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A Devil In Disguise

A Devil In Disguise Playing with fire Drusilla Bennett s job from hell will soon be over Ready to take her life back and walk away from the devil currently disguised as her boss Dru plucks up the courage to say I quit No

  • Title: A Devil In Disguise
  • Author: Caitlin Crews
  • ISBN: 9780263891218
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback
  • Playing with fire Drusilla Bennett s job from hell will soon be over Ready to take her life back and walk away from the devil currently disguised as her boss Dru plucks up the courage to say I quit Nothing has ever taken Cayo Vila by surprise until now And the word no just isn t part of his vocabulary So a resignation from the best PA he s ever had is simplyPlaying with fire Drusilla Bennett s job from hell will soon be over Ready to take her life back and walk away from the devil currently disguised as her boss Dru plucks up the courage to say I quit Nothing has ever taken Cayo Vila by surprise until now And the word no just isn t part of his vocabulary So a resignation from the best PA he s ever had is simply unacceptable Dru s heard all about his legendary charm, but now that it s turned on her she understands exactly why it s so hard to say no to Cayo Vila

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      202 Caitlin Crews
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    1 thought on “A Devil In Disguise

    1. Rating 3.5 stars .A nice HP with loads of melodrama, the heroine kind of has a love-hate relationship with the hero, she has worked with him for 5 years and has no illusions about him , he is a cad ruthless in business and with women, but she has had it with him , the thing that got to her was finding out that three years ago he stopped her cater advancement and that chafes because they shared a passionate moment three years back and in one corner of her brain she remembers it. She is the perfec [...]

    2. As expected from any Caitlin crews' book, there is a generous amount of angst, tension and even melodrama, that keeps the reader with frayed nerves and a stomach in knots throughout the whole book.Dru has been Cayo's perfect PA for five years. Accommodating to the extend of hiding her real personality behind a facade of calm efficiency. The only cloud in this otherwise bright sky is a kiss they shared 3 y ago. They acts as if it never happened. But Dru, secretly in love with her boss, has never [...]

    3. Nice story, but I couldn’t relate to the Hero. His cruelty and coldness is too exaggerated, something that should be explained by his extremely loveless childhood. I only wonder why the author put such unlikely behaviour as it is in today’s age and time that an unmarried woman enters a convent because she has given birth to a child. But let’s have here the author’s exact sentence:“he had been the fatherless child whose mother, all the village had known too well, had been so disgraced t [...]

    4. I wanted to like A Devil in Disguise but the prose left me cold. I liked the hero. He was uber wealthy, alpha, damaged from an unhappy childhood and a self made billionaire. Unfortunately, I didn't care for the heroine. She was cooly competent. Icy. Her history is revealled in layers which I hate because one isn't given a chance to get to know what motivates the character.I didn't like that the heroine wasn't a virgin. She was so cold about leaving the hero after their great smex ended. Such a m [...]

    5. This one was severaldifferent kinds of crazy. The heroine has decided to quit her job as the hero's PA after 5 years. He doesn't want her to quit so he kidnaps her. Her response was pretty crazy too but fun. He had a lot of issues and was one of the best representations of an unfeeling hero I've ever read. He had a hard time dealing with her no longer being his buttoned up assistant when she started letting her true self loose because she wasn't trying anymore to keep her job. This was pretty wa [...]

    6. Don't know if I'll get back to review this one. Just wanted to note it had lots of wtfery with a side of trainwreckiness. Oh! And fellatio! Very enjoyable.

    7. This was fantastic.The transformation of Cayo from a cold, ruthless arrogant tycoon to a man who wasn't afraid to open up his heart or admit his insecurities was heat wrenching. He tried to barricade himself from feeling anything. And he does have reasons to be the way he is. Both the hero and the heroine are imperfect and damaged but they are absolutely perfect together. I really admired the heroine . She stood her ground, refused to get daunted by the hero and in spite of giving in to the temp [...]

    8. I don't like this book and I don't like Dru. She was a kind of indecisive person. This was my miserable read.

    9. I LOVED the heroine and how she pushed the heroes buttons all the time. It was truly a great novel and definitely worth the read.

    10. Drusilla “Dru” Bennett worked for the competitive Cayo Vila for five years to pay off some debts. Once those were finally cleared, and she knew how he really felt about her, she hands in her resignation for her PA position. Cayo is reluctant to let the very efficient Drusilla go. He is also very surprised to see her without her professional, icy mask that she had employed over the years. Cayo means to hang on to Dru by any means necessary, and so he attempts to employ some questionable metho [...]

    11. 2.5 estrellasEstas novelitas rosas siempre me han funcionado cuando necesito desconectar, y esta no fue la excepción.(view spoiler)[Ayuda el que uno sepa que siempre acaban bien. (hide spoiler)]Sin embargo, se queda coja en varios aspectos: el protagonista masculino es más frío que un cubo de hielo (aunque tiene sus motivos, pero nah, eso de ser un robot no funca), y la protagonista, con sus dramas y todo, carece de amor propio. (view spoiler)[Me daba bronca que hubiera momentos en los que pa [...]

    12. 3.5* usually I enjoy reading this author's work moregood beginning ,tension building, angst till you want to say -please stop now you're irritating! and it's the heroine cause she's the bully here and acting kind of immature and hostile,insulting him with no good reason-ok maybe some. it's familiar plot-boss*secretary+let's forget about little heated moment of passion and vulnerability some time back and heroine is perfect,efficient secretary that needs to free inner passion and real self now th [...]

    13. I am impressed with the theme, not the regular ingredients you would find in a HP or M&B. The H was arrogant, pig-headed, heartless but passionate. He took the h for granted and although he was a thorough professional he denied himself because of his 'stained' past. I adored the heroine, she was a mess, unloved, emotionally strung, but she pulled herself together, made up her mind, admit her mistakes and got the man she love. She fought and won. A recommended read! loved it

    14. normalmente ste tipo d novelas cortas no pasan d ser aceptables para pasar el rato Sin embargo he d decir q sta m gusto. Durante la historia se conocieron los personajes se desarrollaron sus personalidades y se pudieron crear lazos mas reales realmnt disfrute q el matrimonio fuera x algo mas q lujuria Totalmnt recomendable!!!

    15. First CC novel I have read and I would investigate others. Quick read, a day. Bit like a Lynne Graham, lots of arguing and dialogue, feisty female character. Limited plot beyond their relationship of boss and PA. Makes me want to visit Bora Bora.

    16. I loved this book! Cayo, the hero, is one of the most infuriating I have ever read. But he is also irresistible. I love Caitlin's ending which is so true to the book and characters and so real.

    17. I really liked this story. Another strong, smart heroine who proved to be a match for the handsome, rich hero.

    18. I really got annoyed with this book it started off with so much promise after our was a total rat to her when she quits her job and she shows him that h's don't play like that anymore by jumping off his super yacht and making a swim for it. Sure they both had uber crap childhoods and she's tried to do her best by her twin who clearly had mental health issues. I found him unforgivable at the end when he says she only loves those who can't love her back like her brother. That's just plain mean and [...]

    19. It hurts me to give this a 3 star, because it started out as a solid 5. Alas, the ending brought it down significantly.

    20. I have one word for this book – WOW.Caitlin Crews delivers yet another master piece in “A Devil in Disguise“, complete with the most selfish, stubborn, jaw-droppingly rude alpha male I’ve ever met in a M&B Modern book and a feisty, strong heroine determined to fight for her future, even if it means walking away from the man she loves.Cayo Vila and Drusilla ‘Dru’ Bennett are both outwardly ‘together’ people with successful careers but inside, oh boy, they are emotionally damag [...]

    21. Curious, this book. I liked that she had conviction, well, until the end. There was a nice amount of competent behavior and she wasn't being bended to his will. So, that's something.

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