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Lindsey's Wolves

Lindsey s Wolves Lindsey just finished college She is supposed to start teaching this fall At least that s the plan before she meets a sexy Spanish god named Alejandro and falls head over heels for him Alejandro came

  • Title: Lindsey's Wolves
  • Author: Becca Jameson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lindsey just finished college She is supposed to start teaching this fall At least that s the plan, before she meets a sexy Spanish god named Alejandro and falls head over heels for him.Alejandro came to the U.S to help out on the family dairy farm He runs smack dab into Lindsey at the grocery store and immediately realizes she is his mate.Add to the mix, Ryan He liveLindsey just finished college She is supposed to start teaching this fall At least that s the plan, before she meets a sexy Spanish god named Alejandro and falls head over heels for him.Alejandro came to the U.S to help out on the family dairy farm He runs smack dab into Lindsey at the grocery store and immediately realizes she is his mate.Add to the mix, Ryan He lives on a neighboring farm and happens to stop by Kara s where Lindsey is showing off her new man Alejandro.Alejandro and Ryan are stunned and none too happy to realize they re both mated to Lindsey Lindsey, who was raised in a fanatical religious sect, can t begin to wrap her head around a threesome, and that s before she finds out her men are shape shifting wolves.While the three unsuspecting lovers attempt to come to terms with their unexpected life changes, Lindsey s childhood church amps up their attempts to bring her back into the flock Why won t they leave her alone and what do they want The answers are shocking and the results could be life changing for everyone.

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      108 Becca Jameson
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    1 thought on “Lindsey's Wolves

    1. I didn't quite like this one as much as the first. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. It was just ok for me.

    2. I really liked this book. I actually liked it more than Kara's story. I enjoyed how Lindsey was not as accepting of the three way relationship as Kara was. It came off more realistic for her to have personal reservations and I really appreciated that. I also enjoyed the church that Lindsey used to be apart of being the 'villains' of the story. It came off more original than Barry did in Kara's Wolves. Overall, I really enjoyed it. Lindsey's Wolves was a quick and easy read. I can't wait to conti [...]

    3. Loved it!!!!!Wow. They had their work cut out for them. The men were very patient with their traumatized mate. She fought against a brainwashed childhood. She did remarkable. I love the family. How everyone supports each other. Love is evident. Great book!!

    4. Being raised by a religious grandmother has caused Lindsey to grow up afraid of being intimate with anyone, let alone herself. It seems as though escaping from the church that forced marriage and years of therapy didn’t even prepare Lindsey for what would happen in her life next. With her best friend Kara being in a ménage relationship, Lindsey doesn’t really understand how someone could be happy with that, but she can see the happiness in Kara. Alejandro wasn’t expecting anything at all [...]

    5. Lindsey's Wolves Book 2Lindsey just finished college. Her teaching degree and 2 best friends, the future is bright. One of her best friends is Kara, who is in a menage relationship with Trevor and Justin. The guys seem nice but she doesn't understand how Kara can be with 2 men. Lindsey was raised in a church were women are property. Sex was for the husbands pleasure and procreation and that is it. It is a sin for a women to take pleasure from it. It has taken over 4 years of therapy, to get over [...]

    6. This is one of my all time favorite shifters-find-mate book. So the summary of the story is Lindsey meets a man Alejandro (Alex) in the grocery store and immediately likes him. Alex takes Lindsey out for a magical date and then takes her over to her friend Kara's house so Alex and Kara can meet. Kara lives with her two mates Justin and Trevor who are werewolves but Lindsey doesn't know any of this. Anyway as Lindsey and Kara are talking Ryan Justin's brother walks in and recognizes Lindsey as hi [...]

    7. This series has been fun to read. Getting to know all the Masters family and extended family. The story continues from book 1 about another roommate: Lindsey knows about Kara's menage relationship and is fine with it. She has graduated and will start her first teaching assignment after the summer so she has decided to have a little fun before reality hits. She meets Alejandro in a grocery store and sparks fly as Alejandro realizes he has met his mate. Lindsey brings him to Kara's house to get th [...]

    8. Stars: 4Overall: I really loved this story more than i thought i would. I wasn't sure how things were going to work out for Lindsay because of how she was in book 1, but Ms. Jameson has a way about her writing that makes you believe your right there dealing with the main characters issues & love and i couldn't get enough. One of the many things i enjoyed about this book is that the relationship between our trio starts off a little weird and rough in the beginning, but towards the middle and [...]

    9. Very Good!This book was very good especially with the sex scenes & the good vs bad vibe.Lindsey's upbringing was with her snobbish grandmother who was a member of a cult (even though they called themselves a church). After her grandmother died she left that "church" but all through her college years they would "check" up on her to try & get her to come back.Alejandro used to work on his family's vineyard but came to America to help his aunt & uncle on their dairy farm. One day while [...]

    10. I was a lil leery about reading book 2 but once i brushed off all the negative reviews i read about this book on other sites i gave it a try. And it was BETTER than the first book! After reading this i had to read the others, which i did. Please if you want to get into paranormal romances for 18+ its important to keep an open mind since you'll never be disappointed. Little bit of spoilers ahead Lindsey had her future all planned out to start fresh and new for good reasons. To ditch her crazy ins [...]

    11. Exactly what my mood was looking for, but I want to know what happened to the religious fanatics. The "conflict" adds a reason for the boys to be possessive, but they don't finish it. We see the climax of the conflict, but no resolution or aftermath. I dislike that. The same thing happened with the first book, KARA'S WOLVES, so I'm thinking it's a trend with the series. Not one I like, but it's not stopping me from picking up the third book, JESSICA'S WOLVES.Read my full review on August 12th he [...]

    12. 2.5 StarsI just read this for the second time and I can't honestly remember why I gave it 5 stars the first time around. Don't get me wrong the story is great as is the author's writing style but Man! Lyndsey is a VERY HARD PILL to swallow. Her attitude was awful. She kept saying she wanted to get rid of the brainwashing from her childhood but yet she went right back to it the next second. She honestly didn't care one bit for poor Alejandro and Ryan. I kept feeling sorry for both of them. They d [...]

    13. I enjoyed this story as much as the first one. Lindsey is a damaged soul. It could have been portrayed a lot worse in many ways and in another author's hands it might have been but I liked the way Becca dealt with the situation. Alejandro is just drool worthy and I just wish I could hear him talk. Ryan is occasionally a pain in the butt, but in the end he matures into a gracious and strong mate. I loved taking the journey with the 3 of them.I would highly recommend this to my shifter loving frie [...]

    14. I have to say this book was a quick read for me and I kept going back and forth between whether I liked the story or just found it too predicable. I mean, Lindsey fought off both men pretty adamantly at the beginning of the book and there wasn't a gradual fall in going from "no way" to "please take me now". The relationship felt rushed to me - and yes I understand mating heat had a lot to do with the quickness but I was still a little put off.But don't get me wrong, I still think this was a good [...]

    15. I enjoyed this book a little more than the first one, i found the story much more exciting but still wish more detail had been given to the 'conclusion of their problems' at the end (dont want to give anything away lol). saying that though there is definitely plenty of details in the rest of the book lol. Loved it and moving on the next in the series , need to read that one, the author definitely knows how to capture the interests of the reader with certain characters.

    16. I haven't really found any difference between this series and any other. I think it's okay but the werewolf thing is common and they all seem to have the same storyline. This one was a bit more adventurous than the first.

    17. I enjoyed this story but I am not as much as Kara's story. That may very well have to do with the fact that I have been battling a head cold this week so it was a lot more start and stop in my reading than normally.

    18. I was just rereading this book and just realized how come Ryan didn't recognize Lindsey, his mate the same night that Justin did Kara ? Lindsey and Kara where at the bar together just like Justin and Ryan were. I enjoy the series but that just sticks out to me !

    19. I enjoyed the story and how this worked out for Lins when Jess was taken, but I again just feel that the things hurting Lins could have more intense to hold the reader on edge. But over all, and good read.

    20. This is book 2 in the Wolf Masters series. The main character Lindsey is a traumatized woman who is delivered from her demons by two unsuspecting yet willing wolves. Great follow up to book 1. Some intermingling with the original heroine & her mates nicely ties these 2 books together.

    21. After Kara's Wolves i read this. Just like i expected, just another Hot-Steamy-Wet Story that makes my legs tremble. I intend to read the other two book after this, hope they as good as Kara's and Lindsey's.

    22. Same as the first. Good short sexy read. I like the bits of mystery the author throws in to give the story some meat.

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