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Wrong By daring to use death to look at life Cooper gives us a new perspective on our deepest fears and needs This collection of stories provides an overview of his evolution and as William T Vollmann wro

  • Title: Wrong
  • Author: Dennis Cooper
  • ISBN: 9780802133670
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback
  • By daring to use death to look at life, Cooper gives us a new perspective on our deepest fears and needs This collection of stories provides an overview of his evolution and, as William T Vollmann wrote in The New York Times Book Review, a portrait of our soulless and decaying society.

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      Published :2019-02-27T07:12:06+00:00

    1 thought on “Wrong

    1. As is typical for me, I'm more pulled in by longer-form storytelling, so the winding, desperate opener here, "The Herd", was the highlight. Even moreso than Cooper's first novel, Safe, a generous inclusion here that still felt a bit like three separate stories tied together in order to trace a common contour. Other highlights: timeless punk band story Horror Hospital, and the sequencing slight-of-hand that follows up the blunt detailing of a sex act in "Dinner" with a sort of narrative art criti [...]

    2. Y'know what was weird about this? Not that ol Dennis broke the fourth wall, exactly, but that like, he winked at me. In most of his other stuff that I've read, he's all straightfaced like 'then the dazed teenage drug addict spread his friends ass as far open as he could and stuffed his arm into it. To the elbow. Totally hot for the smell of blood and shit.' But in this one, he talks about "God" in quotes and alludes to having feelings! Weird. I know that I am a little bit obsessed with him so I [...]

    3. Wrong has moments of suprising beauty for a book so governed by ugly acts; of course, being Cooper, there's the usual fisting and torture shtick, but instances like the sad equivocation of the author's late boyfriend George Miles and a gay porn star ("They’re distinct. George is the beauty. Jeff’s the statue erected of him in a public place so he’ll remain aloft.") in Square One offer something beyond the expected transgressions. The flip comparison of a character's stretched, post-coital [...]

    4. What started out as a morbidly curious read ended up taking me to the brink of complete despair and then dropping me off. After reading these stories for the first time, I cried for hours. There was something so deeply cruel and tragic about the whole affair. It wasn't any one story in particular, but the stories as a whole. I probably shouldn't have read them all in one sitting like I did, but that's the thing about Cooper's writing and his books. He uses words and phrases that drive the reader [...]

    5. I've read 7 Dennis Cooper books in the past year (which probably has me on some kind of terrorism / subversive-group government watch-list). Dennis Cooper is an author with somewhat limited appeal. His books are unlike anything else I have ever read. You can't really know what a Dennis Cooper novel is like without actually reading it. There's lots of rape, torture, murder, child molestation, drugs, mutilation, necrophilia, and other transgressive activites in just about each one. There are defin [...]

    6. "I shove the knot of my feelings as deep as they'll go into as compact and smooothed-out a prose style as I can build out of what I know. But they don't belong here, any more than a man's fist belongs in a boy's ass."C'è solo uno scrittore capace di ammaliare e intossicare insieme, di stordirti e sconvolgerti, sì da suscitare repulsione e attrazione - questo scrittore non può che essere Dennis Cooper.Wrong è una preziosa raccolta di racconti giovanili, scritti e pubblicati tra gli anni Ottan [...]

    7. This was a very frustrating book. I had mixed (though mostly positive) feelings about Dennis Cooper's other book, The Sluts. It seems to me a very strange metafictional text, and I would certainly suggest that people read it. But Dennis Cooper's earlier short fiction, collected here in Wrong, is so much of the same thing, I became very bored. Listen, I understand that Cooper's thing is perverse sexuality and violence. But I find it hard not to roll my eyes by the seventh description of a gaping, [...]

    8. There are gorgeous passages of language in the stories collected in this 1992 volume, but the endless, repetitive litany of sexual abuse, rape, murder, and blank emotionlessness can leave me feeling as numbed out as one of Cooper's lost, drugged-out teenaged boys. "A Herd" & the title story are brilliant and chilling; the rest was hit or miss with me, and led me to wonder if Cooper ever found new territory to explore in fiction since his heyday as the grand old man of Gay Alternative/Transgr [...]

    9. I think Cooper's fiction works better in a longer novel form so you have more time to become involved with the characters. With his short stories it is almost an endless parade of the same man over an over again in each story (sad, lonely, horny, depraved, desperate, insatiable, violent, perverse, overstimulated) and they all seemed to blend together into one never-ending and interchangeable tale. This is the third Cooper work I have read since the summer and I think I need to take a break as no [...]

    10. "George thought of things that had haunted him during his life: A staircase that, after turning a corner, led to a brick wall. B&W photos of great buildings destined to be dusty heaps. A human face that had turned into just one more mudslide from heaven.The hotel loomed in the distance. Its neon sign blinked out VACANCY. "An appropriate place for myself or what's left of me," George thought. He headed for its rococo, checking the faces of hapless pedestrians for his reflection. But they star [...]

    11. Bundel die verhalen verzamelt uit jaren tachtig en negentig. Hierdoor diverser dan ’s mans George Miles-cyclus (Closer, Guide, Frisk, etc), met verhalen in zijn befaamde afstandelijke, nihilistische stijl, maar hier en daar ook wat sensationalistisch en zelf een als verhaal verkleed essayistisch gedrocht. De klassieke thema’s (seksualiteit, dood, geweld, verveling, liefdeloosheid, apathie, pornografie) zijn allemaal aanwezig, al slaat de vonk zelden over. (**1/2)

    12. The extreme eroticism of this book disgusted and repulsed me. I am not a prude, I have read plenty of books with highly-sexualized scenes, but this just takes the fucking cake. Literature-wise I found nothing likeable about it. It does not teach the morals, values and ethics other people claim it evokes. Personally i find Cooper enjoying writing these kind of porno stuff. One star for the shock value coz I'm feeling merciful.

    13. I find it exceedingly difficult to commit to reading collections of short stories. Most fail to build characterization and it's what compels me invest in the plot. With Dennis Cooper's work I enjoy how every act, no matter how degrading is the result of each characters personal anxieties and fears. Everything is psychological, rarely carnal if at all. One story I enjoyed in particular above all others is Safe. Definitely worth the read.

    14. A decent, and different, collection of Cooper's short stories. Unlike his novels, the stories found in this collection are far more fleshed out and appear slightly more literary -- some benefited from this, others seemed to drag on into tedium because of it.Since it's been long out of print, and can be difficult (and expensive) to track down, I appreciate the inclusion of Safe; however, having just read it a few months ago, I thought the inclusion of it here was unnecessary.

    15. oh Dennis. These are early stories of Cooper's, so reading them AFTER reading some his novels, especially the George cycle, makes it hard--they seem repetitive.The basics are all here: death, dismemberment, sex, you know, normal Cooper stuff. Possibly a good intro--some of the stories were weak.

    16. The stories in Wrong are actually a tad bit subdued, as far as Dennis Cooper goes. His normal obsessions-sex, death, pornography-are certainly present, but the content here is a bit more nuanced, creating a pervading atmosphere of darkness rather than going straight for the jugular with the gory details.

    17. Dennis Cooper is one of the most underrated American authors. He has a vision and skill to go to places that most people wouldn't want to go there. He's a great explorer and I don't mind him driving me to those dark locations.

    18. Wish I had read this earlier in my Cooper reading because this is the book where it finally clicked for me what he is doing in these super disturbing books.

    19. I really want to give this 3 stars because the story was kind of lacking, but Dennis Cooper writes in such a disturbingly hypnotizing way, his writing in itself deserves 4 stars.

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