny bone. This story, as with the others in the series, is a story that will make the reader laugh, cry, and anger at times. Just like a real family, it's a roller coaster ride from start to finish. This reader would highly recommend.

    23. This book was amazing… This is the sixth book in the Stewart Realty Series and I just have to say that they keep getting better…. The characters are all very well written You will laugh, cry and scream at them every once in a while This book pulled at my heartstrings and I just couldn’t get enough After this sixth book I consider them family ;-) I didn’t want it to finish….

    24. Book 6 in the series is, so far, my favorite. It covers several story lines, including backstory of siblings Blake & Sara, then jumps back in to Jack & Sara (YES! I'd been missing them!) Rob & Lila, and a new love interest for Jack's sister, Maureen. Really good. Why is Liz Crowe not famous yet? Rated R.Read these books in order.

    25. Visit RomFan Reviews: Review: Escalation Clause (Stewart Realty Book 6) Author: Liz Crowe for full reviewAhhhhh Book 6 in Liz Crowe’s Stewart Realty Series. Escalation Clause to me is a book about healing and there is a lot of healing going on throughout it.

    26. Loved Maureen's backstory with Brandis and the history on Jack as a teen. Cried my eyes out so much in this book. God Liz Crowe can make you laugh out loud and weep! So happy that Maureen finally got her HEA with Rafe. On to Mutual Release the next in the series!

    27. This is not a genre that I usually read but the author is a friend of mine. I really liked it! I am normally really shy about reading books that feature a lot of sex but I enjoyed this book a lot (and not just because the author is my friend!!!) :)

    28. I loved reading the backstories for secondary characters, including Sara's parents. It was also fun to see into the future. As with the other books in the series, Liz really let us read about the emotions that the characters experienced. Sad that I only have two more books in this series to go!

    29. She done it again. Absolutely loved this book. The characters just get better and better. Totally unputdownable! Cannot wait for the next one!

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