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20 Something Manifesto: Quarter-Lifers Speak Out About Who They Are, What They Want, and How to Get It

Something Manifesto Quarter Lifers Speak Out About Who They Are What They Want and How to Get It If you re in your twenties you re likely feeling the combination of the excitement of this defining decade and the pressure to figure out your entire life The thrill of newfound independence and oppo

  • Title: 20 Something Manifesto: Quarter-Lifers Speak Out About Who They Are, What They Want, and How to Get It
  • Author: Christine Hassler
  • ISBN: 9781577315957
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
  • If you re in your twenties, you re likely feeling the combination of the excitement of this defining decade and the pressure to figure out your entire life The thrill of newfound independence and opportunity can be quickly squelched by worry, disillusionment, or disappointment Like thousands of other twenty somethings, you may have experienced what life coach and quarterIf you re in your twenties, you re likely feeling the combination of the excitement of this defining decade and the pressure to figure out your entire life The thrill of newfound independence and opportunity can be quickly squelched by worry, disillusionment, or disappointment Like thousands of other twenty somethings, you may have experienced what life coach and quarter life expert Christine Hassler calls an Expectation Hangover This manifesto explores the all important questions and life choices of these turbulent yet exciting years.Twenty somethings may commiserate about the challenges they face, but few resources offer practical lessons or suggestions In these pages, quarter life men and women tell their stories, sharing their successes and failures, along with their frustrations and realizations The author s insightful commentary and take away suggestions provide the tools and skills you need to create change and direction in your life You ll recognize and articulate your personal goals, paving the way to what you truly want.

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    • Þ 20 Something Manifesto: Quarter-Lifers Speak Out About Who They Are, What They Want, and How to Get It || é PDF Download by ☆ Christine Hassler
      472 Christine Hassler
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    1 thought on “20 Something Manifesto: Quarter-Lifers Speak Out About Who They Are, What They Want, and How to Get It

    1. I did not love this book, but it helped me in a round-about way by helping me realize that no one and nothing—and especially not a book—is going to be a comprehensive prescription of where I am and how I should live my life. Interestingly enough, I ended up getting out of the book the very message it intended despite my mini rebellion: realize learning is a continuum, and give myself freedom and forgiveness as I figure it out.Despite the sometimes over-the-top, corny commentary, here were a [...]

    2. Too airy fairy for me. Too superficial and too basic. This book lacked the philosophical analysis of being directionless, anxious and young that I needed. Also written from a particular point of view that is completely irrelevant to my life, especially in terms of privilege.

    3. At first I thought it would be another book to motivate and inspire but then as I got more into it, towards the middle and end, it was just more assuring that life is about acceptance and if you really want change to come about - you are the only one who will make that happen. It think the author hit the 20's decade head on - she was able to tell me exactly what I am going through and what I feel, and it's really made me feel better about my situation. I mean I was pretty happy with my life but [...]

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    5. It took me 4 months but I finally finished this book! WOO!Highly recommend for anyone facing a quarterlife crisis, or just anyone who wants to dig deep into what they really want out of this life. The journaling portions are long, but they are so vital to getting everything out of this book. I didn't do them all, but I did the majority of them and I can see myself rereading through certain chapters again and again. I learned a LOT throughout the process of reading this book and it was useful is [...]

    6. I couldn't even get past the intro. This book was written for the woman who wants the "Sex in the City" kind of lifestyle, which I certainly do not.

    7. 20-Something 20-Everything was the first book of it's kind addressing the Odyssey Years we twenty-somethings find ourselves traversing. I had high hopes for this book and bought "The Twenty Something Manifesto" with it. As a weekly columnist for the Huffington Post, I expected Christine to deliver on her promise to clarify the quarter-life crisis and "provide insights to balance and direction." This book was fluff mixed with meaningless "exercises" with a penchant for stating the obvious. It too [...]

    8. I loved this book when I could stomach the gimicky, sticky motivational seminar writing. Also there was a lot of self- actualization theories that I don't necessarily believe in in light of my personal and religious beliefs. But it still was very helpful and encouraging to hear, "You're not alone in feeling stuck," "Keep going," "It's okay to admit that things suck." I actually stopped reading and made a list of things I'm discouraged about or feel that I did badly, and then made a list of good [...]

    9. I'm not big on self-help books, but facing a mountain of student loans and no permanent full-time job offers was enough to make me seek out self-help book recommendations. I ended-up with this one and can't say that I feel really improved from having read it. 20 Something, 20 Everything is less than 10 years old, but is extremely dated due to the current state of the economy and how Hassler discusses the work force. Additionally, this book isn't really geared towards all 20 something women. Its [...]

    10. I thoroughly enjoyed reading 20 Something Manifesto. I am 23 years old and unhappy with the way my life has turned out so far. This book helped me by letting me know I am not alone. Christine Hassler shares her own experiences as well as stories from several other 20-somethings like me who are having trouble adjusting to the real world. She gives advice on dealing with friends, family, love, and career aspirations. I spend a lot of my time thinking about the future without being sure how to make [...]

    11. I'm someone who spends a lot of time thinking about the future and what I want to do. I worry about whether I'm going to please my parents and if I will obtain the things that society says we should have. As I began to realize that there must be others going through the same thing, I came across the term 'quarter-life crisis' and looked into finding some books that could help me clarify my life as a 20-something. What I found was Hassler's manifesto and I zoomed right through it. The book featur [...]

    12. This book is one of those you know, when you're peering around the self help section, telling yourself you'll just "have a look" and pitty all the poor sappy women consoling themselves on the floor while telling yourself "I'm here because I don't have to be" when in fact, nobody goes in there unless they are looking for some sort of direction.On one of those days, I found myself needing a little strength and just maybe, a plan that has already been laid out by an author (preferably a doctor as i [...]

    13. As a 20-something, you’re often dealing with not having a logical “next-step” for the first time as you finish college, trying to find a job, and figuring out both who you are and what you want from life. In The 20 Something Manifesto, Christine Hassler has collected a bunch of short essays by 20-somethings at various stages of their lives and combined these with her insightful commentary. Throughout, she manages to sound authoritative and give good advice while never sounding condescendin [...]

    14. It felt like the right time to pick up this book again. The last time I read it, a few years ago, I only got to page 80 or so, and I was determined to read the whole book this time.Although I do not consider myself to be in crisis, the book does provide some handy tools to deal with life, and offers things to think about.That being said, a few years ago I was indeed in a 20 something-crisis and I did thought I needed and wanted it all. At 23, I thought I wanted a career. Turns out I wanted a pay [...]

    15. I didn't realize this until a couple chapters in, but this is actually a self-help book. Since I had already gotten through some of it, I decided to finish it. This book gives tips for people who are in their 20's and evaluating their life journey. It has all these lists of mental exercises to do and questions to ask yourself to get you thinking about what you really want out of life. A bit on the dry side.

    16. Take everything you already know about life in your 20s by 22, and put it in a book. Please read The Defining Decade and skip this one. I'm abandoning it after 250 pages of suffering and 18 months.

    17. It's good to know that there are a lot of other people out there that feel the way I do, but it's also very depressing.Also, I didn't feel the book offered any real solutions to the problems presented, but maybe it was more of a fine whine thing than a self help thing.

    18. The title should have tipped me off but I ploughed ahead anyway and now I feel like I was somehow tricked into reading a badly written self-help book. I personally love self-help (guilty pleasure!) but there have been better attempts than this. Didn't even finish it. Meh.

    19. When I started having my quarter-life crisis :-) admit it, you've had one too.I liked that this book was quite interactive and encouraged me to write a lot.

    20. Meh. I bought this book when I was 23ish and actually experiencing a quarter-life crisis. Fast forward four years and I've pretty much moved past that, but I have not yet let go of the insufferable need to read books I have purchased that are just sitting there. So, I opened this book, read (mostly skimmed it) and found that it doesn't really apply to me anymore. I think it would be good for a younger 20-something, though. My only other complaint is that this book is a shit ton of work (work I d [...]

    21. This book was ok. The big problem is that I didn't feel like it was for me. First off it was published 12 years ago but feels like 20. There is just a lot of stuff that seems outdated. Also the book assumes you have graduated college which I have not yet. Finally there were a lot of issues that were just irrelevant to my life. Like people who try to control your life or over achieving or almost anything having to do with relationships the intro featuring gender essentialism should have been my f [...]

    22. I couldn't get over the feeling that a lot of this was written for a certain economic class of white woman. In the beginning it talked about being the first generation to work outside of the home, totally ignoring the history of women of color who HAD to work as domestics or laborers for generations. Outside of that, it got repetitive and unnecessarily angsty. The tips/advice were not only predictable, but could have been distilled down into a much shorter and more impactful book.

    23. Pretty cheesy and simple writing, but following along with the exercises was useful more because I stuck with it, rather than because of the book itself.

    24. I think by the time I got to reading it, it wasn't really what I was looking for. I quit reading halfway through.

    25. This is a good read for the millennial generation, I think. We have been exposed to the saying "keeping up with the Jones" to the fully extent. Social media is constantly reminding us how great other people's lives are, without these people ever exposing their hardships. It puts a strain on us, as young adults, to stress even more as to where our lives are headed. Are we going in the right direction? This book puts a spotlight on the fact that going at our pace, and not somebody else's, is the w [...]

    26. First of all, 20-Something, 20-Everything and 20-Something Manifesto are two different books, and they should be listed on here as such. They are by the same author and both have overlapping content, but they are still two different books. One was published in 2005, the other in 2008. I hope someone can fix this! It's rather annoying to only get credit for this as one book in my yearly goal.Up until the end was nigh, these books were hard to slog through. The Manifesto doesn't really require jou [...]

    27. I, myself, endured a quarter-life-crisis when I started reading this book. When I bought it, I just thought it was another self-help-book, where the author would tell you about his/her experience and what steps they took to get out of this terrible situation. I am not saying that this take is bad (as I bought this book, thinking of it that way) but the reality of this was different. Christine Hassler wrote about her personal experience as well as the experience of other young women, in the same [...]

    28. They are many things. The Millennials. The Entitlement Generation. The Boomerang Generation. Whatever label you use, the twenty somethings have entered the work force and are now facing the trial and tribulations of growing up and becoming an adult. I am a mother with a bunch of twenty somethings. From my perspective, I see a world of possibilities for my children. Given their many talents, interests, and amazing potential, I have troubles understanding why they are so afraid of the future. I ca [...]

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