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The Shade

The Shade Cillian is a Shade a man who walks among the world of Other Realm spreading the seeds of discord and chaos into the Dreams of mortals as punishment for a life ill lived As he casts the sands of Nigh

  • Title: The Shade
  • Author: Tara S. Wood
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cillian is a Shade, a man who walks among the world of Other Realm, spreading the seeds of discord and chaos into the Dreams of mortals as punishment for a life ill lived As he casts the sands of Nightmares into Everly Whitcombe s dreams, he finds himself taken with the haunted beauty He defies his vocation by visiting her Dreams often than he should and trying to cCillian is a Shade, a man who walks among the world of Other Realm, spreading the seeds of discord and chaos into the Dreams of mortals as punishment for a life ill lived As he casts the sands of Nightmares into Everly Whitcombe s dreams, he finds himself taken with the haunted beauty He defies his vocation by visiting her Dreams often than he should and trying to comfort when he should destroy As he commits his transgressions, he puts them both in danger Can he find a way for them to be together, or are they destined to only meet in Dreams

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      370 Tara S. Wood
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    1 thought on “The Shade

    1. A shade, different realms at play, and a passion strong enough to risk eternal damnation for. That’s what can be found within the pages of Tara S. Wood’s The Shade.Wood does a beautiful job of setting up the world in which Everly dreams. The descriptions threw me right into the story running along side by side with the MC. I felt what she felt, I feared what she feared. The real world settings were also just as descriptive, painting a picture just as beautiful but still allowing the reader t [...]

    2. Beware Tara Wood! She is one of those authors who writes the kind of books that make you miss your bus, burn your toast, be late for work, and ignore your family.The Shade is not a long read, but what it lacks in length, it more than makes up for in intensity. As far as suspense goes, you couldn’t do better. I could not put it down.Tara Wood takes a simple story and gives it first a dusting of eerie, then she twists it into a second dimension, and ups the stakes. She is incredible, the way she [...]

    3. Hugely enjoyable read that is packed full of romance, danger, mystery and big hungry beasties that chase you through frozen forests in the dead of night.Cillian loves Everly, Everly loves Cillian but The Sandman is determined to put an end to their love and is prepared to go to any lengths to finish it and them!Great short story that kept me turning the pages until I reached the end and left me asking what happens next?This is the sort of thing that dreams are made of.

    4. Note: I was given an advance copy of this book to beta read. I did however buy the final book upon its release and this unsolicited review refers to the purchased copy.What I liked:At only 47 pages, this is a very short book, but I hardly noticed the length when I was reading. Tara wasted no time in immersing the reader in the story, and truthfully I felt I knew Cillian and Everly better than I have the main characters in some full length novels. I also loved the unique premise of the story. Rar [...]

    5. The ShadeBy Tara S. Wood Everly is a writer with a sleeping problem. It seems that the Sandman has sent one of his Shades to keep her from getting any rest. Cillian is a Shade. He has been sent to deliver nightmares and create nightly terror for Everly. What starts as a regular assignment for Cillian turns into a realization that he has found the woman of his dreams. Knowing he is doomed he wants just to speak. Things move swiftly in the dream world and Everly realizes she is in love with a drea [...]

    6. Okay so what i got from this is that you have a writer who doesnt feel the need to add a long fluffy build up to a story. it is as simple as there is the deep end and in you go. the story unravels through action, it is dark, at times eerie, sometimes frenetic and very creative.i think the lynch pin upon how the story evolves, and when you read it you are going to notice, is that creative language and sentence structure used all through the story. the short sentences and the variety of language p [...]

    7. "The Shade", Cillian, who lives in another realm, is forced to bring nightmares to people's dreams. His tormentor, "The Sandman", sends him after Everly, a romance writer. During their dreamstate, Cillian falls in love Everly. She is scared of him at first, but then becomes obsessed with seeing him in reality. Cillian knows that it is against all rules but still finds a way to meet Everly while she is awake. Rhe Sandman will not tolerate his disobedient ways; determined to punish Cillian, he sen [...]

    8. I loved this book. I got it as a free download and quickly devoured it. It got me guessing until the end and I really like the writing style of Tara S Wood, and I can't wait to read more of her work. Well worth your time.

    9. Great little read! Well balanced with allot of information about the places, sounds, smells etc. Wonderfully descriptive. Loveable lead characters and villans you love to hate. Really well edited. I am looking forward to the next instalment. Hence 5 stars

    10. Pretty good story. I never knew what was going to Happen. Makes me wonder with the way it ended it there is more to it or not. I hope so because I would like to know more.

    11. Spoiler Alert:The story is unique and that is something I can really respect. It was fast paced and happened mainly in the dreams of Everly, nightmares brought on by Cillian. I liked it but didn't love it. It read like the first half of a novellette I would love. The ending was rather abrupt. They get away from the Sandman, but now he is angry. What are they going to dot sleep anymore? Their enemy will always be right there waiting for them to drift into dreamland. He has an army of Shades to do [...]

    12. The Shade finally made it to the top of my massive TBR list last night and once I started this novella I couldn't put it down until I was reading with one eye open. I took a break only to sleep and clean my house, then went right back into the story. I LOVED THIS BOOK!Cillian might be my new Paranormal Fictional character crush! "If she died tomorrow, there would be no regrets."With a story that has a new paranormal twist that I have yet to read, a villain that will haunt my dreams tonight, char [...]

    13. Wonderful story! A unique twist on those that visit our dreams or nightmares. The story ended way to quick and on a cliff hanger. I cant wait for more. I NEED to know more about Cillian!

    14. That was a trip I want to take again. Ms. Wood opened up a bright new world in Paranormal Romance. Just when I'd thought every subject had been covered at least two-hundred times, Tara S. Wood finds another loophole and throws something unique, original and exciting at the world.I want a Shade like Cillian.Wow! I can't wait for the 2nd book.My only complaint is that it wasn't long enough. More please!5 stars.

    15. The Shade by Tara WoodReviewed by Lucy PireelThis short story is fun, fast paced and mildly steamy. I enjoyed the hour it took me to read it. Dreaming can be quite disturbing after reading this story, but also quite enjoyable. Unless our dreams aren’t dreams at all?The author has a nice way of taking us into her dreamworld, with references to known themes yet bent to fit this story. I’d say well done. A short, but sweet read, maybe a bit too short. Some parts could have been worked out a bit [...]

    16. Really good, I thought that the story was unique and was hoping that there was going to be another book, I would really like to know what happened to Cillian and Everly.

    17. The Shade is unlike anything else I've read and that right there makes it excellent in my book because I love when I read something that I haven't predicted! It gets even better though as we are treated to very likable characters in a very interesting situation. Everly seems sweet & innocent on the surface but there is much more to her than that she's also rather intriguing as is Cillian's attraction to her. We are treated to both of their POVs and even the Sandman's, making this book more [...]

    18. From the start, my heart is pumping so fast reading the book. The way Tara describes the characters are awesome. The realms of different world, is so believable. One would think it is real and just around the corner.

    19. The Shade written by Tara S. Wood is an extremely entertaining and well-written story. The only flaw I found is that The Shade is a short story and it ended on a cliffhanger. I wonder and hope there is a part two.

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